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Dream Smasher – Leon Kennedy

 The following is a guest article by SlowDragon in association with the guys over at Project Stardust, be sure to check out their Twitter for more information. For more information on how to submit a guest Dream Smasher article, click here.

  In 1996, Resident Evil was released for the Sony PlayStation, the first in a new genre that the series later coined as “Survival-Horror”. It was an instant success and quickly became one of Capcom’s frontline series. It had 2 more sequels on the PlayStation, with Resident Evil 2 receiving a port to the Nintendo 64. These games were different from other shooters of the time, with their gameplay focusing on avoiding monsters and only firing when absolutely needed, due to the incredibly limited ammo that was available.

   The early 2000’s had the series leave PlayStation consoles, in favor of exclusivity on the Nintendo GameCube. The remake of the original Resident Evil, and the prequel game Resident Evil 0 were both exclusives, along with a game that is considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time: Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, fans of Leon will have to wait quite awhile for him to possibly be included in an official Smash Bros. game, but today, we’re going through how Leon Kennedy will appear when he makes his unofficial playable Smash debut in Project Stardust, a mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that balances gameplay and adds new content such as stages, skins, and soon; characters.

Who is Leon Kennedy?


   Leon S. Kennedy was a rookie cop for the Raccoon City Police Department, who was unfortunately late to his first day on the job. The fact that there was also a zombie outbreak the same day only made it worse. He would then team up with other survivors, and the mysterious Ada Wong, to figure out what was going on and contain the situation. He defeated the mutated scientist William Birkin, and was later enlisted into the U.S. Federal Government, where he met Jack Krauser.

   Six years later, he was sent on a mission to an undisclosed area of Europe to rescue Ashley Graham, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the President of the United States. This assignment would see him battling cults, mind-control parasites, and a behemoth with a chainsaw; all while wisecracking and unloading ammunition into any monster that crossed his path. A few years after that, he would find himself fighting back the undead once more during the Tall Oaks incident, where he would escape from the small town after a bioterrorist attack.

Importance to Nintendo/Series


   Leon is described by many to be the lead protagonist of the Resident Evil series, along with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. However, between the three, Leon is much more popular with the fans, as well as having the largest connection to Nintendo out of any Resident Evil character. He was the star of Resident Evil 2, the only game in the series to be on the Nintendo 64, as well as being in the originally GameCube exclusive Resident Evil 4; which also had an enhanced port on the Wii. He also featured in the Game Boy Color exclusive Resident Evil: Gaiden, and most recently the Wii exclusive Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. He was voted 14th for Best Nintendo Hero by Nintendo Power in 2010, and was 36th on Guinness World Record’s list of the top video game characters of all time. In terms of Smash Bros, he has been repeatedly listed as IGN’s most requested newcomer, and he also came in 30th in Source Gaming’s breakdown of characters that are requested by the Japanese Smash Bros audience, and was the only Resident Evil character to make the list.

How will they play?

Leon alts

Thanks to TheAnvil for making all the Leon sprites, and to Nantendo for the recolours.


Leon’s alternate skins are a bit more varied than most characters, with him having both his Jacket and Jacket-less variants from Resident Evil 4, as well as his Police Uniform from Resident Evil 2. His third skin, the one with the black jacket, is based upon his outfit in Resident Evil 6, and his seventh skin is based upon Ada Wong. This was done to represent every major game Resident Evil game that Leon has appeared in, and to give fans of Leon the ability to play as the incarnation they prefer.

   Leon’s playstyle will work similarly to the first three games in the Resident Evil series, with him being somewhat slow and tank-like. As a super-heavyweight, he can take quite a bit of damage before being KO’d. He is armed with his starting loadout from Resident Evil 4, including his custom Silver Ghost handgun, his shotgun, his knife, and First Aid Spray. His moves are based upon games he’s appeared in, mostly Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6.

   His greatest strengths are his amazing recovery, and powerful attacks, as well as the aforementioned weight. His weaknesses come from how slow he is on both the air and ground, his fast falling speed and short range. His main gameplay element revolves around his limited ammunition. Leon’s handgun and shotgun both have a numbered amount of shots that can be fired before needing to be reloaded, and can leave him vulnerable if the amount of shots isn’t monitored.


