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Will “Smash for Switch” Have NEW Characters?


Roger’s Base joins to discuss what characters could join the next Smash.

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  1. If for any reason there would be only two new characters, they would both be third-party, & it’s without question that dozens of companies have already contacted Nintendo.

    backup368 on December 20 |
  2. I think Inklings deserve better than being port fodder. They should be headlining Smash 5 as the first newcomers revealed.

    MagcargoMan on December 21 |
    • “I think Ryu and Cloud deserve better than being DLC fodder. They should be headlining Smash 5 as the big third party newcomers.”

      Sakurai has stated he doesn’t think of future installments when working on a Smash game. He doesn’t hold back on characters like that.

      Brandon on December 21 |
      • First Party > Third Party

        And quite frankly, given the fact that he missed out on getting a cool CGI trailer (like all DLC newcomers), barely got any songs on his stage, no Assist Trophy, and only one Street Fighter series trophy besides Ryu’s, yeah, he probably would have been better off in Smash 5. Cloud shouldn’t have even been in.

        If he doesn’t hold back characters that means Dedede wouldn’t have taken til Brawl to get in, since he was considered for both Smash 64 and Melee.

        MagcargoMan on December 21 |
  3. If we’re only getting two, as much as i want ice climbers and Wolf back, I’ll go with Inkling, and a third party character from Dragon Quest, though I don’t know how they’ll make a moveset for slime, its difficult to choose what protagonist could be included, as they said “which character is the Cloud Strife of Dragon Quest”?

    If more than 2, then I’ll go with: Wolf, Ice Climbers, inklings, Elma, maybe King K. Rool, and two third-party characters.

    Vigilante 155 on December 21 |
  4. Besides the third party characters you guys mentioned I would just add Crash Bandicoot, Sora, and Lara Croft. Not that I think they are likely, but it’s good to cover some more bases. Otherwise I think you guys pretty much hit the nail on the head with the guesses…. now watch them defy everyone and add completely out of left field characters that no one saw coming.

    Link on December 21 |
    • You’re very right about “cover some bases” part, because so far, my character choices and maybe some people’s choices seem very predictable, we look at the popular and likely choices like Inkling, and a Dragon Quest character, we kinda forget or ignore other characters possibilities, last year we thought we couldn’t get a Final Fantasy character, then Cloud showed up and we were shocked, it does make me think to look at other characters and other franchises, i could think of some examples:

      “Predicting inkling”, they don’t get included,
      “Predicting a square enix character”, we end up getting a Atlus company rep like a Persona series character,
      “Predicting Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia”, end up getting either Yuri Lowell from Tales Of Vesperia, or Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss.

      In the end, its best to acknowledge other characters and there chances, take everything with a grain of salt and wait until this “enhanced port” rumor finally gets confirmation by Nintendo.

      Vigilante 155 on December 21 |
      • I completely agree. Plus it’s a lot of fun trying to figure out who they’re going to add and then being completely caught off guard by characters like Wii Fit, Robin, Ryu & Roy (kinda), and Cloud. Anyway if you guess a curve ball character and you’re right you get all the glory and praise, and if you’re wrong all that could happen is you’ll be shamed and ridiculed off the internet 😀

        Link on December 21 |
        • “and if you’re wrong all that could happen is you’ll be shamed and ridiculed off the internet”

          Like all those people who thought Chrom was a shoo-in and would replace Ike, lol.

          MagcargoMan on December 21 |
          • Exactly, what could go wrong?!?

            Link on December 22 |
      • Lloyd is an interesting case. He wound up being a mii costume in Smash 4. I personally don’t know much about “Tales” games, but a lot of my friends seem to want him in. The problem with the fanbase of Lloyd getting into Smash is that they want him in for the wrong reasons.

        I ask my friends, “Why do you want Lloyd Irving in Smash Bros?”

        They say, “Because he’s got two swords? That’d be awesome!”

        I say, “What? So you’re telling me that Robin, Pit, Dark Pit, Greninja, and Corrin weren’t good enough for you?”

        Triple S on December 26 |
        • I think Lloyd would be sooooo cool to see him in Smash. Tales of Symphonia was my first Tales of. Game and that’s what got me into the series. His character personality is the reason why I want him in smash. OH! and since Cloud is in the game, seeing the two characters fighting against each other would be awesome! Two different styles of JRPGs battling against one another. So hyped!!

          Although, If not Lloyd, then I would think they would go with Cless from Tales of Phantasia. I mean the Tales of. series started on the Super Famicom and Cless is technically on the logo for the Tales of. Series so he would be either the primary or secondary choice next to Lloyd. Plus it would be sooo cool to hear “Take up the cross” from Tales of Phantasia!

          I wouldn’t mind Velvet Crowe buuuuuut since there is no news of Tales of Berseria coming to Nintendo switch, I doubt it.

          HeroOrTraitor on December 27 |
          • I wouldn’t mind Lloyd or Cless, they are really good characters, but it’s best not to ignore other popular Tales characters like Yuri, Luke, even recent protagonist like Velvet because those characters have a chance now, remember when nobody believed Cloud could be chosen to represent FF series over Terra, Celes or Black Mage because he has no history with Nintendo, but it happened, now it’s become a bigger question like “which Tales character is the Cloud of that series”? If Sakurai decides on a character to represent a certain series, he’ll probably ask the community of that series, its better than for him to ask some Nintendo or Sony fans,

            Vigilante 155 on December 27 |
    • Not sure on Lara – she’s now owned by Square Enix but the other two I’m sure have some other issues. Crash has his rights tossed all over the place so there’s that…

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think Sora is owned if not 100% but the majority by Disney (even though he was designed by Nomura, I’m sure Disney owns most of the rights to everything in Kingdom Hearts that wasn’t in a prior Square Enix property) to which I think Disney would be kinda iffy with that – I mean Sora is designed after Minkey Mouse after all, I don’t think Nintendo could secure Sora from Square Enix when he’s showcasing mostly Disney imagery.

