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This article looks at comments made from the October 4th- October 10th (Japan time)!

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the same guy who asked for a series analysis for Metroid.

thank you so much for doing this

also, it’s seem like you’re using VG Chartz’s guesstimate data.

reposting from my old comment (
“The sales are all over the place, NPD data and such. and there’s zero concrete data on Other M if it sold a million outside VGchartz outside Reggie saying it’s not going to get to a million soon.”

“and talk to NeoGAF about this too, i don’t normally browse there neither signed up for that place, but they found a ton of NPD data of Metroid’s japanese sales from Super to Zero Mission’s releases.”

“please also ask the guy who’s handling the Nintendo sales in this thread for some valid sources of the Metroid sales data”:

“and check out this thread too”:

also three additional things:
– these are Metroid’s famitsu sales (Fusion to Other M to FF’s entry sales):
– ZhugeEX is an industry analyst and seen sales data from many games including Nintendo games, i recommend you to go ahead and try to get him on this.
-Other M’s data on VG Chartz is inaccurate; for example, the site says Other M sold 130k in japan, it’s actually sold 75k (via Famitsu/NPD).

From: Series Analysis: Metroid

Thanks for your request, and your feedback! I’ll make sure SmashChu sees this.


Another thing to consider about theoretical Melee Wario is what reactions would be the least memory intensive to implement. Stuff that actually changes Wario’s physicality like Puffy, Zombie, or Small Wario would require an entirely new model and probably wouldn’t be prioritized as a result. Reactions that simply add on to Wario’s existing model like Dragon, Bubble, and Hot would probably be more likely.

From: Featured Comments

That’s very true! We got into the discussion a little bit last week on the SG Discord. Another thing I realized is that Wario Land 3 was still in development during Melee‘s planning.  Wario Land 3 came out in March 2000, while Melee’s project plan was finalized June 1999. So in the end, a Wario Land 3 inspired moveset might not have been practical because of timing (and as you suggested, models might be too intensive). Wario Land and VB Wario Land played similarly, whereas Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3 really broke away from that formula and made Wario invincible. Without full details on Wario Land 3, Sakurai might have gone with Wario Land or VB Wario Land style Wario. Anyway, it’s really fun to think about!


I still can’t believe I thought Wolf had a good chance of DLC. I should’ve thought this more seriously back then. Still, I think that he was going to return for the base game.There are some clues that Wolf might’ve plan to be playable. For instance the Wolfen does not appear in the new star fox stage even though the stage took a year to develop. There was always a Wolfen in every StarFox stage except for the Wii U stage. This could be a hint that he been worked/planed to return ,but probably got cut early due to his priority and the development team wanted to focus more on important things like balancing the characters. If this were the case, he would probably not end up being DLC because Sakurai does not want to rip people off. Plus, he wanted to focus on newcomers rather than veterans instead. Sure Lucas, Mewtwo, and Roy are DLC, but Mewtwo and Roy skipped the previous installment (Brawl) and the fact the development team couldn’t import Mewtwo’s data from melee makes him feel like a new character. As for Lucas, he probably was cut much earlier than Wolf because he is less recognizable and is from a dead series. Not to mention Sakurai was not aware that Mother 3 is japan only release during Brawl’s development. Although the Star Fox series is not very active, it at least had StarFox 64 for the 3ds before Smash 4 roster was finalized and all the content for Star Fox from Brawl returned in Smash 4 except for Wolf. I do miss Wolf, but not as much now than in the past. But, it would not surprise me if Wolf and the Ice Climbers return to Smash one day.

From:Is Wolf a Shoo-In?

That’s certainly possible! I think Lucas, Mewtwo and Roy were chosen because they were appealing to a wide range of people for DLC. It also makes sense, as you suggest, not to work on them in the base game (with the exception of Mewtwo, who was relegated to the “Bonus” character for people who bought both versions. Not to work on Wolf in the base game (or at least prioritize him) also makes sense as Star Fox Zero might not have existed when the project plan was completed (May 2012). Sure it apparently started from a scrapped Wii game, but it was still an experiment and not really a full game. We don’t have an exact timeline on when Star Fox Zero became Star Fox Zero. Anyway, I’m glad to see comments on old articles like this. I try to make a lot of the posts on SG more of a resource than anything. That’s why I always try to include links and stuff, so people can explore topics in greater detail if they wish. Hoping someday we can compare with TV Tropes :3 (unlikely!).


‘Zoy’ is a verbal tic that Dedede uses in the Kirby anime. It’s like how Kirby uses “Poyo” which also came from the anime.

From: Miiverse Translations Week 3

TIL! Thanks for the information!


I’ll be interested to see where this goes. I wrote an essay on this in high school and gave a speech on it for my public speaking class in college, so I’m pretty familiar with the arguments for and against the matter. I’m also on the side that violent video games don’t necessarily cause violence, so I’ll be paying close attention to the reasons people say otherwise. It’s only fair to see both sides of an argument before reaching a conclusion.

