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This article looks at comments made from the November 21st- November 31st!

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Drop Roy and Lucina from the roster, we don’t need 6 FE characters let alone 3 Marths. Also not a fan of Decidueye being playable. I’d rather we just brought back the Pokémon Trainer and have him switch between Charizard, Greninja and Sceptile and have Lycanroc as the playable 7th Gen rep.

I could go on listing characters I’d add and subtract from that list but I think this is enough for now.

From:Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)

Charizard, Greninja, and Sceptile being switchable from the Pokémon Trainer sounds like a terrible idea, to be honest. I’d rather have them be separate characters. I personally don’t mind the Marth clones, as they don’t take up a lot of time, but they shouldn’t be a priority.


I think if there is an enhanced Smash port with additional characters, Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Inklings are probably the most likely. When it comes to third party characters, Nintendo seems to be getting along really well with Square Enix with the Dragon Quest games, and Capcom with all the Nintendo costumes in Monster Hunter. So if they decided to add third party characters my guess would be Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, or possibly another Capcom rep, like Resident Evil. Just speculation though, can’t wait to see what they do.

From:Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)

I completely agree with you on this.


It’s supposed to be the roster if Smash Switch was just an updated Smash 4 port, which means they wouldn’t cut anyone.

From:Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)

If it’s just a port, it doesn’t make sense to cut anyone, really.


Needs a Rhythm Heaven character.

From:Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)

I agree =(

Troy Kv

The Ice Climbers and the Inklings and extremely likely (in fact, I’m sure they are shoo-in)… The other characters depends a lot of the Smash Development and release date.

If this is a enhanced Smash Wii U/3DS with updated characters and patch, Dedicueye would also be a important character too consider.

Outside of these three is really difficult to predict which characters would be selected (only Inkling and a 7th Pokémon have the “popular and recent” stigma in their side)….

With, The Smash Ballot will have a bigger role this time…

What do you think Source Gaming Staff?

From:Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)

I thought we just told you what we thought!

I wouldn’t call any character a shoo-in…especially after that whole Wolf fiasco and the Smash community 😛


Not related to Snake, but if you are planning a discussion on Wolf. I suggest you use frostwrath’s theory on why he was cut and not DLC. He posted it on December last year on smashboards.

From:Is Snake Coming Back?

Will do! We have plans to do a Wolf one…waiting on schedules to align to record it.


– Ganondorf would have made it into Brawl if he didn’t get in Melee. Besides being the main villain of the series, he had three appearances in his Gerudo form by the time of Brawl, as opposed to Melee where he was only a Gerudo in Ocarina of Time. He would have been a priority. Toon Link probably wouldn’t, but if they were only gonna add a second Link for it to be a clone, they should have just kept Young Link.
– Better customisation options would be able to offer the same experience.

“Falco was the number 1 requested character on the If There Were a Smash 2 Poll for StarFox. ”
That is for Melee. I’m talking about Smash 4.

“Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus were going to get those characters as alts.”
But we didn’t. And then Fire Emblem got another two characters as DLC. He didn’t know when to quit.

A second Mario should be someone who offers something truly different, like Paper Mario. Dr Mario is more like alternate costume material. They weren’t even willing to give him a unique Final Smash or victory theme. He’s always been treated as an afterthought in Smash, and was a last-minute addition in both Smash games he was in. Even his stage wasn’t a priority.

“If they add enough content, then I don’t see the issue. There aren’t a lot of changes in between each Smash, and remaking the engine seems like a waste of effort”

It gets boring and stagnant. Like what happened to 2D Mario with four similar New Super Mario Bros. titles in a row. Playing the same thing eventually gets tiring.

A lot of those moves in that analysis listed as originating from Wario World have a question mark next to them. Seems like it’s not very sure. Wild Swing-Ding as his Forward Throw is the only move that is unambiguously from Wario World. Chomp is sort of like reminiscent of Hyper Suction (the Inhaling Chomp variation definitely is a reference), but isn’t actually it. Corkscrew is nothing like Corkscrew Conk, so it’s clearly an original move.

I’d just like a balance between Wario Land and WarioWare in Smash, rather than the games pretending the former is so obscure part of Wario’s identity. This is also why I’m in favour of Captain Syrup over someone like Ashley. There are some great songs from Wario Land, Wario World and even Master of Disguise that’d make awesome remixes like Toxic Landfill, Greenhorn Forest or Carpaccio’s battle theme, but there has only ever been one Wario Land song in Smash, which wasn’t even a remix (and for some reason Sakurai thinks it’s particularly notable enough to be his victory theme).

From:Featured Comments

I feel that with Ganondorf you run into a chicken/egg issue. Smash further cemented the popularity of the human form of Ganon…so did we get more Ganondorf because of Melee?

Customization is lacking in Smash for Wii U/3DS. It just didn’t work out as well as it could’ve.

