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Source Gaming Birthday Stream is Next Week!

Birthday Stream announcement

Source Gaming is turning two very soon!

In order to celebrate, we decided to host a live stream on Twitch. During the live stream, we will have multiple special guests, Smash Trivia and a tournament (Smash for Wii U) ! You won’t want to miss it! SG’s actual birthday is the 18th, but we’ll be doing the celebration on Saturday so more people can join.



Ash Paulsen and Xander Mobus will be joining us for this special event.


The Smash Trivia section will be centered around facts uncovered by the Source Gaming team. If you would like to study for it check out the #SmashTrivia hashtag on Twitter. Hopefully it’s not too difficult 🙂


Tournament registration will be announced via Twitter,  30 minutes before the stream starts.


Times are below:

US-EST: 7-9 PM, on the 20th (Saturday)

US-PT:  4-6 PM on the 20th (Saturday)

England: 12AM – 2 AM on the 21st (Sunday)

Japan: 8 AM-10 AM on the 21st (Sunday)


Come celebrate two years of Source Gaming with us!

  1. Hey I just wanted to congratulate you guys on two years! Thanks for all the great analysis articles and videos, for making the long droughts without any Smash information enjoyable, and for providing better context and understanding when it comes to how Mr. Sakurai makes games. Your special guest sounds like they’ve kept everyone waiting long enough, can’t wait!

    Link on August 13 |
  2. I’m gonna tune into the stream, but my internet’s so bad that I don’t want to bog down anyone else by entering the tournament… no matter how much I really really want to… I’m still excited for everything else!

    Spiral on August 15 |