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Mega Smash Poll: Pre-Switch Poll: First Results


So far the poll has gathered 365 responses! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the poll so far. If you haven’t taken the poll yet, please stop reading this article and take it now! The last Mega Smash Poll was able to collect 1,232 responses.

Anyway, let’s look at some preliminary responses.

30.2% of responders have completed a Mega Smash Poll before. I decided to add this question in because in the future, I’d like to compare the data of those who have completed a poll with the data of previous polls.

Most people (77%) get their Smash news from YouTube. 63% said Source Gaming, but I anticipate the number to go down after more responses are collected (the previous one had 40.8%).


So how is the Switch Shaping Up?

So far, almost 70% of responders have stated they are interested in purchasing the Nintendo Switch.

When it comes to a Smash port, it gets tricky. 43.4% said they wouldn’t be interested in a straight 1 to 1 port. However, 11% of participants said they wouldn’t be okay with an enhanced port. Quite obviously, characters and stages are the most desired type of content.

As for “which character shouldn’t come back” responses focused on clone characters, and newer characters. Characters that have been around for longer were less likely to get votes against them. The most requested cut was Dark Pit with 50.3% stating he shouldn’t come back (100 responses). Lucina was the 2nd most requested cut, 44.7% and Corrin taking the third, 33.7%.


Ice Climbers, Snake and Wolf are the three most requested veterans.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Please answer the poll if you haven’t. There’s a lot of questions I haven’t covered, because I’m afraid of influencing the data. If you have answered the poll, please share it on Twitter, Reddit, with your friends and even your grandma! The more responses that are collected the more reflective of the Smash community this data will be!

  1. “The most requested cut was Dark Pit with 50.3% stating he shouldn’t come back (100 responses). Lucina was the 2nd most requested cut, 44.7% and Corrin taking the third, 33.7%.”

    Good. *evil grin*

    MagcargoMan on December 25 |
    • I’m not sure if I should have expected Corrin as the third most wanted cut (but I wouldn’t be against the idea)…

      The other two (specially Dark Pit) are expected.

      Troy Kv on December 25 |
      • You didn’t expect one of the most controversial additions in Smash 4 and the pinnacle of the Fire Emblem over-representation to be hated?

        MagcargoMan on December 26 |
    • I have never understood why people want to see characters get cut. It makes people look like entitled kids who cry when they don’t get exactly what they want. I don’t mean to come of a a jerk but it just gets tiring to read it everywhere I go.

      just get over it, and move on

      C. Karnage on December 25 |
      • Maybe you should take your own advice regarding people who want certain characters to be cut and get over it?

        You sound entitled in that you feel enlightened enough to say what people are allowed to feel and dismiss people who don’t share your feelings on a matter as “entitled” and other buzzwords. You know what gets tiring everywhere I go? People who can’t accept people criticising and/or not liking things.

        MagcargoMan on December 26 |
        • Because when characters get cut people get upset, I’d rather they take what they have now and build on it. I hate the feeling of loosing a character I like to play as. Just look at the Snake and Wolf fans, they aren’t happy that their favorite character got cut. Just understand that people like things that you don’t.
          I’m on the improve on smash 4 train, and build on what they have so we don’t have to worry about cuts and look forward to what new things we’ll see.

          C. Karnage on December 26 |
          • I had my main and two secondaries cut in this game, and while not a character I used regularly, also lost the only Star Fox character whose playstyle I enjoyed. Also several character I liked using in Brawl were made less fun to use like Mr. Game & Watch and Olimar. If I can deal with having several unique characters I liked cut, others can deal with crummy copy-paste characters whose movesets are already available elsewhere being cut. Pit and Marth outclass Dark Pit and Lucina anyway; they’d be moving on to upgraded versions of who they played.

            Cutting clones would be an improvement. Brawl did the right thing by cutting four of them from Melee (only bad cut was Mewtwo).

            MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • Unless you use both Marth/ Lucina or Pit/ Dark Pit, as many tournament players do for different match-ups.

            anonymous SG fan on December 27 |
          • Tournament players don’t use low tier characters.

