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[DISCUSSION] Nintendo at Universal Studios: Our Hopes and Dreams



Join Spazzy D and Wolfman to discuss the rides, themed areas, and miscellaneous attractions that we would love to see from Nintendo at Universal Studios.

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  1. Too soon for the Wolf jokes, too soon.

    Anyway, the roller coasters are, perhaps unfortunately, usually the big ticket items, so that would end up relegating them to Mario even if other franchises would work better.

    Also, I agree that the first Xenoblade was much better than X, but I still don’t feel too fondly over the Prime series.

    Arthur 97 on December 10 |
  2. Any chance of a follow-up discussion since those Universal Patents happened the same day this got released?

    Fangzthewolf on December 10 |
    • Yeah, I was just looking over those. We were pretty spot on with Donkey Kong!

      As far as a follow up? Maybe. Is that something you would like to see?

      David "Spazzy" Krane on December 11 |
      • Pretty much.

        Some stuff you could bring up:

        1. The situation in Universal Hollywood, aka it being very land locked, and to expand, they will have to destroy more historical movie sets and sound stages to build it, and how they could possibly accommodate it.

        2. The rumor that in Orlando that it will replace Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone, which also includes the ET ride, which adds to the long list of ‘classic rides’ being torn down for modern IPs. Could Woody Woodpecker or ET cameos appear in Nintendo land, like they did with Jaws in Harry Potter?

        3. Possible synergy ideas to integrate the theme park experience with MyNintendo, since when they revealed MyNintendo, they say it would expand beyond games.

        4. With Mario Kart being a screen experience, do you feel like it could be updated regularly with new tracks?

        Fangzthewolf on December 11 |