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The Legends Behind Hyrule Warriors (Part 2)


This is the second part of The Legends Behind Hyrule Warriors. The first part covered the origins and inspirations behind the characters that were part of the base roster of Hyrule Warriors plus Cia, Volga and Wizzro. This time, the rest of the characters will be covered.

Once again, be warned that this article contains spoilers for both the Zelda series and the Hyrule Warriors game.

Special thanks to NantenJex for his contributions to this article.

Playable Warriors

Twili Midna

The true form of Midna, seen in the ending of Twilight Princess after Ganondorf’s defeat. After the curse placed upon her is lifted, she returns to the Twilight Realm, but not before shattering the Mirror of Twilight permanently in order to maintain Hyrule and the Twilight Realm separate.

Twili Midna’s weapon:

Mirror – A magical mirror able to transport objects between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm. A darkness element weapon, Midna uses it to summon large objects to attack foes in wide areas.

Weapon level Image Notes
Mirror of Shadows (Lv. 1) hw_mirror_of_shadows_icon A mirror resembling the Mirror of Twilight from Twilight Princess.
Mirror of Silence (Lv. 2) hw_mirror_of_silence A mirror with a similar design as Twili Midna’s cape.
Mirror of Twilight (Lv. 3)

Mirror of Twilight + (Lv. 4)

hw_mirror_of_twilight_icon The Mirror of Twilight from Twilight Princess.
Darklight Mirror (Lv. 4+) hw_mirror_of_twilight_icon Adds light element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~7 For the main chain string, Twili Midna uses the Mirror to spawn a Zant’s Hand and uses it to attack foes. In the last move of the combo, Midna fires a light ray from the Mirror for continuous damage. Zant’s Hands are enemies in Twilight Princess that attempt to steal Sols from Link as he carries them to the outside area of the Palace of Twilight to restore the Twili people to their normal forms and empower the Master Sword. A detail about the Zant’s Hand is how it glows green rather than red, to indicate it’s being used by Midna’s magic as opposed to Zant’s. Of note, Zant’s Hands are not called as such in the original Japanese script (the original name is Sphere Master, named similarly to other hand enemies like the Wallmaster), explaining why Midna would use them in the first place despite the apparent contradiction.
C1 Midna creates an increasing field of dark magic which then explodes, attacking enemies in its area. A reference to one of the moves able to be used when playing as Wolf Link in Twilight Princess in which Midna can spawn a similar field of magic to paralyze surrounding enemies, followed by quick strikes from Link to attack the enemies in the area.
C2 With the aid of the Mirror, Midna uses the Zant’s Hand to punch enemies from below into the air.
C3 Midna spawns a Sol using the Mirror and fires it in an arc. Once it touches the ground it bursts into a flash of light, damaging foes. As explained before, Sols are the source of light in the Twilight Realm, allowing Link to revert the transformed Twili back to normal by repelling Zant’s magic and empower the Master Sword.
C4 Midna spawns a cannon using the Mirror and it fires giant Sols in a straight line trajectory. This is the same cannon used in Twilight Princess to fire Link into the sky to reach the City in the Sky.
C5 Using the Mirror, Midna spawns a bridge and attacks enemies with it by swinging it around. This is a reference to Twilight Princess, where the bridge in Kakariko Gorge is found missing and Link must find it so Midna can use her magic to transport it to the right place. The same bridge is used by Midna in this move.
C6 Midna spawns three wolves and rides one of them, all three wolves attacking enemies on their way. A reference to how Midna rides Wolf Link in Twilight Princess.
S Using the spear used by her Fused Shadow transformation, Twili Midna leaps into the air and strikes the ground from above, attacking enemies around her with blast of magic.
FSS Twili Midna begins crying and launches a single tear, causing cracks to appear that damage enemies. A reference to the ending of Twilight Princess where Midna, after being restored to her true form, returns to the Twilight Realm and bid her farewells to Link before shedding a tear that shatters the Mirror of Twilight beyond repair.


Young Link

Link as a youngster, which is how he is portrayed in the majority of The Legend of Zelda games. This incarnation in particular is based on Majora’s Mask, the Hero of Time that returned from a future where he defeated Ganon and restored peace to Hyrule after 7 years under the Evil King’s rule. Zelda wished for Link to restore his lost childhood and, in search of an old friend, Link eventually finds himself in the land of Termina, a place doomed to be destroyed by the falling moon in three days unless something is done about it.