            MagcargoMan on December 27 |
  2. I know 6 FE reps is a lot and a bit much. But why do people want Wolf back so badly and what do people see in him? I don’t hate the character and I know he has his own moves compared to the other Star Fox reps. But I don’t get why people want a unique character gone, but want a last minute character that was mostly made of assets from Fox and Falco and has another landmaster with differences and mostly similar special attacks.

    I find it hypocritical that people feel Fire Emblem is overrepped, but want more Star Fox reps and are fine with a dormant series in Earthbound having 2 reps. I remember back during the brawl days when people hated R.O.B. thinking he was a waste of a character and were salty about 3 Star Fox reps and 3 landmasters. But people are okay with it now and still are salty about Corrin being in the game after a year since the reveal. Seriously?

    Fire Emblem is a major IP now and while it was somewhat ridiculous at first to get yet another rep. It makes sense after seeing the financial briefing back in February. Nintendo sees a lot of potential with the IP since its Renaissance and sees the big following it created, which is probably why they and Intelligent systems convinced Sakurai to add Corrin in. It did help Fates sales after all. It’s getting its own mobile game, it has a new trading card game in Japan, Fates did really well in the US, the series is becoming bigger in the west, there’s people who cosplay as certain characters from Awakening and Fates at conventions, there’s a lot of fanart on places like Pinterest ever since Awakening and Fates came out (a far cry from when there was a smaller amount of fanart and a niche following in the west. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Splatoon, and Fire Emblem are generally the series of Nintendo’s that see the most fanart from my research and surfing on places like Deviantart and Pinterest. Remarkable and very surreal if you ask me. Similar to Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts, and anime such as Inuyasha, and Attack on Titan) and bringing in female gamers like Splatoon did. An audience not to underestimate. After all. Many females like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing as well. And a majority are the reason for some of the beautiful and cool fanart we’ve seen for those particular series.

    Meanwhile, Star Fox has been in decline since Star Fox Adventures and not even a remake of 64 or a reboot that tried to go back to the roots could restore the glory days of 64. I know Miyamoto will still give the series a chance and wants it to be bigger just like Pikmin. But it will be a while I feel. After all, that recent rumor about a proposed Star Fox Warriors game being rejected due to the uncertainy of the series says a lot honestly (I know it’s a rumor, but still). I know people will blame Wii U and the controls and while the steep learning curve of the controls and over complexity played a role (Its remarkable that Kid Icarus Uprising sold decent since people had complaints about its controls and being an arcade style game), but Command on DS had Wi-fi and multiplayer on a very successful system and it still didn’t sell good and it was in the early years to. I can already see excuses for 64 3D, but if Ocarina of Time 3D and Majoras Mask 3D. Games with some improvements, but not a big amount like Mario 64 DS can sell over 4 Mil and 2 Mil respectively, then Star Fox 64 3D can do the same. I’m convinced arcade space shooters aren’t like they once were during the peak of the arcade days. Same with fighting games. Other than Mortal Kombat and Smash Bros. and to an extent Killer Instinct, it has been difficult for fighting games to sell well. Same with on rails space shooters.

    Its a shame, but it’s the reality. Some genres haven’t withstood the tides of time like others have. It’s honestly amazing that SRPG like FE and XCom sold competent since its a genre that’s mostly been dead or not what it once was during the FF Tactics days. While certain elements helped FE out, it’s still a remarkable feat.

    Would it be different if Lucina was an alt and Roy wasn’t playable at all and it was Just Marth, Ike, Robin, and then Corrin or would people still be upset? I know change can be hard and we get nostalgic for other series during their hay day, but I wish Smash fans weren’t so resistant to change for series like this. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind Wolf coming back and do enjoy playing as him, but I just wanted to say my case and defend a polarizing topic that still seems to be that way oddly enough. If FE was in decline and had this many reps, then I would complain, but because the series is doing well right now, I don’t mind and understand the intention. I want K.Rool in as much as the next guy, but besides not appearing in a while and despite being the main villain of DKC and the spinoffs, is he really as popular with gamers as we think? A lot of people wanted Bayonetta in Smash after all. They just didn’t think it would happen.