      KL-Cobalt on December 21 |
      • Man I don’t know the first thing about licensing or all of that money stuff, but you’re probably right. Still the power of wishful thinking, magic, and probably large sums of cold hard cash has gotten us these characters, who knows what characters are possible down the road 😛

        Link on December 21 |
  5. Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion would fit right in with the main event of Smash Bros. Not including him because of localization issues or violent content would be hypocritical. MK has sold almost 40 million copies worldwide, it paid its dues, & it’s still around after over 20 years, which is extremely rare for a game franchise from the west. But it would only be fair if Rayman was a character as well, considering that there shouldn’t be an character from North America without there being one from Europe.

    backup368 on December 22 |
    • I think Sub-Zero should be in Smash over Scorpion in all honesty. Scorpion was only pushed more after the reboot. Back in the days of the original trilogy, Sub-Zero used to be the one used and marketed more (he even has his own spin-off game), and since the older games were available on Nintendo consoles and the games made by NetherRealm are not, it would make sense to go with the MK character that was at the forefront back when the series was relevant to Nintendo.

      MagcargoMan on December 22 |
      • Mortal Kombat 9 & X both run on versions of the Unreal Engine, of which Epic didn’t want to give to Nintendo consoles. Believe it or not, but MKX was planned to release on the PS3 & Xbox 360, but were ultimately cancelled because UE4 is current gen only. Then again, the Wii U got Injustice 1, so I reckon that the Wii U supported an outdated version of Unreal Engine, or an engine that was entirely different. If there are certain games that don’t make it to Nintendo consoles, it might not be solely because of hardware or power, but whether or not they’re using an engine that supports it. There is good news however, & UE4 will very likely come to the Switch.

        Mortal Kombat was supposed to get a “Mythologies” series of platform games in the 64-bit era, Sub Zero happened to be the 1st & Liu Kang was rumored to follow.

        I am not sure how the way Sub Zero freezes opponents would work in Smash Bros. He would get guaranteed free hits, & if he froze opponents like how the Freezie does, it wouldn’t feel like an authentic Sub Zero.

        backup368 on December 22 |
        • “Believe it or not, but MKX was planned to release on the PS3 & Xbox 360”
          I know, I used to follow MKX news heavily.

          Shaolin Monks is pretty much Mythologies for Lui Kang. I know it doesn’t have the backstory stuff but it’s still a spin-off focused on him (and Kung Lao).

          Perhaps he could make an exception for Sub Zero like how Ryu is the only character to have light and heavy versions of all his standard attacks. Maybe some moves have his traditional freeze properties while others have the Smash version?

          MagcargoMan on December 22 |
  6. The predictions depends a lot of how characters we’ll get.

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    on December 22 |
    • *how much

      Troy Kv on December 25 |
  7. I feel like Shantae’s a must-have at this point. She just got a new game, and unlike Shovel Knight time has been her friend. She wouldn’t be a clone (then again, it’s never too late for Simon Belmont hehehehe…). I think Shantae would look great in HD. I really can’t see a reason why she wouldn’t get in at this point. What say you guys?

    Triple S on December 26 |
  8. Sakura truly has been silent for almost a year. So hopefully he’s doing one of three things:

    1. He’s developing Smash NX.

    2. He’s making a new Kid Icarus for NX.

    3. He’s taking a much deserved rest (didn’t he once say that the stress from developing Smash 4 pushed him to his limits?).

    I’m good with any of those three. What say you?

    Triple S on December 26 |
  9. What even? I completely disagree with what they said about Shovel Knight vs Shantae. I stand completely unbiased, as I love these two characters dearly and would love to see either or both of them get in equally. The way I see it, Shovel Knight is old news. I seriously don’t think he stands a chance unless YCG gives him a sequel on the Switch. Shantae in the other hand recently got a game and is, from what I’ve seen, much more popular. Am I missing something here?

    Triple S on December 26 |
  10. I agree on the Minecraft stuff. A stage would be cool, but Steve… few things are more cringeworthy. I’m going to say it: Steve is simply not cool enough for Smash Bros.

    Seriously. Even Wii Fit Trainer and Duck Hunt have their charm.

    Triple S on December 26 |
  11. What even? (2)

    Why do you think Shadow is even remotely as cringeworthy as Rabbids and Steve? Shadow is bad! I dunno. Maybe it’s because I grew up on Sonic, but I don’t find Shadow the least bit cringeworthy. What do you guys think?

    Triple S on December 26 |
    • I think you just make one big comment instead of spamming several posts in a row.

      MagcargoMan on December 27 |
  12. Chun li from street fighter because they are making a new street fighter game for the switch she would be a shoe in to get ib

    Mark Tharp on February 11 |
  13. I think we’ll get a ton of new characters for Smash 4 Switch. The rumor does say 2 but we might end up getting more than that because characters take months to be developed. Whether it’s veterans like Wolf and Ice Climbers, Characters that are on top in the Smash Ballot like King K.Rool and Shovel Knight, Characters that can help promote upcoming games like Inkling and Springman, Or characters that were planned in the past only to be cut like Chorus Kids and Heihachi, I’m sure we’ll get some good ones that Nintendo can bring in…..And I’m sure Sakurai wouldn’t mind that. Wouldn’t he?

    Ryan Hines-Kazama on February 25 |