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SourceCast #20: Metroid’s 30th Anniversary


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Welcome to the 20th episode of SourceCast, the episode where we do more for Metroid’s 30th anniversary than Nintendo did (kidding!). This time around the article team lead Spazzy hosts and joining him is senior contributor Smashchu and Source Gaming’s resident Metroid master: Liquid12A. In this episode we go over our history with the Metroid franchise, how Nintendo has been handling the 30th anniversary and what the future of Metroid might hold. So grab your arm cannons and dive into the unknown with this Metroid-filled episode of SourceCast.


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0:00:00 – Intro & History with Metroid

0:12:00 – Metroid’s 30th Anniversary

0:33:50 -The Future of the Metroid franchise


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  1. My first attempt was Super Metroid in a hospital. They had a Sega and a SNES.

    My favourite is Corruption. My favourite 2D Metroid is Zero Mission.

    haruhisailormars on September 18 |
    • Reminded me of Dr. House, who played Metroid in a GBA SP in some episodes.

      Ar on September 19 |
  2. I think my first Metroid game was Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. It was an absolutely fantastic game, and I can recommend it to anyone. I’ve played most of the games since then, and I think my favorite in the whole series might be Fusion. The gameplay and atmosphere are phenomenal. I’m a fan of both styles, and I think the 3D games lend themselves more to building the lore of the areas you visit, thanks for the scan visor. The 2D games often have a more focus on fast-paced action, which they do wonderfully. I’m really looking forward to whatever Metroid game comes next, it’s been surprising that we’ve waited for so long without much word on the next official game. I can appreciate what Federation Force is trying to do, but I understand the want for a main-series game.

    Spiral on September 19 |