Young Link’s weapon:

Mask – In Majora’s Mask, Link can find multiple masks, each with different abilities and powers. This darkness element weapon is based on the Fierce Deity’s Mask, given to Link by Majora before their last duel after Link gives all his other masks to the other children inside the moon. A mask with terrific power, it boosts Link’s abilities to an unprecedented degree. In Hyrule Warriors, Young Link normally fights with a giant sized Kokiri Sword, but he can wear this mask temporarily during Focus Spirit or while using either a special move or a Weak Point Smash.

Weapon level Image Notes
Fierce Deity’s Mask (Lv. 1) hw_fierce_deity_mask The Fierce Deity’s Mask from Majora’s Mask.
Furious Deity’s Mask (Lv. 2) hw_furious_deity_mask A more powerful Fierce Deity’s Mask. Link wields a different sword while transformed.
Vengeful Deity’s Mask (Lv. 3)

Vengeful Deity’s Mask + (Lv. 4)

hw_vengeful_deity_mask A more powerful Fierce Deity’s Mask. Link wields a more sinister looking sword while transformed.
Inflamed Deity’s Mask (Lv. 4+) hw_vengeful_deity_mask Adds fire element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C1 Link plays the Song of Time using the Ocarina of Time, converting the special move gauge into magic power. In both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, this song plays important roles. Specific to Majora’s Mask, it allows Link to travel back in time, resetting the three day cycle of the game.
C6 Link dons the Pegasus Boots and quickly forms a giant Triforce symbol made of light, causing it to explode and attacking enemies in a wide area. While not appearing in Majora’s Mask, the Pegasus Boots are a recurring item in the Zelda series allow fast movement to Link when he wears them. The animation as Link switches footwear is similar to the one seen in The Wind Waker when equipping the Iron Boots. Of note is that, likely due to 3DS hardware limitations, this change cannot be seen in Hyrule Warriors Legends.
S, WPS Link temporarily transforms into Fierce Deity Link to attack foes.
FS During Focus Spirit, Young Link becomes Fierce Deity Link by wearing the mask. In addition to the usual benefits of activating it, Link also fires projectiles from sword as he swings it, a reference to how he can do the same in Majora’s Mask when transformed.
FSS The Skull Kid the the Moon appear and as the latter advances into the ground, Link uses his power as Fierce Deity to split the Moon in half, damaging foes along the way. While this never happens in Majora’s Mask, the Moon is eventually destroyed by Link, following the defeat of the titular mask. The fact the Moon is advancing to the ground is a reference to Majora’s Mask’s main story premise as the Moon is poised to fall into Termina in three days.



An eccentric 35-year-old man obsessed with fairies, who also believes himself to be one. He first appears in Majora’s Mask travelling the land of Termina and selling maps that he draws by flying in his balloon. He appears in several other Zelda games, notably in The Wind Waker, where Link must free him from the prison on Windfall Island, offering him the Tingle Tuner (or the Tingle Bottle in the HD remake) in gratitude. At Tingle Island, Tingle helps Link in deciphering the Triforce Charts to help him find the lost pieces of the Triforce of Courage, however for immensely expensive prices. He also appears in his own spin-off titles, such as Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

Tingle’s weapon:

Balloon – Tingle flies around using his balloons as a means of transportation. He draws his maps by flying around and observing the land from above. A fire elemental weapon, Tingle weaponizes the balloon in Hyrule Warriors by blowing it up to attack surrounding enemies.

