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This article looks at comments made from the December 6th-December 11th

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Anonymous SG Fan

Just read this article and I can’t help but feel that if there is a Smash coming to the Nintendo Switch, it won’t be a ground-up build but rather an enhanced port of the Wii U edition, so that Sakurai and the development team can focus on new content while still meeting a reasonable timeline to support the new console. Perhaps thats just wishful thinking on my part, but I think Sakurai wouldn’t be happy with a straight port, regardless of the fact it means a heavier workload for him and his team.

From: “Pushing the Limit” Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 138

I believe that too. Especially paired with his comments about how characters are the most important part of a new Smash.

Arthur 97

You had to bring current events into this, didn’t you?

From: On Fake News and Gaming

Sorry, I’ve been obssesed with fake news since I started SG and found all the misinformation in Smash.


Fake news can come from any source, regardless of their reputation. I sorta disagree with how Obama and social media sites are dealing with this issue since it only creates a blacklist that rivals the sedition acts that have been approved but later rejected and equates to the American Witch Hunt (an event where Americans were pulling off a capitalist-style inquisition against those who were suspected of being communists). All it does is that it gives control to a small amount of people so that they can make unnecessary censorship and wrongly persecute individuals who don’t believe in their ideology whether they be conservative, liberal, libertarian, undocumented immigrant, hipster, name your tag.

The bottom line is that Fake news is everywhere, even if it comes from the most reliable sources.

From: On Fake News and Gaming

Yeah, that’s my issue with how social media sites. It has the danger of creating an echo chamber effect more than ever.


Regarding “something’s gotta give”:

Smash 64 was, of course, a budget title without much confidence behind it.
Melee was restrained by its short development cycle.
Brawl was restrained by all the effort that went into Subspace Emissary.
Smash 4 was restrained by the team working on two games at once.

So if the next Smash game (after the rumored Switch port) doesn’t have to contend with any of the above factors, the workload should naturally be a bit easier. If you reuse the already strong Smash Wii U/Switch character assets instead of rebuilding them, it’s probably easier still. Unless some new wrinkle develops, I can easily see the next game’s development being set to Hard or Very Hard rather than Intense.

From: “Pushing the Limit” Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 138

I think your summary of the issues of the games are pretty spot on.

I wonder what will hold back the next Smash. In some way, Sakurai is going to try to be over ambitious with it again. It’s already rumored not to hit the console launch. If it’s just a port,with possibly two characters, then it really shouldn’t take THAT much time.  Maybe we’ll see a return of a story mode?


Misinformation =/= bias. You can be biased as hell and still be factually honest (the distinction between positive and normative economics, for instance). Keeping focused on misinformation and individual stories is probably much less problematic than obsessing over how biased a source is. Crying foul over bias is basically a strawman argument anyway.

From: On Fake News and Gaming

That’s very true. Cherry picking/ not presenting the full story is not accurate either.

Arthur 97

I just don’t like when my nerd news sites start getting into real news. If I want real news, I will go somewhere more qualified.

Besides, is the point of games not to escape reality to an extent?

From: On Fake News and Gaming

We don’t usually post stuff that’s related to real news, though gaming is certianly effected by it! I merely wanted to discuss my own opinions and how I could see it relating to gaming journalism.


I think my grand all time favorite clone will always be Pichu.

People don’t seem to realize that the fun of the character is his spontaneity and overall joke-character-ness….
He’s cute, fun to play as, cute, great for humiliating your non-competitive friends, CUTE.
He’s the underdog that you want to play.

He’s the character that you want to prove you can play. Pichu is my personal definition of wanting to play Smash on a whole new hardcore level, just taking an adorably terrible character and showing what skill can do in a game centered around the idea that anyone could win a match, and with your strengths, so could Pichu!

Sucks that he isn’t in Smash anymore, and seeming from his small Smash fanbase, probably never will, but one of the reasons I main Pikachu outside of his own strengths is the theory that with happiness and friendship, Pichu was able to evolve and fight alongside the typical Smash crew.
It’s the most adorable thing to hit Smash.

