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GameClub #4 — Paper Mario Series


Yesterday, we held a poll on our Twitter to decide this month’s Game Club. Paper Mario won with quite a large led!

Step 1: Own a copy of any of the Paper Mario games (yes even Sticker Star!).
Step 2: Join our Discord!
Step 3: Join our live stream!
Step 4: Write something,draw something…anything is okay! Please submit it either to, or via a DM to our Twitter, @AllSourceGaming by October 31st (Don’t be afraid!).  [Extended to the end of November 1st!]

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

  1. Time to enjoy a new series! For some reason, I’ve never picked up a “Paper Mario” title… But I’m an RPG fan, so why not?

    I’ll be completing the first game in the series. can’t wait to give my impressions on the discord!

    |Ersatz| on October 5 |
  2. Remember when I said that I I’ll probably never write a Game Club piece as long as Pokémon’s? That might just go out the window this month when I review Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! I’m sick of being negative about Sticker Star and Color Splash, so I’ll be positive and talk about a good game for a change!

    (For the record, I don’t plan on picking up Color Splash anytime soon. Despite its decent reviews, it still has nearly all of the things that made Sticker Star bad. I’ll just leave it at that.)

    Nintendrone on October 5 |