Weapon level Image Notes
Rosy Balloon (Lv. 1) hw_rosy_balloon Tingle’s red balloon seen throughout all of his appearances in the Zelda series. Its name refers to one of his own games, Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.
Love-Filled Balloon (Lv. 2) hw_love_filled_balloon_icon Many heart shaped balloons. A reference to one of Tingle’s games, Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love.
Mr. Fairy Balloon (Lv. 3)

Mr. Fairy Balloon + (Lv. 4)

hw_mr-_fairy_balloon Mr. Fairy refers to the nickname Tingle gives Link in several games. The balloon itself resembles Tingle as he appears in his own spin-off games.
Liquid Fire Balloon (Lv. 4+) hw_mr-_fairy_balloon Adds water element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~6 Tingle whacks foes with a map, attacks using his rear, spins around and eventually throws a bunch of small balloons in this chain of unconventional moves. True to source material, Tingle is eccentric and clumsy, even when fighting hordes of enemies.
C4 Tingle uses the balloon to propel himself forward, rolling on the ground while chanting his magic words “Kooloo-limpah!” and hitting foes with a Tingle Statue. Tingle Statues are golden statues depicting Tingle that appear in The Wind Waker and can only obtained with the Tingle Tuner by inspecting certain places with it and using a Tingle Bomb. As the item was replaced by the Tingle Bottle in the HD remake, Link can use normal bombs to find them. The collected Tingle Statues can then be found on Tingle Island.
C5 Tingle launches into the air and throws a multitude of bombs in a wide area, before grabbing a giant bomb and exploding himself, falling to the ground but damaging foes in a wide area. This is a reference to Tingle Bombs from The Wind Waker, an item used via Tingle Tuner in which Tingle can launch a bomb from above.
S Tingle inflates the balloon and explodes it to damage enemies around. He chants “Kooloo-limpah!” while using it, a reference to his self-created magic words.
WPS While several bombs surround the enemy, Tingle sees a fairy and tries to catch it, diving into the bombs and causing them to explode. The fairy, which has a pink color similar to those seen in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, heals Tingle while spinning around him, a reference to what happens when Link touches a fairy in those games.



An original character created by Koei Tecmo for the 3DS release of the game and essentially a female counterpart to Link. Believing to be the reincarnation of the Legendary Hero, she sets off on a journey to Hyrule Castle. Despite her clumsiness, her bravery and willingness to help others make her a hero on her own.

Linkle’s weapons:

Crossbows – Linkle’s main weapon is a pair of crossbows, a kind of weapon which has never been in any mainline The Legend of Zelda title. However, Link wields a crossbow in the spin-off title Link’s Crossbow Training, which came bundled with the Wii Zapper. This weapon has a fire element.

Weapon level Image Notes
Simple Crossbows (Lv. 1) hw_simple_crossbows A pair of crossobows original to Hyrule Warriors.
Hylian Crossbows  (Lv. 2) hw_hylian_crossbows A pair of crossbows that share the same design as the crossbow used by Link in Link’s Crossbow Training.
Legend’s Crossbows (Lv. 3)

Legend’s Crossbows + (Lv. 4)

hw_legends_crossbows A pair of crossbows with a design similar to the light bow used by Zelda in Twilight Princess.
Luminous Crossbows (Lv. 4+) hw_legends_crossbows Adds light element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N7, C5, C6, FSS All these moves involve Linkle shooting bomb arrows, which appear in Link’s Awakening, Twilight Princess and Link’s Crossbow Training. After any combo attack, the player can hold down the strong attack button to fire a bomb arrow as well.

Boots – A pair of boots that Linkle uses for kicking moves as well as running faster than normal. In the Zelda series, the recurring Pegasus Boots item allows Link to run at fast speeds and charge at enemies while doing so. This weapon class has a lightning element.

Weapon level Image Notes
Winged Boots (Lv. 1) hws_winged_boots_icon Resemble the Iron Boots from Ocarina of Time, with feathers similar to Golden Feathers from The Wind Waker attached.
Roc Boots (Lv. 2) hws_roc_boots_icon Resemble the Iron Boots from Twilight Princess, with feathers similar to the Roc’s Feather as seen in Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons and Four Sword Adventures.
Pegasus Boots (Lv. 3)

Pegasus Boots + (Lv. 4)

hws_pegasus_boots_icon Based on the Pegasus Boots first seen in A Link to the Past. The item often has red coloration or wings in its design, both of which are present in this design.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C1, S Both attacks involve Linkle running at high speed, charging at enemies, referencing the Pegasus Boots’ purpose in the main Zelda series.
C5, WPS Linkle uses a Cucco to briefly glide while performing these moves, a reference to how Link can grab one to glide in several Zelda titles.


