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October 2016 Review

If you haven’t read it, September 2016 Review is here.

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Videos and Podcasts (9):


Game & Facts: Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic

SourceCast 21: On Rumor Reporting


Is Ridley Too Big for Smash?

SourceCast 21: On Rumor Reporting

[Discussion] Yo-kai Watch’s Unknown Future

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Review

Switch Reveal Discussion


SourceCast 22: Wii U Report Card

Game & Fact – Castlevania

Translations (1):


Ask Wario! [Part 3] [Wario Land 4]

Articles (25):

SG Roundtable: 2 Years Later: Smash for 3DS

Game Club #3 Roundup — Pikmin

Series Analysis: Metroid

Is it Time to Invest in Nintendo?

Game Club #4 — Paper Mario Series

The Legends Behind Hyrule Warriors [Part 1]

Paper Mario Color Splash Review

SG Choice: Favorite Paper Mario Partner


Melee Merchandise in Japan

SG Roundtable: Nintendo and Fan Games

Gears of War 4: Review

Pokemon Sun/Moon Demo Impressions

Rhythm Paradise Megamix Review

Why Sakurai Should Return to the Next Smash


Why Sakurai Shouldn’t Return to the Next Smash


SG Roundtable: Switch Impression

Dream Smashers: Tibby

Dream Arena: Built to Scale

Potential Characters for the Next Smash -Conclusion-

Holism: Resident Evil 4 and…Everything

Five Things: Dead Rising

SG Choice: Favorite Horror Themed Video Game

Holiday Hits: Halloween


Dream Smashers: Ashley

The Horrors of Metroid

Guest Posts (1):


Dream Smashers: Phoenix Wright

Site Related (2):

Now Recruiting: SG Staff
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Featured Content (13):

Mr. Game & Watch’s Move & Stage SECRETS! – Know Your Moves

Featured Comments

The Virtual Boy – Part 1 and 2 – miiyouandmii2

Smash Creation Project #1: Inkling!

Featured Comments

Pokemon Glitches In-Depth – MagicScrumpy

Vaati Has Been Smashified!

Undertale ft. ChaseFace: Original Sound Theory – Bulby

Featured Comments

Super Mario 64 Beta Codes! | Beta Quest – Hard4Games

Featured Comments
Smash Creation Project #2: King K Rool! – Delzethin

Why is Sonic Faster in America? NTSC vs PAL/60Hz vs 50Hz | Nostalgia Nerd


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