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This article looks at comments made from the September 1st- September 8th (Japan time).

This week is a little late as I came down with a cold. Sorry about that! Next week is Tokyo Game Show (any my birthday…I’ll be turning 28!)

Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!


Good use of advice to use use on Nintendo Directs and in life in general. Whenever I’m watching the Directs, I never go to twitch or open the live chat section mainly because the attitude fluctuates. It’s also getting tiring to read comments after the show and some complaints come to mind (Mother 3, No NX, Melee HD or riot) so and so… My advice to add on would be if you can find at least one game of interest in the Direct, then there’s no need to be upset. Good things come to those who wait.

From: Expect Nothing: A Word of Advice for Viewing Nintendo Directs


I think this is good advice. However, find a good group of friends to enjoy the livestream with. It’s fun to enjoy the show with friends.


As a New Yorker and con attendee, I can attest to the value of these Mii Plaza updates. The 100 Mii backlog is a godsend.

From: Nintendo Direct (9/1) Roundtable

It’s something that should’ve been added at the very start. 10 is just too little!

Jeremy g Pagano

This article claims that heiachi’s consideration should have killed the fan rule that only characters that appeared on Nintendo systems could be in smash but he was in 3 Nintendo games before smash 4 came out, tekken advance, tekken tag 2 and project X zone. Furthermore, this article claims that the trailer attempts to distance ff7 from other final fantasy games making its association with the Nintendo final fantasy games seem unnessesary for clouds appearance in smash, how ever clouds symbol in smash is “ff” not VII or that meteor, so it opens the possibility for other final fantasy characters. It’s not twisted logic. It was intentional.

From: 5 Reasons Cloud got into Smash

This was written before the Nomura x Sakurai interview too. Cloud was picked because he was the most popular FF character overall. I still think a character that hasn’t appeared on a Nintendo system could appear in Smash someday.


Pushdustin and Liquid12A

i beg of you to please do a series analysis for Metroid

the sales are all over the place, NPD data and such. and there’s zero concrete data on Other M if it sold a million outside VGchartz outside Reggie saying it’s not going to get to a million soon.

and talk to NeoGAF about this too, i don’t normally browse there neither signed up for that place, but they found a ton of NPD data of Metroid’s japanese sales from Super to Zero Mission’s releases.

please also ask the guy who’s handling the Nintendo sales in this thread for some valid sources of the Metroid sales data

and check out this thread too:

From: Nintendo Direct (9/1) Roundtable

I passed the request onto SmashChu and LIQUID12A. SmashChu does all the financial analysis, and LIQUID is the biggest fan of Metroid. I believe they are just starting to work on it. Thanks for your request!


*Sees Nirbion’s screenshot of the game*

From: Game Club #2 Roundup — Pokémon 1st Generation




I wasn’t able to watch it in real time because of work (stupid evil convention crap!), but able to watch the Japanese Direct after I got back at home. As I written in the previous guest article, I was well surprised with few things since I didn’t have any expectations to this direct. Everything was already knew from leaks, but some were really unexpected.

Hyrule Warrior’s new DLC was something we’ve already knew, but few surprises. We knew Toon Zelda would join, but in a Phantom form was definitely unexpected since we’ve thought she’d be fighting in her true form and probably using the rods as her main weapon. We knew Toon Link would use a train which I laughed, but didn’t expect he’d be using the sand rod as his new weapon. But obviously it all made sense. Since this was gonna be the Phantom Hourglass + Spirit Tracks pack, DLC characters were focused mainly on Spirit Tracks, while the adventure mode would focus more on Phantom Hourglass. I haven’t got the DLC yet, but would plan to get it IF I had enough money.

Animal Crossing’s amiibo update is already mentioned, but bringing more new contents was more surprising to me. They brought new amiibo cards with more returning villagers from the classic GC Animal Crossing including the Hello Kitty crossover version, and can work with other amiibos too like the Squid Sisters. I think it won’t work on third party characters like Sonic, Monster Hunters, and even Shovel Knight, and maybe it won’t work with the Pokemon amiibo too, but I can handle that. I’ve wanted to play this game again if I had time, but I think it’ll be a good timing to return to that peaceful town for furries again, and this time I can bring my waifus along with me since I have cards. (lol)

Nothing much new things were introduced on the Pokemon Sun/Moon side, but Alola Rattata and Snorlax was surprising. Now for 20 years, who would ever though Snorlax would finally get its potential back!? What’s Game Freak’s plans!? Are they trying to get revenge against Yo-kai Watch by using OP Snorlax? (lol) But anyways, there weren’t much new things yet, but still looking forward for more.

I wasn’t really impressed with Pikmin though. It almost like they’ve done a same thing with Chibi-Robo and Metroid. I don’t know if this’ll become another success for the series or a big failure for the first time, but maybe we can do something new to the series if that’s what Nintendo’s trying to focus on. But still, I think this game is simply a spinoff, so we can still expect for 4 sometime I guess…

I really got bored with Street Pass since I’ve completed all the games (except for the castle one), and left the game for over a year, but never knew they’d bring more new games for it! Now I can enjoy more new games on my free time, but only problem is I might have lost all the data of the Street Pass since I’ve moved my data to the new 3DS since my previous one was broken (and since it was a Japanese brand, maintenance was impossible). So, I haven’t checked it yet, but maybe I’ll have to do everything all over again…

Mario Maker and Wooly World for 3DS…not really that impressive to me. But Puyo Puyo Quest was interesting to me. Before Puyo Puyo, the series were originally the dungeon RPG “Madou Monogatari”, so its good that they’ve got back to their RPG style game, but keeping the Puyo Puyo system of course. The game looks like another character training RPG game, and since I’ve played Dragon Ball Fusion, I think I’m interested playing this game and making my own team.