From: SG Choice: Favorite Clone in Smash

That’s what I like about Pichu. If you lose against him, it’s a bit of an embarrasement.

Overall, great responses to the Favorite Clone in Smash article! Lots of great choices (with the exception of people who picked Dark Pit. I kid, I kid).


I love this kind of stuff. There may or may not be anything to this, but it’s a lot of fun speculating, thanks for sharing.

From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!

Probably the best kind of attitude to have with it. I’m confident in my sources, but just having sources doesn’t garauntee accuracy.



From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!


I know you said you wouldn’t answer questions, but I’m still wondering:

Did the source personally contact or directly tell you this, or are you just reporting on a credible rumor that is going around?

From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!

Replied in line:

Personally contact. I heard it over a week and a half ago. I wanted to verify information before proceeding to post it despite them leaking things to me privately in the past.


A topic that needs to be said, and I don’t care how many times it needs to be said before we can make progress. Even before I found out about Source Gaming, misinformation has been something that always irritated me on a personal level. The fact that people would spread false or misleading information just for monetary gain or whatever is just wrong to me. But I’ll be damned if I know what the right thing to do about it is, ’cause people will call censorship if sites like those are blocked, and they wouldn’t be wrong to say so. The only thing I can say is that it’s up to everyone to verify what they’re reading and make sure that its sources can be trusted.

From: On Fake News and Gaming

Yeah, it’s really up to each person to go out and investigate information themselves.

Troy Kv

At least two characters?

I would think the characters selected will be Ice Climbers and another character that had to face the Bowser Jr’s original destiny to avoid possible delays (Ironically and likely, product of the failed intents to re-create IC).

But the second character probably will lose his/her oportunity because there is a bigger deal in the horizon thatn needs urgent Smash Representation (Splatoon).

If there would be more characters… I guess some of them will be easy creations and/or Smash Ballot Choices.

From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!

There seems to be a split among SG staff on this. Some people believe that we’ll get the cut characters of Smash for 3DS/ Wii U, while others believe we’ll get newcomers. I think if there’s only two: it’ll be a mix.


Ahh… I can’t escape rumors even here… xD

But I trust you, so hope it is credible!

It may be worth doing an article on “why do people leak?” I recall the discussion on the podcasts were how people do it, but perhaps why may be a nice one, too. I understand some guise themselves as investigative journalism, but what harm is there in letting them keep a few secrets so long as nobody is being abused/tortured/other controversy? xD So I’ve been curious about that myself. Is it really just for breaking the news first? Popularity? Views? Hype? Intrinsic feeling of accomplishment? It’s a mystery to me, but perhaps it is just my mindset. Still, curious!

From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!

I’ll write something up~! If you guys ever have a suggestion for an article, feel free to let us know in the comments or Tweet at us.

Arthur 97

Yay…more third parties…

Seriously though, Sakurai is probably one of a select few who do not see Smash 3DS and Wii U as the same game.

From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!

Well, he did make them 😛


Having Melee as Switch’s Gamecube Virtual Console is an interesting rumor to hear. Nintendo have provided VCs from the classic NES to SNES on entire consoles, while Wii provided N64/Genesis/PC Engine/Arcades, Wii U had GBAs and Wii, and 3DS had Gameboy and Game Gear, and we still hadn’t got a GC VC yet. Switch having a GC VC does make sense, and having Melee part of it does make perfect sense too. But yeah, the controllers are the mysterious part. We don’t even know if that console is the actual form yet, as we still don’t know how it works either. We can’t determine how Switch will look like in the end yet, but the GC VC is something we can look forward on.

