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This article looks at comments made from the July 13th – July 19th (Japan time).

The mega debate still going on in Settle it in Smash: Should Sakurai Return as the Series Director?. There’s been good points made on both sides, so check it out!

Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!

Arthur 97

Huh, 100 already. Also, you can keep track of that?

From:Featured Comments

It tells me in the administration panel. Honestly, I dislike how WordPress handles comments — it’s pretty limited. I wish I could keep track of more stats for you guys. I used to keep track of the biggest commentators, but that was something I did manually.


I’ve watched the Japanese commercial of this game when I was little. I can still remember how the commercial and the song was like, which you can watch it through Youtube : I’ve known about the game since then, but couldn’t play it because there was no way to obtain it as I’m a Hawaiian resident. I can still obtain it through Eshops today, but can’t due to memory limitations and money. However, I’m still interested with this game. Maybe I’ll think of downloading it sometime, if I have money and chance.

I do think Sakurai can do something with this game. As he mostly brought many retro Nintendo characters to Smash, from playable fighters to assist trophies, maybe he’ll remake the game into something more interestingly new, like he did with Kid Icarus. Like Takamaru, he does have a strong interest with this game, so maybe time will tell.


From:The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls: Retro Review

I love the commercial! Thanks for sharing. A loose translation of what the girl is saying is ‘I can speak frog, let me translate for you’ (frogs croak) ‘I don’t understand’. Presenting it as a gag-adventure is pretty accurate too! I believe the hat from the commercial was available in Tomodachi Collection at one point!


I thought I was the only one who thought Iwata was best for the company. While content planned for the next 2 years continues from when he was in charge Nintendo’s approach to E3 this year was influenced by their new management. Its good that they’ve found success by expanding their franchises but I hope they don’t abandon hardware because I enjoy their systems.
From:Featured Comments

With everything they currently say (the fact that they want their products to lead people to their hardware), I think it’s safe to say Nintendo will continue developing games in the future.


PushDustin: What are your thoughts on Pac-land the game? How Close Did Smash 4 Get to the Original?

A Mini NES.. Chances are I’ll try to get one.. I’ve wanted a NES for almost 25 years ago.. and Now I can get one. At least the Controller working with the Wii and Wii U is great for me.. I wonder if you can play Shovel Night (Wii U) with a NES Controller?
From:Nintendo Re-Releasing the NES!?! [Discussion]

Only played a little bit, but there are some differences! Maybe I should do a video on it? James Montagna, Spazzy and I are thinking of doing a Pac-Man discussion in the future! James would definitely be the expert on that topic!

Honestly, you are probably on the wrong website. I hate to say it :X. The reason I’m featuring this isn’t so I can say my comeback, but because I wanted to ask you guys…should we post shorter features? One thing we worry is the accessibility of the site. We have long debates about the length of the articles, and if we should keep doing daily posts. What do you think?


I think the simplest answer here is that new characters are fine, just don’t change what makes a Sonic game a Sonic game when you include them.

For example, as much as people hate Big the Cat, they probably wouldn’t if he was tied to a bunch of fishing related missions.

The problem with the older games with Sonic’s friends wasn’t that they included them, but that they decided to put in two million genres just to ‘make them play in a unique way’. If they’d just done what say, Super Mario Bros 2 or Super Mario 3D World did with Mario and made them all normal characters in a traditional platformer, they would have been fine.
From:Should Sonic Have Friends?

I think this is a fair point, and I agree with it personally. Knuckles and Tails were fine because in the end they didn’t change those Sonic games THAT much.


I’d love to see if you ever realise how foolish it is blindly defend a man who’s clearly lost his touch.
From:Settle it in Smash: Should Sakurai Return as the Series Director?

FWIW: I know Burb for almost two years. He was in the leaks group where I essentially started Source Gaming. He doesn’t blindly defend Sakurai….he just argues for what he believes is true. Burb tries really hard to be logical in his thinking. Not saying you are wrong in your opinion (it’s an opinion after all, opinions are subjective), but Burb is one of the least bias people I’ve met in the Smash community.


I’ve only played one Spyro game before. I can’t recall the title, only that it was on the Gamecube. It was a glitchy mess, but I loved the hell out of it at the time. Ever since then, I’ve had no attachment to the character or series whatsoever, but I am for his inclusion in Smash, I think he’d be a pretty interesting fighter.
From:The Case for Spyro

Spyro is a character I wouldn’t mind in Smash…I just think his chances are really low. Spyro wasn’t a revolutionary game, and the character has been essentially replaced by other figures in his series (literally :().