  • Can they crawl: No.
  • Can they wall jump: Yes.
  • Can they wall cling: No.
  • Do they have a tether: No.
  • How many jumps do they have: 2, and are about average in height.
  • Is there any exclusive abilities they have*: No.
  • Weight Class: A
  • Height Class: B
  • Speed Class: D
  • Are they mirrored when they face left: No.

*i.e. Peach’s float

(for a more detailed look at the stats check this link here)


  • Just under Ryu’s height (B)


  • 110, the lightest in the Super Heavyweight class (A)

Walk speed:

  • 0.82 (E)

Dash speed:

  • 1.51 (C)

Air speed:

  • 0.75

Falling speed:

  • Max: 1.68
  • Fast: 2.688

Attack power:

  • Very strong, and can easily combo his attacks together in devastating chains. Unfortunately, he suffers from having short range and a very weak projectile.


  • Leon’s gameplay revolves around baiting opponents to you, and keeping them close. Leon has a projectile with Knife Toss and good reach with Tackle, his weakness is powerful ranged attacks like Mewtwo’s Shadow Ball and Ness’ PK Fire.

Special Attribute(s):

  • Limited ammunition. Attacks that use firearms will need to be reloaded after a certain amount of shots. Things like knives and First Aid Spray don’t follow these rules.
  • Handgun – 10 Shots
  • Shotgun – 6 Shots
  • Idle equipment. Leon will keep holding certain weapons until he needs something else, similar to Pit’s Bow configurations. For example, Leon will still be holding his handgun after his Jab ends, and will keep holding it until another weapon is necessary, like F-smash. This property is only seen with handgun and shotgun.
  • Leon plays similarly to the first 3 games in the Resident Evil series, being very slow and being a literal tank. However, his quick and powerful attacks, as well as good recovery can easily make up for his slow movement.
  • When Leon reaches 100%, his idle, walk, and run animations change to their low-health variants from Resident Evil 4.


Universe: Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan)

Series icon: The Umbrella Corporation logo.


Kirby hat: Kirby gains Leon’s floppy hair, and Knife Toss.



DISCLAIMER: the ESRB and CERO rating systems have an especially unique stance on the depiction of real-life weapons in games like Super Smash Bros. Because we don’t have the full details of what is and is not allowed it became too difficult to judge what aspects of this moveset would need modifying and what would be OK. So bare in mind that we have done our best but for the most part we have gone with what we believe works best with the moveset over what is and is not allowed.

Move Description
Entry A brown door slowly opens and Leon steps out of it, assuming his idle stance and making the door vanish. This is a reference to the famous door cutscenes from the Resident Evil series.
Idle Stance Leon stands with his current weapon in the corresponding neutral position from Resident Evil 4.
Idle Pose 1 Leon moves his hair, to make sure it doesn’t block his vision.
Idle Pose 2 Leon takes his stance from the Resident Evil 4: Wii Version boxart, and looks around.
KO Scream Leon says “Son of a..” as he rockets into the background.
Jab Leon slashes his knife horizontally

Leon slashes his knife diagonally

Leon elbows them in the face

Dash Attack Leon does an evasive dive, which can go under mid-height projectiles
Forward Tilt Leon does the famous roundhouse kick from Resident Evil 4
Up Tilt Leon does an overhead strike similar to the Mii Brawler’s Headache Maker, and can spike opponents (Hits twice, Hit 2 can spike)
Down Tilt Leon does a lowkick, and will send enemies at a dirty angle
Forward Smash Leon equips his shotgun, and lines up his shot when charging. When released, Leon will quickly fire, cock the gun, and fire a second time in a single swift movement. The first shot is angled slightly upwards, and can hit aerial opponents, the second shot is horizontal and has a slightly larger range. When the player is out of shotgun uses, Leon will reload, leaving him open to counterattacks (Hits twice, requires Shotgun)
Up Smash Leon equips his shotgun, and aims directly upwards. When released, he fires a single shot that has very good range and is an incredible anti-air (Requires Shotgun)
Down Smash Leon aims his handgun at the ground directly in front of himself while charging, and will fire 3 shots when released. All of the shots hit the same place, but get progressively stronger. When the player is out of handgun uses, Leon will reload, leaving him open to counterattacks (Hits three times, uses Handgun)
Neutral Aerial Leon swings his knife forward from his waist to his shoulders in an arc, and will propel Leon forward a bit. While this move has a small hitbox, the option to use it for movement makes it at least somewhat useful
Forward Aerial Leon does a shoulder-bash, and gains a few frames of Super Armor
Back Aerial Leon’s famous backward aerial roundhouse kick, and his prime killing aerial in Smash. While this move has a bit of startup lag (akin to Shulk’s Bair), getting the timing down can lead to some amazing finishes
Up Aerial Leon equips his shotgun, and fires a single shot directly upward. This attack is incredibly powerful, but has the capability to spike Leon himself if used above a pit. However, Leon can act out of his descent if the player is quick enough and is falling from a high enough distance, and can use any of his other aerials or air dodge. If Leon hits the ground, he will have a laggy getup. If Leon is out of ammo, he will reload. (Requires Shotgun)
Down Aerial Leon pauses in mid-air, and fires a single shot from his handgun downwards. This attack can spike enemies that have reached 122%+, and stops Leon’s momentum. When the player is out of handgun uses, Leon will reload, leaving him open to counterattacks (Can spike, uses Handgun)
Grab image02