For the Smash for Switch rumor, I do agree 2 characters isn’t enough, eventually it doesn’t make any sense for a port. Many ported games had broken limits by adding new characters as much as they could. For example, Hyrule Warriors added 5 more characters (10 for adding 5 more DLC characters) to Hyrule Warriors Legend, Marvel VS Capcom 3 added 12 more characters to Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Having only 2 for Smash Switch doesn’t sound meaningful, but only at this moment and planning to add more later on, then its understandable as they’re still discussing. It can be understandable to make the whole roster perfectly up to 60 fighters, but we know that wouldn’t be the case since there were times it ended up in odd numbers. There’s still the Smash Ballot they still haven’t officially revealed yet, and this can be the best chance to add in more if possible.

However, if the “only 2 new characters” is true in the end, then I could understand who they’ll bring. One is definitely the Ice Climbers, because this is the only returning veteran that Sakurai wanted to bring back, if it wasn’t for 3DS’s lack of power and Wii U’s 8 Player Smash. He did say they worked perfectly in the Wii U’s testing, so it’s not odd that Sakurai may still have the data in his hands. Second, I think Wolf’s return won’t be possible at this rate since bringing only 2 returning veterans won’t make any sense, since they need a definite new character; and that character we could think of is Splatoon’s Inklings. Splatoon has been Nintendo’s most popular new IP since their first debut in 2015, and everybody have requested their entry to Smash. They’re mechanics possibly didn’t work well in 3DS/Wii U, but for Switch which have more power, I think its possible now. If not, then Tekken’s Heihachi, because Sakurai did considered his entry once, but declined due to his movement difficulties. Sakurai have a lot of time for his movements, so his entry could be possible.

But eventually, as this is simply a rumor which I don’t know where it came from, I cannot buy it as I don’t wanna expect anything in order to not get disappointed in the end. This is why Source Gaming always say to hype responsibly, and I’m taking that advice for safety reasons. But even then, I’m looking forward for this game with new things to add on.

From: Switch is Getting 2 Smash Bros. Games – Rumour!

GC Virtual Console would be an amazing addition to the Switch. GC is one of my favorite systems to play.

It might be the case of 2 characters, and then DLC. Sakurai did seem to enjoy working on DLC as it was more focused development.

I agree, in the end it’s best to Hype Responsibly.


Someone needs to quiz Sakurai on the Gematsu leak and if he is aware of it. Naturally he won’t comment on which Rhythm Paradise character was planned anyway but its worth a try. Do you know if the Gematsu leak was known about in Japan? If so how many believed it?

From: Featured Comments

Definietly remember reading about it in Japanese. Will have to look into it to see how people feel about it.


Oh, that page of Sakurai responding to why Wolf was in the game was actually the one I was thinking of when I typed that. I’ll admit, Sakurai was much less indifferent sounding towards Wolf’s inclusion in my head from what I remembered, but I think it’s the line where he basically states that the final decision to include Wolf was largely due to his model, and he we wouldn’t have gotten a third Star Fox character otherwise. I admit though, I largely remembered the interview wrong.

As for the Ice Climbers thing, I can respect that. The turn “shoo-in” has turned somewhat poisonous within Smash speculation, and Sakurai can be extremely difficult to predict. I just don’t think we’ve had another character qualify anywhere near for this title like the Ice Climbers do in quite some time.

And since I can’t (or don’t know how to) edit my previous response, I’ll continue here now that I’ve skimmed the article where you discussed why Wolf was no longer a “shoo-in.”