Skull Kid

Skull Kids first appear in Ocarina of Time as mischievous creatures that inhabit the Lost Woods. Friendly with children but hostile to adults, they either play music with Link or attack him depending on whether he’s a child or an adult. This Skull Kid in particular is the main antagonist of Majora’s Mask, which becomes a vessel for the Majora’s Mask’s will, turning his mischievous behavior into thirst for destruction, all in the pretense of playing a game. The one responsible to the impending doom in Termina by crashing the moon.

Skull Kid’s weapon:

Ocarina – An item primarily seen in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, allowing Link to play music that causes multiple effects depending on the song played. Skull Kid uses it to play music while his companion fairies, Tatl and Tael, attack foes.

Weapon level Image Notes
Fairy Ocarina (Lv. 1) hw_fairy_ocarina From Ocarina of Time, the Fairy Ocarina is given to Link by Saria as he leaves Kokiri Forest. It allows Link to play music and gets replaced by the Ocarina of Time later in the game.
Lunar Ocarina  (Lv. 2) hw_lunar_ocarina An ocarina with a motif based on the moon seen in Majora’s Mask.
Majora’s Ocarina (Lv. 3)

Majora’s Ocarina + (Lv. 4)

hw_majoras_ocarina An ocarina with a motif based on the titular Majora’s Mask.
Crackling Ocarina (Lv. 4+) hw_majoras_ocarina Adds lightning element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~7, C2 Playing the Ocarina, Skull Kid has his fairy companions Tatl and Tael to attack enemies. The two fairies are seen with him often
C1, WPS In both these moves, Skull Kid summons a puppet to attack. These puppets originate from Twilight Princess and are used by the Skull Kid that appears in that game to attack Link.
C4 Skull Kid shoots dark magic continuously. This is similar to one of the attacks used by Majora’s Incarnation in Majora’s Mask.
C5 After lifting enemies with a tornado, a meteor falls from the sky. This may be a reference to the scene in Majora’s Mask in which the Skull Kid makes a Moon’s Tear fall to an area in Termina’s Field.
C6, S Skull Kid uses dark magic to attack, referring to the overall kind of power the Majora’s Mask has. During the special move, Skull Kid does the same animation as when he turns Link into a Deku Scrub in Majora’s Mask.
FS After Skull Kid ends this moves, he takes on a lifeless, puppet-like stance, a reference to the scene when the Four Giants arrive and Majora’s Mask discards Skull Kid.
FSS Skull Kid kicks a miniature version of the Moon to strike foes in front of him.


Toon Link

Link as he appears in The Wind Waker, with a more cartoonish appearance. After his younger sister Aryll is kidnapped by a giant bird, he embarks on a journey to save her. Aided by the King of Red Lions and controlling the wind with the Wind Waker, he eventually faces off against the King of Evil, Ganondorf.

Toon Link’s weapons:

Light Sword – Similar to Link’s Hylian Sword, this is a sword and shield combo, the weapon set most iconic to Link throughout the Zelda series. Similar to the Hylian Sword, this weapon class is also of the light element.

Weapon level Image Notes
Hero’s Sword (Lv. 1) hw_heros_sword The sword given to Link by Orca in The Wind Waker. He also wields the Hero’s Shield, belonging to Link’s family for generations and given to him by his grandma after Aryll’s kidnapping.
Phantom Sword (Lv. 2) hw_phantom_sword From Phantom Hourglass, the Phantom Sword is a legendary sword said to be able to slay Phantoms. The Phantom Hourglass itself is part of the sword’s handle. The shield is the same used by Link in Phantom Hourglass.
Lokomo Sword (Lv. 3)

Lokomo Sword + (Lv. 4)

hw_lokomo_sword From Spirit Tracks, this sword belongs to the Lokomo and said to be capable to vanquishing evil creatures. Once belonging to spirits, it’s used by Link to defeat the Demon King Malladus. The shield is the Mirror Shield from The Wind Waker, which allows Link to reflect light with it.
Lokomo Sword of Oceans (Lv. 4+) hw_lokomo_sword Adds water element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C5 An aerial spin attack similar to how Link, Young Link and Toon Link execute the Spin Attack in the Super Smash Bros. series.
C6, S Both moves reference the Hurricane Spin seen in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. For the special move, he also gets dizzy just like in the original games.
N1~3 (mid-air) Toon Link attacks with his Deku Leaf, the last move sending a wind gust, similar to its usage when in the ground in The Wind Waker. Pressing the strong attack button in mid-air has Toon Link use a jump attack seen in The Wind Waker.
FS Both the animation when activating Focus Spirit as well as its finishing move are similar to how Link holds the Master Sword upwards when obtaining it in The Wind Waker. The finishing move has Toon Link unleashing a blast of light, as per the weapon’s element.
WPS Toon Link wildly swings his sword, becoming tired afterwards. This is similar to his side taunt from the Super Smash Bros. series.