Sonic Adventure 1, 2, and Generations. I loved all three of them!

Of the classic games, though, S3&K and Sonic 2 make it a hard choice!
From:SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game


I will have to pick my top three. (Not in any kind of order.)

I do love Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, I loved the Sonic and Shadow segments, and I even liked the treasure hunting levels. I have also spent so many hours in the Chao Garden, I really hope for another down the line.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was my first Sonic game, and it had Tails who became my favorite character. Certainly a game I can play over and over. (And the fact it has some multiplayer is neat!)

Lastly, Sonic Generations. It was one of those games that reminds me why I love Sonic games. I enjoyed every bit of it.

From:SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game


I’m gonna have to say Sonic Dash, it had the perfect feel gameplay-wise and it was only enhanced by its story and especially its music. It and its sequel are among the few Sonic games I’ve completed 100%.

Runner-ups would include Sonic Advance 3 for the unique pair-up mechanic, Sonic 2 for nostalgia, Sonic Chronicles for its uniqueness among Sonic games and a story that I actually liked (I was really tempted to pick this one over Dash, please give sequel bioware), Sonic Colors for just being a blast, and Sonic Generations for being what we all wanted.

From:SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game


In my case, I’ll be splitting into three parts: Classic Era, Dreamcast Era, and Modern Era. Exactly, the Sonic Generation Style!

Classic: I’d choose Sonic 3 and Knuckles as my favorite Classic Era game. This game had so many features that the previous games never had. Mid-boss battles, file menus with stage select system, characters with their exclusive movesets and alternate routes…this game was full of excitement! Sonic 3 in the beginning was the main prologue of this game, and I do believe there were so many people who wanted to play as Knuckles back then. Sonic & Knuckles was the answer to that call, and I really liked how Knuckles was so different from Sonic and Tails as having so many reliable moves from gliding to wall climbing! Even its lock-on system was another exciting part of the game, which made Knuckles being playable in Sonic 2, and even making the fully complete version of Sonic 3. Mushroom Hill and Sky Sanctuary was fun, but Sandopolis was a nightmare as I never want to go back there again (freakin’ invincible ghosts!). I mostly enjoyed Knuckles’ part; Sega really made a good idea of replacing Eggman with the survived and improved Eggrobo, even having Mecha Sonic a role as a final boss with a Super Sonic style! I’d definitely love to play this game again, which I do wish Nintendo to bring Sega back in Wii U’s Virtual Console (although its too late already).

Dreamcast: On this era, I’d choose Sonic Adventure 2. As this game being the celebration of Sonic’s 10th Anniversary, although many people didn’t like the game due to many reasons, I really loved this game as a whole. The storyline was great with the best ending of all time, characters were interesting and likable with enjoyable abilities of their own, the musics were freakin’ awesome as it made me love Jun Senoue and Crush 40! The stages may not be impressive, but even then its enjoyable and thrilling when it comes with rail grinding. However, I’ve never enjoyed the Chao system because many tasks were difficult to me, which I wasn’t able to get any emblems from there. But still, I really liked this game as I enjoyed playing it all over again. I was also glad that they’ve ported to the Gamecube with the newly improved two player battle mode, which I do remember enjoying playing with my friends back then.

Modern: Finally, I was thinking of choosing Sonic and the Black Knight, but I decided to choose Sonic Generations for this era. I’ve only played the 3DS version, so I have no experience on the other versions as well since I don’t own both PS3 and Xbox360. Bringing back all those nostalgic stages and remake it into different concepts of both 2D and 3D…I think Sega really made a great idea for Sonic’s ultimate 20th Anniversary game. However, the 3DS version was different as they didn’t have a same content with the other versions. Both versions have different stages which is okay, but the 3DS version somehow kept its 2D form. The storyline was even more different as the final boss wasn’t that thrilling like in the other versions. 3DS version may have some negative parts in my opinion, but still, I liked it as a whole. I would like to play the other versions too; I’d like to see it being ported to the NX if possible.
From:SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game


Sonic 3 & Knuckles is definitely my favorite Sonic game, for the same reasons that Nirbion gave. You have good taste, man. Unlike other Sonic games, I actually like the water level, and there’s only one thing I truly dislike: Sandopolis Act 2. The game is just so solid on all fronts and isn’t weak in any area. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is infinitely replayable, accessible, and fun. If you haven’t played it, please do yourself a favor and play it.

