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August 2016 Review

August 2016

August 2016 is over! This past month was a big milestone for Source Gaming! We made it through two years, and to celebrate we organized interviews with three of the Smash announcers! The livestream was also a lot of fun, and I hope to set up more in the future. If you haven’t read it, June 2016 Review is here.


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Videos and Podcasts (4):

SourceCast 19: The Future of amiibo– The SG Team provides their thoughts on the future of Nintendo’s amiibo.

Dean Harrington

Straight from the Source: Dean Harrington – PushDustIn and Spazzy_D interview Melee’s announcer, Dean Harrington!

Video of Birthday Livestream (Discussion with Special Guests) – Xander Mobus, Ash Paulsen, James Montagna, Artsy Omni, and the SG team discuss working on Smash.

Smash trivia (1)
Smash Trivia with Xander Mobus! – How many of these can you answer? Find out!

Translations (1):

Pokémon and Smash [Masuda x Sakurai]
– We provide a short translation of Sakurai and Masuda talking about Pokemon in Smash.

Articles (21):

Japan Isn’t That Weird…It’s the Internet – PushDustIn explains why Japan’s weirdness isn’t all that real.

BoxBoxBoy! – Review – Nantendo reviews this new puzzle game by HAL.

July 2016 Review – PushDustIn reviews July’s articles!

Sakurai Reading List

Quintessential Sakurai Reading List – PushDustIn provides a list of articles that everyone should read in order to better understand the director of Smash.

Bloc: Review – Wolfman_J reviews Bloc for the Wii U!

Straight from the Source: Matt Bloch Part 1
Straight from the Source: Matt Bloch Part 2 – PushDustIn interviews the first foreign owner of a video game bar in Japan!

SG Choice: SNES Mini – The SG Team writes what games they think are likely if Nintendo were to make a SNES Mini.

Kirby Cafe
Kirby Cafe Impressions – PushDustIn provides impressions from the Japan-only Kirby Cafe!

Straight from the Source: Amir Latif (Mario Artist Paint Studio/Sound Studio ) – The SG Team interviews Amir Latif, who worked on Creator and a bunch of other N64 titles!

2 years
Source Gaming is Two Years Old! – PushDustin reflects on starting Source Gaming and the past two years.

Favorite SG Article + Reflections – The team discusses their favorite articles.

Dream Roster – Fire Emblem Warriors – What would a Fire Emblem Warriors cast look like? Nantendo provides his thoughts.

Sources for Smash Trivia – PushDustIn provides the sources for Smash Trivia. Special thanks to IntelliHeath for his help with the questions!

Holism: the Ink of Splatoon – Wolfman_J discusses how Splatoon broke the mold of the FPS genre.

When Will the NX Be Announced Anyway? – SmashChu discusses possible times when the NX could be announced.

Pat Cashman
Straight from the Source: Pat Cashman (Brawl Announcer) – The SG Team interviews Pat Cashman, the announcer from Brawl!

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts Review – PushDustIn provides a review of the new art book released in Japan.

5 Things: Donkey Kong – TheAnvil discusses 5 things Donkey Kong could use to improve.

SG Choice: Gameboy Mini – If Nintendo were to make the Gameboy Mini, what would it look like? The SG Team responds.

Straight from the Source: Michael and Matthew Taranto – PushDustIn interviews the creators behind Tadpole Treble, and Brawl in the Family.


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  1. I have just one thing to say… “wow =O!” this month was crazy, a lot of great articles, great interviews and the celebration of 2 years of hard work.
    Keep it up!! =D

    Rafael Mauna (@Fire_Voyager) on September 6 |