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Dream Smashers – Dr. Eggman

The Super Smash Bros series has always been pretty selective with which third party characters get represented. Unlike with Nintendo’s own IP, any time a second character has been included from a guest company the choice is made to represent a different series altogether rather than another character from the guest franchise (i.e. Ryu and Mega Man instead of Mega Man and Dr. Wily). This allows for Sakurai and his team to get as many important game franchises as possible into Smash; however, sometimes a third party series has more than one game-changing character among its roster.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a franchise that also has multiple recognizable characters alongside its hero and most important of all of those characters is Dr. Eggman. The mad scientist is almost as much a cultural icon as Sonic himself. Thanks to this, if the Sonic series was going to get another character in Super Smash Bros, Eggman is a perfect choice.  So how would an evil doctor like him play in Smash? Well that is what we are here to find out.

Who is Dr. Eggman


Gimmick: Vehicular combat
Niche: Mad Scientist

Dr. Eggman, a.k.a. Dr. Robotnik, is the human representation of machine over nature. His goal is to take over the world and he does this by turning nature robotik and its inhabitants into mindless robotic slaves. As a result, he clashes with Sega’s cool and fun-loving mascot, Sonic on multiple occasions. Dr. Eggman has been in about as many games as Sonic himself and is almost always the cause of trouble, even if he ends up taking a back-seat to an even greater villain as the events unfold. Nowadays the evil scientist has tettered even more on the insane, but he has also becomea bit more light-hearted, similar to how Bowser has evolved over the years. However one thing is still the same, he just hates that blue hedgehog!


History and importance to series/video games


As stated in the opening to this article, Dr. Eggman is almost as iconic as Sonic, probably on a similar level to Tails in regards to how important he is to video game culture. He was Sonic’s Bowser and so was the enemy to many a child growing up in the early 90s. He shares his legacy alongside Sonic, and as far as the mad scientist trope goes he is definitely the most recognizable, one stop ahead of Dr. Wily. He was a big enough icon to cameo in Wreck-it Ralph alongside Sonic himself and even has a macrocycle inhibitor known as ‘Robotnikinin’ named after him. People recognize Dr. Eggman in the video game spectrum and that is quite an important requirement to guest in Smash (unless you were voted in of course).


How will he play?

The biggest part of Dr. Eggman’s appearance in Smash is his patented Egg Mobile. It makes too much sense for Dr. Eggman to use his Egg Mobile in Smash as it is so iconic and has been his mode of transport in every main-line Sonic game. Because of this it plays a major role in his fighting style but also in how is alts were designed. The first 4 alts are based on different badniks developed by Dr. Eggman over the years: the Egg Pawn, the Moto-bug, Metal Sonic and the Aero Chaser. Eggman himself takes his colours from Sonic and his friends, being based on Tails, Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow respectively. These colours were picked to not clash with the colours of the machine. His next alt takes its colour scheme from the Sonic OVA and his own design off of Amy Rose while the last two are based on related characters Dr. Gerald Robotnik and Dr. Eggman Nega. These last two give the doctor himself the colours of these characters as well as designing the Egg Mobile like the Space Colony ARK and the Nega Mobile respectively.

So with all of those alts out of the way let us look at the statistics.

  • Can they crawl: No
  • Can they wall jump: NO
  • How many jumps do they have: 2
  • Is there any exclusive abilities they have*: No
  • Weight Class: A
  • Height Class: B+
  • Speed Class: D+
  • Are they mirrored when they faces left: Yes
*i.e. Peach’s float
(for a more detailed look at the stats check this link here)

Bowser Jr. proved that vehicle characters could work, even if these contraptions could originally fly, so that issue regarding the Egg Mobile became moot. However, the two share very similar ideas in concept so picking a way to distinguish between them was a huge hurdle. My way around it was to focus primarily on how Eggman fought back in the Genesis days of Sonic the Hedgehog. Just like how Mega Man was designed in Smash to play and act like he did in his NES days, Dr. Eggman utilizes a variety of tools and methods that he once did to thwart Sonic 25 years ago, albeit slightly altered to work in the context of Super Smash Bros. This means giant wrecking balls of doom, fireball launchers and drills are a plenty with this character.


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Kirby’s Dr. Eggman outfit would get his black goggles but of course he would also receive his fabulous moustache, with nose to fit.

Move Name & Action Description
Entrance Eggman flies in from the background and laughs.
Walking He doesn’t walk as much as he hovers forward, like Bowser Jr.
Running The same as his walk except he is leaning forward.
Jump A spring appears under his Egg Mobile as he bounces up. His double jump does a forward flip.
Falling Animation/Damage Eggman’s arms flail in the air as he lets go of the control stick and falls backwards.
Neutral/Jabs image02

For Dr. Eggman’s jabs and tilts he uses a smaller version of the big arm from Sonic 3. In this case he does a powerful right punch, followed by a left jab and then an extremely strong right swing that knocks opponents away.

