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This article looks at comments made from the August 10th- August 17 (Japan time).

I’m a little behind with featured comments. Sorry about that, but between organizing the Dean Harrington interview, the live stream and another interview I’ve been pretty busy. The first half of the live stream is rendering now for those of you who missed it. The second half will be uploaded in the coming days too. Thanks to everyone that showed up, and participated. It was really a lot of fun! Let me know your honest opinions of the stream. What you liked, what we need to improve for next time, etc. Hopefully we can perfect the formula for the future!

I’d like to think that I’ll be less busy in the coming weeks…but I probably won’t be. Next month is Tokyo Game Show and my birthday (turning 28!) and I’ll have a full schedule for work.

There’s a lot of comments to look at, so let’s get started!

Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!


This is how Bayonetta’s deal works. Sega permit Platinum to seek other publishers E.G: Konami, to approve Bayonetta 2 for finish. Only Nintendo step in so they offer an exclusive deal. Basically the game can go anywhere as long as there is a publisher.

This is why Nintendo no longer have Banjo or Perfect Dark because Rare own those titles but characters like General Scales and K.Rool were created under the Star Fox and Donkey Kong licenses so Nintendo own those characters.

The ONLY thing Nintendo own in Bayonetta 2 is the Star Fox and Nintendo crossover promotions. This is why people have never said for certain if Bayonetta 2 or 3 will go to other platforms. But the second one would require major changes (like a new engine EG: Sigma 2) to run on other formats.

With Devil’s Third I’m not as certain. Valhalla definitely own the rights because they are publishing it on PC but given they did it under contract using Nintendo’s approval Nintendo may well have ownership in that IP.


From: Potential Characters for the Next Smash [Part 3]

This sounds right. Rights/ legal stuff sometimes escapes the fandom as we don’t have access to contracts.


Alright, let’s get right back in it.

I’m only a casual fan of the DK series, so I’ve no real connections with its characters. That being said, I think Dixie could make an interesting character. I didn’t even consider Cranky as an option, but he could be a pretty humorous addition. I just wonder how he’d go up against characters like Ganondorf or Bowser, he’s too old to put up a fight!

As a serious fan of the Metroid series, I’ve been curious about the addition of a new character for a while. However, the issue always seems to be that there aren’t really that many iconic or recurring characters in the series besides Samus herself. Ridley has been brought up so many times that I don’t think I can add much more to that conversation. Dark Samus is an interesting option that I wouldn’t mind, either as a semi-clone or as an original character, but would people be okay with having *three* ‘Samus’ characters (I know we have two Marios, two Pits, and two Marths, but some people might think three would be pushing it)? Sylux and Rundas have moveset potential, I just worry that they might not be iconic enough. A Metroid as a character is an extremely odd choice, but I think it could maybe work? I just have issues designing an interesting moveset around something with no arms, legs, or weapons. All it could do is tackle and grab opponents. Funny enough, I think Sakurai brought up a similar point when someone asked if he could make Mr. Saturn playable.

I used to think I liked the Kirby series, since I’ve played a lot of the games and loved each one. But I don’t even know who Bandana Dee, Galacta Knight or Magalor are D: There was a Dream Smashers article on Bandana Dee that I thought was good, and I think Prince Fluff has a lot of potential for being a unique character. Considering that there was almost an Epic Yarn stage in Smash, at least we know that Sakurai did have Epic Yarn on his mind.

I’ve never played a Star Fox game, so my only connection to its characters are through Smash. I started to like Wolf towards the end of Brawl, and I really like Falco in Smash 4. That being said, I would like Falco to become even more aerial-based than he already is. I would be alright with Wolf coming back as he is, but I also wouldn’t mind a new moveset for him. He is already pretty unique when compared to Fox and Falco, so maybe just changing up a few of his specials and his Final Smash to reflect his appearance in Star Fox Zero would be enough. My only knowledge of Krystal comes from Super Smash Crusade, and I guess she was interesting there, but I have no strong reaction to her one way or the other. There was also a Dream Smashers article for Slippy where be’d be something of a joke character, with moves inspired from Star Fox Guard. I thought that would have been an interesting take on the character.

From: Potential Characters for the Next Smash Roster [Part 2]

I like Cranky as an option myself. He could have a lot of individuality added to him to make him really stand out.

A lot of people including MagcargoMan, Spiral and Zoniken wrote some in depth responses to Voyager’s articles. All very well thought out! Thank you!


