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Upcoming SourceCast: Rumor Reporting

Upcoming SourceCast (1)

With the NX unveiling coming sooner than later, we thought it’d be interesting to have a discussion on rumor reporting itself. Joining PushDustIn and Nantendo will be gaming journalists Liam Robertson and Daan Koopman. Liam Robertson has been in the spotlight numerous times as he has broken several rumors over the past few years. Robertson has contributed to NintendoLife, Unseen64 and other publications often detailing intimate details behind the development of video games. Daan Koopman is a prolific Nintendo-centric journalist who has contributed to several sites and has covered rumors for several years. He is a regular contributor to GoNintendo, Nintendo World Report, Nintendo Force and more.  

  1. Where do rumors come from? How do we fact check rumors before reporting on them?
  2. Why do people tell behind the scenes information to journalists?
  3. What are some difficulties that one may face in regards to rumor reporting?
  4. Metroid and MercurySteam
  5. What NX rumors are believable?
  6. Questions from YOU!

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Please submit questions either by leaving a comment below, or by using the #SCQA on Twitter within 24 hours of this post. Questions submitted after the 24 hour mark will not be considered…as will be recording!

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  1. Was a Star Fox game ever close-to-release for the Wii? What do you guys think of the lack of one for the Wii? Miyamoto mentioned that Star Fox Zero re-uses assets from a canned Star Fox Wii. There were rumors circulating in 2009-2011 that a Star Fox Wii would use the Wii-Motion Plus and Wii-Speak peripherals and was to be developed by Factor 5. The original post regarding this rumor has been archived here but does not mentioned Star Fox directly: while a follow-up was posted here: A IGN forum post said the game will either be Kid Icarus, Pilotwings, or Star Fox: Two of these Liam Robertson did confirm were planned, so the mentioned of Star Fox brings up a curious thought, that Factor 5 was possibly making a Star Fox game. I could see it re-using Rogue Squadron’s engine from the planned Rogue Squadron Wii, and releasing in 2010-2011. (rather than the Sta Fox 64 3D we ended up getting.)

    Goont on September 25 |