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Favorite Source Gaming Article & Reflections!

Fav SG ArticleAs of today, Source Gaming has entered the not-so-terrible-twos and to celebrate, members of the Source Gaming team have banded together to discuss their favorite articles from the past two years! But before we get into that, we at Source Gaming want to say a big thank you to each and every reader for helping us grow and adapt the way we have. Be sure to keep coming back as we strive to bring you new and exciting content!

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It’s been two years…already? Really, I started this site on kind of a whim. I felt like I was in a rut in life, and wanted to improve my writing and translation ability. I thought I would cover information here and there, but I never really imagined that it would grow
this big. Source Gaming also kind of fell into the Smash community because I was obsessive about leaks and rumors concerning the newest title. After discovering just how much information wasn’t available in English, in addition to the misinformation issue Source Gaming found its’ niche so to speak. The site has grown an incredible amount, and has opened a lot of doors for us. Thanks to you guys.

I have two favorite articles, and they probably aren’t a surprise to anyone. The first is the Definitive Unused Fighter List in Smash. Soma, who has played an extremely big role in Source Gaming, updated the original list and made it 100x better than my original. I spent a whole weekend crouched over my computer reading every single answer Sakurai gave on the old sites in order to look for new information, as well as find sources for some information that was assumed/ known in the past for the first version. I prefer the updated one as it reads MUCH nicer, and really shows how much Source Gaming has improved since its’ humble beginnings through collaborations and experience.

The second article that I’m most proud of is Why Does Wario Fart? A very long article (though not as long as Voyagers!), I learned a lot about formatting and editing while writing it. I think if you look at my work before and after that piece you will see a noticeable increase in quality and organization. I feel like I should update it sometime. Maybe once I get better at video editing.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you guys so much for being a part of the Source Gaming community. It really means the world to me that people come to the site everyday, leave comments and enjoy our content. There’s some pressure as I think we have a pretty good reputation within the Smash community, and I hope I don’t ever ‘let you guys down’. With that, I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming live stream, and future Source Gaming content for the foreseeable future!  

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History Repeats Itself: The Post Smash Salt Storm by a landslide. The idea in practice turned out better than it did on paper, looking at how community perceptions change between Smash games, yet maintain the same kinds of reactions, with almost frightening accuracy. And judging from the response to said article, many people seemed to enjoy the comparison. It’s probably my best work, all things considered(and I have to give my thanks to Delzethin for co-writing it with me).


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I’ve really enjoyed the translations of Sakurai’s Famitsu articles.  It gives us the opportunity to learn more about his thoughts on game design and a wide range of topics beyond it.  If it weren’t for the work of our staff, we fans outside of Japan may never have known as much about how the man thinks than we do now.  Even though I may not always agree with Sakurai’s design decisions, I’ve gained a great deal more respect for him, and I have Source Gaming to thank for that…as well as for bringing me on and giving me a chance to speak my own mind.

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My top pick for an SG article should come as no surprise but it was the Definitive List of Unused Fighters. I love beta stuff in games and like everyone else I love imagining my favourite characters getting into the Smash Bros series. So, it is always interesting to me to find out which characters could have had their day whether it be slightly earlier or for the first time. Working for Source Gaming has been a real treat for me. I have written for various places both online and offline but only here at Source Gaming have I truly felt free and able to write what I want for a community that I know will read and appreciate my work. I want to thank you all for that and I especially want to thank everyone else on the team (PushDustIn especially) for giving me this wonderful opportunity. To many more years!

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I’ve always enjoyed Source Gaming’s translation work. It’s the way our bread has been buttered since the start of the site, and even as the site continues to evolve it remains a cornerstone of what we do. Personally, I love
Sakurai answers some (old) questions– about Brawl!, as it both sheds light on Sakurai’s thoughts on certain characters (Wolf and Krystal) while also showing us just how much value their still is in translation of old interviews.

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The article that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed was
Sakurai’s interview with Nintendo Dream. It gave a really good insight on the development of Downloadable Content for Smash 3DS/Wii U and the process that went into creating all 7 fighters. Plus, it had some nice information about past Smash games where Sakurai explains he considered Geno for Brawl. Overall, it’s highly packed with information and I suggest anyone that’s a Smash fan to read it.

Also, I’ve been with SG for nearly 6 months and have written a lot of Featured Content articles as well as 3 of my own. The freedom this site gives is extremely generous and I hope to produce more content that freedom allows for in the future.

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It’s already 2 Years and I’m in the team since September 2015. I knew SourceGaming longer whoever and alongside the incredible Translation-Work, I also enjoyed the different “The Case for”-Articles for characters like
Shantae, Bayonetta and Shovel Knight. They also really helped me to reflect the character itself and to try to look objectively at the real chances of said character. And by looking at the fact, what they do provide and what is likely and not. And how did I end up in the SG-Team? Well, when I saw Push’s Tweet about his problems with getting graphics, I just offered my help. I was actually welcomed really fast and it really impressed me how fast it was.

