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Challenger Approaching #3: Paper Mario! – Delzethin

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Source Gaming Guest Poster Delzethin discusses the possibility of Paper Mario being in Super Smash Bros. and how he could work within the game! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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  1. I notice that you left out abilities from Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. Why is that? There are many tricks that can be used from that game, the least of which is the Copy Block, which could be used to improve attack power and weight while increasing end lag. Plus, it’s a reference to a, in my opinion, rather unnoticed game. It would be a great down special, requiring Paper Mario to be on the ground to use it.

    Isaac Dean on November 5 |
    • My only guess why he didn’t was because Paper Jam isn’t a Paper Mario title, it’s a Mario & Luigi title that just uses Paper Mario as a gimmick.

      That being said, it still makes me wonder while it’s a great series, why Paper Mario of all things is should get special treatment.

      KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
  2. Haven’t played Paper Mario, but I could totally see this becoming legit

    TaddtheMushroom on November 6 |
  3. I had just about cringed and yelled out loud in horror when I had heard Partners start to be talked about, but then I continued and was surprised about not adding them to his moveset.

    To which for the most part we agree on this – the focus of having the character in Smash would be most importantly Paper Mario himself – not the partners, despite them being integral to the battle system in the first two titles and help further build upon the world of the series.

    I do think though, that if anything one of his specials should’ve been a hammer charge-up move – just since Kirby and Dedede have one and it would be easy to implement all things considering.

    The only thing though is I DON’T necessarily agree with people with is Paper Mario being a playable character in Smash in the first place. I mean, aside from the art style, Paper Mario is for all intents and purposes from the first three games’ perspective – the actual Mario. It really isn’t until Sticker Star and later made a plot point in Paper Jam that the paper motif and series itself essentially became an alternate reality – even with the 4th wall nuttiness of the first three games aside.

    By this I mean, while Paper Mario is a great sub-series within the Mario franchise, why would it get special treatment to get a character in Smash? Sure it’s popular, but art style doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s open to be explored for player character content when in all due respect it’s still within the same franchise, as I stated – it’s only recently that Paper Mario is treated as a separate entity altogether, and most of that was due to the Mario & Luigi series wanting a different gimmick and legit way to explain it, the paper aesthetic in Sticker Star rose more due to the focus incorporating the art style into the very gameplay itself instead of just being the art direction they chose to take with it.

    KL-Cobalt on November 6 |
    • “By this I mean, while Paper Mario is a great sub-series within the Mario franchise, why would it get special treatment to get a character in Smash?”

      The easy answer is that Dr. Mario is allowed to be a separate character, even though he doesn’t do much besides throw pills in the Dr. Mario series, so since Mario does a lot more varied things directly in the Paper Mario series then Paper Mario should be considered, too.

      I’d like Paper Mario as the “second playable Mario” more than Dr. Mario anyway, but that’s just me. Since Dr. Mario was first, Paper Mario may (cuz he opened the doors for another Mario) or may not (Dr. Mario may have been a special case) happen, so oh well

      EdgeTheLucas on November 7 |
  4. My only concern with Paper Mario as a character is that he’ll take more from his more recent games as opposed to the actually GOOD games… I mean, his old games. It’s like the Wario effect; Sakurai focuses so much one one aspect of a character that he ignored another half of that character’s history. I wish there was more love for Wario Land, and if Paper Mario DOES become a playable character, I would LOATHE to see that the only references he’ll get are from Sticker Star and Color Splash…

    Then again, that Paper Mario stage on the 3DS Smash Bros. DID have locations from The Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario 64 in it, so who knows… Either way, Paper Mario isn’t exactly tops on my list of characters I’d like to see, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him either.

    Let me just say, though, that only the first two games feel “stranger, quirkier, and more willing to push boundaries and show us more aspects of the Mario universe”, since Miyamoto seem to insist that Sticker Star be as much like the mainstream Mario games as possible, which for Intelligent systems seem to mean stripping them entirely of their diverse cast and colorful personalities. Even if Color Splash managed to be funny and charming at parts and have it’s own share of memorable moments, I still can’t get past the fact that all the “good” characters are completely interchangeably Toads; even if they DO have unique personalities for each of them, you still can barely tell them apart! Besides, can’t they use Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, or any other Mario characters besides the Toads? Because it’s starting to come off as lazy to me (especially when you see the ghost Toads and they’re basically normal Toads but see-through; lame). Ugh, sorry, I could go on ranting about the newer Paper Mario games all day, but from what I heard the next Paper Mario won’t be anything like them so THAT’S something to look forward to at least. :/

    I will say this, though; after Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, it’s now officially canon that Paper Mario and regular Mario are different characters. …Well, RPG canon, anyway, mainstream Mario canon is a bit of a mess. So now it makes more sense to have Paper Mario playable in Super Smash Bros., heck perhaps even more sense than Dr. Mario! Also, people are pretty shallow-minded and have no imagination to think Paper Mario would play EXACTLY like Mario, either that or they’ve never played a Paper Mario game. I’d also like to say, I’d prefer the smoother animations from The Thousand-Year Door, but then again I’m biased since that’s one of my favorite games of all time. And yeah, I think Mr. Game & Watch (and maybe a potential Rhythm Heaven character, which you should totally do sometime) should be the only characters with jerky movements, I didn’t much care for Wario’s jerk movements in Brawl and I’m glad they did away with that in Smash4.

    Once again, I’d like to say your ideas are brilliant! I can only hope someone at Nintendo (or perhaps Sakurai himself) takes note of some of these ideas! Heck, I don’t even care that you didn’t include partners in his moveset. That wasn’t even on my mind when it came to a playable Paper Mario in Super Smash Bros. I mean, I DESPERATELY want the partners back in the series, but in Super Smash Bros? Well, it’d make things a bit cluttered I feel, not to mention Mario can fight perfectly well on his own. I’ll even go out and say I love the Fan idea for his Final Smash. I’m definitely not a big fan (pun somewhat intended) of the newer Paper Mario games, but I can dig that fan showing up and blowing opponents away! It happened in the 3DS Paper Mario stage, it can happen for Paper Mario’s character in future Smash Bros. games!

    Matt Bankey on January 28 |