Nabbit did appear in the poll, though he didn’t score very well (again, the hostile “he’s gonna steal the limited spots”-enviroment that the DLC-era encouraged doesn’t do much good to dark horses)

Ravio and Arcade Bunny are both great choices and hopefully the former gets a wave of supporters this winter after they see Ravio kicking butt in the Hyrule Warriors DLC (Including inspiration on how Wall Merge would work in a wall-less enviroment) and the latter gets a new Badge Arcade on the NX (I have a gut feeling they’re gonna amp it up on the customisation) because I just can’t get enough of the greedy bunch of rabbits

To be honest, Bowser Jr. does have an odd playstyle, so if there’s one character hard to pin-point an archetype of it’s him.

I have a theory that Nabbit will appear in Color Splash and I sure hope he does. Every game counts to keep the momentum to the NX!

Maybe less important than momentum is that the games give him movepool
The current games give him a great archetype as Fragile Trick Speedster Thief but he lacks a moveset to show it off, all he does is run.

Paper Jam introduces new moves for him, but they’re either unsuited for Smash (Stealing weapons, it would be really unbalanced in multiple ways) or out of character/one-time things (Spawning minions is not unique to Nabbit).

The Rio Olympic games gave him a special move in the 100m, but I was crushed to find out the move just consisted of “Running harder with small dust clouds behind him”

Welp, I did my Nabbit rant of the day, I’ll see you in the third party part ranting about the Pac-Man Ghosts. (And in part two to post my Ravio moveset :p)

Keep up the amazing work!

From: Potential Characters for the Next Smash [Part 1]

Yeah…people were pretty silly with the “limited spots” mentality. I think we tried discouraging people to think like that, as we just wanted to measure general appeal…but people’s agendas got the best of them. That’s why some characters got hate vote bombed, and did poorly. The full data can be seen here.  Seeing the breakdown of the numbers really helps to figure out why the results are the way they are. We should do another poll like that sometime, but I’m afraid without it being “Smash season” there wouldn’t be a lot of interest.


I can honestly say, Bayonetta is far more violent than MK.

From: Third-Parties in Smash: What’s Left [Part 1]

I think MK is way more violent for different reasons. Bayonetta is more playful about it, while MK tries to be very serious. With Scorpion, I feel like his spear would need to impale, and for some characters that would be a no-no. Also, it’d be a shame to have him set fire to someone and not have the “crispy” guy come up.


I still have my original Red cartridge, so I’ll definitely participate in this if I have the time. Hopefully my game’s save battery still works.

From: GameClub #2 — Pokémon — 1st Generation

Great! I need to start playing some Green/Blue myself!


Yeah, I fully expected Bomberman too ;_;


Ooh, almost forgot: yes, he might be a big stretch, but I say if you’re going to include Steve and Banjo in here, you might as well include Microsoft’s Master Chief. Halo is undoubtedly influential, even if Minecraft currently has it beat by a mile it was still extremely prominent back in the Xbox days. He’d be the last “WTF JUST HOW THE HECK DID THEY PUT HIM IN?!?!” character in Smash, too, after Snake and Cloud shook the world by storm, and a worthy addition.

I’m not even a big Halo fan, I just feel that the door for characters strongly associated with another console has been blown open by now with the aforementioned last couple of characters, so I feel like Master Chief would be the next logical step.

From: Third-Parties in Smash: What’s Left [Part 2]

I agree with this. I don’t think Master Chief is very likely, but I don’t think he’s impossible.


Hey I just wanted to congratulate you guys on two years! Thanks for all the great analysis articles and videos, for making the long droughts without any Smash information enjoyable, and for providing better context and understanding when it comes to how Mr. Sakurai makes games. Your special guest sounds like they’ve kept everyone waiting long enough, can’t wait!

From: Source Gaming Birthday Stream is Next Week!

Thank you! Glad we can contribute so much information to such an important series!


I didn’t even realize how long my comments were getting until I finished them and went back to proofread them, there really was a lot to talk about in those articles. And speaking of proofreading;

“It doesn’t even mention the Wii U title.”

As much as I wish this was true, I think you meant the Wii title.’

In other news, have we ever had 17 comments featured in one week? This really has been a good week for Source Gaming ?

From: Featured Comments

There’s a LOT of comments from Voyager’s and APC’s articles; I don’t think I’ve seen any really bad comments either — you guys are the best! There’s a lot more I could’ve (and should’ve) featured, but I ran out of time. Same with this week. D: Part 4 of Voyager’s article has 41 comments for example!


