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Challenger Approaching #5: Decidueye! – Delzethin

Source Gaming Guest Poster Delzethin discusses the possibility of Decidueye being in Super Smash Bros. and how this evolved form of Rowlet could work within the game! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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  1. The recent rumors have made me a bit more skeptical about D-Eye’s chances, but otherwise a thourough analysis, great job!

    Anonymous SG Fan on December 12 |
    • Tbh, there’s always a new Pokémon character in every new iteration of Smash, so his chances are somewhat high to say the least.

      Desdar100 on December 13 |
      • I’m well aware, but thats hardly a guarantee considering that we’re most likely getting a port of the WiiU/3DS version with only a small batch of new characters. Nonetheless I’d be more than happy to see Decidueye as a newcomer, the potential is definitely there.

        Anonymous SG Fan on December 13 |
  2. So the thing about Decidueye, it’s become one of my top picks, though mostly circumstantial. I mostly just want another Grass-type Pokemon to be playable again, and Decidueye, being from the latest generation of Pokemon, has a likely shot! Then again, Pokemon Sun & Moon DID come out just last year… Sure, Greninja was picked while he was still in the concept stage, but Sakurai’s reasoning made it feel like he was picked almost by chance (because he looked cool, basically), and who’s to say Sakurai will feel the same way about Decidueye? Although, given that Ash ended up getting a Rowlet in the anime, I’d be surprised if Decidueye doesn’t become popular as a result… or more popular, since it seems as though Rowlet and it’s evolutionary line are the most popular out of the 7th gen starters. Heck, it’s my favorite by far! Actually, I WOULD like to see Decidueye on it’s own merit as well as the aforementioned reasons!

    I’ll also admit, I’m not too big on Pokemon speculation. I usually just stick to one Pokemon character and be done with it, because gosh-darn there are too many potential Pokemon to choose from! I’ll also admit, I do place Meowth and Gengar high on my potential Pokemon list, even though I feel that’s too many gen 1 Pokemon. Incidentally, there’s one Pokemon character I thought of after I saw N’s Castle in Smash 3DS, and that’s N himself. Unlike the Pokemon Trainer, he’ll be right there on the battlefield, fighting with his Pokemon and using his special connection with Pokemon to either give them power boosts or revitalize them when they’re tired… Admitted, it sounds a bit complicated and it probably won’t happen… But I still think it’s a highly unique and original choice for Super Smash Bros.

    I’m one of those people who wanted Sceptile playable as well, though yeah, it MIGHT have been for that arbitrary quota you mentioned… Though I DO think Sceptile’s cool in his own right, plus Ash has one in the anime, not to mention it was a playable fighter in Pokken Tournament, along with the Ruby and Sapphire remakes and such! I feel like I want Decidueye more than Sceptile now, though.

    Hey now, wait a minute, just because Decidueye’s stats weren’t what people thought they would be doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be reflected in Smash Bros. I mean, Mewtwo weighs 269 lbs. yet he’s one of the lightest characters in the game! He also isn’t that fast despite having a high speed stat in the Pokemon games… Well, actually, Mewtwo’s speed went up in updates to Smash 4, didn’t it? Anyway, the point is, I think it’s just as likely for Sakurai not to follow Decidueye’s in-game stats as the basis for his play-style as it is he would. Just saying…

    Boy I just LOVE hearing your enthusiasm when talking about this stuff! It gets me excited, too! 😀

    Matt Bankey on January 30 |