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Potential Characters for the Next Smash Roster [Part 2]

Star Fox

The space furry team has been well represented, with Fox since the first installment, then Falco in Melee and Wolf in Brawl. Sadly, we got nothing new in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U, even losing Wolf.


Characters of the Star Fox Group that have been playable on the Smash series with their first appearance and  proposed archetypes


Characters of the Star Fox Group that might appear in the next game

This franchise has suffered not just one “bad” Smash habit, but two. Clones (or semi-clones, or characters heavily made from recycled assets) in SSB Melee and SSB Brawl, and cut characters that don’t return. So, is this the chance to get different characters or at least different archetypes?


Falco: To differentiate him even more, he could become a more vertical character, like in Melee, upgrading his great aerial movement with third jump, don’t forget that he is a bird. He also could get a second blaster, like in the Subspace Emissary cut scenes and could shoot them diagonally in the air to inflict more gimping pressure to his grounded opponents. And for the love of God, give him an Arwing as his Final Smash.


Wolf: He wasn’t a strictly “CLONE” before, but if he comes back, he need more tools to clean his name. Like some heavy artillery based on the Wolfen projectiles (Wave beams or Zapper) from Star Fox Command, quick dashes like the “lightning tornado” from Star Fox Zero, and so on. He could call his team mates for his Final Smash, using a reflector to deflect the incoming attacks from his comrades.


Krystal: The easier option is to give her back the magic staff from Star Fox Adventures with the abilities to shoot fire projectiles, ice air blasts, earthquakes and even a flight boost. This will make her an all-around character with some good range in hand to hand combat. Too bad that Star Fox Zero erased her of the continuity… Or maybe that game didn’t happen…. Only time will tell.


Slippy: The slippery engineer is known for being a bit annoying, and if he gets a spot in Smash, he will have to defend for himself. And no better way that using top notch tech, like the BlueMarine homing torpedoes (StarFox 64), or setting sentries (StarFox Guard), but with limited ammo. And use the Gyrowing as his Final Smash… or just cry for help.


Star Fox Characters in order of punctuation in the poll, or “Points of popularity” and the proposed archetype that they can represent.


See you next time.


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  1. You labeled Metroid as Pokemon in one part.

    Bob on August 8 |
  2. I feel like what these four franchises have most in common is that between Brawl and Smash 4 there’s been no additions made to their portion of the Smash roster, despite the series themselves having new title releases in the same time period. This is clearly frustrating for the active fanbases for these series feeling they are not getting the recognition they deserve. Hopefully a 5th Smash game marks a transitional phase for these franchises, but otherwise I think that future representatives from these series in Smash is heavily dependent on the direction Nintendo is willing to take their classic series.

    anonymous SG fan on August 8 |
    • that’s why I put them together in this chapter =P
      They share a lot of problems, like being under represented and need some female and villain representation.
      And clearly, their fanbases are fed up with their poor representations.
      I hope that too, Sadly Star Fox and Metroid aren’t getting good games lately and that it’s really bad for their chances to get new and better representation
      Thanks for commenting.

      • ‘Poor representations’ is a bit subjective though. A lot of these series have their most iconic characters in Smash, and it just happens that the list of characters who are both ‘iconic’ and ‘suitable for fighting’ can be limited for a lot of series. Definitely, these series could use some more representatives, but I personally think that if you were to bring up any of these series, these are the characters you’d think of first. Series like Mario, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem, on the other hand, introduce more iconic characters with nearly every game, and most are capable of fighting, making it easy to add new fighters from their series.

        Spiral on August 10 |
        • Agreed. maybe “poor representation” was a poor choice of words =P
          and yeah, with every new Pokemon and Fire Emblem game we get iconic characters that will be suited to be in Smash.

        • I really wouldn’t call Robin and Corrin “iconic”. And a lot of people don’t even give a damn about Roy outside of Smash.

          MagcargoMan on August 15 |
  3. The possible Donkey Kong choices are all pretty close, but I don’t see DK getting two new characters. My bet’s on King K. Rool, since I feel that he offers more to the roster than Dixie and Cranky do, as he’s a heavyweight villain that uses both hand-to-hand combat and gadgets, and though he lacks recent appearances, K. Rool is still popular and important to the DK series as a whole. Dixie Kong also seems like a good choice, as she’s had more recent appearances than K. Rool and is probably a bit more intuitive to design a moveset for than Cranky. Cranky is the most recurring of the bunch and is highly important to the series, but I feel that he doesn’t offer as much as Dixie and K. Rool. I feel that a Dixie/Kiddy tag team would be unlikely, as that’s pretty much a transforming character, and those are probably gone for good, imo.