My runners-up are Sonic Generations and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Generations is really fun, but I feel that Classic Sonic and his levels aren’t quite as fun as S3&K, and the final boss is utter crap. Sonic 2 is great, but I feel that S3&K has better level design, music, multiplayer, and Special Stages.
From:SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game

Couple of posts from the Favorite Sonic Game thread. Thanks for sharing guys 🙂

Peridot Gem

How about no? 3rd parties are limited and keeping it ONE per series is the best way to approach putting in 3rd parties.
From:The Case for a Second Sonic Character

I think DLC is the perfect time to add 3rd party characters. It makes figuring out licensing, dividing profits and oversight much easier. Really for 3rd party characters as long as they are iconic, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be limited in theory. I think in practice it’ll end up being one character per series as you don’t usually have two huge characters from the same game. Lightning from Final Fantasy is the only character I could think of that could be added on top of Cloud. Sakurai has considered other characters from the series in the past though.

Rafael Mauna Luke

It would be fun to have another Sonic Character, but the fact that 3rd party characters are just “1 per franchise” might become a “Soft No” but if Sega get another character which character could be with the same level of recognition other than a Sonic one? so maybe is a “Soft Yes”…Other options might be: Nights? Sakura from Sakura Wars? The GunStar Heroes? Aiai from Monkey ball? Maybe some character from Atlus… that would be nice too… there are a lot of options, but Sonic has bigger names…
As for me Bayonetta is more like in a grey area between Second and Third Party, being now “exclusively” published for Nintendo and no longer published by Sega (only distributed), and still being developed by a Third party company…
Anyways, I really like your case study, great work! keep it up!
From:The Case for a Second Sonic Character

Nothing that Sakurai has ever said indicates its one per company, or one per franchise. I think in practice it just ends up being that because Sakurai tries to select REALLY popular characters. In this article, I explored the selection criteria for 3rd parties.



Just because there isn’t a rule, doesn’t mean they should do it. No need for two characters from one third-party series; it just seems rather superfluous and as mentioned before someone like Tails or Eggman lacks that special Wow Factor. Might as well go all the way and make a Nintendo Vs Sega/Capcom instead of taking dev time from Nintendo characters.
From:The Case for a Second Sonic Character

As long as Sakurai picks interesting and popular characters I don’t mind. Because of licensing costs,etc I don’t think it will happen but I still think the future of Smash is in largely third parties.

  1. Nah, I think the articles on the site are of pretty good length right now. This site usually has a focus on factual information, which may require large amounts of text. I don’t think article length can be trimmed very much without losing some interesting info.

    That debate is STILL going… At this point, I’d say that it’s devolved into MacargoMan and Peridot Gem shouting back and forth with little to no progress being made. MM gives criticisms towards Sakurai, some of which are fair and not unfounded, while others are conspiracy theories. PG fairly shoots down the conspiracy theories, but then retorts to many of the actual criticisms towards Sakurai with answers that tend to amount to “Nuh-uh!” with little to no backing for his argument, occasionally throwing in an insult. Repeat ad nauseam.

    No offense is intended towards MacargoMan and Peridot Gem. I’m just saying that their debate isn’t productive because of PG’s poor attitude and both of them being stubborn in this particular debate.

    Nintendrone on July 20 |
    • What conspiracy theories would those be exactly?

      MagcargoMan on July 21 |
      • You’re literally trying to say Sakurai lost his touch over decisions you don’t like. Trying to say the series is getting stale when there is tons of untouched potential that Sakurai hasn’t got to and can use for a future game.

        Peridot Gem on July 21 |
      • MacargoMan, I believe that the following examples could qualify as conspiracy theories. As a disclaimer, I feel that most of your points are solid and logical.

        (Context: King K. Rool)
        “But there was no way he would’ve triumphed over other just as requested if not more requested characters in the ballot.”
        With what proof? We don’t even know who were in the Top 5 votes for the US, Europe and Japan except Bayonetta.

        (Context: Source Gaming’s graph of estimated DLC character requests in Japan)
        “Because haven’t you seen the popular picks and options like Banjo, Solid Snake and many others?”
        Butt they can be estimated by the graph. Also, it’s definitely no coincidence that Bayonetta was incredibly low on the graph in both those links and that Sakurai didn’t bring up her position in the Japanese ballot results, so yes I’d say the graph does give a pretty good idea of things.