Better luck next time, I guess. I do appreciate how you guys notice us commentators in these special articles.

From: Featured Comments

Would love to do a video response to featured comments, but I need to learn video editing first. I have a great idea for a video that I’d like to make, but my lack of experience is holding me back mentally. Then because I never make it, I don’t get better at video editing. It’s quite the Catch-22. At the same time, I enjoy writing because I can include links right in the content for those who want it. Writing a response, and saying a response can create totally different experiences, and one isn’t inherently better than the other.  I should be also including YouTube/ Twitter comments, but I’m afraid I’d explode :X


It’s really the wait that would stop me from enjoying something like this, there are a very low number of things I’d wait in line for over an hour for, let alone three and a half. The experience itself does sound pretty fun, and I love the idea of themed dishes. I wonder if anything like this could ever catch on outside of Japan?

From: Kirby Café Impressions

Kind of doubt it =/. A lot of Kirby stuff seems to only get released in Japan.


Simon Belmont and Banjo-Kazooie actually have good reason to be in, unlike Cloud. They actually had significant appearances on Nintendo consoles.

From: Characters vs. Companies

But Cloud has way more appeal — even among Nintendo fans themselves. Cloud is way more well known to the general population than Belmont and Banjo-Kazooie.


I was actually in Osaka just last week, and because I didn’t realise how popular themed cafés actually were, by the time I got to the Lucua at around 12:30, the cafe tickets for the day were way way past being all distributed for the day (and I only had one day free).
To be honest I probably would have picked the same food items as you did had I made it in, though I might have gone for the Kirby pancake stack as well (or instead of the Cocktail). And like you said, you’re paying for the experience more than anything (even so it’s still a bit pricey – the Dedede plate in particular, sheesh!)
I didn’t see the Waddle Dee plush in the cafe but Cafe Kirby was being paraded by some patrons when I was there.
With regards to the gift store I actually managed to get in for the 1900hrs block and ended up spending around 20min taking photos of the Waddle Dee plushies (the absolute best of the items that were in stock by the time I went in), and ended up buying the soundtrack, the Mass Attack Kirby set, a face towel and one other item I can’t recall now. Did you manage to see or buy the Kirby Cafe specific kitchenware when you went at 10:50? (I’ve wondered if we had to preorder them from the cafe, which would have sucked for anyone who missed out upstairs).
Overall, glad to hear your account of the experience of the Kirby Cafe!
Also… “Sauce Gaming”. Hue.

From: Kirby Café Impressions

I didn’t see the kitchenware! I was pretty rushed, and I didn’t have much time to look around. They also didn’t have the face towel (which is something I really wanted ;_;). The CD is great, but I almost don’t want to open mine in order to keep it as a collectors item. I keep needing to find new versions on YouTube as they get taken down though X.x

The Dedede Plate is super expensive. I actually saw a writer from Nintendo Wire when I was waiting in line, and he told me it was his 2nd time going and he bought the Dedede Plate the first time. Insane!

I thought it’d be fun to reuse the Sauce Gaming category for that post 🙂 I was trying to fix the position of the pages, and found a way to reactivate the categories on the post…so now they can be seen. Still working on the position of the pages.



  1. So is Master Chief, doesn’t mean he should get in Smash, and this is coming from a long-time Halo fan (well, Bungie-era Halo). Adding third-parties that have nothing to do with Nintendo is like how Playstation All-Stars guest stars had nothing to do with Playstation history like Big Daddy and Isaac Clarke.

    Cloud didn’t even seem like he love put into him like the other third-parties. He speaks Japanese in all versions instead of having Steve Burton reprise his role for the English versions, there’s literally no FF trophies that aren’t Cloud (even Street Fighter got a Ken trophy at least), and his stage only got two songs and neither were remixes. Feels like Square were rather stingy with the whole thing and had him rushed.

    I know this has been talked about on this site in several articles, but I strongly stand by the idea that third-parties should be ones that at least some significant role on a Nintendo console. People criticise Snake’s inclusion, but there were several Metal Gear games with Snake on Nintendo consoles, even before Twin Snakes (Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Snake’s Revenge and Metal Gear: Ghost Babel). Cloud’s appearances on Nintendo consoles are extremely minor ones like being in Theatrhythm (which has a lot of playable characters so he doesn’t stand out) or cameos in Kingdom Hearts DS games.

