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This article looks at comments made from the July 26th – August 2nd (Japan time).

Wow, it’s already August! It’s super hot here in Japan. Buildings aren’t well insulated, so it’s freezing in the winters and so hot in the summer. I have the fan on my almost 24/7, and Kuma has retreated to the closet for most of the days.

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My solution to the Smash Bros. Doesn’t need a Hazard Toggle debate…give Smash a better stage maker. There, problem solved.


As Smashchu recently speculated, the REAL big feature is likely the streamlined first party development pipeline behind the scenes. Even if Nintendo did everything in their power to court the big western third parties, it would still be an uphill battle for obvious historical reasons. Having a multitude of big tentpole games to build the install base is arguably a more reliable and efficient alternative. As history shows, hit software is Nintendo’s savior, and a lack thereof is its worst enemy. Their hardware can be as weird, conventional ,weak, or as strong as it wants as long as it somehow leads to strong content.


From: NX Rumor Discussion — NX Revealed?!

As a Nintendo fan, I hope this is the case. It would also make the severe drought of content this year somewhat excusable. However, I worry about third party support if Nintendo is constantly releasing big titles themselves. Nintendo games have always been system sellers, but sometimes to the point where third parties don’t do well on Nintendo platforms.

Arthur 97

Yes, but they all seem to just be accepting it as fact save for a few reminders. Besides, why are you guys covering so many NX rumors?

From: NX Rumor Discussion — NX Revealed?!

I’m severely torn on covering rumors (as many of you guys probably know). On one hand — they are extremely popular content. A lot of people will watch it because they want to learn about it / are interested in the gossip. On the other hand, there are a lot of issues that I believe occur because of the OVER reporting of rumors. I try to keep it in moderation — only when they are believable, or at the very least we can add some unique insight into them (like Delzethin covering the supposed starter leak). In the end, I hope the people that are just watching our rumor coverage do see the other kind of content we produce.


I should also add it may be worth leaving a footnote in Sonic Joins the Battle! that the Super Peelout was a move that was exclusive to Sonic CD where Sonic could charge up a run on the spot. It’s pretty obscure to general audiences. :/

From: Featured Comments

Good point!


In response to Peridot’s comment, I have brought up Assist Trophies and regular trophies in arguments before, people just don’t seem to care for some reason. If it’s not a character, it often gets dismissed, though I really feel it shouldn’t have to be that way.

And as for your response to my comment, if we’re really talking roots, it’s worth noting that this game didn’t even have Nintendo characters at first, and as people often bring up, Sakurai had wanted to add third parties ever since Melee. I get that right now, the series is primarily focused around Nintendo, and that’s not a bad thing. All I’m saying is that adding a second third-party character from an already existing series isn’t going to change that.

From: Featured Comments

Another thing to point out is the “Nintendo All Stars” was deliberately dropped from Melee as a recording was done.


Haven’t played 3D World but I’d love for Yoshi and Wario to be playable in a Mario platformer again (although I’d prefer it be a traditional 3D Mario). Yoshi would be fun, and I prefer playing as him directly rather than him being a power-up. I will mention though that Yoshi could in fact lay eggs and throw them in Super Mario 64 DS. Also he could use the Power Flower to get Fire Breath, just like how Mario, Luigi and Wario were all affected differently by it. I think it’d be cool to see Yoshi use power-ups like the Fire Flower. Since the attack button for tongue would probably be the B button like how it works with power-ups, Yoshi wouldn’t be able to eat enemies if he has a Fire Flower or some other suit, balancing things out. I like your idea about eating enemies to get back to normal though.

Wario’s definitely gotta have his shoulder barge, but maybe he should also have a more powerful ground pound too. Something that has a little shockwave or stuns nearby enemies? Anyway he really needs to show up in the platformers; I Loved how he was playable in 64 DS and it sucks how he only appears in spin-offs in the Mario series these days.

Not really keen on Nabbit. I don’t know why it I always found it odd how some special enemy got promoted to playable in a Mario platformer. I guess it’s just me but I don’t get the push for him. I think the coin mechanic is pretty cool but how many coins does he lose when he gets hit? Seems like it’d be hard for him to die by enemies.

As for other potential playable characters I gotta say if Waluigi ever had an opportunity to be playable in a main series Mario game, it would definitely be one where there’s already plenty of playable characters. His tall lanky build I think wouldn’t work in something block-based like 3D World or a 2D Mario game (since characters tend to be two blocks tall and Waluigi would be three, it would mean you wouldn’t be able to create tight spaces in level design), but in a full 3D Mario game I think he could work. As for abilities, maybe the ability to grab ledges would be useful? Could save you from a fall or reach hidden areas you couldn’t normally access like a hole in a wall with no other way up?