Sand Wand – An item first appearing in Spirit Tracks that also appears, named as Sand Rod, in A Link Between Worlds. In both games’ Japanese script, this weapon is named the same (as Sand Rod). This fire elemental weapon controls sand and, uniquely to Hyrule Warriors, allows Link to use Warp Gates to summon the Spirit Train from Spirit Tracks.

Weapon level Image Notes
Sand Wand (Lv. 1) hws_sand_wand_icon The Sand Wand item from Spirit Tracks.
Jeweled Sand Wand (Lv. 2) hws_jeweled_sand_wand_icon The Sand Rod item from A Link Between Worlds, with added horn-like decorations to its head.
Nice Sand Wand (Lv. 3)

Nice Sand Wand + (Lv. 4)

hws_nice_sand_wand_icon The Nice Sand Rod from A Link Between Worlds, an upgraded version of the Sand Rod.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~4, C2, WPS Toon Link uses the Sand Wand to manipulate sand cubes and attack enemies with them, similar to how the weapon can lift sand into cubes in Spirit Tracks. Against sand dwelling enemies, the Sand Wand was efficient in making them vulnerable to attacks.
C3 Toon Link lifts a sand cube below him and rides it, a reference to how the sand cubes could originally be walked on and reach new areas.
N5, C1, C3, C4, S, FS, FSS All these moves have Toon Link summon the Spirit Train, his main means of transportation in Spirit Tracks. For C3 and C4, Toon Link also makes use of the train’s cannon to attack foes.



The leader of a group of pirates that sail the Great Sea in hopes of finding treasure. After Link saves her from the Helmaroc King and his sister gets kidnapped, Tetra and the pirates help him go to the Forsaken Fortress to save Aryll. Eventually meeting again, they find out that she’s actually a descendant of the long lost kingdom of Hyrule’s Royal Family, Zelda, whom Ganondorf had been trying to find by kidnapping as many pointy-eared girls throughout the world. Together with Link, she faces off against the Evil King in one last duel, putting an end to his ambitions.

Tetra’s weapon:

Cutlass – A water elemental weapon. Tetra has a cutlass in all her appearances, although she never uses it in any way. The pistol is completely original to Hyrule Warriors and fires water projectiles.

Weapon level Image Notes
Pirate Cutlass (Lv. 1) hw_pirate_cutlass Tetra has this cutlass in all of her appearances. The weapon is bigger in Hyrule Warriors.
Jeweled Cutlass (Lv. 2) hw_jeweled_cutlass A cutlass and pistol set with a silver and jewelry theme.
Regal Cutlass (Lv. 3)

Regal Cutlass + (Lv. 4)

hw_regal_cutlass This set contains certain elements of Tetra’s alter-ego Zelda’s dress.
Cutlass of Light (Lv. 4+) hw_regal_cutlass Adds light element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C6 After shooting enemies in three directions, Tetra forms a giant triangle of light in the ground that explodes. This is similar to one of Zelda’s moves in the game, itself a reference to Twilight Princess where Zelda, possessed by Ganondorf, uses it in the boss battle against her.
FS Two parts of the Triforce of Wisdom join together and a blast of water is unleashed. This is a reference to the scene in The Wind Waker where Tetra meets King Daphnes for the first time and he reveals her true identity as Zelda by piecing together the two Triforce parts.
FSS After forming a giant water sphere with the pistol and trapping enemies, Tetra then fires a Light Arrow at them, a reference to how she, as Zelda, uses it against Ganondorf during his boss battle in The Wind Waker.


King Daphnes

The king of the lost kingdom of Hyrule, sunk beneath the Great Sea. Guiding Link in his quest as a boat known as the King of Red Lions, he hopes to defeat Ganon once and for all.