That’s why Falco was added and became a staple for Smash.

Corrin was at least unique, Roy was probably picked because of ease of development.

Again, clones are added just because of how little time they take up to develop. Paper Mario is one of my most wanted characters, but he’s going to take a lot longer than Dr. Mario. With Dr. Mario, it seems they copied and pasted the code and then modified that to build him.

I’ll give you that. New Super Mario Wii U was pretty boring.

I wrote that article btw :P. I put question marks because it’s a bit ambiguous, but it seems like it’s drawn from that. Unfortunately, Sakurai hasn’t talked about Wario that much. We’ve translated all the comments he’s ever done.

Troy Kv

Oh thanks, I need to make her the most different possible of Mewtwo without making she lose her focus…

And, yeah, I’m writing an article that I would like to publish in Source Gaming when I finish it.

From:Featured Comments

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FWIW, the description of high-risk high-reward on the Japanese N64 site link refers specifically to Falcon Punch being a high risk high reward move, not Falcon himself.

From:Featured Comments

Yes, that’s true. I believe in other places, Sakurai has referred to Falcon as a technical character.


“The issue with your analogy is that Mario characters are actually playable in their games. With games like F-Zero, and Starfox (for the most part), those games are played mainly through using the vehicles. The third slide from the 2008 GDC is particularly relevant. With Captain Falcon, Sakurai needs to make up his own parameters for the characters…he needs to fill in the gaps. In that case, representing the core aspect of the series is probably the best course of action.”

Fair enough. I’d mostly agree with this point but I still think the situation with Black Shadow isn’t quite the same as with Falcon. While the F-Zero characters themselves aren’t playable the vehicles they drive can be thought of as representative of them to an extent. With Star Fox most games put all the characters in the same vehicles or have multiple vehicles that function the same, this is not the case for F-Zero. I do think it would make sense to have F-Zero characters incorporate their vehicles’ stats as aspects of their playstyles as it is the closest thing they have to a playable appearance.

With Falcon he was the first rep for his series so there was no real point of comparison for his stats and what they actually meant. On the other hand, any new F-Zero character can now be directly compared to Falcon and their statistics can be implemented relative to his own. Black Shadow has higher power and defense but more limited speed boosting relative to Falcon. Would it not make sense to translate those aspects to Smash?

“Samurai Goroh actually moves pretty quickly as an assist trophy.”

I’m not sure what you’re seeing in that video I’m not. For argument’s sake, Goroh is spawned near the center of final destination in that video and proceeds to run until he reaches the edge. Timing the amount of time that passes between him hitting the ground to reaching the edge of the stage I was getting around the range of 1.35-1.45 seconds. Here’s some guy’s measurements of the time it took for all the brawl characters to run across final destination:

The slowest characters in the game are Ganondorf and Jiggilypuff both sitting at 2.6 seconds to cross the entirely of final destination, so presumably around 1.3 for half of it, still faster than Goroh. Captain Falcon only takes half that time. Even taking into account probable error on my part and in the measurements I’m using, as well as slight differences in initial acceleration and whatnot, it still seems that Goroh isn’t moving fast by Smash standards.

“I believe the main concept behind the design of Captain Falcon was to emphasize high risk, high return, which was supposed to emulates F-Zero gameplay.”

Soma’s already mentioned this isn’t quite accurate, but regardless I wanted to point out that Ganondorf’s current moveset probably emphasizes “high risk, high return” to an even greater degree than Falcon.

From:From:Featured Comments

Translating their vechile stats to their characteristics would make sense. I guess it could go either way.

I thought Goroh just chases after players? Therefore he might have some lag at the start to give opposing players some time to get away.  In that case, his top speed would be the best indicator of how he could move in Smash (as a fighter).


Ice Climbers is a definite. Sakurai had made their model during the Wii U’s testing, so he should still have the data. Inklings are the definite too since they’re the most popular new Nintendo IP, and I wouldn’t think Sakurai would ignore them at all. I could expect the Octling being their palette swap too if possible since they’re popular as well. I think Wolf is a maybe, but I think I could accept K.Rool’s entry since he’s popular since then, and if Sakurai’s gonna focus on bringing new characters from the Smash Ballot, then K.Rool might be chosen as if his name is in the list.

I doubt there would be more Mario, Pokemon, and FE characters added in this port, but Decidueye’s entry may be plausible. Rowlet have been the most popular Alola Starter since its first appearance in the Sun/Moon trailers, which its final evolution form through that leak made it more popular as well. Even Smash doesn’t have a Grass and Ghost type Pokemon, it’ll fit in perfectly in the Pokemon roster. Plus since Ash have captured Rowlet in the new Pokemon anime, then it may make sense as Decidueye might become the next Greninja.