    [Deleted] on December 25 |
    • Donkey Kong was, is and always will be way bigger than Fire Emblem could ever hope to be. It’s stuck at 2 characters and they couldn’t even half-ass Dixie into a Diddy semiclone. K.Rool hasn’t appeared in quite some time, but he’s still the main antagonist of the series and the classic trilogy and DK64 are on the e-shop, so…
      That goes for Kirby, too, but at least the 3 most important characters are all in.
      Starfox would deserve to still have Wolf, if only because we was already in, and he wasn’t a total waste of space like Lucina and Dark Pit are. If FE is allowed to have Marth, Roy and Lucina, then Starfox sure is to have Fox, Falco and Wolf.
      Metroid is one of the more important series in Nintendo’s catalogue and Ridley has always been one of the more requested characters period. Plus, as much as I like FE, Metroid is in a completely different league in terms of influence on other games (it created the metroidvania genre…).
      Earthbound sold around 1 million copies and has a big cult following, so Ness’s inclusion is way more justified than Roy’s, for example. Lucas not so much maybe, but still, he is a Brawl veteran, he has a unique moveset and he was very requested. And then, we’re talking about 2 characters, not 6.

      Plus I think focusing this much on recency and only recency will, in the long run, make Smash have a roster full of nobodies and of similar looking characters. One thing would be to add the Inklings. Another is to have every FE protagonist in recent memory get in the game.

      ze on December 26 |
      • Donkey Kong Country as a series had been in stagnation ever since Rare went to Microsoft, and although Retro brought the series back with Returns it didn’t so as well in Japan as it has in the West, whereas Fire Emblem does well in both markets. Personally I’d love to see Dixie in Smash but I can understand why she wasn’t a priority for Smash 4.

        I think the demand for Wolf coming back is justified since despite borrowing elements from Fox he had a mostly unique moveset and was even less of a clone than Falco, but he was probably overlooked for 4 since Star Fox had been stagnant since Command, and Zero didn’t revive the series as Nintendo had hoped.

        Anonymous SG Fan on December 26 |
        • Kind of. The new games did good. Just didn’t have the impact DKC1 did. Glad you understand those circumstances. Dixie would be cool. But perhaps a Tropical Freeze duo esque moveset could work. It was a case of to little, to late.

          He is, which is not to be denied. Which surprised me why people were butthurt over his inclusion at the time. I’m just trying to state how ironic it is how it still hasn’t changed somewhat and how the series is in decline. A shame to as I was confident it would. You can tell they really wanted it to with the animated shorts, E3 presence, and having it at conventions.

          [Deleted] on December 26 |
          • I think that at the time of Brawl, Krystal was the higher requested Star Fox character, but development was already behind and Wolf was easier to code since he used Fox as a base.

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 26 |
          • Kind of. The Wolf part is true as Sakurai did state he was a lucky inclusion that was almost cut just like Jigglypuff and Toon Link. But thanks to borrowed assets and popularity. They managed to include him in.

            [Deleted] on December 26 |
        • Are you really pretending Returns and Tropical Freeze are insignificant enough to warrant no newcomers and that a series that was on life-support before Awakening deserved three newcomers?

          Dixie wasn’t a priority because Sakurai doesn’t care about Donkey Kong Country. That is all.

          MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • Returns was the most recent DK games at the time of Smash 4’s development, and only featured DK and Diddy as playable characters.

            anonymous SG fan on December 27 |
          • Palutena wasn’t playable in Uprising. Nice double-standard.

            MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • Palutena is Kid Icarus’ Princess Peach since the series started who recently got fighting opportunity. I don’t remember DK having a Princess Peach like character who stuck around long…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No double standards here my dude.

            Peridot Gem on January 5 |
          • Yeah, instead DK has more playable characters in its games. Nice try.