King Daphnes’s weapon:

Sail – The sail used in The Wind Waker to ride the boat. A water elemental weapon, this also allows King Daphnes to transform into his boat alter ego from the same game and attack foes with water as well.

Weapon level Image Notes
Windfall Sail (Lv. 1) hw_windfall_sail The sail purchased by Link in Windfall Island, so he can ride the King of Red Lions.
Swift Sail (Lv. 2) hw_swift_sail A sail that allows Link to travel the seas faster. It only appears in The Wind Waker HD, the Wii U remake of The Wind Waker.
Sail of Red Lions (Lv. 3)

Sail of Red Lions + (Lv. 4)

hw_sail_of_red_lions A sail with a design based on the King of Red Lions itself.
Supercharged Sail (Lv. 4+) hw_sail_of_red_lions Adds lightning element to the weapon.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~7, C2, C3, C5, WPS All these moves have King Daphnes attack enemies with the sail itself.
C2 King Daphnes transforms into the King of Red Lions (the boat) and wind starts blowing around him, temporarily increasing his attack speed. This mechanic is likely a reference to how Link had to manipulate the wind using the Wind Waker and ensure that he would ride the King of Red Lions in a favorable wind at a faster cruising pace.
C4, C6, S In all these moves, King Daphnes transforms into his boat alter-ego and rams at enemies.
FS Upon activating Focus Spirit, King Daphnes performs a Kinstone Fusion using the two parts of a Gold Kinstone. This is a reference to The Minish Cap, where Link can find Kinstone halves and fuse them by finding people who own a matching half. The fact King Daphnes has this move is likely a reference to how King Daltus in The Minish Cap has a similar appearance and whose ancestor gives Link a Gold Kinstone.



A young Rito girl from Dragon Roost Island who appears in The Wind Waker. She’s the attendant to the island’s dragon Valoo, the Sky Spirit whose scales possess the power to allow young Rito to grow wings and fly. Discovering that the Master Sword’s power is sealed, Link learns about the ancient Sages and must find their descendants who possess the same musical instruments. Conducting the Earth God’s Lyric to Medli, she awakens as a new Sage of Earth and the two venture through the Earth Temple to restore the Master Sword’s power.

Medli’s weapon:

Rito Harp – A light elemental weapon, Medli mainly uses flight and wind-based attacks, playing the harp to summon gusts of wind and other magical moves.

Weapon level Image Notes
Sacred Harp (Lv. 1) hws_sacred_harp_icon The harp carried by Medli in The Wind Waker.
Earth God’s Harp (Lv. 2) hws_earth_gods_harp_icon An harp resembling the stone tablet blocking the way to the Earth Temple in The Wind Waker. The Earth God’s Lyric must be played to destroy it.
Din’s Harp (Lv. 3)

Din’s Harp + (Lv. 4)

hws_dins_harp_icon An harp bearing the symbol of Din, the Goddess of Power. Its coloring is the same as the Din’s Pearl, a treasured belonging of the Rito tribe.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~6 A combo of wind attacks. The final move has Medli reflect a ray of light using her harp, continuously damaging enemies. This is a reference to The Wind Waker in which light can be reflected by Medli in the Earth Temple (and later by Link himself after getting the Mirror Shield) and could be used to overcome certain obstacles or make enemies like Poes and ReDeads more vulnerable.
C3 Medli charges ahead flying and falls to the floor, similar to what happens when Link throws her in The Wind Waker to help her reach certain places.
C6 Medli plays the Earth God’s Lyric on her harp causing light to descend upon a circular area in front of her, damaging enemies over time. Afterwards, the symbol of the goddess Din, similar in appearance to the Din’s Pearl, appears on the ground causing an explosion of light.
S Causing a big wind sphere that draws enemies in and then she dives into it, becoming dizzy afterwards. The dizzy animation is the same as in The Wind Waker when she hits an obstacle while flying.
FS For the finishing move, she plays the harp to cause an explosion of light around her.



Appearing in Link’s Awakening, Marin is a young girl living in Mabe Village, who wishes to see the world beyond Koholint Island. Being talented in singing and playing the harp, she dreams of performing for other people beyond the island. By the end of Link’s quest, she teaches him the Ballad of the Wind Fish, allowing him to awaken the Wind Fish.

