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This article looks at comments made from the July 20th – July 25th (Japan time).

It’s the end of Sonic Week! What did you think of the week? Do you like the idea of themed weeks? Let us know, if we should do more of them (and what weeks you would like to see!)

Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!

the 101

I’d have to choose Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. It was one of my first video games and introduced me to the franchise. I still go back to it now-and-then, and it’s still a blast to play.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is also up there though.

From:SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game

Both good choices! I was severely addicted to the Chao Garden! I even made a fan game in Visual Basic in high school.

Nah, I think the articles on the site are of pretty good length right now. This site usually has a focus on factual information, which may require large amounts of text. I don’t think article length can be trimmed very much without losing some interesting info.

That debate is STILL going… At this point, I’d say that it’s devolved into MacargoMan and Peridot Gem shouting back and forth with little to no progress being made. MM gives criticisms towards Sakurai, some of which are fair and not unfounded, while others are conspiracy theories. PG fairly shoots down the conspiracy theories, but then retorts to many of the actual criticisms towards Sakurai with answers that tend to amount to “Nuh-uh!” with little to no backing for his argument, occasionally throwing in an insult. Repeat ad nauseam.

No offense is intended towards MacargoMan and Peridot Gem. I’m just saying that their debate isn’t productive because of PG’s poor attitude and both of them being stubborn in this particular debate.


From:Featured Comments

Losing interesting information is something I worry about too. But I also want the site to be somewhat accessible. With my own work, I try to do a lot of building — so I make a lot references to older content. I always include links, but the stats show not a lot of people read the additional information. =/


I think it would be cool if the number of comments in a article were visible again. Or if there was something in the side bar showing the articles with the latest comments. (sorry for my bad english, there’s some things I can’t find the right word for..)

From:Featured Comments

Will try to add it back. I accidentally deleted it when adjusting the theme for our needs. My CSS/PHP knowledge is incredibly rusty so it takes me awhile to figure it out. And I’m afraid of breaking the site (of course, we have backups but still…)


Regarding the Burb thing, I fine with having my comment posted because I stand by what I say, but it does make me a little antagonistic without the context (but I guess if someone went and clicked the link they’d see it so maybe it doesn’t matter).

Anyway, to make it clear to anyone who doesn’t click the link, the response was to a rather antagonistic strawman remark shaming me for daring to want new blood in charge of Smash. I didn’t even bring up K Rool in the post he replied to. He just assumed that’s why.

From:Featured Comments

I’ll try to include the comment tree in cases where it’s relevant, really didn’t mean to misrepresent your post/ post it out of context. My apologies!


good articles. One thing though is that the chomp is based off the micro game hot dog hog from Wario ware 1 and his custom special inhaling chomp is based off the hyper suction move:


From:Why Does Wario Fart? (Part Two)

I mention WarioWare in the table, but I still think Wario World had a bigger impact. Wario’s majestic mouth plays a big role in that game.


I never knew there was a trailer upcoming, not until GameXplain posted it through Youtube. And entirely, I was excited!!

First of all, Sonic Mania. Nostalgia came into my head and I felt like I’ve returned back to the time when I was 7. The classic Genesis era Sonic is back, but in an improved animation that’s TOO improved to be 16-bit! I felt this game both combined Sonic 1, 2, and CD as few sprites were shared from those series. I didn’t mind seeing Green Hill back as that’s my favorite classic stage, but like Generations, they’ve added a new obstacle course on the later half, which was quite interesting. I really don’t know how Sonic’s new moves work as I’ve seen demo gameplay videos that many players were actually having a hard time with it, but it is another interesting thing that the classic Sonic learned another new move before his iconic Homing Attack. It’s also good that Tails and Knuckles returned as playable, but wonders what kind of new moves those two may use other than Tails flying and Knuckles gliding and climbing. And I think there won’t be any new characters involved in this game as there’s no way Shadow or Silver would join in too. But one thing I’m disappointed is that this doesn’t come for the Nintendo hardware…damn that sucks. I know Wii U’s gonna end until the end of this year, and NX won’t be out until sometime in 2017, but at least they could’ve released to the NX if possible. But oh well…

Another thing I’m excited is the Project Sonic 2017. Cycloped Death Egg Robots? Return of Classic Sonic? Looks like Sonic Generation 2, but they said its not, so it gotta be something else that’s gonna make the whole game interesting. The stage looks like City Escape, but doesn’t look like it since the concept looks different. Furthermore, this game didn’t provide gameplay unlike Sonic Mania, so we don’t know what this game’s gonna be like. But I think I can bring in some predictions if anyone’s interested…

In the trailer, they’ve shown a phrase “JOIN THE RESISTANCE” in the end of the trailer (which is sad that we must wait until the end of 2017…or maybe beginning of 2017?). This may sound like there will be more characters involving in this game other than just Sonics, and those characters may be playable this time. Maybe we’ll get to play as Tails in their modern and classic styles, even Amy and Knuckles in their modern and classic styles as well. Maybe we’ll get more new characters involving like Jet the Hawk, Big the Cat, Marine the Raccoon…or maybe returning classic characters like Mighty the Armadillo and Fang the Sniper? Maybe we’ll get MORE Sonics in the game like BOOM Sonic and Dreamcast Sonic? Will Modern Eggman be joining with Classic Eggman once again, and alongside with Eggman Nega or him being behind all the chaos while both Eggmans being used? Will Metal Sonic return in both modern and classic style, and maybe alongside with the classic Mecha Sonics? Anything can be possible and I can’t stop the hype!! And it’s also coming to NX!! Now here’s another reason I’m gonna buy the NX, while the other reason is Smash NX!! Everybody go to Station Square or Rail Canyon because the Hype Train is about to departure!!

