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GameClub #2 — Pokémon — 1st Generation

gameclub 2 Pokemon


So, we held a poll a couple days ago about what game should be the #2 Game Club. Pokemon (1st Generation) won!


We would like to invite you to participate in this month’s game club. Here’s how.


Step 1: Own a copy of Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fire Red or Leaf Green. Recently, Red, Blue and Yellow were made available on the 3DS Virtual Console Lineup.
Step 2: Join our Discord and request a Game Club flair (which grants to access to an exclusive chat)!
Step 3: Join our live stream. I’ll be streaming Pokemon Green through my newly acquired Gameboy Player for the GameCube! Stay tuned for announcements, as we will be taking suggestions from the chat for nicknames.
Step 4: Write something, and please submit it either to, or via a DM to our Twitter, @AllSourceGaming by August 30th.

Let us know if you have any questions!

  1. Okay there is no way in hell I’m missing this.

    Spiral on August 11 |
  2. Aww yeah! count me in =D

  3. I still have my original Red cartridge, so I’ll definitely participate in this if I have the time. Hopefully my game’s save battery still works.

    Nintendrone on August 12 |