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This article looks at comments made from the August 17th- August 24 (Japan time).

Still a little bit behind. Hoping to catch up this week. September will be Tokyo Game Show, which I’ll be attending so I want to catch up before then. If you haven’t joined Source Gaming’s Discord channel, please do! If you have written a Guest Article in the past, please message me directly so I can update your flair on the channel.

There’s a lot of comments to look at, so let’s get started!

Also, there’s over 52 comments on Dream Roster – Fire Emblem Warriors. I don’t have a strong connection to the Fire Emblem series as I’ve only played Awakening for an hour. Sorry, I just don’t have any informed opinions on FE.

Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!


Glad to be a part of this great website. The content produced here is often better than so-called “professional” sites!

So here’s to the next 2 years, and beyond.

From: Source Gaming is 2 Years Old!

Thanks for helping out with proofing!

I worry about keeping the quality up. I’ll just keep trying my best!


I had no idea you were going through such rough times back then… being nearly the same age and all, too, makes this really resonate. My heart goes out to your father, and I am really glad to hear your mother recovered. Our sites too have reached their second year anniversary this year.

I remember back when we first spoke, you mentioned Kantopia and my daily posts/translations (no matter big or small) along with Legends of Localization as an inspiration of sorts. I was already glad to hear such a thing back then, but after seeing the above post, it makes me even more glad that, even if it inspired you in a small way, that it still drove you to continue this site in some fashion and hopefully helped you out of that slump.

SG has provided quality content that deserves to be seen and sourced more (properly!). I hope it continues to do so in the future, and that things go well for you, Push! It makes me happy being on the “friends of SourceGaming” list and occasionally helping out you or some other staff now and then : )

Here’s to another few years!


From: Source Gaming is 2 Years Old!

It’s kind of difficult for me to talk about my personal life sometimes — I tend to be very private about my own thoughts and feelings…even among friends. Since it was the 2nd year anniversary, I really wanted to provide a personal reflection of the experience so far. My goal was to provide a deeper understanding of who I am to everyone.


I honestly thought Kantopia has been going for longer than that :X. I hope Kantopia continues to provide you with amazing opportunities too! I look forward to collaborating again in the future!


Congrats on two years Source Gaming! With all the passion and effort you guys put into this place I don’t see things going anywhere but up. Here’s hoping SG continues to grow in the coming years.

From: Source Gaming is 2 Years Old!

Thank you for your support!


I’m gonna have to go with the Unused Fighter List as well. I just has so much information and clears up a ton character speculation on its own.

Also, Nirbion calling you guys the SG-Crew made me think of the DK Rap…

“So they’re finally here, translating for you!
If you have some thoughts, you can chime in too!
Move your fingers around if you wanna type
as they take you through the Smash Bros hype!
S-G, Source Gaming!
S-G, Source Gaming is here!”

From: Favorite Source Gaming Article & Reflections!

Push! PushDustIn!!

He’s the leader of the bunch, you know him well
He’s finally back to source some facts
His blog posts, comes every day
If ya read it, you gonna learn
He’s bigger, faster, and stronger too
He’s the first member of the S-G crew


I’ll work on it.

Rafael Mauna (@Fire_Voyager)

There are a lot of great articles in the site.
But my favorite is the Smash poll series, a huge endeavor that collect the opinions of thousands of people, at this point it might be outdated and suffer for biases based on hate-voters and overhyped characters.
but it gave us the a fair and quantitative look of our picks to become the DLC ballot winner…
In the end, it didn’t come close.
But the experience was important, and I hope to have the chance to be here when we get our second time to vote, and analyze the results with you guys.

From: Favorite Source Gaming Article & Reflections!

I would love to do another epic poll like that. Maybe in September. I’ll need more help than ever to get as many votes, since Smash hype is down.


I find it peculiar that Sakurai didn’t mention Pikachu’s hats in Smash Bros. when he brought up Pikachu’s license disallowing clothing on the character. I’d imagine that an exception was made for Pikachu’s hats, since it’s probable that the license forbade Sakurai from drastically altering Pikachu’s color scheme for its alternate costumes.

From: Pokémon and Smash [Masuda x Sakurai]

It wasn’t really an interview for Sakurai though, so he really didn’t talk that much (unfortunately). I do think that exception was also made as the hats serve as references to the various generations.


All the articles you guys have mentioned were really great, picking a favorite would be a really hard task… I can’t even bring it down to one, I think it’ll have to be a tie between “Why does Wario fart?” and “The Definitive Unused Fighters List in Smash”. The former because of just how in-depth and detailed it was about my favorite character from the Mario universe, teaching me so many things that I probably never would have know had it not been for that article. Also, I may not remember what actually brought me to this site, but I seem to recall that was one of the first articles I read. That, and the similar article on Ganondorf’s moveset, “F-Zero Pilots and Demon Kings Fight Alike”, which was also a very great read. The latter just because of how much information is within it. I refer to this article all the time when discussing Smash, not only is reading about stuff like this just utterly fascinating to me, but it’s extremely handy as a resource whenever debating people over certain design choices or character inclusions. It’s just an all-around fantastic source for gaming (yes, that was intentional).

From: Favorite Source Gaming Article & Reflections!

Let me explain my crazy idea, as your comment reminded me of it and it’s a goal of mine for the site.