    Metroid doesn’t have too many characters in general, and most are killed off within one game, so there’s not much competition. Ridley is the obvious choice here, being one the most important and recurring characters in the series, but Sakurai is just so adamantly against adding him, even though it is feasible. I doubt that Dark Samus will be picked, as that seems very redundant and uninteresting. Rundas is not a very important character, and he gets killed off very quickly within his sole appearance. A Federation soldier would coincide with Federation Force, but Sakurai is against adding Mooks and Red Shirts to Smash, and Federation Force is looking to be an unpopular game. I find the suggestion of an actual Metroid silly, as it is a Mook that doesn’t seem to lend itself well to a full moveset, as it lacks limbs. Sylux would offer a neat moveset, but I doubt that he’ll appear in Smash until the distant Prime game about Samus and Sylux is actually released.

    Kirby is in a similar situation to Metroid. Bandanna Waddle Dee seems to be the most logical choice, as he’s been promoted from Mook to a recurring playable and/or supporting character. Galacta Knight seems to be the resident bonus boss, but I feel that he lacks importance, popularity, and frequent enough appearances. Prince Fluff is a one-off character and looks to stay that way. Magolor’s had only one true appearance and survives off of cameos and popularity, so I doubt that he’d be a serious contender for Smash.

    Star Fox was just recently revived with Zero and Guard, but I feel that it’ll never get more than three characters unless the revival is not just a short-term thing. Falco is a safe pick, as he’s a popular character who’s appeared in three Smash games in a row. Wolf seems likely as well, since he was in Brawl and is a popular villain/antihero character. Krystal is erased from canon until further notice, so her chances for Smash are effectively dead. Slippy might just get into Smash since he’s somehow popular in Japan, isn’t hated nearly to the same degree as Tingle in the West, and got his own spinoff game. I feel that it’s a tossup between Falco, Wolf, and Slippy unless Star Fox manages to get four characters, as they each offer something different.

    Donkey Kong: +King K. Rool OR Dixie Kong
    Metroid: ~Ridley (if Sakurai changes his mind) OR Sylux (if the Samus/Sylux Prime game is out)
    Kirby: +Bandanna Waddle Dee
    Star Fox: +Falco, Wolf, Slippy (pick two)

    Nintendrone on August 8 |
    • Again, agreed with your opinions and choices.
      I put 4 characters for Donkey Kong just to have K. Rool and Dixie, I try to don’t express my biases, but those 2 are iconic enough to be added together.

      for metroid I really hope to see Ridley but I understand his problems, for me it’s between Sylux and Dark samus… but 3 samuses seems to much =P

      Bandana Dee really have it in the bag, unless we get a new interesting character from a new game that need some marketing

      I hope they could diversify the Star Fox movesets even if we get just Fox and Falco I don’t want to see melee Falco again (Despite maining him until this day and being my favorite character of the franchise)

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. I’d be surprised if there ever will be more than 2 Donkey Kong characters. The series doesn’t matter because Sakurai says it doesn’t matter.

    backup368 on August 8 |
    • I’m sorry, could you source that quote for me? I don’t remember reading that in any of the translated Sakurai interviews.

      anonymous SG fan on August 8 |
      • Can’t be far from the truth; series gets a big revival with two big games, and not only does it get no newcomer, but no new items, no Assist Trophies and only one new stage across both versions of Smash.

        MagcargoMan on October 12 |
    • This mentality right here.

      Arthur 97 on August 8 |
    • Please guys, if you want to start a debate do it with some sources, after all, we are in Source Gaming =P.

      I don’t believe that he thinks that about DK, but it’s a possibility too, after all, for some people DK is just an spin off of the Mario Series.

  5. I would love to see movesets changed for some of the clones as well. Even though it’s difficult to mess with tradition too much as we’ve seen similar yet different examples from C. Falcon and Ganondorf. I think fans will adjust to change eventually. If Wolf could make it back, the moveset described would fit him much better.

    Chris.W on August 9 |
    • I hope to see that happening. This series has the chance to have really distinct movesets for every character, it’s amazing to see a character like Duck Hunt besides Ryu and that says a lot about it.

  6. Shame that Sakurai is so dead set against decloning for fear of alienating those who like the clone moveset.

    Arthur 97 on August 9 |
    • I hope that if Namco continues helping they could work in that.

    • An idea I’ve had at least for Ganondorf, is that they could take his current moveset and give it to Black Shadow (Because he seems like he’d be more of a C. Falcon clone), then they could give Ganondorf dual-wielding swords or magical attacks.

      It’s a compromise that gives Zelda fans a proper Ganondorf, but it doesn’t screw over the people who enjoy what we’ve gotten since Melee.

      MahBoiIstehWindWaker on October 23 |
      • I agree that Ganondof deserves at least some new moves to represent him better, but giving Black Shadow his moveset could end in a similar situation,as Black Shadow could have a moveset of his own…
        but yeah, having a new moveset could be amazing for Zelda fans.

