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Which Video Game Introduced Dual Wielding? + Ridley is Smashified


To be honest, this is a topic I never really thought about. After seeing the video, I knew I had to share the video as it’s well researched. It was made by Ahoy, and is actually a bit dated (it was published three years ago). It’s something to keep in mind as I do more research on violent video games.

Nintendo may be the one of the original publishers of a dual wielding game, but the art form has certainly rose in popularity. Are there any particular moments of dual wielding guns that you remember?


Smashified has also released a new episode today! Ridley was made by the team. Check out the time lapse below.

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  1. A pretty interesting watch about the history of something that feels so common in shooter games today. I know it’d be pointless to list every single game that featured dual wielding since you’d be listing them forever, but I couldn’t help but feel like they missed the pilot class in Conker: Live and Reloaded’s multiplayer, who also dual wielded pistols.

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