            MagcargoMan on January 5 |
          • That fails to do anything with my point since I’m simply stating there’s no double standards. Palutena with Uprising showing it’s face rightfully had the opportunity to be in Smash…. So in your words “nice try” 😛

            Peridot Gem on January 6 |
      • I love Donkey Kong. I really do. But DK and Diddy seem to be the only ones recognized by other gamers outside of diehard Nintendo fans. On a official Twitter poll. Though a small sample. DK and Diddy lead by a long shot compared to Cranky and Dixie for popular characters. Cranky was respectful. But even so. I do think it’s a shame it got only two reps. But unique movesets play a role too in character inclusions. I feel people have too much pride and clearly can’t handle Fire Emblem rising from a niche series that nearly died to becoming a major IP and creating a bigger following especially in the US. And seeing Star Fox once be a major IP in the 90’s decline and not be big like it once was. While DKC2 and 3 did well. It was the first one and DK64 that left a bigger impact and are remembered the most.

        I like K.Rool. I really do, and plenty of people I know in real life like him. But are small echo forums really a good way to judge his popularity? I would love to see an official poll of some sort for him. The only references really is a costume and descriptions for his trophies. Heck. Even the smash 2 poll for Japanese fans didn’t have him in it, but Diddy Kong was the only DK rep on it. Rare yes. But still. Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Dedede, and Bowser meanwhile were huge favorites and wants on the poll. No Ridley on it either…

        Wow… Smash fans can really be ungrateful people. I’m sorry. I didn’t like Dr. Mario or Dark Pits inclusions at first either and Pichu and Young Link were meh. But they’re free desserts that hardly took effort as the costumes were already made and only minor adjustments had to be done. Why does Smash Bros. get so much complaints about clone characters, but other fighting games like older street fighters, MVC2, and Soul Calibur II get a free pass and never get complaints despite having clones? I would have preferred a more unique Lucina, but I still enjoy playing as her and just because a character is too similar doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. I love Luigi more than Mario in the original Smash bros. and he’s very similar and nearly the same thing.

        People have no idea how hard it is to make a game or how a business works. I would love to see you guys make a game on a budget, with a deadline, managing a big team, and having to do other’s things as well. I’m amazed how some of these people can make such detailed animations and models since it’s very time consuming and hard to make look really good.

        At least with FE, it has a colorful cast of characters full of personality and unique movesets and weapons such as lances, arrows, and whatnot. While Star Fox has the personality, it’s much harder to come up with a moveset for them as they’ve rarely stepped out of the vehicles, so you have to improvise and base it off the vehicles gameplay. Krystal is the only one where it’s easy to make a very unique moveset that stands out and would require less improvision. Unless you do something like Rosalina and Duck Hunt where the moveset is based off elements throughout a game or various games.

        I like Metroid and the impact is undeniable. But it’s nonexistent in Japan and has been for a while.. And it’s very modest in Europe. Even Metroid Prime flopped in Japan and couldn’t leave a big impact. The US is the only market the series did well in. Not as big as we thought it was.

        It wasn’t until years later though. People blew the game off when it came out because it wasn’t Chrono Trigger or FF6. It wasn’t until years later people looked and back and saw how cool it really was. Just like GameCube games and how the system was overlooked. It’s starting to see a renaissance since Earthbound and Beginnings came out on the virtual console. That’s my point. The series has a loyal fanbase that stayed and gained traction years later. I just said that because it’s a small series that’s dormant, so I’m surprised people don’t deem it too much reps. At least Eartbound we know people truly like it because of how successful the virtual console games were and even seen it referenced many places and stuff such as fanart, a fansite, and fans even spending 30k to translate Mother 3. We know how passionate and solid the following is. And another 3 being highly demanded is a thing at higher ups know of and reference.

        I love how people use the veteran excuse and immunity all of a sudden. How sad. Expected some of my points don’t make sense to other and not getting the point. Also not a suprise just like how resistant people were to Wii and motion controls or bringing in casuals or even mobile games to an extent. Change is hard. But I’ve went through it many times and got used to it.