    (Off-topic, but first time I’ve found one of these Featuired Comments articles right after they were posted. Surprised to see I got here before other comments for once.)

    MagcargoMan on August 22 |
    • Master Chief would be a very jarring inclusion though. Cloud himself may not have much to do with Nintendo besides spin off games, but up until Final Fantasy VII, the series was heavily affiliated with Nintendo, and have even had many side games available on Nintendo consoles after the fact, such as the 3DS exclusive Final Fantasy Explorers. Additionally, his anime aesthetic makes him easy to translate into Smash, as well as having already been in the Dissidia fighting games. Master Chief, on the other hand, comes from a series which has zero affiliation with Nintendo, hails from a gritty series which would not translate into Smash well and does not really have a niche as a fighter that he could really represent while staying true to his origins.

      While the Snake appearing in Brawl was also a little jarring due to the series he’s from being rather mature (like Halo), it is also known for its quirky sense of humour, over the top and convoluted plots and basically pioneering the stealth genre of gaming. Additionally, the series has significant history with Nintendo and Sakurai actually added Snake as a favour to Kojima.

      Heck, having history with Nintendo doesn’t even matter anymore, as proven by Cloud. Sakurai never said he has hard and fast rules that he sticks to when including characters, rather that having games on a Nintendo system is more of a courtesy. And what makes Smash different from PSABR is that the 3rd party characters selected (barring Bayonetta, who was the winner of the ballot) are *icons* of gaming. Sonic is pretty much the face of the 90s console wars, being the first mascot to truly put a dent in Nintendo’s sales. Mega-Man is famous for his hard as nails gameplay and for basically being synonymous with the phrase “Nintendo Hard”, Pac-Man is possibly even more famous than Mario, being “the first video game character”, and holding the World Record for having the most successful coin op game in history. Ryu is the face of fighting games much like Cloud is the face of RPGs.

      An argument could be made that Master Chief should/could be included as the face of the FPS, but it’s highly contestable at best with the massive saturation of first person shooters right now, non of which have ever really become synonymous with gaming in the same way the other third parties have.

      I know you’re implying you don’t want Master Chief in the game, so I’m not saying you do, but the point I’m trying to make is why a character like Cloud is in the game when a character like Master Chief isn’t. Please forgive the text wall. ;^;

      InfinityAlex on August 23 |
      • “but up until Final Fantasy VII, the series was heavily affiliated with Nintendo”
        That’s all well and good, but we didn’t get someone from Final Fantasy 1-6.

        I know the rule doesn’t say a character has to have a major role on a Nintendo console, but if you’re gonna pick someone as loosely related to Nintendo as Cloud might as well open the floodgates and pick anybody who had some minor appearance on a Nintendo console.

        No need to apologise, it didn’t take long to read.

        MagcargoMan on August 25 |
        • Thing is, Clpud is easily the most famous Final Fantasy protagonist. I’d wager many people know Cloud without knowing his series, and it’s that kind of Wolverine Publicity which makes him a great choice to represent the series as a guest star, not to mention he is insanely popular with Final Fantasy fans.

          InfinityAlex on August 25 |
    • For that matter, Cloud represent Final Fantasy as a whole, and that franchise is one of the biggest ones in gaming, and it has its roots in the NES-SNES era, but yeah, Cloud represent the PlayStation era, but he is the posterboy of the whole franchise.

  2. Oh snap, the triple feature :O

    I noticed you mentioned wanting to get better at video editing. I’ve been editing videos as a hobby for nearly 10 years now (emphasis on ‘hobby’, I’m not that good), and I can tell you that you want to practice as much as you can. I started with Windows Movie Maker, which is notoriously not that special when it comes to more advanced edits, but using that for so long taught me a lot of different tricks I could employ to edit videos how I wanted to. It definitely feels tedious at first, and it takes ages to make things look as good as you want them to, but in my opinion, it’s all worth it in the end.

    Spiral on August 23 |
    • you got the correct answers =P

      Yeah, video editing is really hard… I have my own little channel, and it’s really hard to pull off… my first videos are completely atrocious, but with practice I’m sure that now they are at least “meh” =P

  3. Maybe half of the commentaries in my articles are my answers, but anyways, the level of discussion around them it’s awesome =)

  4. Sorry for double-posting, but I didn’t see this the first time I posted on this article.

    “With Scorpion, I feel like his spear would need to impale”

    I don’t see any need for Scorpion to be in Smash, but Corrin already can impale characters with his Side Special.

    MagcargoMan on August 29 |