Marin’s weapon:

Bell – Based on one of the Instruments of the Sirens, this water elemental weapon allows Marin to use several water and music based moves and even summon the Wind Fish.

Weapon level Image Notes
Sea Lily’s Bell (Lv. 1) hws_sea_lily_bell_icon One of the Instruments of the Sirens that must be collected to awaken the Wind Fish.
Wavelet Bell (Lv. 2) hws_wavelet_bell_icon An original design with a water motif.
Awakening Bell (Lv. 3)

Awakening Bell + (Lv. 4)

hws_awakening_bell_icon The name references the title of Link’s Awakening.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C6, S Marin summons the Wind Fish in these moves to attack enemies.
FSS Marin sings the Ballad of the Wind Fish, striking enemies with a water blast.


Toon Zelda

Zelda as she appears in Spirit Tracks, sharing the same design as Zelda in The Wind Waker and other games with the similar cel-shaded art style. Early on, she has her spirit separated from her body by the treacherous Chancellor Cole. As a result, she can only be seen and contacted by Link, however, her spiritual form can possess a Phantom, allowing her to fight alongside Link. It is eventually revealed she is a descendant of Tetra from The Wind Waker. She is also the first time an incarnation of Zelda is playable in a main series The Legend of Zelda game.

Toon Zelda’s weapon:

Phantom Arms – The bulky sword and large shield of a Phantom. Since Toon Zelda is possessing the Phantom, this weapon is of light element and she can also use her magic, even in spirit form.

Weapon level Image Notes
Protector Sword (Lv. 1) hws_protector_sword_icon The sword and shield set used by ordinary Phantoms in Spirit Tracks.
Warp Sword (Lv. 2) hws_warp_sword_icon The sword and shield set used by Warp Phantoms in Spirit Tracks.
Wrecker Sword (Lv. 3)

Wrecker Sword + (Lv. 4)

hws_wrecker_sword_icon The sword and shield set used by Wrecker Phantoms in Spirit Tracks.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C1 Toon Zelda transforms into a ball, an ability exclusive of Wrecker Phantoms.
C5 Her spirit exiting the armor, Zelda creates a magic circle on the ground to attack enemies in an area. This symbol is a reference to the boss battle with Malladus in Spirit Tracks, where it appears in the Demon King’s back after Link protects Zelda and allows her to weaken him with her magic, serving as his weak point from then on.
FS Mice appear around Toon Zelda and she lets out a shout of fear, causing an explosion of light as well. In Spirit Tracks, Zelda is shown to have a fear of mice.
FSS Toon Zelda warps to an above area and comes crashing down as a ball, combining the abilities of Warp Phantoms with those of a Wrecker Phantoms.



From A Link Between Worlds, Ravio is a mysterious travelling salesman in a bunny suit who meets Link and sets up a shop at his home, allowing Link to rent the items he has as well as giving him a bracelet that allows Link to merge with walls and travel to the alternate world of Lorule. Clumsy and cowardly, he turns out to be Link’s counterpart from Lorule who devised a plan to stop Lorule’s Princess Hilda and Yuga from stealing Hyrule’s Triforce.

Ravio’s weapon:

Rental Hammer – One of Ravio’s many items, this dark elemental weapon also has Ravio use other items such as bombs and the Ice Rod. Except for the Ice Rod, however, all items are the same as the equipable ones, having similar abilities as those.

Weapon level Image Notes
Wooden Hammer (Lv. 1) hws_wooden_hammer_icon The Hammer as it appears in A Link Between Worlds, with more detailed textures.
White Bunny Hammer (Lv. 2) hws_white_bunny_hammer_icon A recolored version of the Rented Hammer from A Link Between Worlds, which originally was identical to the normal Hammer except with purple bunny ears attached to the top.
Nice Hammer (Lv. 3)

