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SG Roundtable: Thoughts on the New Sonic Game

new sonic game

The trailers are here:



Well, can’t say I expected two games.  Sonic Mania looks to be kind of interesting, and it may well be a breath of fresh air, breaking from the habit of constantly trying to reinvent the wheel by diving back into what got the series going to begin with…or commissioning someone else to do it, heh.  I don’t know how big a fan I am of the art style, though.  I would’ve preferred something that kept the classic-style gameplay but with the aesthetics and design sensibilities we’ve picked up over time–less Mega Man 9, more Donkey Kong Country Returns.  Then again, given Sega’s history, maybe keeping it retro is for the better.

But then we got a reveal for another game, and…well, it didn’t tell us a whole lot.  It looks like “Sonic Generations 2”, yet the insistence that it’s not a sequel complicates matters.  We saw no gameplay and therefore nothing to really dissect, other than the fact that Sonic is joining forces with his past self again.  It seems we’ll have to wait a while longer before we know if this game will show promise, or if it’ll be yet another victim of the Sonic Cycle.



When I woke up this morning I was only shown the Sonic Mania trailer and it left me somewhat disappointed. Do not misunderstand me, the game looks fun. A true return to the Sonic Mega Drive style, similar to what Mega Man 9 did for its series, with three playable characters, new zones and another kickass soundtrack. But, as the Sonic 2017 game, the next main-line Sonic title, I was left very underwhelmed. It was too safe for my liking and could easily be mistaken for just a remake of one of the first three games.

Then I found out about Project Sonic in all its post-apocalyptic edge and although we got no gameplay (standard fare for the first trailer of Sonic game) I am a bit more hyped. The appearance of Classic Sonic once more hints at this being a sequel to Sonic Generations but perhaps this time Sonic and the gang are brought into a ruined future and they add a new gameplay style with Future Sonic? Or they could do Sonic Boom Sonic or Sonic Adventure Sonic. There are plenty of possibilities involved and I look forward to seeing more.



Sonic Mania seems like an obvious follow up to Sonic Generations. It’s a new way for players to return to the roots of classic Sonic, but still have a fresh new coat of paint on it. The new zones and effects should help make it feel both retro and modern at the same time. The drop dash mechanic seems interesting enough. It seems like it won’t be coming out on Nintendo consoles as Wii U and NX are seemingly missing. It seems like Sonic Mania will be a download title, but as far as I know it hasn’t been confirmed.

Project Sonic on the other hand…there’s really not much known about this game except that it’s going to be edgy. We haven’t seen any gameplay, and with the various ways modern Sonic titles can be played…it’s unknown what kind of game it will be. Project Sonic is confirmed to be coming out to the NX. It seems like Sega is targeting the end of 2017 for this game. They did say it’d be late for the anniversary.



Ooph. First, let’s start with the “good thing”: Sonic Mania is the game we Fans needed and SEGA needed. It’s finally a way to provide Gamers new classic Sonic-Gameplay done well. Remember when SEGA announced with Sonic 4 a “true return to classic”? Well, that didn’t turned out well, because it wasn’t a progression to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but more a re-imagination of Sonic 1, but with more clunky Physics were even tons of Speed-Pads couldn’t help out much. Sonic Mania? Looks like the REAL Sonic 4! It’s a progression do S3&K with new mechanics and Tails and Knuckles being playable. Also, the animation really looks smooth and it looks like it came straight out from a 32x-Game, so I love it. I have high hopes for Sonic Mania and I really look forward to it.

Project Sonic 2017 on the other hand…*sigh*. This one is a bit difficult to explain since I don’t think this could end up as a bad game, but still being a bad “sign” to the Sonic-IP as a whole. You see, the point of Sonic Generations and the comeback of Classic Sonic was to celebrate the legacy of Sonic and then move on. SEGA did move on and what we got were games with mixed or bad receptions from people. Now Sonic Team has to prove that Sonic still has a good future and they achieve this by…bringing back Classic Sonic again? Heck, even the Trailer “literally” showed how destroyed Sonic in the modern time is and the only way he survive this is by getting help from the Classic. And for me, this was that clear message, which I was afraid SEGA and Sonic Team would send to their fans. Of course, we know it’s not going to be Sonic Generations 2 and we don’t know how the mechanics will work: Was the appearance of Classic Sonic scripted in the teaser especially for the 25th-Anniversary-Trailer and he’s is actually part of another new Gameplay-Gimmick/Mechanic? We don’t know but still, SEGA delivered this message to me:”Sonic has no future!”.