I’m actually looking forward for Ever Oasis. Since I loved Secret of Mana, I think this game would be something like it. I would love to play those games again, as I’m looking forward for this game to be released. It’s also good that Momotaro Dentetsu finally got back in the game due to fan calls. I haven’t played the game before since I’m not interested with rail games, but at least its good to get their glory back.

This Direct wasn’t bad. Everything was surprising. But not everything was impressive. That’s how I felt since I wasn’t expecting anything, and that really helped me to stay calm and get surprised on few things. Some fans may be upset on MOTHER 3 not included in the West, but I’d recommend to give it up as I think it’ll never get localized for many reasons. Another thing I’m concerned is the NX; what would the NX be like and when on 2017 would it be released? There’s so many questions on this console. But anyways, this Direct was fun to watch.

From: Nintendo Direct (9/1) Roundtable

Great review of the direct!


After seeing everyone else’s reviews, I realize that I probably could’ve trimmed mine down a bit, but I wanted a full review of Gen I as a complete game rather than just my experiences with it. I doubt that any future Game Club write-up of mine will be quite as long as this one.

Things that the other’s reviews reminded me of that I failed to mention in mine:

While I said that the Pokémon and Trainers’ battle designs are nice to look at, I really only mean their front sprites. The player’s back sprite is fine, but most of the Pokémon’s back sprites are quite ugly and are unchanged from the original Japanese Red and Green, where pretty much every Pokémon was ugly as sin.

I should’ve mentioned Gen I’s clunky UI besides the inventory. It’s slow and inconvenient to do simple tasks such as checking a Pokémon’s moves and stats, sorting items, and especially using the PC’s awful Pokémon and item storage systems. Pokémon storage in particular is a nightmare, as there can only be one open PC box at a time, and if it’s full, no more Pokémon can be caught unless the player manually changes the open box, which requires a save every time. There is no way to sort Pokémon within the box or swap stored a Pokémon with one in the party without manually depositing and then withdrawing. Also, for some reason the PC structure was downgraded from Japanese to international versions of Gen I, going from 8 boxes with 30 Pokémon each to 12 boxes with 20 Pokémon each, forcing the player to switch boxes (and save) more frequently.

I forgot to call attention to how broken the Speed stat is in Gen I. I mentioned that it determines a Pokémon’s critical hit chance, but failed to mention that it’s actually the Pokémon’s base Speed and not its current Speed that does this. This makes it so that fast Pokémon such as my Jolteon score an insane amount of critical hits (about 25% of the time). This is furthered by a few moves having a 8x multiplier for critical chance Gen I, so any Pokémon with a base Speed of 64 or higher (read: nearly all fully evolved Pokémon) get a nearly guaranteed critical hit when using one of these moves.

From: Game Club #2 Roundup — Pokémon 1st Generation

The UI in GEN 1 is pretty archaic. I remember raging about it as a kid as I would accidentally deposit Pokemon into the PC. Thanks for your contribution last month, it was a pleasure to feature it!


Is there a text version of Xander Mobus interview? Or a timestamp for questions?

From: Straight from the Source: Pat Cashman


Sorry, there isn’t. Hopefully we can go back and fill in that information someday.


This is a great article. I want to be a translator when I graduate from college, but for Spanish. This could be very helpful for the classes I’m taking.


From: How to Spot Bad Translations

Glad you enjoyed it! I wish you luck with your translation career!


I’m glad that I’ve looked into the translation process and visit sites such as this one, as I can now easily spot bad translation and clumsy localization. However, just like how TV Tropes will make you unable to unsee tropes, I can never unsee bad translation, making me really notice the awkward localization of, for example, Final Fantasy VII while playing it for the first time. It’s also made me appreciate when it’s clear that the translators put in good effort, such as noticing the vastly improved quality of Final Fantasy IV’s DS localization during my playthrough when compared to a Let’s Play I watched of the PSP version (which is slightly edited from the GBA script, which is a cleanup of the awful SNES translation). I’d like to thank you and all the other people out there who educate us about this stuff.

From: How to Spot Bad Translations

I would like to better connect SG articles in the future. Maybe someday we can rival TV Tropes 🙂


(finally got around to this) Out of a possible 100 points, I could only get 37… and I thought I knew a lot of Smash trivia…

Those last two categories were hard, I only got two right from each. I totally wasn’t expecting questions like those.

From: Sources for Smash Trivia

I really wanted to stump the other staff members/ Ash Paulsen with the trivia, so I made the last two sections pretty difficult!


While I don’t think every series needs more than one stage in a single instalment (*cough* Kid Icarus *cough*), I liked how most series had more than one new stage in Melee. In Brawl and Smash 4 some series only get one new stage despite the potential for more to be there.

From: News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Unlockable Back Stages

I wish that Sakurai would talk more about stage selection/ design. It’s definitely an unexplored area of Smash design.


As an langauge nerd (I’ve been translating Touhou to Hindi), thanks for this article! Despite the hilarity that bad translations can often provide, they are more often than not bad, as they cause misunderstanding, so I’d really like to see translation quality improve.

From: How to Spot Bad Translations

Bad translations can be funny on shirts, mugs, etc…they just don’t belong in news articles :).

That’s it for this week! Let me know if I missed your comment in the comments below!