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This article looks at comments made from the September 26th- October 3rd (Japan time)! You guys know the drill. Not a ton of comments this week (I guess the Wario posts left you guys speechless…).

Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!


Having Leon in Smash is actually my childhood dreams alongside with Sonic and Mega Man. Although I hardly played Resident Evil series, Leon was always my favorite character because of how cool he is in visually and physically (not to mention he does look like Leonardo DiCaprio thanks to the movie Titanic lol). I’ve always wanted to see Leon being in Smash in some form, even its impossible due to the weapon he uses. Although Bayonetta’s situation is really different or depending in many meanings, Leon’s real-life fire arms may be the reason of exclusion that Sakurai won’t allow them in Smash. In other words, he might end up being like Snake for mainly using explosives only. But probably time will change when Sakurai might change the rules again if Nintendo is well acceptable.

His movesets are quite interesting. I was hoping that he’ll use a powerful kick since that attack is really iconic to Leon as his powerhouse move. Having a recovery item is quite interesting for his special as he can be the first character to use health recovery moves that’s different from the Psi Magnet. And having Ada Wong (his secretly sexy gf :)) as his Final Smash is also interesting too, as it reflects with the final battle in RE6. I was hoping for using a rocket launcher as his Final Smash since that’s the series’ ultimate weapon, but I think I can handle that in order to make things unique and different from the other RE characters.

I can imagine his stage will be Raccoon City or RE4’s village. You should try making the Dream Arena and Dream Item for this, as I’m also planning to make the Dream Arena and Item for Jibanyan too in the near future. I really loved this article; great job!


From: Dream Smasher – Leon Kennedy

I think Raccoon City makes the most sense for a Resident Evil rep. Even if a character couldn’t be added, I’d still like to see a stage and/or items get in. The series is really big and really does fit in with what Smash has added so far.

Gala Gladi

Ah, the concept of characters’ potential different portrayals had they joined in different Smash games, now that’s one that’s been on my mind for a while now. In particular, I’d love to see how Wario may have been portrayed in Melee…

“What if Wario was the Mario clone instead of Dr. Mario?”

Admittedly, he’d likely end up as much more ‘Luigified’ than Doc, and subsequently take more development time, but it’s still interesting to conceptualize. Imagine, if you will, Wario as a slower, stronger Mario. His trademark Shoulder Bash could replace the Cape, and certain kicks (that Wario obviously doesn’t have the legs for) could be swapped for punches or simply whatever fits best. Maybe one could even replace the Mario Tornado with the Ground Pound or even a Proto-Wario Waft if you’re so inclined. Of course, this is purely speculation, but it’s interesting to think about, at least for me.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I shall return to quietly lurking as usual.

From: Featured Comments

Don’t be afraid to post more!

I don’t think Wario could really be a Mario clone. They are pretty different, especially as Wario was designed as the anti-Mario. It’d be weird for them to play similarly.

I think about this a lot. If the movesets were as complex as they were in Smash for then, I could see him as a character designed around reactions, a la Wario Land series. Get hit by a fireball, Wario is on fire. Bowser body slams Wario? Wario becomes flattened. But in Melee days that would be nearly impossible (and it’d be difficult now, as there’s a lot of variables that would have to be considered). If I was going for a simpler moveset (one that could’ve been added in Melee) then you could just map certain reactions to specials. Shoulder Ram could be a B move. Up-B, being the Bouncy Wario (Bubble Wario or Puffy Wario also choices), Side-B, being Yarn Wario and Down-B being Zombie Wario, or a counter. If you wanted to pull from more classic powerups, then Up-B, Jet Wario (liberties would have to be taken), Side-B Bull Wario, B Dragon Wario and Down-B Small Wario, or a counter. There’s enough to work with, and Sakurai stated he didn’t want to make Wario a clone.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think in the comments.


I suspect if Bowser Jr was in Brawl, he would have had Shadow Mario as a transformation or something. After all, transformations were a pretty big thing in that game and Melee before it, and Bowser Jr would have been a perfect candidate for such a character.

