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Challenger Approaching #4: Elma! – Delzethin

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Source Gaming Guest Poster Delzethin discusses the possibility of Elma being in Super Smash Bros. and how she could work within the game! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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2016-04-11 (2)
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  1. Well, that got needlessly political.

    Zeebor on November 20 |
  2. That little diatribe at the beginning of the video, going on about Super Smash Bros. character support and speculation, is all too true. Take it from me: I’m a huge supporter of Ridley from the Metroid series in Super Smash Bros., and you will never convince me that he can’t be made playable, at least not with the reasons people keep giving, reasons that are contradicted by the presence of other characters with similar issues in Super Smash Bros. “he’s too big” Bowser’s big, yet he’s playable. “being big is part of his character” So is being small for Olimar, yet that didn’t stop Sakurai from growing him up and making him playable. “He’d be too awkward” R.O.B.’s an awkward character too, but they still made him work! Really, the only TRUE reason I see for Ridley not being playable is Sakurai seemingly being stubborn with his views on Ridley, thinking he NEEDS to be big, forgetting that he made Ridley the same size as Samus in the intro to Super Smash Bros. Melee! This is the same guy who said the Villager and Miis wouldn’t be playable, since their games are more peaceful and having them in a fighting game would go against the theme of their respective series, yet here they are no, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U in all their playable glory. Because of him constantly going back and forth on what he says, I feel it’s only a matter of time before he either wises up, or finally gives in to fan demand… The funny thing is, I honestly never thought Ridley’s inclusion was that big a deal. To me, Ridley’s size was never a factor, because size is so inconsistent in Super Smash Bros. already, and I never thought that being humongous was essential to Ridley’s character in the main series in the first place… But apparently I’m in the minority there. Not to mention, the fact that Ridley KEEPS getting denied has only made my resolve stronger; Ridley wasn’t even much of a passion in Melee or Brawl, yet now the intense fighting on BOTH sides of his debates has only made my resolve grow stronger, seeking out fellow Ridley fans, fighting potential movesets and design specs and any kind of ammo I can use to finally debunk the claims against him!

    …But really, why do desired characters need to turn discussions into battlezones? Why do people need to silence others or even shame them for picking certain characters? I’ll admit, I’ve shamed people who insist on Goku or a non-video game character in Super Smash Bros. because I’m PRETTY sure Sakurai said he wouldn’t include such characters both in Brawl AND on the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, not to mention doing so would kind of ruin the whole point of Super Smash Bros. (in my opinion), but when I come across a character I either don’t think should be in Super Smash Bros., or whose chances are unlikely, I at least try to explain why I don’t think they’ll be in, and I try my best NOT to come off like I’m attacking the person for wanting this character. Just trying to put things in perspective, you know? Either way, though, I remember Ridley vs. Geno was a big thing on Smashboards during Brawl’s speculation and I don’t see why that is? I want both Ridley AND Geno. Heck, can’t we want more than one character? Why do we need to draw lines in the sand with the characters we choose? This kind of speculation’s supposed to be fun, right? …Guess not. Because Super Smash Bros. is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! …And that’s why people say the Smash Bros. community is cancer. How unfortunate.

    ANYWAY, this video’s character, Elma… Well, given that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was recently announced, I think her potential may have lessened a bit, but then again, it was JUST announced this year, and we barely know anything about the protagonist or what he/she/they can do. So perhaps Elma still has a chance. Though since I haven’t played Xenoblade Chronnicles X, I don’t know anything about her or what she can do, and I’m not even sure if there are that many connections between X and the first Xenoblade Chronicles, so would the Monado even be an appropriate symbol for her? …Then again, the Falchion is the symbol for Fire Emblem and that’s only in Marth’s games, and even in Awakening the Falchion takes on a completely different form, so I suppose it’s all good. Also, it’s interesting how Elma’s the true main character and your character’s just a blank slate avatar; I have a friend who’s a HUGE fan of Xenoblade Chronicles and it’s story and characters, and he was really disappointed to find out that X is more on exploration and sidequests than story, and that your character has minimal involvement in the plot. If Elma WAS chosen, it’d be almost the opposite of the case with Chrom and Robin… almost, given that, as you’ve said, Robin has a personality and plays as much a major role in FEA’s story as Chrom.

    Also I can’t help but but think Delzethin’s little message at the end is less about Super Smash Bros. and more about a certain someone getting elected president. 😛

    Matt Bankey on January 29 |
    • @Matt Dankey

      This is probably going to be a controversial reply…but I think you should apologize to people you have shamed in regards to non-video game characters. Putting people down for wanting to see things happen that you personally are uncomfortable is a nasty thing to do.

      Not saying I am interested in seeing non-video game characters in Smash, but in the event

      A) Sakurai changes his views on them and makes a successful attempt to include a non-video game character. (He’s changed his mind before it can easily happen again)
      B) It turns out he only saw non-video game characters in the same way he saw Cloud, as in, characters he feels he would never be given the opportunity to include in Smash and is given the opportunity to include one, and decides to take it or
      C) A new director comes in with a different mindset and decides to include a non-video game character

      You, and everyone else who threw insults at and mocked people who wanted non-video game characters in Smash, are going to look really silly and douchey. So what if people want Goku in Smash? Has it ever occurred to you a lot of people think Goku would be really fun to play as in Smash and want him in for that reason alone and simply do not care about the fact he does not originate from a video game or if it’s not a particularly realistic request?

      If you respectfully disagree with people when it comes to all character requests that land within the video game industry, you should also respectfully disagree with people who want Smash Bros to go beyond the video game industry.

      Michael on February 10 |