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The Case for Medusa [Removed]

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Source Gaming Team

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  1. The reasons why she wasn’t in Smash Bros. for Wii-U/3DS come down to laziness, lack of creativity, and favoritism. When you think of a series, you have to consider a major villain to be the 2nd most important character only to the main hero. Dark Pit is nowhere near being an important character, no matter what Sakurai says otherwise. We should already establish by now that making a dark version of a Nintendo character is the opposite of original.

    backup368 on November 26 |
    • Even if Medusa did get in it’d still be favouritism because Kid Icarus isn’t big enough to warrant having three playable characters.

      MagcargoMan on November 26 |
      • Yeah, Dark Pit & Palutena should not have been considered.

        backup368 on November 27 |
        • To be honest, i kinda don’t like the idea of a character that’s actually just a take on an actual mythology/public-domain character, so I kinda prefer Palutena getting in. If only she wasn’t so awful in her moveset.

          MagcargoMan on November 27 |
          • “the idea of a mythology/public-domain character getting into Smash”, I meant.

            MagcargoMan on November 27 |
  2. Medusa is an important character in the Kid Icarus series, so I do think that her chances are possible. Even though she’s usually shown towering over Pit, I sorta took that as just a thing all deities in the universe could do, so having her be regular sized (probably still tall, at least as tall as Palutena) wouldn’t be too out-of-canon. Uprising did give us several characters that have moveset potential (Phosphora, Viridi, Hades, even Phyrron, though I’d count out Magnus for being too similar to Ike), though I think that Medusa has more importance to the series to be considered first before some of the others. That being said, I have a few issues with certain parts of this article. In your section on reasons for exclusion, you seem to provide counter-points to some of the reasons you brought up. I think it’d be better if you took an objective look and separated the reasons for inclusion/exclusion instead of re-assessing your own points. Even then, some of the points don’t feel as valid as others. Medusa wouldn’t work as a Palutena clone, since Palutena’s moveset is based around the powers that she grants to Pit in Uprising. Medusa probably wouldn’t have the same set of powers, instead using her own abilities. And it’s a huge stretch to imply that Viridi was made into a Mii Fighter costume just so that she wouldn’t be a clone instead. I don’t see any potential basis for a claim like that.

    Even though Sakurai made both Uprising and Smash, I wouldn’t consider Smash as canon to Kid Icarus. Both games have referenced each other (which is common between games made by the same developers), but considering that Smash is a crossover game, I’d expect it to have little impact on what could actually happen in an Uprising sequel. I expect that conversation was likely A) a nod to fans who’ve played through Uprising, or B) an explanation as to how Dark Pit can fly without Pandora’s powers. It’d also be a conflict of interests if Sakurai intentionally withheld a playable character just to benefit a reveal in his own game, and that’s something he has to watch out for if he wants to continue to hold the trust of so many other developers.

    Spiral on November 28 |