Of course, this reaction might be a bit exaggerated but this is how I feel about Project Sonic 2017. To make this clear: I LOVE Sonic Generations and I LOVE Classic Sonic. And I’m sure I will eat up this game like I did with Generations. I have nothing against going back to old locations, but this is not my point. I really would have preferred if SEGA did classic 2D-Sidescroller as a side-project and let Modern Sonic be his modern thing with new ways to play around with the feel of speed. They almost did that with Sonic Mania. But instead, they rely a bit too much on Classic Sonic. This is why I think going back “again” is a bit unnecessary and gives some fans the wrong message about the future of Sonic. But who knows what holds for Sonis’c future.



Sonic Mania is the game I’m excited for and is the best of the two. My favorite games in the series are the 2D classic, games that still hold up today. I do not know much about Christian White, but the Sonic CD released was great. The issue with many of the 2D games has been that no one got the physics right. If the developers can nail the physics, the game will be leauges above the others (esspecially Sonic 4). You can tell this title gets classic Sonic. The feel of Soundpolis, the new stage shown, captures the asthtics and feel of the game; the level looks like it was ripped right out of Sonic CD

I still have my concerns. The game features classic stages as well as new stages, so there is a possibilities that the old stages could crowd out the new stages. Likewise, the old stages don’t look much different. And will the game be able to capture the old level designs and layouts? We’ll have to see.

Sonic Project 2017 looks simply like Sonic Generations. I stated in our most recent Podcast that the Sonic the Hedgehog series needed to go back to what worked. Sonic Mania somewhat gets this as its trying to compete with the older titles. Sonic Project 2017 seems to think “Well, people liked Generations, so let’s do that again.” It doesn’t try to get old Sonic the Hedgehog but to shoehorn in Classic Sonic in a darky grittier story. We’ll have to wait and see what this game is, but it feels a bit misguided.

  1. I never knew there was a trailer upcoming, not until GameXplain posted it through Youtube. And entirely, I was excited!!

    First of all, Sonic Mania. Nostalgia came into my head and I felt like I’ve returned back to the time when I was 7. The classic Genesis era Sonic is back, but in an improved animation that’s TOO improved to be 16-bit! I felt this game both combined Sonic 1, 2, and CD as few sprites were shared from those series. I didn’t mind seeing Green Hill back as that’s my favorite classic stage, but like Generations, they’ve added a new obstacle course on the later half, which was quite interesting. I really don’t know how Sonic’s new moves work as I’ve seen demo gameplay videos that many players were actually having a hard time with it, but it is another interesting thing that the classic Sonic learned another new move before his iconic Homing Attack. It’s also good that Tails and Knuckles returned as playable, but wonders what kind of new moves those two may use other than Tails flying and Knuckles gliding and climbing. And I think there won’t be any new characters involved in this game as there’s no way Shadow or Silver would join in too. But one thing I’m disappointed is that this doesn’t come for the Nintendo hardware…damn that sucks. I know Wii U’s gonna end until the end of this year, and NX won’t be out until sometime in 2017, but at least they could’ve released to the NX if possible. But oh well…

    Another thing I’m excited is the Project Sonic 2017. Cycloped Death Egg Robots? Return of Classic Sonic? Looks like Sonic Generation 2, but they said its not, so it gotta be something else that’s gonna make the whole game interesting. The stage looks like City Escape, but doesn’t look like it since the concept looks different. Furthermore, this game didn’t provide gameplay unlike Sonic Mania, so we don’t know what this game’s gonna be like. But I think I can bring in some predictions if anyone’s interested…