        (Context: Bayonetta)
        And yet Sakurai didn’t even say what position she was in on the US Top 5 and didn’t even mention where she showed up in the Japanese poll at all. It’s more than likely a character ranked higher than her on both the US and Japanese ballot results.

        So you just admitted the ballot doesn’t matter even though Sakurai made a big deal about it regarding Bayonetta? Sakurai made it clear it was due to how high up she was but he didn’t even want to say what position she was in the Top 5 for America.

        “Sakurai has been open to criticism this whole entire series.” He always denies it and makes excuses, like with clones and badlly done “Free Desser” metaphor, or how he denies he had favouritism for Kid Icarus or only makes Kirby stages based off Kirby games he made.

        The first four quotes suggest that the fighter ballot was rigged by Sakurai purposefully skipping over realizable characters that may be ranked higher than Bayonetta. The last quote suggests that Sakurai plays favorites in order to shill what he prefers, which he has denied. This would mean that Sakurai is a not only a liar, but has an ulterior motive when directing Smash. Seems like conspiracy theory to me. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        Peridot Gem, your attitude in the debate (and many other comments on the site) is extremely poor. You seem to be unable to tolerate any criticism towards Sakurai, no matter how fair or justified, and then insult the people who give said criticisms. You’ve demonstrated that you hold Sakurai up on a pedestal as a man who can do no wrong, and whose word is absolute, just because he’s directed the Smash series as one of its primary creators. Sakurai is human like the rest of us, and humans make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with critically evaluating the positive and negative effects that Sakurai has had on Smash as its series-long director. Have you ever heard of the phrase “Criticize what you love?” People give their opinions on Sakurai and Smash because they want Smash to improve into something they love even more. Calling people out on what appears to be conspiracy theory is fine, but you should not immediately shut down any civilized discussion that critics may be interested in having with “Nuh-uh! You’re wrong because Sakurai is perfect!” Please keep this in mind when discussing with others, as there is no point in entering a debate if you’re not interested in actually debating.

        Nintendrone on July 21 |
        • Which heavily suggests the votes were tied down to. Who’s the most relevant, vote position, how big of an impact they would have in Smash, which is the most convenient, easiest to make, and how unique they can be without causing too much problems.

          “You and what proof” Um have you SEEN the pre-ballot result scramble? That should explain it already.

          Snake and Banjo have third party problems. You should know that.

          Good grief! The ballot DOES matter because it shows who has a good/best chance of becoming a newcomer.

          Bayonetta was one of the characters there which what I’m saying the possible ways it was narrowed down makes sense. No matter how much you try to claim he “rigged” it for not putting in an anime character which Anime is bigger in Japan and Goku was one of the top choices because of weebs, kids and people in for laughs. An anime character could’ve been high at least on the worldwide ballot.

          Wrong. He denied everything that he was accused bias toward everything but Kid Icarus. He never said anything about that. FE? Sure. Kirby? Yep. Kid Icarus? Nope.

          Incorrect. You forgotten that Sakurai has no legit reason to remove the clones since every fighting game dropped the clone tradition it’s somewhat apart of history. “Boo hoo I don’t like it because it’s lazy!!!” when that’s the damn point. Clones take away from nothing and clones are occasionally required since Nintendo characters don’t even fight and makes fans of that character happy. Also the fact it’s a platformer fighter removes options too. Size restrictions like with Ridley and attacks not being included because they wouldn’t work proves that, thus Ike not shooting projectiles out of sword swings. It could’ve worked in a traditional fighter but not Smash Bros.

          Sakurai ignores the fanbase on certain things because what a lot of the things the fans say are downright ridiclous and atrocious. “Oh Palutena shouldn’t make it in because she’s a goddess hurr durr. OVERPOWERED”. Smh. I had my head in my hands when I first heard that crappy argument against her.

          Magcargo took it too far and wishes for him to be replaced. That is why I’m going out of my way to defend him. He hopelessly believes that a new developer would make everything better who would do no wrong which is downright bs. He can wish for better sure whatever but saying Sakurai should be kicked and even trying to make excuses for not doing what he wanted like “growing stale” when it’s been only FOUR games is where I draw the line. If you’re going to call out flaws from both sides do it right please. You never even pointed out none of the conspiracies Magcargo made which you said he has conspiracies too. He even asked you what conspiracies.

          Peridot Gem on July 21 |
          • Please carefully read the post you’re replying to before writing your reply.

            You’re responding to my list of perceived conspiracy theories by MacargoMan, which you’ve already responded to in the debate thread. Perhaps I didn’t mark them clearly enough: everything between the two “-” symbols are copy-pasted from MM’s posts in the debate thread. Keep the debate in the debate thread.