Leon grabs his opponent by the collar, and aims his handgun at the opponent’s head, yelling “Freeze”. Has a quick startup and a good range, but leaves Leon open for a moment if evaded. This is a reference to the beginning of Resident Evil 4, when Leon is attacked by an axe wielding villager (ironic, right?) and tries to apprehend him by yelling the now famous quote “Freeze! I said freeze!”

Pummel Leon bashes the butt of his handgun against the opponent’s head
Forward Throw Leon pushes the opponent away and then jump-kicks them in the head, sending them flying away (Hits twice)
Back Throw Leon grabs the opponent by the arm, ducks, and spins them around, throwing the opponent into the ground behind himself. This is a reference to the Armlock Throw from Resident Evil 6 (Hits twice)
Up Throw Leon grabs the opponent by the shoulders and suplexes them over himself, smashing their head into the stage. Hitting the ground sends them flying upwards behind Leon. This is a reference to the Suplex from Resident Evil 4 (Hits twice)
Down Throw Leon trips the opponent and then fires a shot from his handgun at their head, sending them flying upwards in front of Leon. When the player is out of handgun uses, Leon will reload instead, and the enemy will only receive the first hit. Leon’s kill throw (Hits three times, uses Shotgun)
Ledge Attack Leon gets up onto the stage, and swings his knife horizontally.
Getup Attack (Front) Leon swipes his knife directly in front of himself, and kicks backwards.
Getup Attack (Back) Leon does a sweeping spin-kick, and gets back up
Trip Attack Leon slashes his knife twice, once on both sides
Forward Roll Leon dives forward and rolls, landing on his feet.
Back Roll Leon does a cartwheel, and returns to his idle stance.
Spot Dodge Leon holds his gun in a ready position, and quickly steps into the background.
Air Dodge Leon holds his handgun to his chest and covers his face with his arm.
Neutral Special (Default) – Throwing Knife Leon will hold his knife in a ready position while the button is held, allowing the player to choose an angle. The player can choose one of 12 directions, and Leon will throw the knife in whichever chosen direction. The knife is subject to gravity, and will arc downwards from wherever it’s thrown.
Neutral Special (Custom 1) – Piercing Knife The knife is now much stronger, and will go though opponents, allowing it to hit multiple times. However, it doesn’t go nearly as far.
Neutral Special (Custom 2) – Trapping Knife The knife will now lock opponents in place, akin to Corrin’s Dragon Lunge. Does no damage.
Side Special (Default) – Tackle Leon dives forward with a shoulder-bash (Going about the same distance as the visuals of Lucario’s Force Palm), and will knock enemies to the ground. The attack works as a command grab, and leaves enemies on the floor. When missed, Leon will take a moment to get back up off the ground. Using this attack in the air will still floor grounded opponents but will just send aerial opponents flying forward, and Leon also goes a much further distance (about the same as a Pac-Man’s uncharged Power Pellet). Leon is left helpless after this attack, but will still grab ledges. Leon is given Super Armor during his descent, which ends just before he hits the ground.

On-Stage – (Hits twice, Hit 1 knocks down opponents)
Air to Stage – (Hits twice, Hit 1 knocks down opponents)
Air – (Hits once)

Side Special (Custom 1) – Freeze Tag Instead of knocking people down, Leon freezes them. The move also goes slightly further in both the ground and the air, but does substantially less damage.

