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Character Corner: Super Mario Part 2 (the Mini Mushrooms)

Welcome to Character Corner, our video series where we look at a different Smash Bros. Universe and go over all the potential newcomers we might see in future installments. How they might work and how likely we feel they are.

We are starting off with a big one, so big we had to split it into two, and that is Nintendo’s leading series the Super Mario Universe. Joining NantenJex for this discussion is the Wolfman as we go over the remaining all-stars from the Super Mario line-up and discuss their chances for Super Smash Bros. for Switch and beyond!

I want to bring up two very important final points. The first is an apology for the audio in this episode. We had some problems with our recording software that we didn’t know about until after the discussion was done. We tried our best to make it better but it is not perfect. The second point is that I want to give a big shout-out to Tris from WiiHii for providing the New Super Mario Bros. U footage you are seeing in this video. His channel is an awesome let’s play channel and I recommend you check it out.


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  1. Don’t know if you count these or just Youtube comments, but I’ll vote Sonic.

    Also, Pichu could fight, but I’m pretty sure that it was meant as a joke character that was supposed to be bad.

    Arthur 97 on December 4 |
  2. If these comments indeed count as votes, I’ll throw in my vote for Pokémon.
    I feel Sonic discussion would just be “welp do we even get a second characters but anyway tails knuckles shadow eggman maybe amy but yeah sonic alone is fine too”
    Although I do think Pokémon discussion would hinge a bit much on the gen seven-side, that gen still has a plethora or options to discuss.
    I also want to spam my Decidueye moveset as much as I can and I can’t wait for your opinion on him, Nihilego, Lycanroc and other gen vii pocket monsters.

    As for this video specifically, I feel you dwelled too much on “representing” a certain part of Mario’s history, especially with E. Gadd who would represent the entire GC era.
    I feel that Mario characters by design can carry their weight by representing themselves and maybe their origin game since they’re so iconic on themselves.

    Anyway, if for some once-in-a-dark-moon-chance, Luigi’s Mansion becomes the most relevant game that must be represented with a character, King Boo would do it best.
    Not only does his title as Luigi’s rival, representant of the Boos as a whole and his spin-off appearances allow him to be more than “GC/Luigi’s Mansion rep”, I think his moveset would do a better job of representing what the series is about than E. Gadd, as the series is not about the Poltergust or even Luigi, but about the vast array of spooky sillyness.
    (And again, being a recurring character outside of the Luigi’s Mansion series helps his case as well)

    I also think a spooky scary moveset is more unique than a moveset that involves the wind, as every wind-related character (Ravio with Tornado Rod, Vaati, Kracko, heck even K. Rool and his Blunderbuss) could make this work.

    However, I don’t think Luigi’s Mansion is that important of a series yet that it warrants a character, which goes for a lot of series and games featured in this video)

    Birdo is a nice choice, but between her lack of moveset potential (I mean sure you could make a moveset, but can’t it really be done by anyone else?), the fact Peach’s moveset already draws heavily from Super Mario Bros 2 and the fact Super Mario Bros 2 does not warrant a character not named Toad, she doesn’t really have a shot or niche.

    Fawful has a better chance, but again, is Mario & Luigi really that important in that it specifically needs a unique character to represent it? The series barely has any recognition in Smash as of right now and with Fawful and the series losing relevance with each passing title I can’t see it happening.

    Geno will happen because Sakurai, not because of any merit.

    I’d also add Petey Piranha for actually carrying his own weight from all the spin-off appearances he’s gotten in both the GC era but also more recently with Color Splash, Paper Jam and somewhat less recent, his fellow space clones Dino and Peewee.
    Maybe if Sunshine HD rolls around he could be the representant of that game, since Bowser Jr doesn’t represent that game, but his Clown Carred New Super Mario Bros appearances instead (and of course himself for being the second villain of the series)

    WeirdChillFever on December 5 |