        Voyager on October 23 |
  7. Are you going to do a part 3. Because I really want to see you cover Nintendo IP’s with no playable reps

    Isaac: Venus Adept on August 9 |
  8. Alright, let’s get right back in it.

    I’m only a casual fan of the DK series, so I’ve no real connections with its characters. That being said, I think Dixie could make an interesting character. I didn’t even consider Cranky as an option, but he could be a pretty humorous addition. I just wonder how he’d go up against characters like Ganondorf or Bowser, he’s too old to put up a fight!

    As a serious fan of the Metroid series, I’ve been curious about the addition of a new character for a while. However, the issue always seems to be that there aren’t really that many iconic or recurring characters in the series besides Samus herself. Ridley has been brought up so many times that I don’t think I can add much more to that conversation. Dark Samus is an interesting option that I wouldn’t mind, either as a semi-clone or as an original character, but would people be okay with having *three* ‘Samus’ characters (I know we have two Marios, two Pits, and two Marths, but some people might think three would be pushing it)? Sylux and Rundas have moveset potential, I just worry that they might not be iconic enough. A Metroid as a character is an extremely odd choice, but I think it could maybe work? I just have issues designing an interesting moveset around something with no arms, legs, or weapons. All it could do is tackle and grab opponents. Funny enough, I think Sakurai brought up a similar point when someone asked if he could make Mr. Saturn playable.

    I used to think I liked the Kirby series, since I’ve played a lot of the games and loved each one. But I don’t even know who Bandana Dee, Galacta Knight or Magalor are D: There was a Dream Smashers article on Bandana Dee that I thought was good, and I think Prince Fluff has a lot of potential for being a unique character. Considering that there was almost an Epic Yarn stage in Smash, at least we know that Sakurai did have Epic Yarn on his mind.

    I’ve never played a Star Fox game, so my only connection to its characters are through Smash. I started to like Wolf towards the end of Brawl, and I really like Falco in Smash 4. That being said, I would like Falco to become even more aerial-based than he already is. I would be alright with Wolf coming back as he is, but I also wouldn’t mind a new moveset for him. He is already pretty unique when compared to Fox and Falco, so maybe just changing up a few of his specials and his Final Smash to reflect his appearance in Star Fox Zero would be enough. My only knowledge of Krystal comes from Super Smash Crusade, and I guess she was interesting there, but I have no strong reaction to her one way or the other. There was also a Dream Smashers article for Slippy where be’d be something of a joke character, with moves inspired from Star Fox Guard. I thought that would have been an interesting take on the character.

    Spiral on August 10 |
    • Just imagine that, The Evil King and The King of the Koopas defeated by an old ape =P

      We have Red Mario, Green tall Mario, Yellow Fat Mario and White Labcoat Mario… So Dark Samus would work nicely XD
      in all seriousness, Dark Samus has a good moveset potential, I won’t be mad if she gets the spot, I would be mad if they just make her a clone =/
      yeah, The Metroid idea would be really hard to implement, but I had to mention it as an interesting possibility =P

      Kirby games have a lot of one-shot characters, I even wanted to write about his animal friends, they could work together and implement some kirby moves in their own way =P

      I was a Krystal Supporter for SSB4, but now as the timeline got rebooted, Wolf got the upper hand. but as you said, Slippy could be a really comical character

  9. Rundas is actually my second most wanted Metroid character and my third most wanted overall. The problem is he is dead and unless they write him back into the story he isn’t going to get in anytime soon.

    Sylux: he is a strong possibility if the producer saw potential in him.

    My personal bets are Ridley or Dark Samus as the third candidate. I know what Sakurai said about Ridley but it likely hasn’t changed the demand for him to be playable. How many characters get crossed off before he is the most wanted? How long can Nintendo cover their ears?

    Dark Samus: I’ve said this on my own blog but I think its just because Corruption was a few years earlier then Other M that she isn’t in.

    I’m only leaning towards Dark Samus more because she is much easier to implement. But anyone who thinks Ridley is out of the woods yet has a shock coming one day. I just don’t know what day that will be.

    haruhisailormars on August 10 |
    • Yeah, Metroid has the “””problem””” that characters die in the games, like Adam and Rundas.

      Sylux even has a “after credit scene”, so he is becoming a plot relevant character.

      I agree with you about Ridley and Dark Samus, but the good thing is that any of the characters has potential to be interesting if not “good” characters. so I hope that at least we get one.

