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Hooray we are caught up!

Just a reminder for everyone, personal attacks is not an effective way of debating…and they are not allowed on SG. If you see a comment attacking someone, let us know on Twitter. You can DM us if you want to let us know privately.

Also, I made a comment on reddit today trying to clarify the difference between “joke” and “surprise” characters. Again, because of timezones and work obligations I was pretty late to the post. It’s not worth it to make a video about it, but here’s the comment, as I think it’s clarifies some misconceptions.

Surprise characters aren’t the “joke character”. Game and Watch, R.O.B. and Duck Hunt were “surprise” characters.

Sakurai actually mentioned this in an interview outright…that we haven’t translated yet. He says when selecting R.O.B., he wanted a surprise character like Mr. Game and Watch was in Melee.

Sakurai also didn’t know that R.O.B. was going to be in Mario Kart DS when selecting him for Brawl

Since we know that Pichu was the joke character of Melee, it shows that there’s a difference between joke and surprise characters and that joke characters don’t exist in Brawl and Smash for Wii U/3DS

If you guys see threads on reddit concerning development topics, can you let me know on Twitter?

This article looks at comments spanning July 28th, to July 5th (Japan time).


I kind of see a Fatal Frame rep coming out of nowhere. It’s quite a significant Nintendo franchise.


From:What Characters are Likely for the Next Smash? [Discussion]

Fatal Frame would probably get an assist trophy next. It hasn’t sold that much, and I’m not sure how recongizable it is to people. I don’t think it’s on the same level as Xenoblade was before Shulk’s inclusion….but maybe I’m just ignorant?


I really enjoyed both parts of the discussion! ?
I think the obivious and only choice for Zelda would be Tingle. He was in more games than even Ganondorf! He is popular in Japan and has his own games. He would make a perfect joke chara!
I think Sakurai stops adding charas to older franchises when a) all iconic characters are represented (e.g. Kirby series) and b) no fitting unique chara is left from the series (e.g. Metroid). He stopped adding Mario & Zelda charas since Melee. But when he found a unique way for Bowser Jr & Rosalina he added them. Not really counting Wario and T-Link.

From:What Characters are Likely for the Next Smash? [Part 2]

That’s a good thing to point out. I don’t think Sakurai adds reps just to fill out an imaginary quota…and there’s a lot of other ways to increase representation besides fighters. Zelda got a ton of content in assist trophies, stages, and items! Even if it didn’t get a new fighter, it benefited from a lot of other forms of representation in the game.


“Lately though, there’s been a lot off misquoting because journalists haven’t checked their sources. Inafune’s translator saying “It’s better than nothing”, Color Splash controversy….all of those could have been avoided if people fact checked.” -PushDustIn

People are lazy. They don’t care much about accuracy, they mostly care about results (in this case, number of page views)

I am less lazy. I care more about accuracy (why I read Source Gaming), but I also care a lot about results (getting featured next week? *winkwinknudgenudge*)

P.S. For the timeline, I agree.
(Walks up to the Master Sword)
(Pulls up a fossilized Ganondorf)
(Walks away slowly)

From:Featured Comments

Why would I feature YOUR comments? Oh wait, jeez. I did it it again.

Glad to see you and some of the other SG regulars in the Discord chat (winkwinknudgenudge)!


Yes, I have noticed that when I was researching about Mametchi’s crossovers. However, even if the device appeared in the game, I didn’t know if Mametchi’s figure was shown there, which is why I didn’t put Chibi-Robo’s crossover in this article.

From:The Case for Mametchi

Ahhh interesting! Never knew about the device being in Chibi-Robo! Thanks for pointing it out dan, and for clarifying zoniken!

Rafael Mauna Luke

From worst to best:
“Tropical fish that suffers bruxism” looks hideous, and that’s the wrong way to represent the State fish of Hawaii. And “Falcor on drugs” looks “meh”.
Togedamaru isn’t a simple name for western kids, I mean, the other Pika-clones that keep their Japanese names (all of them) have shorter ones. I get that it’s name is: “Toge (Spike) Dama (Ball) Maru (circle), and as clever as it is, it will fly away from a lot of people, UNLESS, they say that Togedamaru and Trumpgoose are introduced species, being from another distant regions *wink wink* get hype for the 8th and 9th gens *wink wink*
However, I love the bugs, the “Brave little toaster” it’s way better than other 2dn stage “route 1 bugs”, and “Electropinsir” looks genuinely badass. I hope that the little fly gets an evolution, or a pre-evolution, a cute fly larvae x.x
Tapu Koko didn’t look like an spiritual gorilla, but the totem-like design and the yellowish coloration send me the message that the other 3 guardians will be: Fire-Fairy, Water-Fairy and Grass Fairy, being red, blue and green respectively.

From:Pokémon News (7/1) Roundtable

Yeah…Togedamaru isn’t a simple name. I can see A LOT of people getting it wrong.


Hard choice. Do I go with Goldeneye because that brought the best experience when playing with my friends, Pokemon Snap because I was (and still am) a huge Pokemon fan, or the actual answer that I’ve been delaying:

(drum roll please)
Ladies and gentlemen…
OH MY GOD I LOVED THAT GAME TO DEATH. I hadn’t even seen a Star Wars movie before it, but I just could not stop myself from playing this game with my brother. If I still had my N64, I’d gladly pop this game in anytime and play it again. It’s that fun, even if some of the later track designs were too much for my child brain to wrap my mind around. One of my favorite parts had to be the taunts before the races (My grandma races faster than you!) and the announcer (He has four – count ’em – FOUR CABLES!), and that’s to say nothing of how darn intense the races could get. I absolutely loved the boosting system, as well as the damage your vehicles could take. I remember dreading Sebulba’s fire jets from his engines whenever I got too close to him, and never finding a use for them myself when I finally unlocked him. Ah, but I could talk about this game for hours, I think I should just leave it at that for now.