        [Deleted] on December 26 |
        • And who the hell recognises the Fire Emblem characters outside of die-hard Nintendo fans? Fire Emblem is not a major IP no matter how hard Nintendo pretends it is. One new game after Awakening somehow makes it on par with the likes of Mario, Pokemon and Zelda? Bloody Animal Crossing is bigger than Fire Emblem.

          “Free desserts” is Sakurai’s weak excuse to justify roster padding. A clone is not a “free dessert”, because a desert is different from your main meal and not a poorly-made copy of it. Clones are more like after you have your steak and then they give you the off-cuts and fat grinded into a patty afterwards and try to sell that to you as a new steak.

          “I would love to see you guys make a game on a budget, with a deadline, managing a big team, and having to do other’s things as well.”
          Literally none of what you said here justifies adding clones. In fact, not making clones means you could spend that dev time for something more productive like fixing bugs or something.

          You bring up arrows and lances but we have not seen either in Smash. All we keep getting is sword-users. Some might have another weapon to back them up, like Robin and his tomes, but he still is primarily a sword-wielder.

          You are in no position to criticise excuses when you’re copping-out and projecting with some utterly stupid “y-you just fear change!” rhetoric.

          MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • But that’s pretty much the ranking. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby and Animal Crossing (maybe DK too) is above FE but FE is major as of late and tops everything else. Do not be blind. It’s rise with the support change and anime style shouldn’t be ignored. A phone app on the rise ((Which only majors have been getting recently), card game, and two games involving the franchise in one year. ((Nintendo rarely gives one in a year for minors like Metroid.))

            Peridot Gem on January 5 |
    • Wolf was more unique from Fox than Falco is. If anything, Falco should have been cut instead (but being clonier and being a popular Melee tourney scene character has doomed us with him taking priority). I don’t want more Star Fox reps; having only two in Smash 4 was the right decision. The problem is they cut the wrong character. Hell, they could have made Falco Fox’s alt costume so you could still have all three but without it being three reps.

      Fire Emblem getting more characters than Zelda and as many as Pokemon will never make sense. Nintendo was gonna kill off the series if Awakening didn’t sell well, but now it being a success somehow means it is now a main Nintendo IP simply for having one more game since then?

      It would be much different that way, all though I’d say Corrin would still be a bit obnoxious and pushing it slightly, but at least four characters wouldn’t be anywhere as irritating as having six is. Look at the Koopaling alts for Bowser Jr.; nobody counts them as extra Mario reps since they’re basically costumes and their fans love them despite not being true playable characters. Had Lucina just been Marth’s alt I can guarentee a similar situation. Roy definitely should not have come back, as he’s one of the most unpopular lords in the Fire Emblem fandom and only came back due to Melee nostalgia. Hell, he only made it into Smash in the first place as a shameless advertisement (like Corrin, history repeats…) and because of the last-minute clone binge near the end of development.

      What does this have to do with fear of change? FE isn’t big enough to warrant six playable characters no matter which way you slice it. How can you rationalise FE having three new characters for getting two new games but when the DKC series got revived with two successful games it got no new characters at all?

      Importance and history should matter way more than “was he in the most recent game”. K. Rool is to Donkey Kong as Bowser is to Mario. He’s the villain of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy and Donkey Kong 64. He’s significant enough to be in Smash. It’s ridiculous watching people flip-flop on important characters because of simply not appearing in the latest game. Look at all the people who said Dixie was irrelevant before Tropical Freeze simply because she skipped Returns.

      MagcargoMan on December 27 |
      • Again, you’re using your own subjective criteria for determining which characters ‘deserve’ to be playable in Smash, which is basically a form of circular logic.

        anonymous SG fan on December 27 |
        • Again, you’re being a blind Fire Emblem apologist.

          MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • Again, I’m not defending Fire Emblem, Sakurai, or any other boogeyman the Smash hatebase has conjured up. I’m defending logical and unbiased discussion on Source Gaming.

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 27 |
          • What’s logical and unbiased about Fire Emblem having the second-most amount of characters in Smash, tied with Pokemon?

