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Possible Leaks for Pokemon Sun/Moon [Discussion]

Possible Leaks

Welcome Source Gamers, today Pushdustin and Nantendo discuss recent Pokemon Sun and Moon rumors!






  1. Eventually, I do have a strong doubt with these “leaks” people provided. It’s like those Smash 3DS/WiiU leak arguments all over again. 75-80% of those information have to be “fakes” as they can simply be “clickbaits”. We can’t determine whether these leaks are real in some form, unless these informers provide us the exact evidence that the leak is real, or until the officials call out the next new info that they’ve prepared for us. I mean, I don’t know when these leaks were revealed, but I did they reveal this leak just like NOW? If they revealed this leak like AFTER those starter’s final evolution concept art leaks were revealed, then it can be fake as they just added it afterwards, which is very pathetic effort. Lillie being the daughter of the evil team’s boss can be possible as that’s what everybody seemed to be rumoring about due to her unknown identity, but we may not be sure about it yet. A dolphin Pokemon is something I really like to see in the game, but others does sound quite eerie at this moment.

    It is also suspicious why Gym Leaders are not listed in this leaks, because Gym Leaders are what Pokemon is all about as being boss characters, and beating them is what’s important to achieve the players goal to reach to the final stage. Removing them out from the series for the first time doesn’t make any sense. This isn’t that Pokemon Adventure manga we’re talking about, which the storyline is too irregular to me as I can’t follow it anymore. Much more, I’ve heard many fans that they were sick of having the same ol’ Gym Leader, Elite 4, evil team fightings, and the “no Gym Leaders” info may have came from those comments which has already been around BEFORE the leak was revealed. I wouldn’t think Game Freak would change the route to a different way, because that wouldn’t be Pokemon anymore, but something else like Digimon or Yo-kai Watch.

    Furthermore, I’m not gonna trust these leaks as there’s no 100% approved evidence. Its just there for a need-of-attention purposes. And by the time when the truth is revealed by the officials, its whether they were simply right as being coincidentally lucky, or ultimately wrong as they’ll get bashed and hated afterwards. In other words, these leaks need to be more clever to be informed.

    zoniken on July 10 |
  2. From the information, there is a mix between believable and non-believable stuff. All generations of Pokemon involve unique types which is true, but just the name of a pokemon not mentioned yet would count me towards unconvinced. There are some interesting takes that the meta-game may experience the shortage of new pokemon mainly for rendering everything in 3D and the development time since X and Y. If pokemon designs aren’t chosen at first they might either be scrapped or considered for the next meta-game.

    Chris.W on July 10 |