      Thanks for commenting =)

  10. I really don’t know about this “getting one character every two iterations” would work. If that’s what meant to be according on how Sakurai chooses characters, then he could’ve done it to F-Zero side, which only have Captain Falcon alone. Sure, we still don’t know how Sakurai chooses characters, but getting one character every two iterations does seem to take a long waste of time…

    But anyways, for the Donkey Kong rosters…I could agree more on K.Rool and Dixie’s entry. K.Rool represents the main villain of the series than Fredrik, while Dixie represents the main heroine of the series than Candy or Tiny. I think the reason why Sakurai didn’t choose K.Rool for the DLC isn’t just only he had difficult time thinking of his movesets, but according to PushDustIn’s experience, maybe K.Rool has became a forgotten character, which might possibly explain that his Mii costume was clarification whether people still recognized him or not. Dixie can still work solo than being partnered with someone else, as she can use her ponytail to whiplash or easily carry heavy characters, as she’s being a combination of Donkey’s strength and Diddy’s weight. I think she can also use an electric guitar to blast shockwaves at her opponents like how Barbara did back in Brawl. I forgot who it was, but I do remember somebody made a moveset for her…maybe we can find it somewhere in Google Image.

    Cranky in other hand…is really an interesting choice. He can be the first old guy becoming a fighter in Smash, but I don’t know if its really worth it. I know he became playable now these days, but it may be difficult what kind of movesets he can receive to make himself unique. I can imagine him being slow and weak due to his old age, but maybe time will tell on what he can do.

    The duo system for Kiddy and Dixie…an unique mechanic that Sakurai was planning for Diddy back in Brawl. It may work, but will it be worth it? Ice Climbers were removed due to the 8-player Smash, so it may be possible that this mechanic won’t work if they’re planning to keep the 8-player Smash for their own reasons, which I personally wish to remove it which I’ll explain later on. Another thing to wonder is that Kiddy might be another forgotten character by many players. He haven’t appeared in any other Donkey Kong games since his first debut, so he might not be able to join Smash due to that point. But that wouldn’t mean Diddy should take his place as his solo movement is already perfect, and there are few fans who want to have Dixie solo. So, maybe this mechanic won’t have its glory in Smash, but that’s all up to Sakurai whether he want to make it happen.

    zoniken on August 12 |
    • I don’t believe that Sakurai thinks, “no, this is a odd number game, so no characters for you”, it’s just a trend artifact.

      Agreed with the DK characters, K.Rool is falling off the curve, so I hope to see him again in a new game. and yeah, I remember that image of Dixie’s potential moveset, it looked really cool, but I didn’t like the guitar part, just opinions.

      About the Worth it argument, I believe that one of the best examples against it is Jigglypuff, being a character that isn’t that popular, and seems weak, still became one of the best characters in Melee. Everything is possible in Smash, even that the King of evil became a low tier character =P. Anyways, with the large amount of possibilities, one possibility is to focus on the least gimmicky / hard to implement options, as development time is a limited resource.

  11. For the Metroid rosters…according to my friend in Japan, he did commented that there might be no more Metroid new comers for Smash because the series hardly have a main character other than Samus, and I could agree on that why there’s only Samus and her Zero Suit version in Smash. Most characters appear in certain Metroid games always dies quickly as victims or bosses, as they won’t be focused anymore in the end. But yeah, I know that may not be the point for Smash, but it’s true that there’s not much important major characters appeared in every series, except for Ridley, Mother Brain, and even the Metroid itself.

    And speaking of Ridley…I was on Sakurai’s side that his entry was disagreeable. However, not just only that he’s too big and ruin him if he was resized which is agreeable, but I wouldn’t think this was all decided by Sakurai alone. When it comes with crossovers, they need to have a permission with other creators in order to bring that character to that game, and I think Ridley’s rejection was decided according to the discussion with the Metroid staffs. If they thought Ridley doesn’t fit well as being playable but should stay as a boss, then its understandable that this isn’t all Sakurai’s fault. Plus Sakurai stated that character need to have a personality in order to be chosen for Smash, but Ridley doesn’t have as his viciousness is meant to be his nature. But I may be wrong on that point so I really don’t know, there may be a possibility that things will change that he can be playable. It’s whether how unique he can become rather than being big and such.

    Dark Samus is another regular villain alongside with Ridley, who mainly appeared in the Prime series. I really don’t know if there’s a possibility to make her into a different character than being simply Samus’ clone. It might work if she’s faster than Samus and use different specials like doesn’t use missiles and bombs, but there is a high possibility that she can be treated as Samus’ clone, or simply Samus’ color palette.

