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I’m trying something different this week — let me know what you think in the comments below.


Instead of doing the normal featured comments, I instead opted for a live stream reading + reaction to the comments. There were a couple of issues that I found with this set up. First, I had an issue with my Famicom reading Disk System games :(. Secondly, it went smoother once I roped NantenJex in to help read the comments while I play, and then react to it. Considering those points, what do you prefer?

Please skip the first 15 minutes, as I’m trying to get Kid Icarus and other games to load.

You can watch it on Twitch here.

Doing it this way takes less time for me, and allows me to actually interact with you guys in real time. If I do this style again, I’ll make sure to do it at a better time (and announce it in advance on Twitter). However, I can see the appeal of having something searchable, and in text. So yeah, let me know.

Also: there won’t be featured comments next week. I’ll be traveling in Okinawa for Christmas, so I won’t be able to update Source Gaming. I hope you guys have a great holiday, and a happy new year. I look forward to seeing you guys in 2017!

  1. Don’t do this ever again please

    Peridot Gem on December 21 |
  2. See ya in 2017! =D

    KL-Cobalt on December 21 |
  3. Hmm… I really don’t know who else they could add from Zelda. Shiek is still in by virtue of being connected to Zelda, but the other four characters are staples of the series.

    The thing with Zelda is it works on a similar principle as Metroid in terms of character variety – You have Link, Zelda, and in some sense an incarnation of Ganon in each game, and Link himself is split between art styles. Most other characters in the Zelda series are either assistant characters (Midna, Fi) sub-villains (Zant, Ghirahim), or some form of important guide (Daruna, Ruto, Medli)

    Hyrule Warriors, as diverse as it is, highlights the issue completely as a good half of the characters are a form of Link or an alter ego of Zelda – with the rest being the aforementioned assistants, sub-villains, guides, or original characters that likely would never be in a Zelda game (except maybe Linkle? They like Linkle enough to want to consider putting her in, but then did Lana not really appeal to anyone? A different kind of magic user?)

    And the big issue with choosing from one of those characters is how relevant or important would they be when they don’t even appear in the next game? None of the characters I’ve mentioned have reappeared in one form or another outside Hyrule Warriors or remakes – the only other villain that has been re-occurring in the Zelda series was Vaati, and he was overdone not long afterward and didn’t even get into Hyrule Warriors at all (and usurped by Ganon in one game too…)

    About the only other character that the Zelda series has as sort of a ‘Legacy’ character aside from Link, Zelda, and a form of Ganon – is Impa. The problem with Impa is that Impa is almost always elderly and feeble and never with a consistent enough design to base her around. There were only two incarnations of Impa that weren’t: OoT and Skyward Sword (which inspired the incarnation in Hyrule Warriors.

    KL-Cobalt on December 21 |
    • There’s Impa and Tingle for recurring characters outside of the main trio. Also less likely and probably has some sort of licensing issues with Capcom, but Vaati stands out as being the only villain besides Ganon himself to be the antagonist of more than one game, being the main villain of Four Swords and Minish Cap, as well as being a major villain in Four Swords Adventures.

      I pretty much wrote this comment before reading the last few paragraphs as yours, but screw it, I’ll keep it anyway.

      MagcargoMan on December 21 |
      • And I thank you for keeping it in.

        I think though as far as Vaati’s ownership is concerned, I’m fairly certain he’s 100% Nintendo, as the character was featured in the Gamecube title Four Swords Adventures which was made entirely by Nintendo EAD, no strings attached with Capcom.

        It’s kinda like how plenty of people thought K. Rool and the Kremlings were owned by Rare and they couldn’t be used in later titles or in Smash due to Rare being owned by Microsoft.

        However, as I said, the main issue keeping Vaati down was that despite his status as a recurring villain is he seemingly isn’t as important to the series as a whole. That… and he hasn’t been in a game since forever. I don’t think the Four Swords Anniversary edition counts, but unless they add him in a new Zelda later on I wouldn’t think he’ll get in.

        KL-Cobalt on January 9 |
  4. Happy Holidays!

    Ar on December 21 |
  5. This was kinda inconvenient due to how the long the stream was. I think it’d work better if you played a less-difficult game next time, as it’d be easier to talk while playing. I think it was more engaging that simply reading the comments in an article, as there was some interesting discussion, but it took a while for the pace to pick up.

    Funny thing about Nantenjex’s comment about Miyamoto allowing Toad in is that Miyamoto doesn’t really seem to like Toad that much. Remember: “I understand that he has some popularity. Somehow.” Granted, the topic was Mario Kart, so I’m not sure if he feels that way about him regarding the entirety of the franchise. Just thought it was worth pointing out.

    Also, what was this leak he mentioned at around the 56 minute mark, something about game codenames involving Mario Party, Pokemon and Kirby?

    And this kinda beating a dead horse, but I really don’t understand how anybody can’t see six Fire Emblem characters as pushing it for a series with less games than Zelda and was gonna be killed off if Awakening didn’t sell.

    MagcargoMan on December 21 |
  6. The leaks about Switch (whatever truth or lies are in them) are Nintendo’s own fault for stalling far too long. I used to be a lot more gullible many years back and believed everything I read (Eternal Darkness 2 or Star Fox X Metroid as examples) but now I’m wiser. A lot of people are hungry for Switch information and much of the game industry has had access to Switch. If Nintendo are mad at the leaking they should have talked sooner. Its only natural stuff will leak because keeping secrets is absolutely impossible for some people.

    I think you should do this kind of featured comments from now on. Just choose your games wisely.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    haruhisailormars on December 22 |
  7. The link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I guess that’s what I get for being 3 weeks behind on articles here ;_;

    Spiral on January 9 |