From:SG Choice: Favorite N64 Game


Honestly just featuring this for the Star Wars Episode 1: Racer love. It’s a pretty solid racer! If you have access to it, definitely check it out!


Donkey Kong Country has plenty to offer besides new characters. We have yet to have an Assist Trophy, whose role could be filled by an Animal Buddy like Squaks or Squitter. For potential times you could have the Steel Keg which can’t be broken and rolls along the ground, rebounding off walls and can even be ridden, or the TNT Barrel which can be thrown like most explosive items or placed on the ground and instead functions like a time bomb. The stage comment is wrong; DKC has plenty to offer: Some major locations would be Frozen DK Island from Tropical Freeze, or King K Rool’s ship Gangplank Galleon. Maybe even a level based off the iconic Minecart levels. If you wanted something more niche you could have a level based of Slip Slide Ride since unlike over levels it was the only one in the first game that had that theme (ice cave) or the factory levels of Kremcroc Industries.


From:SG Choice: New Characters for Smash NX

Kind of ties into the Zelda comment from earlier. But I agree with you. Animal buddies would make sense for an Assist Trophy. Heck, a minecart stage could be amazing!

Arthur 97

I thought the Ridley problem was it wouldn’t properly represent the character.

Sakurai takes too much control. Honestly for a game like this you should probably have more than one producer.

From:Settle it in Smash: Should Sakurai Return as the Series Director?

Arthur 97 and Peridot Gem have a debate in the comment section of Settle it in Smash: Should Sakurai Return as the Series Director? I guess they should settle it in Smash…(I’ll walk myself out). As I mentioned in the video, Sakurai does take a lot of control — and it’s a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, he stresses how important it is to fully visualize his game. He’s talked about this in the GDC 2008 talk. I’m sure it drives some of the staff members crazy though, as Sakurai can obsessed over the small details (Chris Pranger discusses this).


I was also surprised that Toon Zelda was chosen for the next DLC, but her inclusion does actually make sense. Since we have Toon Link in the game, while we also have her alter-ego Tetra in it too, it wouldn’t be too odd to add Toon Zelda in it. I’m also wondering what kind of weapon she’ll use. For Toon Link’s, I’d be laughing hard if they’d chose the Train as his new weapon. (lol)

Yuga and Ravio’s inclusion was pretty much something I’ve already knew it’ll come. When you talk about LBW, those are the two character who we can only think of. Yuga’s Bowser Jr.-ish paint brush will be his main weapon of course, but Ravio’s a tricky one. Maybe he’ll use all or certain weapons from other characters, like Link’s sword and Lana’s magic book, something like Bartz did in Disidea Final Fantasy.

Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed that Groose didn’t make it, but not only that the DLCs were characters mainly from handheld games, but thinking of Groose’s weapon may have been difficult. I could’ve imagine he’d use a bazooka to shoot bombs as he’s creative, or maybe used those mole gloves as his weapon. Other characters like Lineback, Vaati, Byrne, and even Saria and Nabooru didn’t made it either, which is sad too. But IF there was a sequel of this game, or maybe another port to NX (wink wink), maybe we can expect them sometime.

Having a leaked info can be disappointing, but even then I’m looking forward to play these characters by the time they get released.

From:Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC Characters Leaked [Discussion]

Spoilers for Hyrule Warriors DLC

I’m a little disappointed in the way it leaked. It’s very clearly just an oversight. The same thing happened with Tingle in the original DLC run, but a lot of people still refused to believe it. Toon Zelda would have been a bit of surprise, but she does make sense in the end. I hope they continue the series…but they need a way to share progress >=(.


  1. Are you holding surprise and retro characters as interchangeable?

    Arthur 97 on July 7 |
    • Using Sakurai’s words. He’s called Game and Watch, R.O.B. and Duck Hunt “surprise” characters.

      Source Gaming Team on July 7 |
  2. In short,

    Joke Character: A character who is deliberately underpowered, competitively unviable, and not to be taken seriously.

    Surprise Character: A character who few were expecting to be playable and/or has an unconventional fighting style, but is intended to be just as viable as anyone else.

    R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Wii Fit Trainer were all “surprise characters” in that regard. We haven’t had any deliberate joke characters since Pichu.

    delzethin on July 7 |
    • Yup and Game and Watch was the surprise.

      Fittingly, surprise characters seem to be one of the last unlocks.

      Source Gaming Team on July 7 |
  3. Yes, spread the Episode 1: Racer love! The more people who know about that game, the better. Those were some of my best gaming experiences when I still had an N64. I wish they’d release it on the virtual console, but I guess there may be issues since it’s a movie licensed game.

    Spiral on July 8 |
  4. Pokémon Company, being protective the way they are.. Isn’t weird that the two “joke” characters (not a fan of this term) are from Pokémon?

    Ar on July 8 |
  5. Now that I look back on this… It makes me realize how worthless everything except for characters and maybe stages are toward series representation.

    Think about it. Assist Trophies are inconsistent. Random characters are thrown in, taken out or randomly have a design change. Examples: Characters like Samurai Goroh. 8 whole assist trophies from Brawl didn’t return. Nintendog getting a different design for whatevs, It proves how low priority Assists are! It makes sense on how they aren’t evenly divided.

    They even have the same effects as any playable character but with a different animation. Starman’s attack “PK Fire” but without the fire effect in terms of the way it’s attack looks?

    Music, trophies and items aren’t used in arguments at all.

    Peridot Gem on July 24 |