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This article looks at comments made from the August 25th- August 31st (Japan time).

It’s the end of August! What a month! Let’s review the comments from the previous week.  Not as many comments to go through, so let’s get started!


Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!


“but up until Final Fantasy VII, the series was heavily affiliated with Nintendo”
That’s all well and good, but we didn’t get someone from Final Fantasy 1-6.

I know the rule doesn’t say a character has to have a major role on a Nintendo console, but if you’re gonna pick someone as loosely related to Nintendo as Cloud might as well open the floodgates and pick anybody who had some minor appearance on a Nintendo console.

No need to apologise, it didn’t take long to read.


From: Featured Comments

I agree with this. Cloud in Smash is a love letter to FFVII. Look at all those references in his reveal trailer. The stage elements. Most of it was from FFVII itself.

Cloud was picked because he was the most popular Final Fantasy character. Final Fantasy is a legendary series — even if it didn’t have those appearances on Nintendo consoles, Cloud’s inclusion would still be justified.

Sakurai: But on the other hand, if you think about who to add from Final Fantasy, it’s hard to come up with a choice that’s not Cloud. We could have used Terra or Bartz, protagonists in their own right, but I feel like there would be some people who wouldn’t know who those characters are.

For more information on this topic, check out the Sakurai x Nomura interview.


Easy: 9/10
Challenging: 7/10
Difficult: 3/10
Master: 1/10
True/False: 2/6

Started great but fell apart in the end. Some answers weren’t completely wrong though. I remembered 6 of the forbidden seven for example, but the last one was wrong.

From: Sources for Smash Trivia

Nice job! I’m interested in how people would do in general. I thought about creating a Google Doc so I could measure results.


We are grateful to have a game like Splatoon appear and have everyone who plays it enjoy the game from beginning to end. It was a good decision for Nintendo to let this game have its own identity rather than use characters from the Mario universe. Otherwise, the features used in the game such as squid transforming, jumping etc. would just not translate.

From: Holism: the Ink of Splatoon

I’m still bitter about Dinosaur Planet…felt like it could’ve been a solid game without the Star Fox series shoved in it.

Brandon (@Brandon_SM101)

While it most likely will be shown off in September, I think there is a slight chance it could get revealed in October, sometime after Color Splash releases. Reasons being so that it doesn’t cannibalize the sales of that game, and because there won’t be anymore Wii U exclusive games after that.

From: When Will The NX Be Announced Anyway?

Good point. Maybe they will port Color Splash to the NX, as it might not sell at all on the Wii U.


Awesome interview. Wow, at one point they left him talking alone to the mic.. : P
Also, let me get it, you guys can’t direct ask about what are the specific lines left out, you can’t ask something as direct as “Do you remember saying Plusle and Minun?” ? I thought NDAs ended after some years.

From: Straight from the Source: Pat Cashman

Somewhat off topic, but I wanted to briefly discuss something and Ar’s comment leads into it well.

With a lot of our interviews, we send out questions before asking them– even for voice interviews. This is done for two reasons. 1. We want the person to be prepared for our questions, in every way possible. I know sometimes I feel regret with an answer I had given. 2. We want to respect guests and not throw them off guard, or back them into a corner. There’s a certain kind of journalism where they try to actively trip up people or put them in impossible situations (“gotcha journalism” as Palin had put it). That’s something I’m not interested in doing with Source Gaming. So far we haven’t had a person we interview outright deny to answer a question, so we’ve been pretty fortunate. Sometimes it’s good to push the interviewees a bit — to see if you can pick their brain, but if you throw them completely off balance the interview will be ruined.

I really, really wanted to ask about Plusle and Minun in particular. But after reading his answers from the other questions, I don’t think he would have answered: maybe he honestly doesn’t remember, or maybe he’s unwilling to answer out of fear of an NDA or out of respect for Nintendo / Sakurai — it doesn’t really matter in the end…as it was very clear he didn’t want to discuss that, so I didn’t want to ask in the end. 

Hopefully, we can solve the mystery of Plusle and Minun someday. I think Sakurai might be the only person willing to discuss them.


Reflector? I think you meant to say Shine.

From: News Flash! Super Smash Bros. Dojo: Fox

Nope, we meant Reflector. Shine is the unofficial term.

Isaac: Venus Adept

Now you guys just need to interview Jeff Manning and you’ve officially interviewed every single Super Smash Bros announcer

From: Straight from the Source: Pat Cashman

I’m trying to find a way to contact him. Dude has no footprint online! I can contact some companies he’s worked for, but I’m not sure if he’s still employed…and it’d be a little weird to request an interview. I’m working on it!


Sorry for double-posting, but I didn’t see this the first time I posted on this article.

“With Scorpion, I feel like his spear would need to impale”

I don’t see any need for Scorpion to be in Smash, but Corrin already can impale characters with his Side Special.

From: Featured Comments

Don’t worry about double posting! We don’t have rules against it (just don’t be obnoxious with it!).

Hmm that’s true. But Corrin just stops the fighter in the tracks, Scorpion pulls them towards him.


I think you mislabeled my SG Rap comment as Mettaur’s. I demand credit for my silly comment! ?

Yeah, the way Final Fantasy appears in Smash seems to imply licensing issues, which is a shame. I wasn’t aware that Square-Enix exclusively used union voice actors, which certainly complicates matters. Since Smash uses mostly non-union VAs (I believe at least Hynden Walch goes uncredited as she’s union), Steve Burton would have to either go uncredited, go under a pseudonym, or get replaced. I hear that S-E has a policy on Cloud’s English voice that requires Burton to voice Cloud and be credited as such, so the only way to give Cloud an English voice would be for Smash to open up to union VAs, which likely requires more work than it’s worth for one character’s voice.

From: Featured Comments

Credit has been given!


  1. “I’m still bitter about Dinosaur Planet…felt like it could’ve been a solid game without the Star Fox series shoved in it.”

    No way. If that happened Dinosaur Planet would have gone to Microsoft and General Scales would have no chance of getting in Smash Bros. He is my 7th most wanted I’ll have you know.

    haruhisailormars on September 3 |
    • No offence, but General Scales still has no chance of getting into Smash Bros. He doesn’t even show up as a trophy.

      MagcargoMan on September 4 |
  2. One of these days, we are going to need a full version of the SG Rap. ^-^

    Smash44 on September 3 |
  3. I think you mean to reply to the guy who was talking to me in that first quote, based on the whole “I agree with this” part.

    As for Corrin/Scorpion difference I don’t think it matters; the point is you can already impale characters in Smash Bros. I don’t see how pulling them towards you afterwards makes it any more violent.

    MagcargoMan on September 4 |
  4. Thanks for the extra reply. There also something I thought after posting that comment. Maybe revealing things that are supposed to be secret even after the end of an NDA can damage one artist’s/worker’s reputation and chances for new jobs. : /

    Ar on September 4 |