    I was thinking about Prime Hunters too before, and I thought Sylux would be a best choice as possibly being Samus’ best rival among the other bounty hunters, but the only problem is that Sylux is another forgotten character as Prime Hunters wasn’t really that popular. It may be a hesitation to bring a character that’s already been forgotten, but it is also an interesting point to bring him in Smash. If there’s a chance that he’ll appear more in the actual series with a major role, then there may be possibilities for Smash. But for now, I think its impossible.

    zoniken on August 13 |
    • I agree with Sakurai about Ridley, but teasing us with him was really cruel =P… so now he has to put it in the game to troll us again (?). for me Ridley may need to be a zoner character, like Red Brand in MVC3, but huge as a sentinel… =S

      Dark Samus could work being slower but stronger, with some tentacle moves like in her assist trophy form. I hope that she doesn’t become a clone… no more Dark Clones please.

      Sylux could get another appearance besides the Prime series, he even could appear as a playable character in a new game in which Samus get into a trouble big enough to even need help from a villain. #DreamSequels

  12. For the Kirby rosters…I believe 4 slots is enough as perfect. I can imagine they’ll add in Bandanna Dee for that slot, because Bandanna Dee has gotten a spotlight many times since his first debut in Kirby Wii (obviously his first Kirby Super Star’s Megaton Punch mini game), and his movesets does explain perfectly that he’s no other generic common enemy of his own. Its really odd why Sakurai didn’t add him, but I think I know the reason, which I’ll explain later.

    Galacta has been a popular character since his first debut, which some Japanese fans nickname him as “shiitake mushroom” because his shield looks like one. However, I think he’ll end up being Metaknight’s alternate costume.

    There are other villains that many fans wanted to bring into Smash. Magolor, who’ve seem to be the rarest villain to survive from his death, and made many cameo appearances in further series. Others are Daroach and Marx, but I do think these characters won’t have a chance either. Not just they’ve only appeared only once, but these characters excluding Marx aren’t made by Sakurai himself. Sakurai left HAL Lab after the Amazing Mirror was released, so characters from the later series were made by different person, not Sakurai. And there have been many characters and stages that didn’t appear in Smash, because none of them were made by Sakurai, which can explain why Bandanna Dee never joined Smash, neither appear in any form like the trophy. But I think that won’t be the case anymore. Sakurai did planned to bring the stage from Epic Yarn, but declined because of the Wooly World. Sakurai even add Kirby’s Ultra Sword from a game that Sakurai didn’t made, and even added Magolor and his ship’s trophy too. This does mean that he have respect with the non-Sakurai made Kirby games, so there might be a possibility that he’ll add someone from the non-Sakurai Kirby game, which Bandanna Dee does make sense due to his long history of being Kirby’s comrade. Plus, Waddle Dee has his own amiibo too.

    zoniken on August 13 |
    • Personally I don’t believe in the “Sakurai Kirby Bias” but it might be true, it’s hard to know, but as you said, Bandana dee has the advantage, he even has an amiibo. And with moves based in the lance-parasol kirby abilities, it could be fun to use.

      • Just curious, but why don’t you believe in it? It’s like the only series that never gets stages from it’s most recent games.

        MagcargoMan on October 12 |
  13. Finally for the Star Fox rosters…Falco may have a possibility to return since he’s the most highest jumper of all fighters. I do agree with your argument that Falco need to be improved to differentiate with Fox, and definitely let him ride on the Arwing as his final smash since he loves to fly than fighting on ground. Wolf in the other hand…it really depends. Whether he’s meant to be a clone or not, if he does return, I would rather have him fix up his movesets in order to differentiate with his rival, even changing his final smash to something else like the Wolfen Walker because he NEVER used a Land Master before (except for Assault’s battle mode but that doesn’t count).

    Krystal as being the main heroine of the series, was someone I really wanted to have in Smash. I’ve always thought she might join if Wolf was rejected, but nothing happened even Wolf was rejected. And eventually, she got ultimately rejected in the rebooted Star Fox Zero, whether if this really meant that Nintendo ultimately killed her or not. There may be a possibility that she might return in some form if there was the sequel, but maybe not on the rumored Smash NX which may be a port, but Smash 5 (or 6) instead. I do agree with the movesets that she should use the Krystal Staff than blasters, to make her the melee fighter on the Star Fox team.

    Slippy may have a possibility too. He may not be popular in the West due to his irritating personality, but very popular in Japan because he looks more cute that way. It is a good idea that he can use the mechanics from Star Fox Guard, and mainly use explosives than blaster instead. He can be much of a slow and weaker side of the Star Fox team, but jumps higher for better reach but not higher than Falco. He can also use the Gyrowing as his final smash than Arwing.

    4 slots for this roster may be plausible, but I think all those characters you’ve chose may possibly join in as well. In Star Fox Assault, these characters (including Peppy but probably won’t be in Smash) were playable in the multiplayer battle mode, so I think all of these characters might join as well, if Krystal is still allowed in some way…

    zoniken on August 13 |
  14. from the Starfox characters Krystal had the best chances to have a “new” moveset, but her continuity got “deleted” or maybe she is in another timeline… or maybe she would appear in “SF Zero-2”

    Wolf wasn’t a strictly clone, but his moves were bad implemented, and the land master was the drop that spilled the glass. but now he has more moves thanks to his new appearance in SF Zero.