There’s actually a category on the site called “Project Omega“, and Why Does Wario Fart? and F-Zero Pilots and Demon Kings Fight Alike, Nintendo IPs in Smash, …IPs Not in Smash, Star Fox Series Representation in Smash and Zelda Series Representation in Smash. I guess the Definitive Unused Fighter List, Is Sakurai a Liar, and Masahiro Sakurai Timeline should be added to this category too….maybe Frostwraith’s Clone article too…and the Sakurai On series

Project Omega is basically trying to research EVERYTHING about a character in Smash. Compare text relating to them in Japanese/ English, look over their history…explain their movesets. Everything. We have plans to do additional characters for this series, but as you can imagine it’s a lot of time and effort to spend on one article. Nantendo has been working on and off on a couple of things relating to Project Omega I believe.

Either way, I’ve been trying to think of better ways to organize content. We are approaching 850 articles (this week). We average 60 articles a month…so we’ll hit 1,000 around October. I think it’s pretty difficult to find the information we’ve already posted. If anyone has any suggestions let me know (in the comments or DM on Twitter!).


“He’s the founder of the site, obsessed with Smash,
And on the site’s birthday, he’ll have a laugh!
He’s a Wario main, known to go for wafts,
If he hits ya (ugh!) you’ll lose your stock
He does interviews, features, and streaming too
He’s the first member of the SG-Crew!

S-G, Source Gaming!
S-G, Source Gaming is here!”

I couldn’t help myself.

From: Favorite Source Gaming Article & Reflections!

That’s much better than the one I came up with! I should’ve finished reading the comments before writing my responses. Screw it, we’ll do it live!


“Because while I was working on Smash, there were very stringent restrictions on how I could design Pokémon.”

Didn’t he say a while back that the Pokemon Company wasn’t that strict when it came to dealing with Pokemon in Smash?

From: Pokémon and Smash [Masuda x Sakurai]

Sorry, I don’t recall that. Let me know if you find that quote!


So is Master Chief, doesn’t mean he should get in Smash, and this is coming from a long-time Halo fan (well, Bungie-era Halo). Adding third-parties that have nothing to do with Nintendo is like how Playstation All-Stars guest stars had nothing to do with Playstation history like Big Daddy and Isaac Clarke.

Cloud didn’t even seem like he love put into him like the other third-parties. He speaks Japanese in all versions instead of having Steve Burton reprise his role for the English versions, there’s literally no FF trophies that aren’t Cloud (even Street Fighter got a Ken trophy at least), and his stage only got two songs and neither were remixes. Feels like Square were rather stingy with the whole thing and had him rushed.

I know this has been talked about on this site in several articles, but I strongly stand by the idea that third-parties should be ones that at least some significant role on a Nintendo console. People criticise Snake’s inclusion, but there were several Metal Gear games with Snake on Nintendo consoles, even before Twin Snakes (Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Snake’s Revenge and Metal Gear: Ghost Babel). Cloud’s appearances on Nintendo consoles are extremely minor ones like being in Theatrhythm (which has a lot of playable characters so he doesn’t stand out) or cameos in Kingdom Hearts DS games.

(Off-topic, but first time I’ve found one of these Featuired Comments articles right after they were posted. Surprised to see I got here before other comments for once.)

From: Featured Comments

I’m fairly convinced that Cloud and Square had licensing issues. Smash uses non-union voice actors, while Square uses exclusively union. This means that music was probably more expensive and using the English voice actor for Cloud was probably legally impossible.

Even with Snake, I don’t think “Ah yes, a Nintendo all-star!”. Especially when MGS4 was (at the time) a PS4 exclusive. I’ve argued this in the past, but I do see Smash towards a celebration of video game stars in general. I think it will still be firmly rooted in Nintendo IPs, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Master Chief somehow made his way in.

At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference.


Sorry to be late here since I’ve been busy for a while, but HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY SOURCE GAMING!

Wow, things really did changed a lot since then, even I’ve been here just only a year. But you have overcome many hardships as many viewers supported this site. You really did came here so far as it became the greatest site ever! Being in this site is really fun as I really enjoy reading many Smash and Nintendo related articles and having discussion through comments. And I really do love to keep coming to this site as I support it.

Congratulations Source Gaming! Keep up a great work!

From: Source Gaming is 2 Years Old!

Thank you! Hopefully we can keep providing new and interesting content :X


  1. Ah, I found it, but I got it mixed up. It was him saying Game Freak doesn’t choose which Pokemon get into Smash. Nothing about The Pokemon Company.

    MagcargoMan on August 31 |
  2. I think you mislabeled my SG Rap comment as Mettaur’s. I demand credit for my silly comment! 😛

    Yeah, the way Final Fantasy appears in Smash seems to imply licensing issues, which is a shame. I wasn’t aware that Square-Enix exclusively used union voice actors, which certainly complicates matters. Since Smash uses mostly non-union VAs (I believe at least Hynden Walch goes uncredited as she’s union), Steve Burton would have to either go uncredited, go under a pseudonym, or get replaced. I hear that S-E has a policy on Cloud’s English voice that requires Burton to voice Cloud and be credited as such, so the only way to give Cloud an English voice would be for Smash to open up to union VAs, which likely requires more work than it’s worth for one character’s voice.

    Nintendrone on August 31 |
    • Credit has been given 😛

      PushDustIn on August 31 |
  3. I’ll do my best to prepare a database for a “new poll”… just to be prepared =P

  4. Considering how much I loved the articles on Wario and Ganondorf, I think this Project Omega idea is absolutely fascinating. Of course, I like long articles filled to the brim with information, so maybe I’m a biased sample.

    Spiral on September 2 |