            I fairly pointed out flaws on both sides; those paragraphs between the two “-” symbols are the exact things that I perceived as MM’s conspiracy theory, and the paragraph just below that explains why I perceived them that way.

            Your replies to MM never indicated that you deflect criticism from Sakurai just because you feel that a new director wouldn’t improve Smash. Your posts implied that nearly all of Sakurai’s decisions are objectively for the best, and that anyone who disagrees or expects better are fools. It’s not at all unreasonable and definitely not “too far” for MM to think that fresh blood in the director’s chair would cause at least some positive change for Smash, especially in an article where that very question was opened for discussion. Also, you never gave a reason for your foul attitude towards others in what is supposed to be civil discussion.

            Nintendrone on July 21 |
          • Really now? I swear I thought I commented something like that

            I acted like that because I truly believed the way they did Sakurai was unfair and that angered me.

            Peridot Gem on July 21 |
          • Being upset about someone’s opposing opinion is one thing, but being hostile is another. Allowing your argument to be affected by your anger is counterproductive and tends to shut down healthy discussion. If you believed that MM’s claims were unfair, it would’ve been best to explain why you felt that way in a fashion that encouraged continued discussion.

            Hopefully this exchange has relieved some of the tension between you two, so you can either politely return to your debate or agree to disagree.

            Nintendrone on July 21 |
          • Alright

            Peridot Gem on July 22 |
        • With the ballot results stuff I wasn’t denying that Bayonetta made it to where Sakurai said she did on the ballot. I just find it odd that he didn’t mention which position in the top 5 for the US she landed and how we didn’t hear what Top [number here] she placed on the Japanese one. I don’t think it was rigged per se, because I don’t doubt that whoever was No 1 on the US poll was a different character than who made it it to first place on the Japanese poll. But given how chummy Sega and Nintendo have been lately it wouldn’t surprise me if she was already talked about internally prior to the ballot. I mean after Roy and Ryu he said any further DLC characters would be fanservice, and yet Corrin was chosen to advertise an upcoming game instead of being fan demanded. I don’t think it’s unfair to assume that most of the DLC choices were already decided. Especially since third-parties take a lot of effort to acquire. Really I think the ballot was more about deciding who to add for the next game.

          How is Kid Icarus getting favouritism a conspiracy? A small three game series gets two newcomers (when many of Nintendo’s much larger series got none after several new games), two new stages (again, when bigger series only got one new stage across two versions), six new items, two new Assist Trophies (while some bigger series only have one AT), and NINETEEN Smash Run enemies (Even Mario has less, and that’s Nintendo’s flagship franchise we’re talking about) right after Sakurai makes the latest instalment of it. Also, Palutena is the only non-Mii Fighter who has entirely different moves for her custom specials. That’s an awful lot of content for such a small series.

          As for the Kirby stages, I don’t think it’s an “ulterior motive”, but just that Sakurai would naturally gravitate to Kirby games he worked on. Which is fine, but in Smash 4 it got a bit out of hand since he ignored several big new Kirby games. Let’s have a look at every Kirby game that is represented by a stage in Smash:
          – Smash 64: Dream Land (Kirby’s Dream Land)
          – Melee: Green Greens (Kirby’s Dream Land), Fountain of Dreams (Kirby’s Adventure)
          – Brawl: Halberd (Kirby Super Star)
          – Smash 4: Dream Land (Kirby’s Dream Land), Great Cave Offensive (Kirby Super Star)

          So if we add them up the only Kirby games represented in Smash are Kirby’s Dream Land (three stages), Kirby’s Adventure (one stage) and Kirby Super Star (two stages). While I don’t see anything wrong with representing a game more than once (Super Mario 64 has had three stages based on it in the series), by the time Smash 4 was out there was already several significant Kirby releases fans have been clamouring for to get stages: Return to Dream Land, Epic Yarn and Triple Deluxe. But instead he chose two games he’s already given stages to before. While they did represent new aspects of those games (Dream Land having GameBoy visuals and GCO being a different sub-game of Super Star) I don’t think it’s right to prioritise them over new games, especially since most of the other series in Smash get stages based off their latest games. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, DK, Star Fox and others all do that, but Kirby never does.