    Falco could get more different, but for some people changes are bad, so, as always, everything depends on Sakurai, but it’s great that all the characters are evolving into varied forms.

    Slippy might has his chance now thanks to Guard, that was the best part of SF zero for some people =P

    Yeah, 4 Starfox characters would be great, but with 3 I would be happy as well (even being a hardcore starfox fan for years)

    Thanks for all the comments, they were a blast to read.

  15. And after all that procrastination I’ve finally started to continue reading and commenting on the rest of these articles. Continuing from where we left off:

    DONKEY KONG series:
    – King K. Rool is my most wanted Smash character of all-time. I’d be completely ecstatic if he made it in. I think he wouldn’t just be any ordinary heavyweight, with a lot of projectiles to use between his crown toss, cannonballs and gasses that effect you in different ways. I disagree with the notion that’d be slow in the air; the games depict him as unusually agile for someone so large and heavy, so I imagine he’d move in the air more like Wario does. That fact that he’d be fast and a good jumper would also make him stand out from the other heavyweights.
    – Dixie Kong is definitely an important and deserving DK character, although if DK was only to get one newcomer I’d much prefer K. Rool be in over her, due to Dixie being a bit bland with not much to work with besides her hair.
    – Cranky Kong would be pretty fun (I still love how they actually made him playable in Tropical Freeze) and you could do some neat things with the cane, but again, like Dixie I don’t think there’s too much to work with without being a little bland. While I’d probably prefer him to Dixie, I don’t think it’d be right if he got in over her or K. Rool.
    – Lord Fredrik is cool (no pun intended) and you could definitely do some neat things with his horn and some ice powers utilised differently from how the Ice Climbers use their’s, but at the moment he is a one-off villain, so it’d wouldn’t be fair if he got in over the more recurring DK characters.
    – Dixie & Kiddy is an idea I’ve thought about before. While I think it was really stupid that Diddy was originally planned to be a tag-team with Dixie (he’s a big enough character to stand on his own), pairing another character with Dixie would make a lot more sense since every DK platformer she is playable in has partners (Diddy could be on his own in 64). While I think Dixie is important enough to stand on her own as a character, I think pairing her with Kiddy would make up for how she hasn’t got much to work with. Plus Kiddy has never been on his own so it’d make sense if he was tagged with another character. If any characters should be used to represent the iconic DKC trilogy tag-team system it’s these two.

    In order of who I think should get in first, it’d be: King K. Rool > Dixie & Kiddy > Dixie Kong > Cranky Kong > Lord Fredrik

    So if I was in charge of choosing the Donkey Kong roster in Smash, I would choose Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and King K. Rool. It may seem weird that I only have three and while I do think DK is big enough to warrant four characters, I think I’d only add one in the next game so there can be room for some other series to also get much needed characters. But if I had four characters I’d definitely have Dixie (with or without Kiddy). I think K. Rool should get in over Dixie because he has more demand, and is more unique visually and in moveset potential. I am a huge fan of the DKC games, so I’d love to see this series get the love it deserves. It really feels as if Sakurai doesn’t care about it (unlike Ridley I don’t think he’s even talked about K. Rool before).

    Also it’d never happen, but since you had Lord Fredrik on there I just thought of what kind of ideas you could do for a hypothetical Tiki Tak Tribe character (most likely the Kalimba Tiki). Attacking with music notes and hypnotism?

    MagcargoMan on October 11 |
    • I also have so little time and so many ideas hehehe. Thanks for commenting

      Yeah, I agree with you about K. Rool, as he should be the top option to be the next DK rep. Also I hope that we get him back on a next DK game, but I would like to see him across the game instead of only at the end.

      Ummm… About the Tikis, good idea, but they seems hard to implement. for me they could be something like Jigglypuff, light and floaty and with the ability to put their enemies to sleep, but I don’t see them as physicaly strong to be able to put their enemies “to rest” =P
      They also could have more rythmical moves, like moves that need to be executed on a certain way to deal more damage. Or more easily, they could call some bosses, like the first lizard to charge, one of the crabs for a close Slash, and so on… and clearly, their Final smash should be that Big Andross like tiki.

      Voyager on October 27 |
  16. Next up (and last one I’ll reply to tonight), Metroid!

