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Quintessential Sakurai Reading List


Sakurai Reading List

Yesterday was Smash director, Masahiro Sakurai’s birthday! I thought it would be fun to organize a reading list of articles, interviews and columns which are particularly noteworthy. After reading through this list, you may have a deeper understanding of how Sakurai works! Let me know what interview/ column I missed in the comments below or on Twitter!

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Timeline of Sakurai’s Life

A timeline of Sakurai’s Life [so far]. How many events do you know?


Disassembling Masahiro Sakurai

A great article that looks as Masahiro Sakurai’s approach to designing games.


I’m Quitting HAL Laboratory

Sakurai discusses why he left HAL, and went full indie. Very crucial to understanding his goals as a designer.


I’m Making Smash

Sakurai explains how he came back to work on Brawl.


Sakurai On: Series

We’ve done several articles look at Sakurai’s opinion on several topics. From his approach to designing Smash 64 to Third Party Character Selection, there’s a lot here!


Character Design 101

Kind of cheating as this is actually another list on Source Gaming. This has links to most of the character related pieces we’ve translated. Check them all out!


Definitive Unused Fighter List in Smash

Most people have probably read it, but it’s still a great resource. In order to understand his approach to character selection, knowing what characters nearly made it in is crucial.


Let me know what interview/ column I missed in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. The joke’s on you, Source Gaming! I’ve already read all of these articles! 😛

    Happy belated birthday to Daddy Sakurai! I hope he’s enjoying his well-deserved break.

    Nintendrone on August 3 |
  2. Sourcegaming – The unofficial Sakurai Fan & Reading Club
    Just kidding. 😉
    Great articles!

    cedrickterrick on August 5 |