From: My Initial Thoughts on Violent Video Games

I need to dedicate more time to it! I haven’t been working on it recently as life kind of took over. And if the NX gets revealed with a new Smash…oh boy. Anyway, if you (or other people) would like to contribute to the project, feel free to shoot me a message. There’s a lot of resources I need to check out.

I do find it interesting that of the final 7 you picked, 2 are DLC in Smash 4 and 2 are in the game, though one in a different fashion. I guess timing really is important when it comes to character selection for Smash games.

Something that might also be worth considering is that with DLC comes balance patches. Since Melee had already been re-balanced between the NTSC and PAL versions, it’s likely that Sakurai could have intended to re-balance Brawl as well, even with its status as a casual game. Maybe Meta Knight might have been nerfed, and the overall Brawl meta would have changed.

From: What If: Brawl Had DLC?

Hmm that’s a very good point (about the patches). Wonder if the Brawl competitive community would had longer lasting power. I don’t think tripping would’ve gone away, and maybe Sakurai would’ve finished the battle system mechanic. Or maybe Brawl wouldn’t have been delayed, and Sonic would’ve been the first DLC. So many possibilities…

Javadoze (@Javadoze)

Good stuff. I enjoyed the look into rumor reporting and the process involved. I can see why some people who’ve been involved in it don’t want to even bother anymore; you need to dig for a solid source, corroborate that with other sources, secure the source’s safety, check what bits are safe to say or not, and at the end of the day, people will just complain to you. Seeing how much is at stake, I’m not surprised people connected to the NX aren’t talking (especially if the NDA is as crazy as some people are saying).

From: SourceCast #21 – On Rumour Reporting

Glad you enjoyed it! When we first came up with the idea of doing podcasts, this was one of the first topics I wanted to explore (especially after my own experience with it). It was a pretty smooth discussion too, I thought we would have to do a lot more tip-toeing to be honest.


The partner characters was all about Paper Mario. Not just what kind of different abilities they can use in both battle and adventuring, but their unique personalities is what really struct in mind. I really loved how unique these characters were as they’ll reveal what kind of relationship they’ll have within Mario and others, and there’s nothing bad about it. I don’t know why the Paper Mario staffs today completely removed this system, it’s nonsense. I just hope they’ll bring the system back if there would be a next Paper Mario. But eventually, maybe this Shy Guy might hint us that sometime it’ll come back:

Anyways, choosing one partner is quite difficult. I actually like all of them as they’re unique. But in my case, I’d choose Goombella for this topic. I find her personality is really funny. Unlike Goombario, they way she analyse her enemies does make me curious and enjoyable. Making weird jokes and reactions toward certain enemies, she’s even became adored with Buzz Beetle’s cuteness. Besides, she’s quite cute too, almost being a secondary heroine of TTYD aside of Peach. I really enjoyed being with her in every adventures and battles, and I do wish to see her again in the future too if possible.

From: SG Choice: Paper Mario Partners

The backstory/their personality is a good point to consider. Goombella was pretty memorable in that regard!



That’s it for this week. Next week, we’ll have bigger fish to fry!

  1. Great to see my comment get featured. Didn’t see that coming. But something I forgot to mention the DLC veterans except Mewtwo are Japan only characters. If they were in the base game, new fans would think they are obscure and could get confused since they have clone characteristics and wouldn’t remember them since they are barely seen especially outside of Japan. After all, Lucas and Roy aren’t important characters and their games are old. New Smash fans would also be angry because they want to play characters that they recognize and not characters chosen out of the blue. Remember that Sakurai focuses on everyone not just Smashboards. I think another reason why Sakurai cut Lucas and Roy is because he thought not a lot of people would miss them. Yes Sakurai knows people will get their feelings hurt when a character gets cut, but Sakurai was probably not aware how popular they were at that time and thought Lucas and Roy were just obscure and unimportant. But, when Sakurai was planning DLC fighters, he realized that lots of fans want the two back probably more so than the other cut fighters except for Mewtwo. However, Lucas and Roy are obscure and are old characters and new fans would be confused on why they were chosen. So Sakurai thought of way to target not just fans of those two characters but to everyone in order for the two characters to sell well. He labeled them as the melee and brawl veterans so that new fans of smash wouldn’t get confused or mad. Of course, the main reason why Roy and Lucas were chosen because of their popularity and they were easy to make unlike the other cut fighters, but they could’ve been also chosen to add variety for the smash series. Remember that Sakurai is an artist not a businessman. They both came from existing series, but they come from two entirely different games for their franchises. For instance, Lucas comes from Mother 3 which could make new players want to know where he comes from and might be interested to play his game. This could lead more fans demanding Mother 3. Those are some of the reasons I think Lucas and Roy were chosen as DLC and why they were not available in the packaged game.

    Rosalinatehplumber on October 11 |
  2. No probs. If you want more on Kirby and Kirby lore, I’m your guy.

    KL-Cobalt on October 20 |