    In the trailer, they’ve shown a phrase “JOIN THE RESISTANCE” in the end of the trailer (which is sad that we must wait until the end of 2017…or maybe beginning of 2017?). This may sound like there will be more characters involving in this game other than just Sonics, and those characters may be playable this time. Maybe we’ll get to play as Tails in their modern and classic styles, even Amy and Knuckles in their modern and classic styles as well. Maybe we’ll get more new characters involving like Jet the Hawk, Big the Cat, Marine the Raccoon…or maybe returning classic characters like Mighty the Armadillo and Fang the Sniper? Maybe we’ll get MORE Sonics in the game like BOOM Sonic and Dreamcast Sonic? Will Modern Eggman be joining with Classic Eggman once again, and alongside with Eggman Nega or him being behind all the chaos while both Eggmans being used? Will Metal Sonic return in both modern and classic style, and maybe alongside with the classic Mecha Sonics? Anything can be possible and I can’t stop the hype!! And it’s also coming to NX!! Now here’s another reason I’m gonna buy the NX, while the other reason is Smash NX!! Everybody go to Station Square or Rail Canyon because the Hype Train is about to departure!!

    Also, its not part of this discussion, but its another good thing that Sonic made it to LEGO Dimensions as this would be his first time being a Lego figure. Now he’ll be meeting with those characters from the LEGO Movie, DC Comics, Lord of Rings, Scooby Doo, Adventure Time, Dr. Who, Back to Future, Ghost Busters, Simpsons…man, like Ryu (, he’s another King of Crossovers!!

    Although I may hear many are disappointed with these new games, I’m well excited as a Sonic fan. Sonic BOOM wasn’t something I was interested and impressed on, so I’m really glad Sega brought the ol’ original Sonic back in the game. I can’t wait to see how the game would be like!

    And speaking of having many Sonics and Eggmans being involved, I kinda remembered this fanart:

    zoniken on July 23 |
  2. I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you over the BZZZZZZZ.

    Stream jokes aside, I’m hyped for Sonic Mania. I agree that they could’ve went for a modern art style, as Sonic Generations and Sonic 4 Episode II look nice, but I’m totally OK with with the retro style since it’s a lot more fluid than actual Genesis/Mega Drive games. It looks pretty, sounds great, and appears to have fun level design and three well-implemented characters. Sign me up! I’m not really bummed out about it not being on Nintendo platforms, since I’ll be getting the PC version for the mods.

    I’m excited for Sonic 2017, since it looks like it’ll play like Generations. I know they said it isn’t a sequel to Generations, but they could mean that only in plot and progression, so we’d get original levels. The trailer really wants us to compare it to Generations, so I expect it to at least retain the boost gameplay from Unleashed, Colors, and Generations. It does feel odd that Classic Sonic is getting used so much even though they said he was to be a one-off thing in Generations, though. A seemingly darker story is intriguing, but I don’t expect it to be great unless they get different writers, because I sincerely doubt that Warren and Graff can write a Sonic story that’s even remotely serious. Unleashed showed that Sonic games can have a more serious plot that is balanced by a lighthearted tone. I plan on getting the PC version for mods, but I may get the NX version as well if it runs better than on my laptop.

    Nintendrone on July 24 |
  3. I am thoroughly looking forward to both games. Sonic Mania gave us more to talk about, so I’ll go over that one first.

    Sonic 2 was my first Sonic game, so it’s no surprise that I love the classic games. I can already tell that this game looks like exactly what the retro fans have been wanting for so long, and I fully expect that it will live up to those expectations. I also like that even the new mechanic they’ve introduced is still keeping it simple, since it seems to be more of a way to keep the momentum going than a necessary skill to pass through levels. I have high expectations for this one, and I’m hoping we’re not going to be let down.

    I, like everyone else, probably wasn’t expecting two new games either. Project Sonic didn’t give us much to talk about since it was a short trailer with no gameplay, but I’ll do my best to over-analyze it. I actually remember listening to the recent Sourcecast and someone mentioned that Sonic was never supposed to be ‘edgy’. Now, we have a trailer that opens up on a city burning to the ground, seemingly at the hands of Eggman. Oops? Maybe this is their attempt to get 06’s story right? Which I’d be okay with. It is an odd choice to bring classic Sonic back, since if Sonic Mania was the game for retro fans, I’d have imagined that this’d be the one for modern fans. However, I’m still looking forward too this one, I’ll be interested to see what else they reveal before the game’s release.

    Spiral on July 25 |