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SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Buddies!

Sonic buddy

Who is your favorite secondary Sonic character (hero) and why? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

Tails! Sonic’s best friend has always been not only my favorite of Sonic’s buddies, but my favorite Sonic character overall. He’s a major part of the reason why I still value Sonic 2 to this day.

Wolfman_J Dr. Eggman. Sure, he’s *technically* ineligible as a villain – though I shudder to imagine a world in which Jet the Hawk is someone’s buddy – but as one of the Sonic franchise’s most enduring figures he’s easily my favorite character in it. Eggman – or “Robotnik,” sure – is a Renaissance man of kid-friendly evil, a scientist of seemingly limitless disciplines constrained not by knowledge or skill or morality but an obsession with an extreme talking rodent. With fantastic voice work by Mike Pollock and a bouncy shape reminiscent of longtime Sonic rival Mario, he’s always a delight; within the many disreputable iterations in the series, he is often the only delight.

LIQUID12AE-123 Omega. I always liked his design and almost comical desire to get rid of Eggman out of revenge. Another interesting thing is that in the context of Sonic teams, Omega is also unique in that he’s the only robot amongst the four teams. He’s been my favorite robot in the series too. The go-to power character in Sonic Heroes as well. Who doesn’t want rapid fire missile launchers?

PushDustIn I was going to pick Tails…but since TheAvil already claimed him, I’ll go with my close second — Knuckles. Knuckles is an interesting character who in his first appearance wasn’t a friend nor a rival to Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 3). When he became playable, he introduced unique abilities that made him stand out from both Sonic and Tails! He’s a bit edgier, and overall a “cool” character. To me, Knuckles is the cutoff for acceptable Sonic friends. Nowadays, he’s kind of a meathead…but I’ll always remember Knuckles from the old days.  

Nantendo I’m also going to go with good ol’ Knuckles for my pick. He’s not my favourite character, that goes to Dr. Eggman, but Knuckles is my favourite rival and hero. He’s just so gullible and a clear ‘poochy’ but that makes him a great comedic foil. He’s no push-over in combat and unlike Sonic, he doesn’t chuckle. Knuckles is better in everyway. Just as fast and can glide and climb walls. Why would I go with anyone else.

SmashChuMy pick for favorite Sonic buddy is Tail. I first played Sonic 2 with my cousin in the game’s 2-player mode. Of course, I played as Tails. Since then, he’s been my favorite character.  When I played Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Tail was my go to character, and he could actually fly this time. This may be one of the main reasons I’m such a big fan of the game. Tails is such an awesome character and I hope he’ll be playable in the new Sonic game.

2015-12-18 (3)If Wolfman is able to pick Eggman, then I’m going to go with Metal Sonic. Debuting in Sonic CD, he actually predates most other Sonic characters (including my second choice, Knuckles). He was Sonic’s original rival, and his sleek metallic exterior hid a sleek metallic interior. He doesn’t have any heart, he’s just a cool looking badnik who’s out to end Sonic. Special shout out to Vector the Crocodile, though, one of the cooler looking of Sonic’s useless friends.

  1. For me it’s Blaze. Sonic Rush was the first game I owned on a Nintendo console which wasn’t a hand-me- down from one of my cousins, and by God I loved it. Blaze is unique from the rest of her cast, not only for her fire powers, but also her deep and stoic personality, making her a great foil to Sonic, being only a little slower than the blue blue himself. It’s just a shame that Blaze was only playable in 2 games (Sonic 06 doesn’t really count, does it?).

    By the way, Nantendo, Knuckles is actually slower and has a lower jump than Sonic and Tails in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so take that! 😛

    InfinityAlex on July 24 |
    • In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Knuckles actually has the same top speed as Sonic and Tails, but accelerates to that speed a little slower, iirc.

      Nintendrone on July 24 |
      • I’m sure his top speed is slower, but sadly I can’t find a source. Regardless, Knuckles is canonically slower than Sonic.

