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Will the Ice Climbers Come Back?



Today, we bring Artsy Omni on to discuss the Ice Climber’s chance of appearing in the next Smash game.

Footage was kindly provided by Relax Alax:

Music is from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

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Let us know what you think of these characters’ chances in the comments below!

  1. Theoretically? If it happens yes. I don’t see 3DS limitations on that fancy Switch video.

    If people are interested I’ll just leave these here.

    Ice Climbers

    Those are all options I believe are on the table. Why Banjo? Because Phil Spencer is friends with Reggie and I doubt they haven’t at least talked about this.

    haruhisailormars on November 10 |
  2. I do think the Ice Climbers would return in some form. I really didn’t like the 8-player Smash because that mode really made me lose sight of my character, and it really hurt my eyes because of that. I really don’t think the 8-player Smash was that successful imo.

    But what about everybody here? Did you think 8-player Smash was a great success or failure?

    zoniken on November 10 |
    • I like it every now and again but I prefer the 4 player brawls. 5 character battles is the right amount to me.

      haruhisailormars on November 10 |
    • I consider it Smash 4’s greatest addition to the series. Playing earlier games with 5-6 people it was always a bit of a bummer that you needed to swap out players every match and couldn’t just all play at the same time.

      As someone who mainly plays Smash for local multiplayer 5-8 player support was a pretty big deal for me. Removing it from future installments would be criminal.

      Mettaur on November 10 |