From: Expand the Roster – Super Mario 3D World

I agree with these ideas for how Yoshi, Wario and Waluigi could work in a 3D Mario game.

I actually haven’t played Super Mario 3D World yet. New Super Mario Bros. Wii U wasn’t that enjoyable, and I felt burnt out of Mario. I should go back and try 3D World as I’ve heard generally positive things about it.


“Hazard toggle” is not the hardest thing to think of, and for some, an obvious idea even if they didn’t heard about Playstation All-Stars, I don’t think it’s a “rip-off” as much as multiple games having difficult selection, boss rush mode, arcade mode, control change… it’s just options, in this case an specific, but not surprising one. Or like saying Mario shouldn’t have the star power-up because it would be similar to the power-pellet from Pac-Man, I guess… I think I understand Sakurai, even if it’s not a ‘rip-off’, but an natural or obvious option that one can think in my opinion, it wouldn’t feel cool to have something in the game that is similar to the competitors’ “rip-off” of Smash. Like… If Mario Kart 8 borrowed ideas from Kart Fighter? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t thinks it’s right? I don’t know.. xD (Or of course, he could just want the game to be more different than Playstation All-Stars..)

From: Smash Bros. Doesn’t need a Hazard Toggle

In my opinion, Sakurai sees stages have a unique pull just as important as characters having a unique pull. Sometimes he pulls the same kind of stage from one series (Donkey Kong gets stuck with jungle levels, and Metroid with lava…) but I think he does that because of overall stage balance. In addition, there seems to be a mixture of stage gimmicks (Smash for. upped the ante with stage bosses). So the way I see it, Sakurai has to balance 1. level representation 2. stage balance 3. overall stage selection. But that’s just my guess.

As far as I know, the only time he’s really talked about stages was with his wife Michiko in a later part of the Itoi interview. I’m sorry that we haven’t translated it yet. They discusses stage layouts quite a bit if I remember correctly.

Rafael Mauna (@Fire_Voyager)

There is a lot of misinformation =S
Japanese culture is weird to the US like the US culture was weird to my country a couple of decades ago: “Halloween? dafuq is that?”
The best thing of the global world is that one can reach far away and discover that people have their own culture and traditions… not just to make fun of some weird shit that can happen anywhere just to blame a culture for that.

From: Japan Isn’t That Weird…It’s the Internet

Yeah, it’s important to try to learn about different cultures/ people instead of automatically judging them. Stereotyping is kind of innate behavior meant to help with surviving, but it doesn’t really work well with complex beings like other humans.




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  1. As someone who also found NSMBU incredibly dull and uninspired I’d recommend you give 3D World a shot. I don’t consider it quite on par with the other 3D console Mario games, but its still a solid experience and among the best the Wii U has to offer.

    Mettaur on August 4 |
  2. “Another thing to point out is the “Nintendo All Stars” was deliberately dropped from Melee as a recording was done.”

    Yes, but they did a name call out for 4 that was dropped too. Is that supposed to mean that it’s no longer Smash Bros.?

    Arthur 97 on August 4 |
    • Name call for 4 that was dropped?

      Source Gaming Team on August 4 |
      • He’s referring to the announcer shouting the game’s title on the title screen. Xander Mobus has stated that he had recorded the “title scream” for Smash 4, but it went unused for unknown reasons. I guess Sakurai just doesn’t really want a title scream in Smash anymore, since Brawl didn’t have one either.

        Nintendrone on August 5 |
        • Exactly, things go unused all the time. Having an audio recording going unused could simply mean that they didn’t want to use it. It is not conclusive of the intents of the developers.

          Arthur 97 on August 5 |
          • We are talking about a producer who had NoA record 100 hours of footage for a 10 second commercial. And even then, Sakurai was still unhappy. Sakurai is extremely obsessive about the small details.

            The fact that it’s in Melee and is unused is a big deal as it shows a change of direction in my opinion. Maybe when Sakurai dropped “Nintendo All Stars” when Kojima approached him about Snake in Melee?

            Source Gaming Team on August 5 |
          • Or maybe he thought the title was too long? Seriously, you don’t know.

            Arthur 97 on August 5 |
        • Might be because Sakurai has stated “for Wii U” and “for 3DS” was chosen in order to ensure customers could easily tell which game which was which. If it was a general title like Brawl/ Melee, then customers might not know what system the game was for.

          Do you know what interview Xander Mobus said that in?

          Source Gaming Team on August 5 |
          • No, it say’s for Wii U. At least the one I heard did.

            Arthur 97 on August 5 |
  3. You know, the “Super Smaaaaash Brooooothers!” on the title. It was in 64 and Melee.

    Arthur 97 on August 5 |