    METROID series:
    – Ridley is easily one of the most requested characters in all of Smash Bros and is the most iconic Metroid character besides Samus, being her arch-nemesis. While he definitely deserves to be in, I personally don’t care for him and feel if he was shrunken down his proportions look look weird (neck would be tooth-pick thin), and he has some balancing issues with the reach of his tail. But if they can make him work, I have no problem with him being in.
    – Dark Samus was the main villain of Metroid Prime 2 and 3 (and technically the first game, since she was originally the Metroid Prime), so she’s definitely notable enough to be included. She’d also have some unique attacks with the use of Phazon (and her Assist Trophy in Smash 4 already shows some unique attacks, which means Sakurai knows she wouldn’t be a clone). However, I don’t like the idea of the third Metroid character being yet another Samus (even if it isn’t actually Samus herself this time).
    – Sylux is easily the most memorable of the Hunters and would be a really unique character with its Shock Coil and tripwires. He’s also be another fighter with electric attacks, which are pretty rare in Smash. Only problem is that it’s a one-off character, but with the cameo of its ship in the ending of Prime 3 and the mysterious figure implied to be it in the after credits scene of Federation Force, as well as the Prime series producer Kensuke Tanabe saying he wanted the relationship between Samus and Sylux to be the focus of Prime 4, I think it’s safe to say it won’t be a one-off much longer.
    – Rundas is easily the most popular bounty hunter from Metroid Prime 3 and would have some unique abilities with his ice powers, which are utilised very differently from the Ice Climbers. But unfortunately, he is a one-off character, and given his fate in Prime 3, it looks like it will stay that way.
    – A random Federation Marine seems like a poor choice, even if it was fully based on the Prime Trilogy and didn’t acknowledge Federation Force. A random nobody doesn’t really seem like something you should put in Smash unless they are a Pokemon. If you are gonna have a Federation Marine in Smash, it should be a character and not a faceless soldier, and for that I’d say it should be Anthony. Besides the machine guns like you said, he could also use the Freeze Gun which he used in Other M, which would make up for how Samus is lacking any ice attacks.
    – A random Metroid? Is this a joke character? A random enemy as a character is a bad idea, and a Metroid isn’t even fit for fighting. All it can do is float and bite.

    So the order I would prefer these characters get in would be: Sylux > Rundas > Ridley > Dark Samus > Federation Marine > Metroid

    Anyway, if I got to choose the Metroid roster it would be Samus, Zero Suit Samus, and Sylux. Samus would be modified a bit, making her Power Beam work like it does in the games rather than how it does in Smash (but keep the Smash version as a custom special), and maybe replace her Bomb special with the Morph Ball, where she can freely roll around, lay bombs and even crawl up walls (again, keep the original special as a custom). Zero Suit Samus will also be changed slightly, but this one’s more cosmetic: replace the jet heels with jet boots. As for Sylux, I chose him because he’d have some unique weapons and because I’d prefer him over Ridley, not to mention they are building him up as a character and being in Smash would help solidify that. Plus since Samus’ suit has always been based off Sakamoto’s games (Super and Other M), Sylux would represent the Prime series. If I had four characters I’d make Ridley the fourth one. Metroid, like DK, is a series that deserves better treatment in Smash, so hopefully the next game does better for it.

    MagcargoMan on October 11 |
  17. And next is Kirby. I think the reason Kirby didn’t get a newcomer is because all the vital Kirby characters are present, so any characters afterwards are pretty superfluous. I think it’s okay that it didn’t get a newcomer in Smash 4, but it definitely should get one next time around.

    KIRBY series:
    – I’ve always found Bandana Waddle Dee to be a very boring choice. I felt he was thrown in Return to Dream Land because they desperate for a fourth character, like how New Super Mario Bros. Wii had random Blue and Yellow Toads as playable characters. I think his moveset would be pretty bland, but he is a recurring character at least.
    – I know Galacta Knight would be very different from Meta Knight, but I kinda don’t like the idea of a thematically and similar-looking character being the next Kirby rep. Galacta Knight is meant to be a very powerful character (hence his bonus boss status in all his appearances), and I don’t think you’d be able to convey that if he was playable. He does have a lot of unique attacks though, like the energy pillars and energy swords that rebound off surfaces (not to mention he wields a lance with nobody else in Smash does), and would definitely be the most interesting newcomer out of the options on this list.
    – Prince Fluff could do some neat things with the abilities present in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but he is a one-off character. He’s definitely a better choice than Yarn Kirby (who I have seen people suggest) since he’d do the same thing but represent another character instead. If Epic Yarn was it’s own thing starring Prince Fluff like it was originally intended he’d probably have a bit more of a chance.
    – Magolor I’ve always felt was one of those characters people only requested because he was recent (like Ghirahim). He’s a one-off (reformed) villain and I don’t think he even has any powers without transforming with the Master Crown, so really people are asking for his form with the crown.