His other moves would be a bit of a mystery though. Remember, even the clown car wasn’t a thing for Bowser Jr when Brawl was in development. He was first seen in one of those in New Super Mario Bros Wii, released in 2009. So his only major appearances (for moves to use in Brawl) would be Super Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros for DS.

From: What If: Brawl Had DLC?

I kind of agree with the transformations bit. Brawl did have a lot of them — Pokemon Trainer, Samus/Zero Suit Samus, Zelda/Sheik (which was carried over from Melee). I wonder what the gimmick for the transformation would be? Samus/ZSS is through the Final Smash, and Pokemon Trainer is through Down-B. Zelda/Sheik is also through Down-B but Pokemon Trainer still felt different with the stamina for the Pokemon. Especially with Brawl, he tried to make all the characters feel unique/ stand out with something (with the exception of clones) and that mentality carried over with Smash for Wii U/3DS.  Maybe if Bowser Jr. took a lot of damage, he would tap Shadow Mario in?


I always find it interesting what form of “I” characters in Japanese media use (watashi, boku, ore, etc), as it is usually an indicator of their personality type. It’s not surprising that Wario would use “ore-sama,” as he does come across as a character who thinks excessively highly of himself. Off the top of my head, I believe some other characters that refer to themselves using “ore-sama” include Piccolo from Dragonball, Takamura from Hajime no Ippo, Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia, and strangely enough, Jake from the Japanese dub of Adventure Time (at least according to a promo I saw).

This is a bit off topic, but is the term “ore-sama” ever heard in the real world? My guess is that the answer is no.

From: Ask Wario: From Wario Land 4’s Japanese Website [Part 1]

This is something that I’ve been interested in, and I have a project that I’m working on/worked on that’s related to this. I feel that I need to learn better video editing before I really tackle it though.

“Ore-Sama” isn’t really used in the real world. I asked my Japanese co-worker about it, and she said she’s never heard anyone say it real life.


Wario hates smart people, yet he likes being called a genius and is capable of building a machine to transport himself into the TV dimension in Master of Disguise. Okay then, Wario.

I still find it interesting that Japan focused on Wario’s grossness while the West focused on his greed. I wonder why they saved most of the grossness for Japanese supplementary material, since greed seems to be Wario’s most prominent trait in the games themselves.

Also, Wario isn’t lying when he says that his fat is actually all muscle. The Wario World manual shows a diagram of Wario’s insides, and he’s ripped. That makes me wonder if Dr. Eggman is secretly ripped as well, since he’s always been able to outrun Sonic in spite of his large belly and skinny legs.

From: Ask Wario: From Wario Land 4’s Japanese Website [Part 1]

Wario is called a genius by some of his fans within the questions too! Master of Disguise might have had different writers or translators, who weren’t aware of Wario’s….canon. That’s one challenge a lot of companies faced, and for a long time it wasn’t that important.


We saw Wario’s goofy side plenty of times in the west, not only in the Wario games(Land, Ware, World), themselves but in the commercials, like the Commercial for Wario Land 3 which you didn’t cover.

As for Palette swaps, all of them but the Black and white colorscheme were not based off Wario games. We could’ve had stuff like Vampire Wario colorschemes

From: Why Does Wario Fart? (Part Two)

“Never go last” man…those commercials. Wario’s CG is pretty off, and falls squarely into the uncanny valley. Anyway, the Japanese commercials seem to rely squarely on the comical aspect of Wario, whereas the West was somewhat mixed (though I’d still argue that Wario’s “greed”/ “treasure hunting” was highlighted more often than not). Compare the Japanese box art of Wario Land 3  to the American one. In the Japanese one he refers to himself as “ore-sama” and even says “Funga!” The Japanese box art doesn’t even mention enemies, or defeating them. When comparing how Wario has been marketed between the two countries, it really does feel American Kirby is Hardcore.


I don’t I’ve ever seen the word “poop” so much on one page. I don’t know how to feel about this.

Crap, I meant “I don’t think” at the beginning there.

From: Ask Wario: From Wario Land 4’s Japanese Website [Part 3]

Already replied:

Crap and poop are synonymous ?