On-Stage – (Freezes)
Air to Stage – (Freezes)
Air – (Freezes)

Side Special (Custom 2) – Pop n’ Drop Leon jumps into the air, and comes crashing down on his opponents. This can be used to recover vertically, or as a very powerful spike. It can bury grounded opponents. It does not have any horizontal movement.

On-Stage – (Buries)
Air to Stage – (Buries)
Air – (Spikes)

Up Special (Default) – Buckshot Upper Leon equips his shotgun, and then leaps into the air (About the same height as Ness’ second jump). At any time during the leap, Leon can take one of three actions that will all leave him helpless in mid-air, but still able to grab ledges:

Shotgun Forward Aerial: Leon bashes the butt of his shotgun forward.
Shotgun Back Aerial: Leon swings his shotgun under his shoulder in an upward arc, hitting twice (Hits twice)
Up Special (2): Leon fires a shotgun blast downwards, propelling him high into the air (About as high as Cloud’s Climhazzard). The blast can spike opponents from 80%+, and will do a good amount of damage to make up for it’s slow startup and how difficult it is to land (Can spike, uses Shotgun)

Up Special (Custom 1) – Tranquilizer Blast Leon’s first leap won’t go nearly as high, and his Shotgun Aerials are decreased in strength. However, his second Up Special will put enemies underneath it to sleep.

Shotgun Forward Aerial: Leon bashes the butt of his shotgun forward
Shotgun Back Aerial: Leon swings his shotgun under his shoulder in an upward arc, hitting twice (Hits twice)
Up Special (2): (Puts opponents to sleep, uses Shotgun)

Up Special (Custom 2) – Automatic Shotgun Leon will fire two shotgun blasts instead of one, sending him incredibly high. However, they are nowhere near as devastating.

Shotgun Forward Aerial: (Hits once)
Shotgun Back Aerial: (Hits twice)

Down Special (Default) – First Aid Spray Leon crouches to the ground, and begins to administer First Aid Spray around his body. Leon can cancel the attack by rolling or being hit, and it leaves him helpless when used in the air. After being used, he will be unable to use it for about 15 seconds.
Down Special (Custom 1) – Spray Tan Leon’s Spray instead gives him a fiery aura that will burn nearby opponents! Leon will still be able to move while in this state, but will take tick-damage until it runs out. Keep your opponents close to really heat things up!
Down Special (Custom 2) – P30 Leon injects himself with P30, an incredibly powerful performance enhancer, and it shows. All of Leon’s stats get a 10% buff, making him incredibly strong, fast, and durable. However, true to it’s roots, it doesn’t last very long. After 5 seconds, Leon will be left paralyzed, or in freefall. This is probably best used as a last resort.
Final Smash – The Mercenaries  After breaking the Smash Ball, pressing the Special Attack button will make Leon fire a bright red flare into the air whilst yelling “You’re going down!”, and the mysterious agent Ada Wong appears in the background of the stage on a helicopter. She will fire six rockets at the opponents that are closest to Leon, before flying upwards and away, returning the battle to normal.
Up Taunt Leon pulls out his communicator, and attempts to make contact. A faint static is heard, and Leon says “Story of my life.”

If the button is held, a famous conversation from Resident Evil 4 will occur instead. Salazar will be heard saying “I have sent my right hand to dispose of you.”, to which Leon will respond “Your right hand comes off?”. This is the longest taunt in the game, and cannot be cancelled.

Side Taunt Leon drops the clip from his handgun and loads in a new one, refilling his handgun’s ammunition. During this, Leon says “Better try a new trick, ’cause that one’s gettin’ old.”
Down Taunt Leon opens his shotgun and empties the barrel, then he loads in 6 more shots, refilling his shotgun’s ammunition. While reloading, Leon says “Hasta Luego”
Victory Pose 1 Leon spins his pistol in his hand, and puts it in his holster. Leon says “Game Over”.
Victory Pose 2 Leon is typing on a typewriter, a reference to the saving system in Resident Evil 4. You probably wouldn’t want to lose your progress either after a fight like that.
Victory Pose 3 Leon spins his knife between his fingers, and throws it to the left of the screen. Leon says “No thanks, bro”.

The victory theme for Leon is an original remix of the Save Room theme from Resident Evil 2 made by our very own composer!

