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November 2016 Review

If you haven’t read it,
October 2016 Review is here.

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Videos and Podcasts (15):

Is “Smash for Switch” going to be an ENHANCED port?
Review: Titanfall 2


What Smashified Character Will Get in the Next Smash
Game & Fact: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Will the Ice Climbers Come Back?
Console Generation Discussion (Part 1)


Game & Fact: The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Will Large Stages Come Back in “Smash for Switch?”
Mario Kart Switch – Discussion


Straight from the Source: Jeff Manning (Smash 64 Announcer)
Is Snake Coming Back?
Mario x Rabbids Strategy RPG!?! – Discussion


SourceCast 23: A Smash for Switch
Game & Fact: Mega Man 2
“Smash for Switch” and Modding

Translations (1):

The Aims of UI

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  1. Is kinda ironic you guys put “Daisy” in November 2016 poster, Althought you guys hate her

    Kaminari on December 1 |
    • We don’t hate her. Most of us think she’s just unlikely for Smash as a full fighter.

      PushDustIn on December 1 |
      • She is more likely to be a full fighter than an alt….and that is fact! I….even have a source!

    • I like Daisy. I personally think she is better than Peach.

      Nantendo on December 2 |