I’m honoured to be in the SG-Team and provide graphics for them. I came as a fan and now I’m part of the team. So I’m very glad that they gave me the opportunity to be one of the SG-Crew. Because of that, choosing a favorite article is especially hard for me, since I appreciate every article written so far. I wanted to chicken out, but that would be pretty unfair to everyone, too. So I’m giving you pretty much a “Designer-choice”. I really like the “Artwork Origins from the Smash 64 CSS”, because I also wondered where certain Character-Slots-Arts came from and got many answers (and even gave one answer). When you think about it, the Smash 64-CSS is unique because of the borrowed elements from old artworks. It’s quite fascinating.

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Without question, my favorite article in Source Gaming history is Definitive Unused Fighter List in Smash. PushDustin, and Soma did an unbelievable job in almost single handedly correcting over 15 years worth of misinformation, while simultaneously breaking major news (in regards to Geno). It’s an article I frequently reflect on, and one that gave us a better insight into the character selection process.

In regards to my own contributions, I’m proud of them all. Though I’m most proud of an article that has yet to hit the site, it’s a work in progress, and very near and dear to myself. It’s hard to believe that I joined this site 13 months ago, and wonderful to see how much we’ve all grown since then. It has been a truly incredible experience and I’m excited for the future.


There are a lot of great articles on the site. Definitive Unused Fighters List in Smash is probably our best (and its also the most popular). Its still the best resources for characters planned for Super Smash Bros. Likewise, Road to NX is another great research peice by Nantendo. More than anyone else has, it tried to dive into the interworkings of Nintendo to make a strong prediciton for the NX. Source Gaming has done a ton of great work and its thanks to your support that we’ve been able to continue. Over the past two years, we’ve been able to provide some great translations, cover E3 and even do exclusive interviews with numerous influential people. We even had an opprotunity to interview the announcer from Super Smash Bros Melee Dean Harrington.

A reason I wrote Smash Speculation in a Post Source Gaming World is because I really do think this site has made a difference, even if its just a small one. But I guess you, the reader, will be the ultimate judge of that.


Well, I guess I joined a year ago? I think that’s around when I joined. I didn’t realize that my translations would be read by so many people, and I have Source Gaming to thank for that. I’d also like to shout out the often hidden cache of translators we have like Sutamen, Marie, and more, who have been crucial to the process by editing my initial translations. As for my favorite posts? They’re probably the Sakurai On: Smash 64 and Sakurai On: Melee pieces, which are two of the few articles I’ve actually written, not translated, focusing on what we know of the development of those two games from first person sources.

I joined SG a little over a year ago. There’s a lot of passion and integrity in this site and I love it. Shout outs to the talented team of translators we have; I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Soma, Push, Marie, and the rest of y’all. It’s been a fun ride so far, and I’m looking forward to the site growing even more. There’s a lot of untranslated content outside the world of Smash, and I’d like to see SG eventually become the #1 place for quality translations across the whole of gaming. As for my article pick, it’d have to be Japanese Discussion on Smash DLC, because when it was posted to reddit, I posted a comment that led to Push bringing me aboard SG in the first place. So, I guess I really need to thank those Japanese commenters on 2ch.

What are your favorite Source Gaming articles? Let us know in the comments!

  1. I’m gonna have to go with the Unused Fighter List as well. I just has so much information and clears up a ton character speculation on its own.

    Also, Nirbion calling you guys the SG-Crew made me think of the DK Rap…

    “So they’re finally here, translating for you!
    If you have some thoughts, you can chime in too!
    Move your fingers around if you wanna type
    as they take you through the Smash Bros hype!
    S-G, Source Gaming!
    S-G, Source Gaming is here!”

    Nintendrone on August 19 |
    • I need to hear that song in tomorrow stream =P

    • “He’s the founder of the site, obsessed with Smash,
      And on the site’s birthday, he’ll have a laugh!
      He’s a Wario main, known to go for wafts,
      If he hits ya (ugh!) you’ll lose your stock
      He does interviews, features, and streaming too
      He’s the first member of the SG-Crew!

      S-G, Source Gaming!
      S-G, Source Gaming is here!”

      I couldn’t help myself.

      Spiral on August 21 |
  2. There are a lot of great articles in the site.
    But my favorite is the Smash poll series, a huge endeavor that collect the opinions of thousands of people, at this point it might be outdated and suffer for biases based on hate-voters and overhyped characters.
    but it gave us the a fair and quantitative look of our picks to become the DLC ballot winner…
    In the end, it didn’t come close.
    But the experience was important, and I hope to have the chance to be here when we get our second time to vote, and analyze the results with you guys.

    • All the articles you guys have mentioned were really great, picking a favorite would be a really hard task… I can’t even bring it down to one, I think it’ll have to be a tie between “Why does Wario fart?” and “The Definitive Unused Fighters List in Smash”. The former because of just how in-depth and detailed it was about my favorite character from the Mario universe, teaching me so many things that I probably never would have know had it not been for that article. Also, I may not remember what actually brought me to this site, but I seem to recall that was one of the first articles I read. That, and the similar article on Ganondorf’s moveset, “F-Zero Pilots and Demon Kings Fight Alike”, which was also a very great read. The latter just because of how much information is within it. I refer to this article all the time when discussing Smash, not only is reading about stuff like this just utterly fascinating to me, but it’s extremely handy as a resource whenever debating people over certain design choices or character inclusions. It’s just an all-around fantastic source for gaming (yes, that was intentional).

      Spiral on August 21 |