        InfinityAlex on July 25 |
  2. No Blaze? SHAME :p
    She is the best!

    Mikael_Fernandes on July 24 |
  3. Tails! Go figure, huh?

    xkan on July 24 |
  4. My favorite friend of Sonic’s is Metal Big the Cat.

    In all seriousness, my favorite of Sonic’s friends is probably Tails. He’s just a nice sidekick to have around, except when he screws you over by taking a moving platform or messing up boss strategies. I like that his role as a genius engineer has resurfaced in the games, and his more recent smartass attitude works well with Sonic’s snark. I’m glad that he’s playable again in Sonic Mania.

    Some of my other favorites are Knuckles, Vector, and Omega. Knuckles is entertaining as a friendly rival and has endless memes & Knuckles. Vector has a cool design is incredibly goofy, especially with such gems as “find the computer room.” Omega has his comical obsession with destroying all things Eggman, has a good design, functions especially well with Shadow and Rouge, and has funny lines. All other characters are “worthless consumer models” by comparison. 😛

    My favorite character overall, however, is Dr. Eggman. He’s just the perfect sort of villain for a series like Sonic. He’s crazy, funny, stylish, and extremely hammy. Mike Pollock’s voice acting and the addition of Orbot and Cubot to bounce off of make him even better. The man steals the show every time he appears on screen and I love it. Glory to the Eggman Empire!

    Nintendrone on July 24 |
  5. I like Knuckles as a rival. The real Knuckles, not that abomination in Boom. Not sure if he’s my favorite (I’m not too good at picking absolute favorites), but he is a good rival and ally.

    Arthur 97 on July 24 |
    • I think Boom Knuckles works in the context of Boom, what with it being a very light hearted comedy show, but I’m not OK with Knuckles’ recent portrayals in main line Sonic games.

      InfinityAlex on July 25 |
  6. Like most of the comments here, I like Blaze too. Not just that she’s unique in ability such as using fire powers, but her personality is what it struck me. She may have a strong attitude, but she actually have a “gap” in herself. She’s also shy and afraid of heights, and does have this “tsundere” attitude which is actually my most favorite personality on female characters. Although she may be a cool and beautiful princess with the strong and brave attitude, I also find her being cute in many ways.

    Also, I do see that she have this strong relationship with Sonic most often. The part when she turned red when she was saved by Sonic in Sonic and the Black Knight (although that wasn’t exactly herself but close enough), and she even attended Sonic’s birthday party in Sonic Generations. I know Blaze has more relationship with Silver according to Sonic ’06, but I’d rather say her relationship with Sonic since Sonic Rush has became something more special to her. I don’t know what that specialty is, but I’ll leave that up to others while I have my own interest that nobody would understand… 🙂

    zoniken on July 25 |
    • Silver and Blaze’s friendship is non-canon since Sonic 06 was retconned out of existence in its ending because time travel. (Before someone mentions Generations, the Time Eater could’ve retrieved Crisis City from the removed piece of the timeline. Plus Generations’ plot is just an excuse to play older levels, so who cares?) Silver and Blaze meet for the first time in either Sonic Colors DS or Generations, depending on whether Colors DS is canon or not.

      Nintendrone on July 25 |
  7. Any answer that isn’t Tails is wrong.

    Jokes aside, if I weren’t gonna pick Tails, I guess I’d say Blaze or Eggman, both are really interesting characters. I wish we got more games with Blaze, but it is what it is I guess.

    Spiral on July 25 |
  8. If any other characters that aren’t part of the main cast, I would choose Vector the Crocodile. Of all the sonic games I’ve played frequently, it’s Heroes on the Gamecube. I was introduced to Team Chaotix at that time since I’ve never heard of Knuckles Chaotix. There’s also some bias since reptiles were my favorite of animal species so Espio the Chameleon was a close second.

    Chris.W on July 25 |
    • Shadow. He’s one of the biggest and most popular character of the Sonic franchise. And as a rival, he is better than Knucles.

      MetaK on July 27 |