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NX Rumor Discussion — NX Revealed?!

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Spazzy_D, PushDustIn and epicmartin7 discuss the latest rumors to come out about the Nintendo NX. Make sure to check out our video down below, as well as our Twitter, and let us know what you think!

Articles/Content used as References in this Video:

SourceCast #13: Nintendo NX patent overview ft. Evie B – In the 13th episode of SourceCast Nantendo is joined by Spazzy_D, EpicMartin and special guest Evie B in order to go over all of Nintendo’s recent patents that may give us a good idea of how the Nintendo NX may eventually turn out.

Eurogamer NX Rumor Article – Source of where the Rumor came from.

Liam Robertson’s Tweet – A warning suggesting these Rumors were coming.

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  1. As Smashchu recently speculated, the REAL big feature is likely the streamlined first party development pipeline behind the scenes. Even if Nintendo did everything in their power to court the big western third parties, it would still be an uphill battle for obvious historical reasons. Having a multitude of big tentpole games to build the install base is arguably a more reliable and efficient alternative. As history shows, hit software is Nintendo’s savior, and a lack thereof is its worst enemy. Their hardware can be as weird, conventional ,weak, or as strong as it wants as long as it somehow leads to strong content.

    Igiulaw on July 26 |
    • By only having one system it would hopefully court many of the third party companies currently making 3DS games to their “main” console as well. Even without that, though, Nintendo should be able to severly bolster their first party offerings now.

      David "Spazzy" Krane on July 26 |
  2. Might be the Bayonetta…so still bad and disappointing, got it.

    Also, I think you may be putting too much stock in this. A little more caution may be warranted. Remember Shovel Knight?

    Arthur 97 on July 26 |
    • I mean, it does so Rumor right in the title.

      David "Spazzy" Krane on July 26 |
      • Yes, but they all seem to just be accepting it as fact save for a few reminders. Besides, why are you guys covering so many NX rumors?

        Arthur 97 on July 26 |
        • The discussion was largely about our opinions on the content of the leak, so it was approached as if real. Basically, it was an exercise in determining what our reactions would be if this were, in fact, the NX. As to why we are covering so many NX rumors? I don’t think we’ve covered that many, we did a discussion on the fake controller (which was really well done) and had a conversation involving the patents. This particular rumor comes from Eurogamer, which is not a site that usually posts rumor without some backup, so we felt it was worth discussing.

          David "Spazzy" Krane on July 26 |