F-Tilt Dr. Eggman backhands his opponents in front of him with one of his hands.
Up-Tilt Dr. Eggman performs an uppercut with one of his hands.
D-Tilt Dr. Eggman pounds both fists on the ground in front of him which knocks opponents up.
Dash Attack Dr. Eggman moves forward with a spike sticking out of the front of his Egg Mobile.
Forwards Smash image04

For Dr. Eggman’s forward Smash we have the Tonkachi Eggman. The mad professor pulls out a giant hammer from the front of his Egg Mobile which he can charge up and bring smashing down. Its very powerful and can potentially bury opponents.

Up Smash Both of Eggman’s Hang Mobile arms smack together above the doctors head, crushing opponents.
Down Smash image15

Dr. Eggman uses his Hang Mobile to hit opponents on both sides. It slides along the ground and has good range horizontally but not vertically.

N-air image18

Eggman’s iconic hammer ball makes up his aerials. For his neutral aerial he does a forward flip and swings the ball all around him. Any opponent hit as it goes down causes a definite Meteor smash.

F-air Eggman spins around horizontally and the ball and chain spins around with him. This hits both sides of the mad scientist however his b-air is the exact same attack.
B-air Same as above.
U-air Dr. Eggman’s fire nozzle shoots fire above him. It doesn’t have much reach, going up and then splitting and falling down either side of him.
D-air Dr. Eggman detaches the ball and chain which creates somewhat of a hard projectile. It’s slow but damaging as it plummets down to the ground. However there is sever lag on this attack.
Grab image10

A yellow catcher comes out from the front of his Egg Mobile and grabs opponents. The doctor then gives a confident ‘yosh’ when a character is successfully caught.

Pummel Eggman sends an electrical shock wave through the claws, electrocuting those in his grasp.
F-throw The claw springs forward and lets go of opponents. It does not do much damage but has great knockback.
B-throw Eggman spins around twice and throws the opponents behind him.
U-throw Eggman throws opponents up and above him and then uses his Fire Spitter to add damage to them in the sky.
D-throw The catcher moves below the Egg Mobile like it looks in the sprite. He then proceeds to electrocute them like his pummel.
Neutral Special 1: Lava Spitter image12

A gun appears above Eggman, protruding from the back of his Egg Mobile. He then proceeds to launch lava in front of him. The move can be charged and the longer it is charged the further it goes. However it goes over the heads of opponents too close to the mad scientist so it needs aiming.

Neutral Special 2: Water Eggman image21

Rather than fire, Dr. Eggman can charge up and fire Mega Mack at his opponents. This acts like Mario’s F.L.U.D.D. but has a longer reach. However it goes over the heads of opponents too close to the mad scientist so it needs aiming.

Neutral Special 3: Flame Craft image13

For this attack, the doctor has flames come out from the front of his Egg Mobile. They are not as strong as his lava attack but can now hit people directly in front of him. Also, unlike Charizard or Bowser, they can be aimed above, in-front or below him.

Side Special 1: Drill Eggman image05

A drill appears in the front of his Egg Mobile as he plows forward. Pressing the Special button at any point during this animation will have the drill shoot out from him. This cause Eggman to lag but the later you leave it the further the drill flies.

Side Special 2: Drill Eggman II image09

This variation on the drill has Dr. Eggman brandish two at the front of his vehicle. The range is not as good and they can no longer be fired out but the attack is now twice as strong.

Side Special 3: Jet Drill image14

The Jet Drill is slightly stronger but cannot be shot out. It goes at a slight angle diagonally forward. That means it can hit aerial enemies at a distance and ground enemies close by.

Up Special 1: Flying Eggman image08

The doctor rises at a slight angle forward while various balls spin around him for a short while. Each one explodes when it hits an opponent essentially creating a safe shield for the doctor to rise with.

Up Special 2: Energy Ship image00

Instead of explodable objects it is pure green energy. These don’t disappear when hit by opponents and create an electrical shock however projectiles go through them.

Up Special 3: Control Ship With this custom Dr. Eggman has a lot more control over where he can fly and so can target opponents. However he only has three balls floating around him rather than six.
Down Special 1: Spike Dropper image11

The doctor drops spiked balls below him that damage opponents who hit them. He can drop up to three at a time.

Down Special 2: Mine dropper Eggman can only drop one slightly bigger spiked ball however this one will explode when it hits an opponent.
Down Special 3: Fireball Spitter image16

Dr. Eggman will spit fire below him that will cause the area under his Egg Mobile to light up, damage opponents who are too close to him.