I went with poop for most of the translations because it’s more family friendly than shit or crap. For the ones that I used crap in it just flowed a lot better with it in my mind.

My favorite answer on this page is the mushroom one. I laughed really hard when I originally read it.


It was surreal to have Smash be available on a handheld.In the end, however, the 3DS version felt a lot like a $40 demo for the Wii U version, as my friends and I pretty much never play the 3DS one anymore. In retrospect, I can’t help but somewhat resent the 3DS version for holding back the Wii U one, such as losing the Ice Climbers and transforming characters (although I’m glad that this one is gone). I think we can safely assume that the 3DS version also took time and effort away from the Wii U version that could’ve been used for more stages, characters, and/or modes (something better than that abomination called Smash Tour, at least). I don’t hate the 3DS version or anything, but I feel that one can’t get the true Smash experience on a handheld, and that the time and effort used to create the 3DS version could’ve been put towards improving the generally preferred Wii U version.

From: SG Roundtable: 2 Years Later: Smash for 3DS

I can understand why people feel like that. But I enjoy having the option of Smash on the go. It doesn’t make sense for competitive play, at all. As for the 3DS version holding back the Wii U version…I don’t know if we necessarily would have gotten extra content to be honest. It feels really full. If anything, the game would have come out sooner (and maybe could have saved the Wii U…).  Maybe Ice Climbers and one or two additional characters, but I don’t think they would have added a ton of extra content. Also, the 3DS version carried the sales. It sold a lot more than the Wii U. I think a lot of people bought the 3DS and said ‘Good Enough’.


My first Pikmin game was, the first one. I borrowed it from a friend an for the most part enjoyed it. I was a little bit annoyed that I couldn’t get all of the ship pieces so I gave it back to him. I borrowed it again and got a little further but still couldn’t beat it, I still enjoyed it though. I downloaded the Pikmin 3 demo and eventually bought the full game. I loved it very much. So much that I bought all the DLC and replayed it twice. I just recently bought the Wii version of the first game on the eShop and I’ve pretty much beaten it. Funny how that works huh?

From: Game Club #3 Roundup — Pikmin

Gaming tastes can change over time! Glad you enjoyed Pikmin after those years…it’s a great game!


I’m kinda in the same boat as SmashChu, albeit for some different reasons.

Smash For, while a great game, didn’t hold my attention for nearly as long as Melee and Brawl did at the time of their respective releases. There’s no single major issue I have with the game but several more minor ones that add up and ultimately hold the game back.

On the positive side of things, the core game is great. The base game’s batch of newcomers struck a great balance between characters from Nintendo IPs with no prior representation, additional characters from already present franchises, and third party guests (though the picks for DLC were a bit more questionable). I also thought there was good balance of predictable choices and more shocking ones across the board. In addition, these characters brought the most varied and interesting assortment of move sets and play styles of any Smash game. 8-player Smash was an absolute godsend.

Unfortunately past that the game falls into a series of blunders, the biggest of which for me being how the two versions were handled. In my mind there were two ways to make the multiple versions work: either make two completely different games (likely meaning at least one version would have to move away from being a traditional Smash experience) so that there’d be adequate reason to ask customers to pay full price for both, or make both versions identical so you could just buy one version (depending on if you wanted a better looking experience or a portable one) without felling like you were missing out on anything important. What we ended up with was two games that were the same at their core but had a fair number of exclusive pieces of content, most notably stages. They weren’t different enough that I felt I got two game’s worth of content for buying both, but they also had enough exclusive content that it bothers me I don’t have access to everything in one single game. I’ve basically not touched the 3DS version since the Wii U version came on account of it better suiting the way I play and having more content overall. However I find myself wishing I had access to the 3DS stages and Smash Run on the Wii U, leaving the experience feeling incomplete even though it clearly isn’t.

Beyond that most things added or improved in these games have some annoyance that really hampers my enjoyment of them.

Online with randoms is much more functional now, however you can only play on random stages (in the game where stage hazards are more intrusive than ever) with items on (in the game were more items have the ability to kill at low percents than ever) or only on final destination with no items whatsoever. There are also three characters who can’t be used against randoms online.

