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November 2016 Review

Articles (21):

Not so Fast! Super Mario Run May Not Be a Runaway Hit

Dream Smashers: Bub (Bubble Bobble)
Review: Titanfall 2


Dream Roster: Kellogg’s vs. Capcom
Case for Ryo Hazuki
Mega Smash Poll: Pre-Switch Edition
SG Choice: Favorite NES/Famicom Game
NES/Famicom Mini: Review
The Unsung Nintendo Heroes – NES Edition
How to Buy Retro Japanese Games
Nintendo Switch and the Future of Consoles
Introducing: Level Up Club


Representation of Yoshi games via its stages in Smash


Smash for Switch: a Source Gaming Prediction
Holism: Pokémon and Choice
Challenger Approaching: Roy


A Clone Army: Clones in Other Fighting Games
Review: Pokémon Sun and Moon


The Legends Behind Hyrule Warriors (Part 2)
Picross 3D Round 2 – Review
Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Stages)

Guest Posts (7):


Representation of Mario Games With Stages in Smash part 1
Representation of Mario Games With Stages in Smash part 2
Famicom Hidden Gems


NES Hidden Gems
Representation of Mario Games With Stages in Smash part 3


The Case For An Etrian Odyssey Representative
Dream Smasher: Wolf Link and Midna

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GameClub #5 — Kid Icarus (Series)

Featured Content (12):

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Delz’s BiWeekly Character Corner (Paper Mario)
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Third VideoGame Generation Recap – Amstrad GX 4000 – Adam Koralik
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Delz’s BiWeekly Character – Elma
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The Top 20 Worst Video Game Ripoffs – Gaming Reinvented
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Top 5 Articles:

  1. DLC Fighter Pricing Comparison (Smash for Wii U, SF4, MKX, GG Xrd, KI)
  2. “The Aims of UI” – Sakurai’s Famitsu Column, Vol. 515
  3. Smash for Switch: A Source Gaming Prediction (Characters)
  4. Potential Characters for the Next Smash Roster – Conclusion –
  5. Mega Smash Poll: Pre-Switch Edition

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  1. Is kinda ironic you guys put “Daisy” in November 2016 poster, Althought you guys hate her

    Kaminari on December 1 |
    • We don’t hate her. Most of us think she’s just unlikely for Smash as a full fighter.

      PushDustIn on December 1 |
      • She is more likely to be a full fighter than an alt….and that is fact! I….even have a source!

    • I like Daisy. I personally think she is better than Peach.

      Nantendo on December 2 |