          It just all lines up too much to be purely a coincidence that non-Sakurai Kirby games miss out on getting stages. I don’t think Sakurai’s being intentionally malicious but that he just would rather work on Kirby content he originally created. He mentioned an Epic Yarn stage was planned but it was cut because they were also making a Woolly World stage and he felt they’d be too similar. But Epic Yarn is different from Woolly World visually. Epic Yarn’s levels are made of felt patches, while Woolly World is made of wool. And Epic Yarn is 2D, meaning it’d be a flat stage like Hanenbow and Flatzone. Also, Sakurai has been fine with adding stages with similar themes in the past (both of DK’s Melee stages, having both Pokemon Stadiums in Brawl, having two Mario Circuits in Smash 4). Taking all this into account it just seems too convenient that the Epic Yarn stage had to go. And I feel this inability to admit his preference to Kirby games he made will lead to this happening in the next Smash if he directs it.

          MagcargoMan on July 22 |
          • Thank you for clarifying. The reason I perceived the points I listed as conspiracy theorycraft was their implication that Sakurai has an agenda to shill his favorites in Smash, despite him denying it. I’m totally OK with the points themselves, which you inferred from logical reasoning. I just feel that the conclusion that Sakurai intentionally pushes what he personally prefers to be a dangerous one to jump to, despite there being reason to suspect it. I’d totally believe that Sakurai plays favorites, though perhaps not intentionally. Maybe his love for his favorite series causes him to unconsciously think of them as more important and in need of content than they actually are, while the opposite could be true for series he doesn’t particularly care for.

            (Apologies for the late reply.)

            Nintendrone on July 24 |
          • No problem. Thanks for listening to my reasons behind my posts.

            MagcargoMan on July 29 |
    • Backup and Magcargo get on my nerves tremendously

      Peridot Gem on July 21 |
    • Tho it was hilarious how much conspiracies Backup368 made up to try to hold his points. Trying to say the ballot was rigged, Little Mac was originally Hispanic in NES Punch Out. “The NES’s graphics were so inferior at the time. Maybe he was intended to be Caucasian or that his Italian heritage would look hispanic or Asian on 8-bit graphics.” I kid you not he said that. Also he’s saying Sakurai could be lying when he already said what’s up and all the proof and evidence points that he’s saying the truth, Smash 4 would’ve saved Wii U and all sorts of messy junk.

      Peridot Gem on July 21 |
  2. Thanks for the answer =)
    I meant it as a “silent law” =P, he doesn’t say it, but empirically every 3rd party character came from different franchises. But yeah, That’s why I’ll be ok if the next Sega character is from the Sonic family or another =P. But it seems right to represent different franchises from other companies, as “Megaman and Ryu” is better (IMO) than “Megaman and Protoman” or Ryu and “Chun Lí”, it feels more “complete”.

    Rafael Mauna Luke on July 20 |
  3. I think it would be cool if the number of comments in a article were visible again. Or if there was something in the side bar showing the articles with the latest comments. (sorry for my bad english, there’s some things I can’t find the right word for..)

    Ar on July 20 |
  4. Thank you for answering my comment!

    Yes, that hat in Tomodachi Life was actually obtainable through downloading. If you obtain the item, you can automatically save it in the store and buy it anytime. But sadly in my case, I’ve erased the data to redo the game from the beginning, so you cannot obtain that hat unless somebody can give it to you through connection.

    zoniken on July 21 |
  5. Regarding the Burb thing, I fine with having my comment posted because I stand by what I say, but it does make me a little antagonistic without the context (but I guess if someone went and clicked the link they’d see it so maybe it doesn’t matter).

    Anyway, to make it clear to anyone who doesn’t click the link, the response was to a rather antagonistic strawman remark shaming me for daring to want new blood in charge of Smash. I didn’t even bring up K Rool in the post he replied to. He just assumed that’s why.

    MagcargoMan on July 21 |
    • But it’s true. It’s ridiclous how you’re believing if Sakurai stays the series won’t be fresh when it’s been only FOUR games not Twenty. Imfao. That is just sad. As I said, it only proves you’re butthurt because things didn’t go your way.

      Peridot Gem on July 21 |
  6. I’d be for even longer articles, not shorter ones, though I do get that not everyone has the time to read through long articles. On another note, I’m surprised to see so many people bring up the supposed ‘one rep per third party series’ rule, I don’t think that’s ever been a thing or ever will be a thing. I don’t particularly see the issue with a second Sonic character (I haven’t read the article in question yet). In comparison, we have like what, seven or eight Mario characters? What’s the problem with having two reps from a third party series?

    Spiral on July 24 |