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Is “Smash for Switch” going to be an ENHANCED port? [Discussion]



Source Gaming and CJSZero01 join forces to discuss a possible “Smash for Switch”.

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Art by Nirbion

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  1. It is highly arrogant to think that no one could handle Smash.

    Arthur 97 on November 2 |
    • True, but then again Sakurai has proven himself with the franchise so far to the point that as said in the video, people know that in Sakurai’s hands, their character would be treated with the respect they deserve.

      I don’t think anyone else would be able to handle the series like that unless they showcase similar experience.

      KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
  2. That’s a question for the ages isn’t it? We’re going to have to wait and see how this plays out, but no matter what happens, it looks like we’re in for one wild ride.

    Link on November 3 |
  3. Honestly 7 new characters seem a lot. I think 5 is more likely if we get new characters. As Zelda the big seller for NX, it wouldn’t surprise me if we get a newcomer from Zelda.

    UG on November 3 |
    • But then the point comes down to “Who would we use” when it comes to Zelda.

      Breath of the Wild will be the latest entry, but most of that seems to tie in more towards exploration instead of story. While Hyrule Warriors has a large amount of characters, a good portion of them are mostly incarnations of Link or exposition fairies to the vein of Navi.

      The closest in my mind would be Impa, given that Impa is more often than not an important character in the series and Skyward Sword put her in a more pivital role that inspired her incarnation in Warriors – but most of the time Impa is portrayed as a helpful but frail old woman who merely guides Link to the first part of his quest and never appears beyond that – with only Skyward, Ocarina, and Warriors having the character be seemingly more than a guide (and even then, I’m trying to avoid spoiling Skyward Sword)

      That being said, seven characters is definitely too much – When it boils right down to the wire, five characters work out well, and I think Inkling would be best for it – given that it is an important IP that despite having a trophy and Mii costume, isn’t really represented well, and I’m sure there would be ways to accurately represent the series with a playable character without making the stage covered in Ink in order for it to work.

      KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
  4. To add on the point of Sakurai not liking remasters – He didn’t handle Nightmare in Dreamland on the GBA, it was mostly Shinichi Shimomura (Who handled Dream Land 2, Dream Land 3, and 64 Crystal Shards – dubbed “The Dark Matter Saga” by fans, who seemingly left the series and hasn’t been heard from since. Sakurai provided creative imput, but that was it.

    Likewise, the remake of Super Star on the DS was directed by Shinya Kumazaki, the most recent director of the series and the one who has directed just about every main Kirby title since that remake.

    That being said, Spring Breeze in Super Star was essentially a remake of Dream Land, with copy abilities added, shorter length, and Kabula is no where to be seen (although added in the remake and has become a staple in the series since.)

    KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
  5. My only worry is the Gamecube controller adapter and the various multiplayer modes. Based on the trailer we are given, the only way to play multiplayer on one screen so far that’s shown is with both joypads used by two people, while the other times multiplayer is shown, it’s with each person with their own Switch, or with the NBA 2K segment, two Switch systems and four people playing, each with a joypad.

    I think that’s the big reason why Smash was omitted, as I’ve seen some who wanted to see Smash – but disappointed it wasn’t the ‘eSports’ segment instead of Splatoon. That being said, would there be a USB port on the actual system, would the adapter even be compatible? And how exactly would multiplayer even work for the thing? Would it be traditional like Mario Kart, or would each player have to use their own system, like the case for Splatoon?

    KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
  6. I hope not. I’d be incredibly annoyed if not only did I have to buy what is basically the same game for the THIRD time, but would also feel very angry that the 3DS version held back the Wii U version’s potential for the sake of parity, only for there to be a better version that makes the whole holding back for parity thing pointless in the first place. Not to mention it’d feel very repetitive since it’d just be the game I’ve already played on 3DS and Wii U with what is basically an expansion pack.

    Smash needs a clean slate. Smash 5 needs to be fresh.

    MagcargoMan on November 6 |
    • While I don’t disagree, I can’t see that happening with the time frame presented via the rumors and the fact that some certain fans would be upset that Smash wasn’t immediately on the Switch.

      It does lead me to question how they would go with it. However while the 3DS version did hold back development and presented certain obstacles, I can’t imagine honestly what Smash 4 would’ve been like had it not been made – the exception being Ice Climbers not being cut in the first place. I can’t imagine it being too different from what we got and perhaps some of the more well-received 3DS stages would might not even have been considered at all.

      And it’s because of that focus on connecting and being on both systems, an anecdote that Sakurai noted in his proposal for Smash 4 first and foremost that I have trouble seeing a mere Smash 4 port for Switch – it feels like a betrayal to the entire purpose of the game to begin with and a port would not feel like it’s own Smash experience: something that if I remember correctly Sakurai expressed between the differences of Melee and Brawl.

      That and, I’m not sure, but I don’t see a ton of Japanese studios do “Game of the Year” editions as opposed to Western studios – Capcom is the exception, (But given Ryu added “Capcom USA” in the credits of Smash, when we already have Mega Man there and Capcom listed…)

      KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
      • I don’t really give the rumours much weight. It’s literally just people saying “there’s totally gonna be an updated Smash 4 for Switch” and nothing to back it up.

        Trainer probably wouldn’t have been cut, nor Sheik being severed from Zelda. Olimar wouldn’t be gimped with a smaller amount of Pikmin. Dedede would have had his more unique Final Smash from Brawl.

        Smash Run would have been able to have fighters actually encounter each other in the maze like they were supposed to.

        Stage selection wouldn’t rely on a tonne of recycled stages from past games. That was just bad that in the 3DS version some series only stage was a stage that has been in both Melee and Brawl already (Jungle Japes, Brinstar).

        Also without having to split resources there may have been time for other content too.

        I find the “3DS focus created stage ideas that wouldn’t have happened without it” notion debatable when Brawl had stages based on Pictochat and Electroplankton of all things. Not to mention Smashville was based on Wild World and not the original Animal Crossing.

        MagcargoMan on November 7 |