Final Smash: Egg Robot image07

Eggman fires a little laser out of the front of his Egg Mobile. If it hits an opponent’s then a black hole-esque laser sucks people close inwards. It then proceeds to a cutscene where Eggman enters his Egg Robot from Sonic 2 and stomps down on all his opponents.

Up Taunt Eggman stands up, leaning on his egg mobile and looks around carefully. Then he sits down.
Side Taunt Eggman leans back and laughs with his signature ‘Ho ho ho’.
Down Taunt Eggman accidentally spins his Egg Mobile around and he makes himself dizzy.
Victory animation 1 Eggman says ‘Now you know why I am the best.’ While he pumps one fist into the air.
Victory animation 2 image19image01

Eggman laughs and then points towards himself like in the picture.

Victory animation 3 image06

Eggman performs a victory animation similar to the one in Mario & Sonic where he spins around and then leans forward with his fist like in the picture. He also laughs as he does this.


Dr. Eggman’s victory music is the same as Sonic, the series victory fanfare.

And there you have it, a second Sonic-rep. If this was Sonic & Sega All-Stars Battle Royale I am sure Dr. Eggman would star along Sonic and many of his friends as a fighter, alas this is Super Smash Bros and so his chances are admittedly a lot worse. Still it is not impossible and I think the goofy doctor would fit right in with the rest of the cast. Maybe him and Bowser can team-up to take down both Sonic & Mario once and for all. Until that happens though, let me know what you thought about this moveset and if it would make you excited to get a playable Eggman in Smash? Also let me know how you’ve been enjoying Sonic week so far, not long to go now until we know how the bad doctor will be troubling Sonic and friends once again.

  1. While I doubt that Eggman will get into Smash anytime soon, I do think that he’d make for a good pick, as he’s very popular, iconic, and offers neat moveset ideas. I’m a little surprised that you didn’t incorporate any moves from Eggman’s playable appearance in Sonic Adventure 2 into his moveset, though. While most of the SA2 Egg Walker’s moves are not particularly unique, it does have a spring-loading boxing glove (which Eggman humorously shouts “Olé!” when using) and a giant laser super move. I’d suggest differentiating Eggman’s Fair and Bair by having the wrecking ball start spinning from the front and back, respectively, as well as having slightly different launch angles.

    Nintendrone on July 22 |
  2. I fully endorse the concept of Dr. Eggman joining Smash Bros., despite it the odds maybe being slim. As an extension of Sonic, Eggman has a long history on Nintendo consoles and beyond that he’d probably be the most iconic villainous character after Bowser.

    the101 on July 23 |
  3. Very interesting movesets you made! I’ve always thought he’ll be fighting in his Egg Mobile, but equipped with arms and legs like he did in Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Adventure 2. While Sonic’s attacks were based on his own fighting games from Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Battle, I think Eggman using his classic attachable weapons from the Genesis series is another interesting choice you’ve made. It could’ve been interesting if he summoned badniks like Motorbug, Buzz Bombers, and Egg Pawns as part of his moveset like Dedede did before, but I think this is perfect enough.

    Having Eggman join Smash may be impossible at this moment, but of course we don’t know the exact rule of third parties. Sakurai can be very hideous in his choices, but is definitely full of surprises. It wouldn’t be odd that Eggman may have a spotlight for the first time in Smash.

    Also one thing…I thought Eggman’s Gerald color was actually this guy’s:

    zoniken on July 23 |
  4. I like a lot of these ideas. but it didn’t seem like there was much synergy in the moves. Maybe you did think of that, and just didn’t put it down, but a lot of these moves didn’t seem to flow together, and the use of Big Arm and Wrecking Ball makes it feel a tad samey. I didn’t really seem to fit Eggman’s character too well either. I mean, having so many laggy moves kind of works to his huge ego. But for a supposed genius, I would think a more trap heavy play-style, like Villager’s would be more appropriate. Also, I can’t be the only guy who thought his up-special should be the propeller he used in Emerald Hill Zone, and NOWHERE else! It could function like Snake’s recovery did. Oh, and his hurt animation, as in the one you have when you get hit and can Smash DI, that should have him look at the screen and smile, like how he did in his Genesis fight’s every time you hit him.

    SSJ22Terris on July 25 |
  5. Interesting moveset and I have no issue with Eggman as a playable character. Although some of his moves should be mapped to his egg walker machine in SA2 and replace some of his F-tilt moves.

    Chris.W on July 25 |
  6. I am all for Eggman in Smash, he’s got a lot of interesting things to work with. I do wonder if he’d take up too much space with his attacks, but I”m sure it could work somehow.

    Spiral on July 25 |
  7. From the moment I saw Bowser Jr in action, I was like, “Yeah, Robotnik would be a pretty sick semi-clone of this.”

    Amber on July 25 |