Custom moves are a neat idea, but tied to an absolutely abysmal random drop system and also lumped together with equipment which I don’t care for at all.

The stage builder is capable of creating more intricate stages than it was in Brawl, but it isn’t nearly as intuitive and lacks a lot of really simple feature you’d think ought to be there, like the ability to move a piece after it is created.

DLC adds some nice additions, but just getting the 7 fighters and 8 stages in a single version will run you as much as the entire 3DS version which is pretty absurd (other games being worse doesn’t make this okay).

Smash Run is fun and handles enemies better than any previous game, but it lacks customization. I really wish there was a way to play some of the end events without having to go through a round of Smash Run, or at least a way to choose what event you would play after a round ended. Not an actual problem with the game but I also wish they had done more with the enemies created for Smash Run because they were handled so well. It feels like such a waste to restrict them to a single side mode and have them all but entirely absent from the Wii U version.

Smash Tour had some neat ideas, but is too much of mess overall to get much enjoyment out of, kinda like Smash For’s extra modes as a whole.

Everything else Smash For offers outside of the core experience is either something a previous game did just as well if not better, or something too small to amount to much. Melee and Brawl both had an abundance of new things to do outside of the main game on top of a solid core experience. Smash For nails to core experience, but outside of that tries to do too much at once and can’t seem to really handle any of it all that well. Smash 4 is by no means a bad game, its my current go to Smash game to play with friends, but it felt like a small step forward for the series rather than the huge leap Melee and Brawl were.

From: SG Roundtable: 2 Years Later: Smash for 3DS


I don’t have anything really to add/counter, but I thought this comment was well thought out…so I decided to feature it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anyway, that is it for this week. If you haven’t joined our Discord Channel, please do so! All the SG staff hang out there and we have some great conversations.


  1. Another thing to consider about theoretical Melee Wario is what reactions would be the least memory intensive to implement. Stuff that actually changes Wario’s physicality like Puffy, Zombie, or Small Wario would require an entirely new model and probably wouldn’t be prioritized as a result. Reactions that simply add on to Wario’s existing model like Dragon, Bubble, and Hot would probably be more likely.

    Mettaur on October 4 |
  2. Thank you for featuring my comment on this corner! I could agree Raccoon City can be the best stage for the Resident Evil rep. It’s hard to think what kind of mechanic they’ll bring out; maybe spawning zombies and attacking the fighters, or maybe having Nemesis appearing as a stage boss and using its tentacles and rocket launchers to attack. Even the series are most likely on the Sony platform, I believe the series are still important to Nintendo as it helped making the series better.

    I agree; I’ve never heard anybody using “ore-sama” in real life. Even if there’s any unique ones like “soregashi” or “wagahai”, even girls using “boku” as well too, I doubt you’ll ever hear that in real life. If they’re cosplaying as some character, then yes. But regularly, no. I think these words only exists in the fictional world as it expresses unique personality towards that character, and using it in reality may be quite difficult for some reasons. I don’t know what that reason could be, but I’m sure I’ve never heard anybody using “ore-sama” in reality.

    zoniken on October 5 |
  3. “Especially with Brawl, he tried to make all the characters feel unique/ stand out with something (with the exception of clones)”

    Just here for your daily reminder that Brawl did not add any clones, unless you included semi-clones in which case there’s Lucas and Toon Link.

    On another note, I think that people give the 3DS version a little too much flak. I think it’s obvious that the Wii U version was meant to be the definitive “Smash 4”, so comparing the 3DS and Wii U versions doesn’t seem necessary. The 3DS is objectively not as strong as the Wii U, so it’s understandable that the 3DS version would seem underwhelming in response, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the game as a whole was unneeded or anything like that. Sure, if the 3DS version wasn’t made, then it’s highly likely that the Wii U version would have had more added to it, but a portable Smash game is something I’ve wanted since I started with Melee, and the 3DS version personally delivers on what I wanted.

    Spiral on October 10 |
  4. All of that happened within a couple of years, I was only 2 when the first Pikmin released. But thanks for mentioning me in Featured Comments!

    Octavian on November 29 |