Also, its not part of this discussion, but its another good thing that Sonic made it to LEGO Dimensions as this would be his first time being a Lego figure. Now he’ll be meeting with those characters from the LEGO Movie, DC Comics, Lord of Rings, Scooby Doo, Adventure Time, Dr. Who, Back to Future, Ghost Busters, Simpsons…man, like Ryu (, he’s another King of Crossovers!!

Although I may hear many are disappointed with these new games, I’m well excited as a Sonic fan. Sonic BOOM wasn’t something I was interested and impressed on, so I’m really glad Sega brought the ol’ original Sonic back in the game. I can’t wait to see how the game would be like!

And speaking of having many Sonics and Eggmans being involved, I kinda remembered this fanart:

From:SG Roundtable: Thoughts on the New Sonic Game

Peridot Gem

Now that I look back on this… It makes me realize how worthless everything except for characters and maybe stages are toward series representation.

Think about it. Assist Trophies are inconsistent. Random characters are thrown in, taken out or randomly have a design change. Examples: Characters like Samurai Goroh. 8 whole assist trophies from Brawl didn’t return. Nintendog getting a different design for whatevs, It proves how low priority Assists are! It makes sense on how they aren’t evenly divided.

They even have the same effects as any playable character but with a different animation. Starman’s attack “PK Fire” but without the fire effect in terms of the way it’s attack looks?

Music, trophies and items aren’t used in arguments at all.

From:Featured Comments

A couple of times we were going to try to “calculate” series representation in Smash. DMurr was actually working on that article (before he got all buff!). DMurr had assigned arbitrary numbers to each form of representation — characters, stages, items, music, stickers, trophies, etc. It might be something we revisit sometime.


I’d be for even longer articles, not shorter ones, though I do get that not everyone has the time to read through long articles. On another note, I’m surprised to see so many people bring up the supposed ‘one rep per third party series’ rule, I don’t think that’s ever been a thing or ever will be a thing. I don’t particularly see the issue with a second Sonic character (I haven’t read the article in question yet). In comparison, we have like what, seven or eight Mario characters? What’s the problem with having two reps from a third party series?

From:Featured Comments

Some people argue that having two reps from one third party series ruins the guest aspect. Also, since Smash is primarily an all star Nintendo brawler, they claim it goes against the roots of the series.


Not sure if it’s just a translation quirk or a mistake on Sakurai’s part, but the “spin” referred to in the second article is actually called the Super Peelout.

From:Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Battle!!

Translation quirk. It’s fixed now, thank you!


If Sonic was the last added, then how comes Jigglypuff, Toon Link, and Wolf almost got cut.

From:Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Battle!!

SSJ22Terris already answered, but I’ll expand a bit.

It might have been the case that if Sonic wasn’t added then we might not have gotten Jigglypuff, Toon Link and Wolf (if the game was on track without adding Sonic, which I kind of doubt). Sakurai does state:

If we had a bit more time, it might have been 4-5 characters, and if we had less time, it might have been zero.


  1. Yep. Thanks. I firmly believe Assists and insignificant stuff like that wouldn’t make sense to count toward series representation.

    Peridot Gem on July 27 |
  2. Thanks for the mention.

    Peridot Gem on July 27 |
  3. Thank you for answering my question. It all makes sense now.

    Rosalinatehplumber on July 27 |
  4. I should also add it may be worth leaving a footnote in Sonic Joins the Battle! that the Super Peelout was a move that was exclusive to Sonic CD where Sonic could charge up a run on the spot. It’s pretty obscure to general audiences. :/

    InfinityAlex on July 27 |
  5. Rosalinatehplumber? Somebody loves Mariotehplumber as much as I do.

    I like assist trophies. Dark Samus being one shocked me. I didn’t think Sakurai would look at Corruption given the time it came out. I was curious to see her playable. I even thought about voting for her for a second.

    haruhisailormars on July 28 |
    • It’s a joke 😉

      Rosalintehplumber on July 28 |
  6. In response to Peridot’s comment, I have brought up Assist Trophies and regular trophies in arguments before, people just don’t seem to care for some reason. If it’s not a character, it often gets dismissed, though I really feel it shouldn’t have to be that way.

    And as for your response to my comment, if we’re really talking roots, it’s worth noting that this game didn’t even have Nintendo characters at first, and as people often bring up, Sakurai had wanted to add third parties ever since Melee. I get that right now, the series is primarily focused around Nintendo, and that’s not a bad thing. All I’m saying is that adding a second third-party character from an already existing series isn’t going to change that.

    Spiral on July 28 |
    • Trophies and Assist Trophies aren’t consistent. It would be foolish to try to use them in arguments or try to use them for “series representation”.

      Yes he did, but he had to keep them limited since it’s still an Nintendo fighter. It would completely shatter the point of guest characters. They’re not supposed to get as much treatment and thought as the main show 1st parties. Sure it’s nice to have some like Cloud, Sonic, Pac Man etc. But Smash should not start getting taken over by third parties. No matter how promising the character looks. It’s better off one per series.

      Peridot Gem on July 28 |
  7. I found this japanese pool from Nintendo, is it of any importance?

    Ar on July 30 |
    • …*poll

      Ar on July 30 |
  8. Oh I wasn’t implying you were. I know it was just posted the same way all other featured comments were. I just felt that to onlookers it might look a bit different if they didn’t click the link provided. No need to apologise, you did nothing wrong.

    Sorry for the late reply by the way.

    MagcargoMan on August 2 |