Nice Hammer + (Lv. 4)

hws_nice_hammer_icon The upgraded version of the Hammer from A Link Between Worlds. In this game, the handle looks identical to Hilda’s staff and the hammer’s faces have a Lorulean Triforce inscribed on them.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
N1~6 Ravio swings the Hammer around to attack enemies. The last move has the Hammer grow in size for a large area attack, a reference to how the Hammer item in some Zelda games can be charged, growing in size for a wide area of attack.
C1, C4, C5 In these moves, Ravio uses the Ice Rod to freeze enemies. The Ice Rod takes on its appearance from A Link Between Worlds, being his only item besides the Hammer to do so. It also has the purple bunny ears seen in rented items. When C1 is charged, it spawns four ice blocks instead of just one, a reference to the Nice Ice Rod, an upgraded version of the Ice Rod from the same game.
C2 Ravio uses the Gale Boomerang from Twilight Princess to lift enemies. Though the Gale Boomerang doesn’t appear in A Link Between Worlds, a regular boomerang is one of the items he has available on his shop. He also uses this in C4 before using the Ice Rod.
C3 Ravio rolls a large bomb before pushing it, the bomb exploding afterwards. In A Link to the Past, there are Super Bombs that Link can’t carry around and must be carried to a destination. In Four Swords Adventures and A Link Between Worlds, Bombs can be upgraded to be larger. Regular sized bombs are one of the items available at Ravio’s shop in A Link Between Worlds.
S Ravio combines light arrows and bombs during this move, something otherwise impossible in the entire Zelda series.
FS When activating Focus Spirit, Ravio jumps around, a reference to A Link Between Worlds when he announces Link that he’s opened a shop at Link’s house. When the magic gauge is depleted, he grabs a giant bomb but trips and lets it fall and explode, referring to his clumsiness .
FSS Ravio shoots light arrows in a wide area. Although Ravio never sells light arrows, one of the items he lends Link is a bow.



The main villain of A Link Between Worlds. Yuga is a sorcerer from Lorule who is first seen kidnapping one of the Seven Sages’ descendants. Working with Lorule’s Princess Hilda, they attempt to take Hyrule’s Triforce as their own in order to save Lorule from its impending doom as a result of its Triforce being destroyed. As they nearly succeed, Yuga betrays Hilda, intending to use the Triforce for his own desires. Resurrecting Ganon and merging with him to fight against Link, he is eventually defeated.

Yuga’s weapon:

Picture Frame – A lightning element weapon that Yuga uses in combination with his paintbrush-like magic staff. He can use the picture frame to attack enemies, transport himself and summon tridents, while also casting lightning magic with his staff.

Weapon level Image Notes
Wooden Frame (Lv. 1) hws_wooden_frame_icon A normal looking picture frame made of wood.
Sealing Frame (Lv. 2) hws_frame_of_sealing_icon The same picture frame used by Yuga to seal Sages. Its color matches the one he used to trap Seres in A Link Between Worlds.
Demon King’s Frame (Lv. 3)

Demon King’s Frame + (Lv. 4)

hws_demon_kings_frame_icon A purple picture frame inspired by Ganon, with spikes and other ominous looking elements. It also has the Lorule Crest on the top.

Notable moves:

Input Notes
C3 Yuga uses the picture frame to hide himself in the ground and attack from below, referring to how he could transform into a painting to avoid being attacked.
C4 Yuga uses two picture frames to attack with lightning, one of his main abilities, as seen in A Link Between Worlds.
C5, S Ganon’s trident, as it appears in A Link Between Worlds (in fact, sharing the same model as the King of Evil Trident), appears in these moves. In the special move’s case, Yuga uses the picture frame to have the trident crash down on foes, referring to how he could transform anything into paintings and vice versa.

With this, all the main playable characters have been covered, including all DLC additions and those introduced in the 3DS game. Next part will focus on items and bosses. Please look forward to it!

  1. When you say bosses does that include Ganon?

    haruhisailormars on November 30 |
  2. A few omissions and errors I noticed:

    You fail to mention Twili Midna’s passive Focus Spirit Finisher. The ball of magic she creates and the hand motion are very similar to when she broke Wolf Link’s shackle in her imp form in Twilight Princess.

    You fail to mention Skull Kid’s eye laser attack, which is similar to an attack Majora’s Mask used in it’s first form during the boss battle.

    You mention that Toon Link’s WPS is similar to his side taunt in SSB, but the taunt you’re referring to is actually his down taunt.

    Garo on December 1 |