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Sources for Smash Trivia

Sources for Smash Trivia
Thanks to everyone that joined the live stream! I’ll be posting a video of the Smash Trivia portion of the live stream tomorrow, but I wanted to get the questions and their sources up for you guys. Special thanks to Intelliheath for helping out with the questions, and Nirbion for his amazing work on the graphics.

Let me know how many you can answer in the comments below!

Easy Level = 1 point per correct answer
Challenging Level = 2 point per correct answer
Difficult Level = 3 point per correct answer
Master Level = 4 point per correct answer

Good luck!

Easy Level (Master Hand):


What does Peach said during her victory pose, staring with “Oh, ___ _ ____?”



Oh, did I win?

List all seven of the DLC characters that were released for Smash for Wii U and 3DS

Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Bayonetta, Corrin


What character, with a completely unique moveset, was cut in between Melee and Brawl?


Mewtwo (Source)

Name the two characters that were included in the alledge ‘Gematsu Leaks’, but were not included in the final roster of Smash for Wii U and 3DS.

Chrom and Chorus Men (Source)

  1. What character did Artsy Omni create a convincing render of just before the Smash ballot?


What characters has Sakurai made an official comment on why they aren’t included in Smash for Wii U?

    1. Ice Climbers 
    2. Ridley 
    3. King K. Rool
    4. Wolf
    5. Chrom 
      Ice Climbers(Source), Ridley(Source), Chrom(Source)

What did Sakurai discuss in his Famitsu Column titled, Exhaustion and Excitement (Released in early Feburary) relating to the Smash series as a whole?

    1. Melee and Smash for Wii U as an e-Sport
    2. Making Smash feel fresh with new characters
    3. Balancing Cloud
    4. His cat
      Making Smash feel fresh with new characters (Source)

What retro character that is popular with Smash fans, did Sakurai want to add to Brawl?

Geno (Source)

Why was Bandai Namco chosen to help develop Smash for Wii U/3DS?

Experience working with fighting games, and big Japanese studio.

Who is the only character not made by a Japanese studio in Smash?

Diddy Kong

Challenging Level (Giga Bowser):

List all of the characters within the ‘Forbidden Seven’

Dixie Kong, Mewtwo, Roy, Plusle and Minun?, Dr. Mario, Toon Zelda/ Toon Sheik (Source)

What character was Sakurai referring to when he said, “Just because you try hard doesn’t mean you’ll make it into the battle”?


How many eyes does the Daisy trophy had in Super Smash Bros. Melee


What did Sakurai call DLC in his column, The Creator’s Hands Are Alive and Well?

    1. A necessary evil
    2. A scam 
    3. Great for promotional purposes
      A scam (Source)

Which ‘rules’ are confirmed by Sakurai for third party characters?

    1. No manga characters 
    2. Up to two characters per company
    3. Must have creator’s permission/ free reign
    4. The character must carry history with them
      1,3,4  (Source)

What unique gameplay element to Brawl was cut during its’ development (not featured previously)?

Battle damage system (Source)

What characters were worked on, but scrapped for Smash 64?

Mewtwo, Dedede, and Bowser (Source)

What characters were the Fighting Alloy Team based on in Brawl?

Captain Falcon, Zelda, Mario, Kirby

What three series have the most amount of assist trophies in Smash for Wii U/3DS?

Mario, Zelda and Metroid

What character did Xander Mobus say he had the most difficult time pronouncing?

Purin! (Jigglypuff) **Ryu

Difficult Level (Crazy Hand):

What stages were considered for Smash for Wii U and 3DS, but were dropped?

    1. A stage based on Majora’s Mask
    2. A stage based on Kirby’s Epic Yarn
    3. A stage based on Super Mario Land
    4. A stage based on Tetris
    5. A stage based on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
      2,3 (Source)

What third party company has the most “representation” in Smash for Wii U/3DS?

Bandai Namco

What NES character was set to appear in Melee as an item?

Sukapon (Source)

What track is featured on multiple levels in Melee?

Dr. Mario

What’s on the Smash Dollars?

Nintendo HQ and Sakurai


What ‘masterpiece’ was left on the cutting room floor within Smash for Wii U?

Super Smash 64 (Source)

What stage took a whole year to make in Smash for Wii U?

Orbital Gate Assault

What is Masahiro Sakurai’s hobby?

Driving (Source)

Who would be the next character added to Melee if Sakurai had more time?

Wario (Source)

Why was L-canceling not included in Brawl?

Lack of buttons on the Wii-remote, and making the game more accessible. (Source)

Master Level (Master Fortress):

Name two modes that were originally planned for Melee

Trophy Battles, 8 Player Smash (Source, Source)


Who did Sakurai marry, and when?


Michiko Takahashi, June 2008 (Source)

What is the name of Sakurai’s cat, and the origin of it’s name? (Bonus point: Who’s cat does Sakurai’s cat share a birthday with?)

Fukura (or Fukushi). Shares a birthday with Pokemon Creator Masuda’s cat, Kiki. (Source)

When was Smash 64’s project proposal finished?

October 1996 (Source)

…what was the other game Sakurai proposed along with Smash 64?

An action adventure game (Source)

What gameplay system had to be redesigned into both Smash for Wii U and 3DS for Ryu?

Command inputs (Source)

Why did Sakurai go with Mega Mewtwo Y instead of Mega Mewtwo X?

X clashed with his design philosophy of Mewtwo, as Mega Mewtwo X is about physical attacks. (Source)

What was Dean Harrington’s inspiration for his voice in Melee?

Circus Ring announcer

Why did Sakurai pass on the Urban Champion as a retro rep for Melee?

seems like he doesn’t have a lot of moves” (Source)

Name all four of the voice actors who were announcers for Smash.

Jeff Manning, Dean Harrington, Pat Cashman, Xander Mobus

True / False (Unused)

Megaman was considered for Brawl 

Wii Fit Trainer has less bones in 8 Player Smash 

James Bond was considered for Melee 

The Oracle games are represented in Smash 

Sakurai’s cat has a special feature in Pokemon Stadium 2 

Ice Climbers have an unused chant in Smash for Wii U/3DS

F (Source),  T (Source), T (Source), F, F (Source). F (Source)


  1. I’d still make the case that Little Mac should count as a Western designed character. Next Level basically had to re-do him from the ground-up for 3D. Doc to an exent too.

    Zeebor on August 24 |
    • Yes, but they’re redesigns of existing Japanese created characters, whereas Diddy Kong, while originally envisioned as a redesign for DK Jr., is his own entity, British made, no less. 😛

      InfinityAlex on August 24 |
    • Sakurai mainly discusses the classic arcade game when introducing Little Mac in his column, and has included numerous references to that version (such as the wireframe alts). So, I personally wouldn’t count that as the older titles has had a huge impact on Little Mac’s appearance in Smash.

      PushDustIn on August 25 |
  2. Easy: 9/10
    Challenging: 7/10
    Difficult: 3/10
    Master: 1/10
    True/False: 2/6

    Started great but fell apart in the end. Some answers weren’t completely wrong though. I remembered 6 of the forbidden seven for example, but the last one was wrong.

    Garo on August 25 |
  3. (finally got around to this) Out of a possible 100 points, I could only get 37… and I thought I knew a lot of Smash trivia…

    Those last two categories were hard, I only got two right from each. I totally wasn’t expecting questions like those.

    Spiral on September 5 |