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Now Recruiting: SG Staff


Source Gaming is looking for help! We are looking for people who can help us with social media, translators, editors and someone who has experience with WordPress websites.Please note: we unfortunately cannot offer payment at this time. All of these positions are volunteer based. That means while you have some obligations from time to time, in the end it is up to you how much time you invest. That being said, if you are interested in applying, be prepared to spend 2-5 hours a week.


Source Gaming is a website that has been growing for the past two years. Over the past two years our content has been featured on IGN, Destructoid, Shoryuken, GoNintendo, Event Hubs, SmashBoards and much much more! Working on SG means you get to work with an expanding audience — we reach 1,500 visitors daily! We also work on a variety of projects with a lot of other content creators. We’ve done podcasts with GameXplain’s Ash Paulsen, and prolific Nintendo reporter, Daan Koopman. In addition, we’ve interviewed three of the Smash announcers, the voice of Ryu, and broke the majority of Smash stories in the past two years. Being a part of the Source Gaming team means you get to be on the forefront of news! We are extremely collaborative, and regularly discuss ideas together. This helps keep our arguments sharp. If this interests you, please read on to see how you can join the team!


It’s much better when everyone works as a team!

Social Media:

Source Gaming is looking for help with its’ social media. We are looking for someone to help manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to better promote our content. Having proven experience with social media is a must. Please contact PushDustIn on Twitter directly if you are interested in this position.



Noticed a ton of errors in this post? This position is for you. Please e-mail essay samples to, or message us on Twitter.



Source Gaming is a website which prides itself on its thoroughness in research, and its commitment to delivering news from around the world both accurately and efficiently. In order to improve our content, we are looking to expand our translation staff. Our translation staff consists of people with varying levels of linguistic proficiency. Individuals looking to gain real life experience with translation will definitely benefit from this position.

Teamwork is essential as translations will be checked by other translators before going onto the website: this is to ensure accuracy and to minimize errors. We are looking for individuals who have passed, or are able to pass, the N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (here is a sample). Previous translation experience is also a plus. Individuals interested in joining our team should set up a Google Document and translate a couple of paragraphs from Shigesato Itoi’s Website—any topic is okay. When finished, please get the Shareable Link for the Google Document (top right corner -> Share -> Get Shareable Link) and email it to

Please leave a comment below, or message us on Twitter if you have any questions.

Thank you and good luck!

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Even though most of our translations center around Smash, translators may translate anything they are interested in.


We are looking for someone who can help build a better website. We are looking for individuals who have experience. Please send us websites you have worked on, and what experience you have in particular with WordPress. Please email applications to, or message PushDustIn on Twitter.


Please note, we are not recruiting members for our article team right now. If you are a writer and would like to be featured on Source Gaming, please check out our Guidelines for Guest Posting.