The main difference I see between the two is that the deadline/goal for Wolf’s “shoo-in” status kept extending largely because his exclusion had been clouded in mystery. I’m sure being a non-priority character had something to do with it, but the reasons for his inclusion exceeded many peoples’ reasons for his exclusion. But the truth of the matter is, no one knew the exact reason and Sakurai’s thoughts on why he was excluded from the main roster in the first place. On the other hand, you have the Ice Climbers, who Sakurai stated were entirely intended to be included and were in a playable state on the Wii U before being cut on a technicality. Now that this technicality is removed however, we know that the bar for their inclusion, unlike Wolf, has already been met. This alone wouldn’t cause me to call them a shoo-in (although it does already paint their chances above Wolf), but the fact that they’re already completed or nearly created within the game being ported means that they would probably be easier to include than any other new character, or even semi-clone that could be added to the roster. The fact that their bar is passed for when they were supposed to be included and that they would be the easiest character to add from a development standpoint is why I believe they’re an exception to the “no shoo-ins” policy. And for the record, I only care about the Ice Climbers for their Smash history and not really anything else. Well, that and doing 1HP shenanigans were kinda fun. Playing 8 player Smash against 7 1HP Ice Climbers and acting like you’re a god among mortals, littering the land with corpses…..

Oh, sorry, just reminiscing a bit on old times. Anyway, I miss them from a nostalgic standpoint, and to goof off, but they’re not really a character that I care much about from a personal standpoint. This is just my outlook on their chances from a logical standpoint in my opinion.

And no need to reply btw. I kinda just re-iterated myself, and your point still stands. I just sorta disagree with it in this case.

From: Featured Comments

No worries, thanks for taking to the time to write out your thoughts!

Jocario Zero

Hello you guys of source gaming.
Im watching you guys for quite some time and i really like your content (especially when its about defending something like the clones who got enough hate) and i always look forward to the featured coments.

However there is one thing that “annoys” me a bit and its the possible new content of a (still rumored) switch-port of Smash 4.
Off course i would like to see new stuff added (if a port is coming) but i think people are going a bit overboard with it. I think we can be lucky if we get new content at all. It wouldnt surprise me if we just get a port with all the dlc.
Seeing people talking about how they want at least 5-8 new characters and a bunch of new modes really makes me afraid of all the salt this might make. I think you know well how people like to overhype themself for something (and then get dissapointed for something that was never promised at all) Especially after what happened with the smash ballot.

Maybe im just to negative on that topic but i think it would be better if we just calm down a bit and wait until something oficial is coming.

Anyway thats just my 2 cents.
Looking foward to your next articles.

Greetings from germany
Jocario Zero

From: Featured Comments

Thanks for the comment! I think a lot of people learned their lesson from the last cycle and are actually keep their expectations in check. Once it actually gets announced, we’ll see how people react!


Well being in the Space World Demo indicates they wanted to have him continue to appear on the Gamecube rather than be a one-off. Given that Wind Waker is a sequel to Ocarina of Time (even before the Timeline was released it was confirmed in the intro) and Ganondorf’s actions had a huge effect on the world, I doubt it would have been a change added in 2002, especially given that Wind Waker was in development in 2001 and most definitely before Melee released.

Also, don’t forget Ganondorf was supposed to appear in the Oracles games (, which released 10 months before Melee. They clearly didn’t intend him to be a one-time thing.

From: Featured Comments

Good point about the Oracle games. I guess I’ll have to conceed my point about Ganondorf then!


Mmm… I don’t think Inklings are likely this time around. Not because they couldn’t work, but because I feel like they’d save them for a new Smash Bros game. I mean, even if Smash Switch will possibly sell more than the Wii U version on the grounds that it’s not on the Wii U, I don’t think it’d be because they add Inklings. They need to have *some* new characters for Smash 5 at the very least. I won’t be unhappy if they’re wrong, of course, Inklings are cool as hell. I just think they’ll save big name newcomers for the future.

My prediction is cynical- two more Fire Emblem characters! …okay, just kidding, but I really would hate to be right about that because I friggin’ could be. I’ll say Ice Climbers and… Dixie Kong. I’d say the DK series is well overdue for another character, even just a semi-clone of Diddy. I’d probably main Dixie, to be honest. I could also see a new Zelda rep (Midna+Wolf Link maybe?) what with Breath of the Wild being as big as it is.

From: SG Choice: 2 Characters for Smash Switch

I don’t think they are going to save characters — especially when Sakurai is never sure he’ll come back.