    So the order I’d place these guys in would be: Galacta Knight > Bandana Waddle Dee > Prince Fluff > Magolor

    As for what I’d do with the Kirby roster? Well for a change the newcomer I’d choose wouldn’t be any of the characters provided by this list. My character choices would be Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and… Dark Matter. Why Dark Matter? Because he is the most recurring Kirby villain after Dedede (who isn’t even a villain anymore) and represents the Dark Matter Trilogy (Dream Land 2, Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64). He stands out from the other Kirby characters and has a lot of moveset potential with his blade, lightning, dark energy, homing orbs, and even his ability to possess others, so he’d be a pretty unique addition. Nothing majorly changed about the original three except give Kirby his old Hammer special back and bring back Giant Hammer Swing for it’s mid-air version, and bring back Waddle Dee Toss (Gordo Throw can be a custom special) and Waddle Dee Army for King Dedede.

    Also while she’d be another one-off villain (hence I’d prefer Dark Matter), I think Queen Sectonia has a lot to work with, using her rapiers, magic staffs, teleporting and metal rings. I wouldn’t really add her though for the whole recent one-off character thing that Prince Fluff and Magolor also have holding them back,

    Really though, I don’t think we’ll see any of these characters since Sakurai doesn’t have an interest in Kirby games he didn’t make (I know Bandana Dee was in Super Star but he wasn’t used the same way as in later games).

    MagcargoMan on October 12 |
  18. And lastly for this article we have Star Fox. I definitely agree that this one has suffered from some bad habits, especially all the clone/semi-clone stuff and recycled animations/moves (three Landmasters was absolutely disgusting). They really need to go back and give everything besides Fox a clean slate.

    STAR FOX series:
    – Falco… oh dear how I can’t stand Falco. Unlike other Melee clones he survived the great purge in Brawl, but still remained a clone. And then I disliked him even more when he got in over Wolf in Smash 4 despite the latter being less of a clone then him. I feel like he only did because he’s from Melee and has that sacred “never be cut” status like Jigglypuff has with fans. If they could declone him, that’s be great. If not, no way he should get back in; I want him cut. Don’t know why you think it will happen though, if him getting in over Wolf is any indication. And yes, for the love of hell, give him an Arwing.
    – Wolf, while I sorta didn’t like how he recycled a lot of Fox’s assets in Brawl, was a character who I actually didn’t mind playing, and the only Star Fox character I liked to use, so I really hated how he was cut. If they bring him back I’d like to see his new specials involve weapons from Star Fox: Assault, which allow for moves that represent content from the games and aren’t made up for Smash, and would also suit him since he is a mercenary. I think his final Smash should be the Demon Launcher from Assault’s VS mode.
    – Krystal is easily one of my most wanted characters due to how she’s definitely be a Star Fox character Sakurai wouldn’t resort to making a clone or semi-clone. Some people whine about “muh furries” but if they actually knew anything about furries they’d know more of them are into Fox, Falco and Wolf. Her staff would have all those abilities you mentioned for her four specials (moveset basically writes itself), and she’d be Smash’s first polearm fighter. Have no idea what her Final Smash should be though.
    – Slippy I was against for a long while since I thought Sakurai would just make him a semi-clone and he doesn’t have much to work with (he could wield a wrench but that would take away from Andy from Advance Wars), but now that Star Fox Guard exists there’s definitely potential with him being able to set up AegisCams that he can control from a distance. Would still prefer a revamped Wolf or Krystal over him though.

    As for the order I’d prefer them get in? That’d be: Krystal > Wolf > Slippy > Falco

    And if I got to be in charge of choosing the Star Fox roster it’d be Fox, Krystal and Wolf. Wolf would be a fully unique character instead of a semi-clone and use the weapons from Assault I mentioned before. Falco would get the boot, however he’d still be playable in a way as Fox’s Alternate Costume. I think that’s not too unreasonable either since he was full Fox clone in Melee, so it wouldn’t be weird to see him using the exact same moves. Plus you can give Falco’s specials to Fox as custom moves. This would trim some fat from the roster and still throw Falco fans a bone. However to be completely honest I don’t think Star Fox is big enough or had enough games to deserve three characters. In fact I think Zero being a failure hurt it’s chances even more. I’d say the series could use one or two more games before it should get a third. If I could only have two playable characters, I’d just have Fox and Krystal.

    And that’s it for Part 2. This was much easier to read and comment on since there was less characters to talk about this time around. I’ll try to get to Part 3 soon instead of putting it off like I did with this one.

    MagcargoMan on October 12 |
  19. honestly hope people look into Andross some day too

    thanks to SFZ, to those who actually played and 100%’d the game, establishing more of his origins and concepts he doesn’t seem as awful as adding Mother Brain or Giygas playable in game.

    really hope Switch Bros brings back Wolf (pls Sakurai ;_;)

    ZenythSmash on October 24 |