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Character Corner: Super Mario Part 1 (the Super Stars)

It has been an awfully long time but Character Corner is back! For those who are not sure what character corner is let me get you up to speed. Character Corner is our video series where we look at a different Smash Bros. Universe and go over all the potential newcomers we might see in future installments. How they might work and how likely we feel they are.

We are starting off with a big one, so big we had to split it into two, and that is Nintendo’s leading series the Super Mario Universe. Joining NantenJex for this discussion is the Wolfman as we go over the remaining all-stars from the Super Mario line-up and discuss their chances for Super Smash Bros. for Switch and beyond!

I want to bring up two very important final points. The first is an apology for the audio in this episode. We had some problems with our recording software that we didn’t know about until after the discussion was done. We tried our best to make it better but it is not perfect. The second point is that I want to give a big shout-out to Tris from WiiHii for providing the New Super Mario Bros. U footage you are seeing in this video. His channel is an awesome let’s play channel and I recommend you check it out.


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  1. I have been waiting for the article to come up so I could comment.

    Since what I watched was about moveset potential, I’ll shine my light on what I think the character’s movesets should focus on.

    Daisy for example is indeed a tricky character to design.
    Needing a high energy playstyle that also conveys technique, grace but also great power and agility while not having an archetype reminiscent of either Peach or Zero Suit, while pulling from both her flower arsenal and her Super Mario Land roots.

    Despite these issues as far as moveset goes, it does show that she isn’t a Peach clone.
    Even the trophy set of her and Peach show that while they’re alike in some ways, they’re like day and night, with Peach being way more graceful and technical than the headstrong Daisy.

    Speaking of trophies, not only do Daisy’s trophies show her in her several spin-off versions (which means she’s more fit to be the sports representator than Waluigi) and show her headstrong personality (which means she won’t be a Peach clone), she also has the most out of all NPC’s.

    I think Daisy’s moveset could be many things, but I’ll highlight my personal faves here:

    1. Superballs and Spin-offs.
    A moveset that mixes her roots with her athleticness, Daisy will use her specials in conjunction with her Neutral B: Super Mario Land’s famous Superballs.
    With them bouncing everywhere, Daisy can swiftly catch them with her plethora of mobility specials or smack them around with the various sports equipment or outright kick them with her normals.
    A high-energy set with lots of mobility, but also with a dash of graceful technique and filled to the brim with hard-hitting hotheadedness when it comes to smacking the balls right after oneother at the opponent

    2. Flower cheerleader
    A bit on the graceful side, for this moveset, Daisy uses the pompoms from Mario Sports Mix and her high-energy to almost dance around her opponents.
    Moves will focus much more on flowery stage control and the cheerleady moves will sure bring a flower powered aesthetic.

    I’ll probably work out the first one in a Dream Smashers article

    Im gonna skip Paper Mario because he’ll probably tack on the latest Paper Mario’s gimmick with a Paper aesthetic moveset.

    Then there’s Nabbit, who is basically my most favorite character in gaming
    As noted in the video, thievery is indeed his schtick, but there’s way more to be done with thievery than “welp pocket exists so yeah too bad waluigi time I guess”
    A potential move could be a move where Nabbit grabs an item/projectile, stashes it away and gains Super Armor based on the amount of damage the move would’ve done (So any move would hit through the SA given by Mario’s Fireball, but good luck finding a move/combo that deals more damage than Samus’ Charge Shot. you might just want to camp him out till you’ve dealt the needed amount of damage to break the SA)

    This way, Nabbit can live his golden invincibility days, but only if he steals enough.

    I think that this, along with other Thief RPG tropes, would fit right in Sakurai’s alley.

    Waluigi will be weird, along with bombs, bombs and a tennis racket.

    WeirdChillFever on December 3 |
  2. Ehhh… The thing is, that whole idea of Paper Mario being a “Separate Entity” was mostly due to a Mario & Luigi title of Paper Jam, and that’s just Mario & Luigi’s gimmick nowadays – take another character and give them focus. It also doesn’t help that Intelligent Systems, which created Paper Mario, didn’t seem to have much input (or even cared) and let Alphadream, which works on Mario & Luigi, do their own thing.

    Even newer Paper Mario titles still seem to be under the idea that they’re dealing with the real Mario, even though the world around them deals with paper, as the visual aesthetic has now become a gameplay aspect.

    KL-Cobalt on December 19 |