            MagcargoMan on December 27 |
  3. I’m not sure if removing Dark Pit could even qualify as a cut. But he has a lot of potential to be reworked, so they could do that instead of axing him directly. I wouldn’t mind either way.

    ze on December 26 |
  4. Luckily I don’t think we have to worry about cut characters for Smash Switch. If it were a ground-up build for the system then I’d expect we’d lose characters (ex. Wolf) but removing characters for a port seems counter-intuitive and might disuade buyers.

    Anonymous SG Fan on December 26 |
    • Cutting Dark Pit and Lucina would persuade me to buy this game for the third time.

      MagcargoMan on December 27 |
      • Thankfully your idea for Smash Bros and Sakurai’s seem to be polar opposites.

        anonymous SG fan on December 27 |
        • You’re thankful for the worse outcome?

          MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • Is the concept of an opinion lost on you?

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 27 |
          • Got em

            Peridot Gem on January 5 |
  5. If Smash Bros gets a Switch port, then i doubt we’ll see some characters getting cut. There is one solution if a brand new Smash Bros game gets started from scratch in the near future, anyone can disagree with me because I don’t want this solution to happen but here goes, if A brand new Smash game is a reboot, kinda similar to how MVC Infinite is going to be a reboot.

    Remember, I’m not talking about a switch port, but a rebooted Smash Bros game in a distant future, that could be the only option to start over and add characters based on popularity, relevance, and that surprise factor, imagine if there are only 3 or 4 FE reps in a reboot, or characters like Jigglypuff get replaced, as horrible as it sounds, this could be the only solution, though that depends on whether Sakurai comes back or we get a new director, or if Sakurai himself wants to reboot Smash Bros.

    I remember Relaxalax doing a video on “if there were only 30 characters”, think of it like that but instead more than 30 characters, it could solve some “clone issues”, “more reps of the same series”, and some balancing, true it gets rid of some problems but creates new problems, but if Marvel vs Capcom gets a reboot, Smash Bros might get a reboot, but not for a long time. I hope I’m wrong about this, but it could happen.

    Vigilante 155 on December 26 |
    • “imagine if there are only 3 or 4 FE reps in a reboot, or characters like Jigglypuff get replaced, as horrible as it sounds”

      This sounds wonderful though.

      MagcargoMan on December 27 |
      • I’m still mixed on Smash Bros getting a reboot in the future, but if it means getting rid of clones like Dark Pit, Lucina, maybe Dr Mario, then it’s okay, I’ll be salty if Sakurai decides to troll people by making C.Falcon’s clone in F-zero name Blood Falcon a playable character and fights EXACTLY Like C.Falcon, if that happens, it’ll be Dark Pit all over again.

        Vigilante 155 on December 27 |
        • In all honesty, getting any more F Zero reps would need a miracle.

          Anonymous SG Fan on December 27 |
        • Is it really a reboot to trim off the excess fat from the roster when most of important characters will still be there? I don’t get why people try to pretend Dr. Mario isn’t the same league as Dark Pit and Lucina. Melee nostalgia perhaps?

          I think if Sakurai was gonna add Blood Falcon as a clone he would have done it by now. At this point F-Zero will probably only get a newcomer if a new game is released.

          MagcargoMan on December 27 |
          • Well, Doc has a lot more differences from Mario than Lucina and Dark Pit do to Marth and Pit. He’s not a Lucas or a Wolf, but he kinda does something of his own.

            ze on December 28 |
  6. Ice climbers and Snake being cut was very sad to hear. I mean Ice Climbers being smash characters since melee and Snake being a full series completely gone from smash. It’s awesome to see people still hope for not just Ice Climbers but Snake as well.

    More likely if one veteran comes back, it would be Ice Climbers, but I still have my hopes up for Snake to come back. He was my main in brawl and Snake being in brawl was the reason I got into the MGS series in the first place. If a character being in a fighting game makes you want to play more of their games, I say that says a lot about the influence that one character can have.

    HeroOrTraitor on December 27 |
  7. Its a shame to see so many people hating on Corrin. However i wouldnt be surprised if Corrin was cut from the next game and people would complain for cutting an relatively unique character. The same thing happend with Wolf (first hated, later “loved”).

