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September 2016 Review


September was a super busy month. I know I say that almost every month, but it really felt like it this month. I’m trying to do a lot of restructuring for Source Gaming. In addition I went to Tokyo Game Show, and celebrated my birthday! We also interviewed Kyle Herbert, who provides the voice of Ryu in Smash. Lot’s of stuff, and more to come in the coming months! If you haven’t read it, August 2016 Review is here.


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Videos and Podcasts (3):


Have Sakurai’s Thoughts on the Competitive Community Changed? [Discussion] – Soma and PushDustIn discuss Sakurai’s evolving views on the competitive community.
SourceCast #20: Metroid’s 30th Anniversary – The SG team reflects on Metroid’s 30th Anniversary, the series.


Straight from the Source: Kyle Hebert – A voice interview with Kyle Hebert, the voice of Ryu in Smash!

Translations (6):

Unlockable Back Stages (Melee Website Translation) – Sakurai discusses the second set of unlockable stages in Melee. Translated by Soma.

Translation Famitsu 512 A

A Fair Chance – Sakurai discusses competitive fighting games. Column translated by Soma.


Games That Make Me Want To Watch – Sakurai discusses Ace Attorney and promotional materials in this column. Translated by SutaMen.
Smash 64 Developer Interview  – Sakurai discusses Smash 64. Translated by Soma.


Ask Wario! [Part 1] [Wario Land 4] – Wario talks about poop. Translated by PushDustIn.
Ask Wario! [Part 2] [Wario Land 4] – Wario talks about his favorite Morning Musume member. Translated by PushDustIn.


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