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SourceCast #22 — The Wii U’s Report Card w/NintenDaan and Ash Paulsen


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Welcome to the 22nd episode of SourceCast. In this episode we bring you quite the meaty discussion as Nantendo and Spazzy_D talk all things Wii U with two very special guests: Nintendo journalist NintenDaan and GameXplain’s Ash Paulsen. With Paper Mario Color Splash, the Wii U’s final major exclusive, finally released we decided to look back on Nintendo’s neat but underselling console and ‘grade’ it. This is just a fancy way of saying that we are going to list off our top 10 favourite Wii U exclusives (this can include games that were ported later on like Super Mario Maker and ZombiU) and then at the end talk about what theoretical grade we would give the device.

As it turns out, doing four peoples top 10 takes quite a while so we have split them into each number with a timestamp below so you can easily jump to whatever part you wish. We went in the order of Ash > Nantendo > Spazzy > NintenDaan counting down from 10. It should be noted that we recorded this discussion prior to the reveal of the Nintendo Switch so should we all sound uninformed at some parts then that is why. So without taking anymore of your time, we hope you enjoy the Wii U’s final report card and make sure to let us know in the comments what your top 10 Wii U games are as well.

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Time Stamps

  • Intro – 00:00:00
  • Number 10 – 00:01:16
  • Number 9 – 00:12:06
  • Number 8 – 00:25:35
  • Number 7 – 00:39:49
  • Number 6 – 00:54:49
  • Number 5 – 01:08:06
  • Number 4 – 01:21:32
  • Number 3 – 01:36:44
  • Number 2 – 01:48:25
  • Number 1 – 02:03:41
  • Final Grade – 02:20:35
  • Outro – 02:40:55

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  Nantendo2015-12-18 (3)
  1. Have to agree with Spazzy_D about the Wii U being Nintendo’s worst home console. It had a good run and I certainly don’t regret my purchase, but I feel its library of games is ultimately outclassed by those of all Nintendo’s other home consoles.

    Mettaur on October 25 |
  2. Kinda sad no one cared about the online gameplay of Xeno X, I had a lot of fun with friends and randoms.

  3. What an amazing discussion.
    I agree with Ash with the best part of the Smash Hype Train was the reveal of Megaman… I’ll only say one thing about it: When it got revealed, I called my mom… XD

    Why that much hate for the N64?! :o, For me the worst was the Gamecube, despite having great games (some of them are the best in their series) it failed as a concept, being torn appart by the PS2 and giving free range to the Xbox to grow. The N64 made the jump to 3D look easy, and that’s why some other games of the era became total trash when they tried to upgrade themselves…

    Voyager on October 25 |