Ryan Hines-Kazama

Most of us here in the Smash community say that 2 characters is too low. I think we might be getting a little more than that for the Switch version of Smash 4. And I think when the rumor said that there wouldn’t be many additions from previous games, They actually meant that we might get 2 veterans. You don’t have to agree with me but that’s what I think. But if we do 2 new characters and that’s it, I’ll pick Wolf and King.K Rool. (Sorry Ice Climbers.)

From: SG Choice: 2 Characters for Smash Switch

I think you are forgetting I talked to the informant directly :3. They said two, which includes either newcomers and/or veterans, but didn’t specify.


I’m in the camp that the Smash Wii U “port” could very well be the Switch’s sole Smash game. Just like the Wii U and 3DS games got DLC to prolong their lifespan, a port for Switch could be that on a greater scale. A constant flow of new fighters and content on top of the massive amount packed into Smash for Wii U would be the ultimate Smash experience, and a revamp to the series and its engine is not necessary with the latest entry’s tight controls – if anything, it would just limit the amount of content that could be brought over. If Smash for Wii U is ported to Switch, an entirely new game with a different engine becomes redundant when Nintendo could simply use Smash for Switch as a platform to add DLC to.

This is the main reason why I see the Ice Climbers and Inkling as the most likely pair of candidates if there are going to be two added characters from the get-go. Ice Climbers get in on the basis of being a crowd-pleaser, as well as the fact that they got quite far into development before being cut for technical reasons. Inkling is the most likely newcomer for a Smash game period at this point, and given the previous paragraph, they would not need to be saved for the Switch’s “real” Smash game. Splatoon is obviously incredibly popular, and Inkling would be a great way to get people hooked on the Switch, its flagship Smash game, and the steady stream of DLC content that Nintendo will be adding to the game.

From: SG Choice: 2 Characters for Smash Switch

I agree with you. I think the port could be the only Smash game we see on the Switch. Maybe they will support it for a long time with DLC, as you suggested. The system is set up, it allows developers to balance the game, and players will pay for it. It’s a win, win, win for Nintendo.




That’s it for this week! Thanks to everyone the commented on our various articles. Hope to see you next week!

  1. I’ve never understood the argument about “saving” characters. We haven’t seen them do it before, and we don’t have much reason to think they’d do it now. Besides, by the time a fully new Smash game would roll around in 2023 or so, there’ll be plenty of viable newcomers who don’t exist yet!

    delzethin on December 14 |
  2. The reason I was against the fake news article was that it was veering dangerously close to getting political, and I hate when sites that are inherently not political talk about politics.

    Also, see George Lucas comment for that third one.

    Arthur 97 on December 14 |
  3. Thanks, I very much look forward to your article. : )

    xkan on December 15 |
  4. “I think the port could be the only Smash game we see on the Switch.”

    I do not like the sound of this. Not one bit.

    MagcargoMan on December 15 |
    • So far Smash Brothers has not released two entries on the same system, disregarding virtual console releases (with Smash 64 on the Wii, and Melee rumored to be on the Switch)

      Since the situation here is we’re likely going to get a port instead of a new game (and it’s too early for a new entry) with exclusive new content, it makes sense that we might not get a new game later down the line because we already will have a “new game” on the Switch.

      But who’s to say, we might get a new entry down the line – the future is always the unknown.

      KL-Cobalt on December 18 |
      • A port of a game that we already had to buy on two different consoles being the Smash of the Switch would suck royally.

        MagcargoMan on December 21 |
        • Indeed it would.

          KL-Cobalt on January 9 |
  5. In response to Munomario777’s comment, I’d only be okay with that if they adjust the pricing of the DLC this time around. I couldn’t complain too much about the price of DLC for Smash 4 just because I loved the content so much, but if they do intent to support the game with additional content for a longer time than they supported Smash 4, then I’d hope that they realize how much that’ll end up costing the players in the long run.

    Spiral on December 19 |