   So, that’s pretty much everything. Are you looking forward to Leon’s inclusion, or should it be someone else? Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us! Due to the current restraints of modding, Leon is progressing somewhat slowly, so it may be a while until he’s fully released for you guys; but you can keep up with his (and other characters) development on our Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and GameBanana pages. If you haven’t played Stardust yet, you can check out Moonlight here; or if you know nothing about modding Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, this tutorial by Etika World Network should help you get started. We just released Version 2.0 of Moonlight, and it’s pretty swell! Thank you to Source Gaming for allowing us to do this, check out their Patreon page to show them some love, and wish Mr. Nantendo a happy birthday! Thanks for reading!

  1. I remember back in the Brawl days were people expected Leon to be in because someone listed Brawl on his voice actor’s IMDB page.

    Bacon on September 25 |
  2. While certainly a unique moveset, I feel like some of the creative liberties taken don’t really too well. I understand that this is for an mod, and the current modding capabilities for Sm4sh are limited, at least to my understanding, but I’m looking at it as though it were more or less the usual Dream Smashers article of what an official moveset could possibly be if the character were to somehow get in.

    I know this is primarily based off of RE4, but I feel like it doesn’t really represent the RE series very well. There can be arguments made for either or, I know, but that’s just me. Throwing his knife as a Neutral Special for example seems a bit odd to me, though I take it that it’s supposed to be based off of Leon’s encounter with Salazar where he manages to pin his hand to the wall right? None of the Special moves seem very fitting.

    The Tackle and Buckshot Upper for example as well. What are they even based off? I get that sometimes creative liberties have to be taken, but I feel like there are better options for Specials. With the Knife Throw in mind, I can sort of see where it comes from but maybe for the Up Special Leon could his wire tether like he did in the previous Salazar encounter where he gets dropped through a trapdoor. Or perhaps give him the three different grenade types in RE4 as his Side Special, including customs.

    The First-Aid Spray seems okay, but the P30 would probably be out of the question even if Smash 5 were to be rated T. I just don’t see them allowing performance enhancing drugs into the game lol. Same goes for the proposed grab, you gave to Leon. Having the other characters with a gun to their head is not something I see happening.

    Also, while we DO have Bayonetta in Smash now sporting her guns and whatnot, we don’t know the exact details of how they managed to work her in without bothering the ESRB too much. It’s possible that due they may have let it slide on the basis of making her guns more magic based, though again we don’t know, and the might have just let it slide and treated it more like the guns in Ultimate/MvC3 which have over the top cartoony/unrealistic visual effects. The point I’m trying to make her is whether or not the could do the same for Leon’s guns and have it be seen as Ok for the ratings board.

    Similarly, Snake had to leave his knife behind when joining Brawl for similar reasons, so they would perhaps have to leave it out, or once again, bump up the rating to T. After all, Chris keeps his combat knife in the Teen rated UMvC3. And, in my personal preference at least, I would like to see Smash return to a T rating just so they don’t have to worry about these kinds of things quite as much.

    There’s a lot of issues I have with this moveset, but don’t get me wrong. I do think it has a lot of interesting ideas, but I don’t think it fits Smash quite exactly or does RE enough justice. That being said, my apologies with how much of a rant this whole comment sounds like (and how messy/unorganized it it), and best of luck with the project.

    Bannedorf on September 25 |
    • And, oh boy, do I wish I could edit my previous comment. It has way to many spelling errors, and is just in general an unorganized mess.

      I do also want to apologize again if I sound like a jerk in the above comment, that wasn’t my intent, I just didn’t have my thoughts too well organized. I was kind of going down the article and typing as I read along.

      I also kind of want to make my own take on a Dream Smashers article for Leon now. I’ve actually been working on one for Ganon and Ganondorf (amongst a few others) after reading the Ganondorf article that was posted recently. I guess I’ll add Leon and Jill to that list.

      Bannedorf on September 25 |
  3. First of all great article, second, I think Leon would be an excellent character to put in Smash Bros! It wouldn’t surprise me if we get him or even another Resident Evil character in the next one considering Resident Evil is one of Capcom’s highest selling franchises, and Leon, Jill, Chris, and Claire are pretty well known characters. Also Capcom seems to be getting along really well with Nintendo right now what with Ryu and Mega Man already in Smash, so negotiations would probably go really smoothly.