However, its surprising nobody brought any other characters from other games like Zelda and Kirby. These franchises do need new characters, which I choose Waddle Dee for Kirby’s side, and although it’s impossible but still supporting Impa’s entry. Kid Icarus may be impossible too, but I’d rather choose Medusa than Hades because Medusa’s more on the veteran side of the series.

So far, my personal choices are Ice Climbers, Inklings, Waddle Dee, Impa, Medusa, Decidueye, K.Rool, and Wolf. However, probably one of them would be chosen, and I wouldn’t think there would be any palette swaps, Assist Trophies, Pokeball Pokemon, and stage bosses to become playable either. So this is my prediction so far, although I shouldn’t expect anything at this moment.

From:Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)

Kirby is a series that’s ripe for a new fighter. I think a Dee would make the most sense, but we’ll have to see. Sakurai’s lack of comments on newer Kirby games does make me suspicious that he doesn’t really care for the newer entries, or doesn’t consider them cannon. It’s just weird that he’s never done interviews for the anniversaries, or discussed Kirby Cafe….I might do a full writeup in the future about it.


This is some high quality content. Nice.

From:Game & Fact – Mega Man 2

Nantendo works so hard on these, it’s all him!

The next one is about a Japan-only game, and we are debuting some original information in it. Look forward to it 🙂



  1. “Smash further cemented the popularity of the human form of Ganon…so did we get more Ganondorf because of Melee?”

    Is this even likely? He’s not some niche character like Marth or Pit. He’s the villain of the Zelda series, not some minor or obscure character from a smaller franchise.

    MagcargoMan on December 2 |
    • Well, if it’s true that that form of Ganon had only appeared once before Melee, then it is reasonable to believe that Smash cemented that form of his as the canon Ganon constant.

      Anime9001 on December 2 |
      • Or that the idea of Ganondorf wasn’t a one-off and they were gonna keep the idea anyway? Melee making him human in later appearances in the Zelda series is nothing but pure speculation.

        MagcargoMan on December 2 |
        • Pure speculation in both directions. Hence why I said it’s reasonable to believe it, not necessarily that it makes it true.

          Anime9001 on December 5 |
  2. The only thing I particularly disagree with in the replies is there being no “shoo-ins” because Ice Climbers are probably the most shoo-in character any character can be. The only way I see them being excluded is if the port doesn’t get any new characters at all.

    As for the “Wolf fiasco,” there are a few differences between their circumstances. The most important of which is that Sakurai actually cares about the Ice Climbers. You see, Smash Brothers has always been a toss up to make predictions for, but the single constant throughout the franchise is that “Sakurai does what Sakurai wants” (which is largely why Smash is so hard to predict in the first place). When considering characters for the game, I see three main criteria that is considered in descending importance. 1. What Sakurai wants. 2. What Nintendo wants. 3. What fans want. Number 1 always happens unless for extreme circumstances or Nintendo really puts their foot down, and number 3 doesn’t happen if it conflicts with number 1. Going back to Wolf, the reason he was a “shoo-in” in everyone’s minds is because he was a no brainer from a marketing standpoint. In other words, he fell into category 2. However, from at least what I’ve seen of Sakurai’s interviews (which is pretty hit and miss, to be fair), Sakurai is very……indifferent towards the inclusion of Wolf. When question why he included Wolf over, say, Krystal, Sakurai stated they had time to develop a character who would take less development time than the normal character, and ended up deciding on Wolf. End of story. No real heart towards his inclusion even compared to some of the other semi-clones and clones on the roster. His inclusion was to bolster the roster. A Nintendo reason. As the the Ice Climbers, Sakurai showed very uncharacteristic regret (compared to other cuts) to them being cut due to the 3DS limitations. It’s one of the few times Sakurai didn’t get his way, and I fully expect him to rectify that assuming we get any new characters in the port. The fact that it sounds like they were already made on the Wii U version is just kinda icing on the cake in that a new character with so little development needed would make it so Nintendo would want them as well, and we KNOW the fans want them back. So the Ice Climbers fall under all three categories and would probably be the easiest new character to include in any Smash game since Smash’s inception if them being practically made on the Wii U is true.

    Just as an aside, most of the other characters people are predicting fall strictly into category two, except for Geno (I don’t think Nintendo would want to pay Square’s probably high cost for royalties for a dead character) and K Rool (Also kinda dead to Nintendo, but less so), who fall closer into category 3. Although current cooperation with Square and Smash Ballot results respectively significantly help them make impact into the other categories.

    And….that went on a bit longer than expected. Hope that wasn’t too rant-y!

    Anime9001 on December 2 |
  3. I think my joke might’ve flown over Push’s head. He has yet to hear the holy sound of SiIvagunner’s high quality rips (Sometimes featuring Wood Man! nice).

    Nintendrone on December 2 |
    • I knew it had to have been a SiIvaGunner joke, it couldn’t have been a coincidence ;P

      Spiral on December 7 |