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Patreon Update — July

Patreon Update

Hello Source Gaming supporters, fans and haters!

Link to our Patreon page.

I wanted to give you guys another quick update on the state of Source Gaming. The first order of business is the huge drop of readership. With Smash DLC over, the relevancy of Source Gaming has declined. If you compare the previous month’s view count with the months before, you can see for yourself just how much it declined. However, with the drop of readership the amount of pages each visitor reads has nearly tripled. This means the people that actively visiting the site are the hardcore Sourcers (maybe we should call them Sourcerers?). So if you guys really like the site and the content we produce, please share it!

We are trying to increase readership/ viewership through other ways too. We have been producing videos, which sometimes gain high view counts than articles. I’ve been trying to produce videos based around articles, so the people who enjoy articles (like myself) are not lost. Videos do open for different types of content — mainly discussions. Out of the most recent videos, the discussion I had with Neo Zero about what characters are likely for the next Smash was particularly popular.

Other ways we are trying to increase our relevancy is through partnerships and collaborations. Later this month we will do a Sonic-themed week. Throughout this week, we will have a number of posts centered around the blue-blur from our regular staff members, as well as people from the Sonic community. As of right now we have 14 articles planned for the week, but we might be adding more. If the week is a success, we may do other themed weeks in the future. I hope everyone looks forward to exploring various aspects of the Sonic franchise, in preparation for the San Diego reveal.


Another way that we looking to improve is through engaging with fans in new ways. One of the ways is through Game Club. We decided to tie it into the Sonic theme, as Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 is available on almost every platform. Our plan is to announce a game at the start of the month, and then post some content relating to that game at the end of the month. We actively invite our readers to submit any kind of content they might wish, as long as it’s related to the game.

Along with Game Club, Nirbion has launched a Discord Channel. We’ve been having a lot of interesting discussions over the past few days, so please feel free to join us! If you are a patron, we made a special channel for you, so please let us know your Discord name. Google Hangouts is still an option to reach us, and the site is currently using both.

We have a huge collaboration launching either this month, or next month. Once I get the clearance, I would like to share additional details with our supporters. I hope everyone looks forward to it.This weekend I’ll be attending BitSummit in Kyoto! I’ll be wearing my Source Gaming t-shirt, and talking with people all over the games industry. 
Well that’s it for now. Let us know how we are doing in the comments below, or on Twitter. Have a great day, and thank you for supporting Source Gaming — whether you are a fan or a patron!

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  1. I would agree to being called Sourcerers.

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