    Link on September 25 |
  4. Having Leon in Smash is actually my childhood dreams alongside with Sonic and Mega Man. Although I hardly played Resident Evil series, Leon was always my favorite character because of how cool he is in visually and physically (not to mention he does look like Leonardo DiCaprio thanks to the movie Titanic lol). I’ve always wanted to see Leon being in Smash in some form, even its impossible due to the weapon he uses. Although Bayonetta’s situation is really different or depending in many meanings, Leon’s real-life fire arms may be the reason of exclusion that Sakurai won’t allow them in Smash. In other words, he might end up being like Snake for mainly using explosives only. But probably time will change when Sakurai might change the rules again if Nintendo is well acceptable.

    His movesets are quite interesting. I was hoping that he’ll use a powerful kick since that attack is really iconic to Leon as his powerhouse move. Having a recovery item is quite interesting for his special as he can be the first character to use health recovery moves that’s different from the Psi Magnet. And having Ada Wong (his secretly sexy gf :)) as his Final Smash is also interesting too, as it reflects with the final battle in RE6. I was hoping for using a rocket launcher as his Final Smash since that’s the series’ ultimate weapon, but I think I can handle that in order to make things unique and different from the other RE characters.

    I can imagine his stage will be Raccoon City or RE4’s village. You should try making the Dream Arena and Dream Item for this, as I’m also planning to make the Dream Arena and Item for Jibanyan too in the near future. I really loved this article; great job!

    zoniken on September 26 |
    • Why not both stages?

      Project Stardust on September 26 |
  5. Leon’s in the same class as Cloud was for me: I’d be very happy to see him in Smash, but I don’t really believe in his chances.

    I like your ideas for the Neutral and Down Specials, but not Side and Up. For those I actually prefer Bannedorf’s suggestions. Side Special could be the grenades from RE4: Custom 1 explodes after a short while and knocks fighter back,killing at higher percents. Custom 2 ignites the ground (like Toon Link’s Fire Arrow custom) and knocks fighters upwards. Custom 3 stuns opponents if they’re looking in the direction of the explosion (like Mewtwo’s Disable), allowing for follow-ups.

    Your suggested Forward Smash seems a little odd. I’d prefer it if Leon only fired a single shot, but could angle it up or down. Neutral and Forward Aerial’s special properties also seem somewhat out of place. I don’t think any aerial has actually granted super armour before.

    Garo on September 28 |
  6. Bannedorf already said a lot of the things I was gonna say, so sorry if some if this comment overlaps with his, I just want to air my thoughts the way I thought them.

    Since this is made for a mod, you’re free to go in whatever direction you like. Starting with the positives, Leon here does seem to have some interesting quirks to his character. Using ammo for certain attacks reminds me of Robin, and being able to reload with taunts is a nice touch, though they sound like they might be too long to use in an actual match effectively (there’s a reason Kirby mains use the “Hi!” taunt when they want to get rid of their copy ability). Some of his customs are conceptually pretty good, and would change his playstyle quite a bit when used. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say for positives.

    I don’t want this to come off as too negative or like I’m ranting, but there are many issues I have with this. The most obvious one is the use of guns, considering Sakurai has stated in the past that real-life weapons aren’t to be used. The knife, I could see being reasoned in, but the shotgun and the pistol would never make it into an actual Smash game. Of course, since this is for a mod, that’s all fine. Another issue I have comes with the balance of the character, both in statistics and his moves. If he’s just a regular human, why is he heavier than characters like Samus or R.O.B? I’d understand if it was to represent his armor when he’s in his alternate costume, but it’d be odd to see a regular human survive for so long. Then again, Snake was a heavyweight in Brawl, so it’s excusable. My last issue comes with some of his specials. For example, why does his Tackle get better when used in the air? Why does he go farther and get super-armor? It might make sense if he was an aerial-fighter, but again, he’s just a human. In fact, I’d imagine it’d be *harder* to tackle people in the air than on the ground. Also, his up-special feels like a free third jump with almost no consequences, making him have an even stronger presence in the air, unless I’m misunderstanding it. If he doesn’t take an immediate action after executing the jump, will he revert to a neutral stance, or is he locked into choosing one of those three options before he lands? The former would essentially make the move a third-jump, since he could act out of it with any other move.

    I really don’t want to be negative, since I can tell that there was a good amount of thought and work that went into this, but if I’m viewing this as a potential character for the next Smash game, it’d be extremely unlikely. Of course, as I’ve already said, I understand that this is for a mod and you can design whatever you’d like for it, but even then, I still had issues with some of the moves. I don’t know enough about the Resident Evil series to know what else could be done with the character though, so unfortunately, I can’t offer much in the way of constructive criticism.

    Spiral on October 6 |