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July 2016 Review

Articles (28):

Series crisis Paper mario

A Series in Crisis: Paper Mario – SmashChu looks at why the Paper Mario series isn’t healthy.

Pokémon News (7/1) Roundtable – The SG Team reviews the latest news.

June 2016 Review – PushDustIn reviews the previous month!

Don’t Click This Article: On Writing and Clickbait – PushDustIn discusses clickbait and titling.

Sources for #SmashTrivia – #51-100 – Frostwraith provides sources for the next 50 SmashTrivia! Remember Satoru Iwata – The SG Team reflects on Satoru Iwata.


BitSummit Impressions – PushDustIn provides impressions from BitSummit.

Ryu: King of Cross-Overs – TheAnvil documents every character Ryu has met.

The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls – Retro Review – PushDustIn reviews this game that was never released in the West.

Glory of Heracles – Review – Nantendo reviews this classic Nintendo game.

NX games

The NX Will Have How Many Games!? – SmashChu predicts the NX will have a ton of games.

The Case for Spyro – Spazzy_D weighs Spyro’s chances to Smash.

Should Sonic Have Friends? – Nantendo weighs the pros and cons of Sonic’s expanded universe of friends.

SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Game – The SG Team reflects on what Sonic game is their favorite.

Case for: A Second Sonic Character – Spazzy_D weighs the prons and cons of another Sonic character in Smash.

The Forgotten, the Maligned: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) – Wolfman_J discusses the critical reception to Sonic 2006.

Attack of the clones

Attack of the Clones (Sonic – Sega) – Spazzy explores the games that copied Sonic.

Dream Smashers: Dr. Eggman – Nantendo provides a moveset for Dr. Eggman, if he were to join Smash.

SG Roundtable: Thoughts on the new Sonic Game – The SG team provides their impressions of the newest Sonic game.

SG Choice: Favorite Sonic Buddy – The SG Team discuss their favorite Sonic friend.


Metroid Prime Blast Ball First Impressions – LIQUID12A discusses his thoughts on Blast Ball.

Kirby Planet Robobot Review – Nantendo reviews Kirby’s latest adventure.

Pokémon Go Brings Back the Phenomenon – SmashChu discusses how big Pokemon Go is.

3Souls Episdoe 1: Nelesa – Review – TheAnvil reviews this unique indie game.

Expand the Roster: Super Mario 3D World – Nantendo discusses characters that could join a sequel to Super Mario 3D World.


Straight from the Source: 3Souls – PushDustIn interviews the developers behind 3Souls.

It’s the Right Time for GameCube Virtual Console – epicmartin discusses why GameCube Virtual Console should start on the WIi U.

Differences in Design: Smash Bros doesn’t need a hazard toggle -LIQUID12A discusses why Smash Bros. is better off without a hazard toggle.

Guest Posts (4):

Dream Smashers – Jibanyan– Zoniken provides a moveset for Jibanyan, if he were to join Smash.

The Case for Sonic Unleashed– ChikoLad discusses why Sonic Unleashed is a good game.

Funky Action behind Spinball

Funky Action: Behind The Spinball– SonicParadoxNews reviews the history behind Sonic Spinball.

Sonic The Memehog

Social Media & Sonic: More Than A Meme– ChikoLad discusses the social media strategy for Sonic.