    Jocario Zero on December 28 |
    • ‘The most requested cut was Dark Pit with 50.3% stating he shouldn’t come back (100 responses). Lucina was the 2nd most requested cut, 44.7% and Corrin taking the third, 33.7%.’

      Don’t be fooled by statistics, If 50% of 200 people requested Dark Pit be cut (out of a poll of 365 people), then only 18% of people who took the poll actually wanted Corrin to be cut.

      Wolf’s scenario is very different, Sakurai said characters who haven’t had new games wouldn’t be given priority, and the Star Fox series had a major hiatus between its last two titles.

      anonymous SG fan on December 28 |
      • I know. But try making this some people clear. Some of them outright refuse to listen.
        I dont mind different opinion (as long as they bring good arguments) but the way some people act is just imature…

        Jocario Zero on December 28 |
  8. Hey mods. Could you please delete my account and remove my comments. If anyone knows how to do it. Let me know.

    [Removed] on December 30 |
    • Is it because you don’t want to address my rebuttal and get away with your “fear of change” fallacy?

      MagcargoMan on December 30 |
      • F*** off you slimy weasel. It has nothing to do with that. Though the toxic and scummy behavior of certain fans kind of does. I called out what needs to be said and I wanted to know why people are annoyed by Corrin, but aren’t with Wolf and 3 Star Fox reps despite being unique. Showing even a unique character doesn’t matter with you guys if a series has too many reps, despite the fact you guys complain about clones and wanted more unique fighters. I don’t get it. It shows how hypocritical and unpleasable certain fan bases can be. The same people that hated casuals thinking it was ruining their hobby and gaming. The same that thought motion controls even if done right was an embarrassment and childish. Or people that CLEARLY cling to the same stupid controller that has been around since the SNES days.

        It’s a shame how difficult it is to have a civil conversation with these smash forums and shows how much of a scumfest it really is. It’s a reason I left the smashboards after seeing how defensive K.Rool fans got over hearing another side of the story when one user brought up the fact that maybe Kid Icarus reps are popular amend more known as the moment.

        Besides. I only went to source gaming for a while because they had good intentions with Sakurai and the translations that were really good that brought up interesting facts about the development and misconceptions were answered. Recent articles since becoming popular have been not as good in my opinion though similar to how Operation Rainfall had good intentions, but wasn’t the same after the three games were finally released. It feels less professional and more opinionated here with articles that come off as very negative. When there were translations on Famitsu. It was tame and professional.

        It was stupid for me to come here and a complete waste of time. If there’s way to erase my account and comments here as it was a waste of my time. Let me know and feel free to delete any traces of my account mods. I wish to not have this taint the name and just start anew. Goodbye.

        [Deleted] on December 31 |
        • I’m gonna miss you…. You managed to shut someone like MAGCARGO up. He never learns to stop talking and be reasonable for a sec.

          Peridot Gem on January 5 |
          • He didn’t shut me up. Just like how you’ve never made a good argument. Lol, “never learns to stop talking and be reasonable for a sec.”? That’s exactly you.

            MagcargoMan on January 5 |
          • Um no I actually consider people’s arguments and listen. Even yours… Sadly but. Anyways sure he didn’t Even though you haven’t replied for way too long until I commented. It’s also sad how he states multiple times he can care less about the FE characters and is just pointing out the obvious irony with Wolf fanboys. Yet you say he has FE favoritism anyway dismissing his argument. From what I’ve been seeing he’s been defending CORRIN. Not Lucina and Roy. CORRIN. A unique character who’s tons more unique than a clone like Wolf from a series currently heading nowhere and is around the bottom of the majorities.

            I’ve long come to terms that no one, Nintendo nor Sakurai can be perfect. Doesn’t mean I will let people use his imperfections to try to throw him out without a chance to improve. But I will give respect when it’s deserved with others. That respect is not limited to only people agreeing with me.

            Peridot Gem on January 6 |
          • “Um no I actually consider people’s arguments and listen.”

            Uh… no, you never have listened. You’ve always made excuses for why you’re never wrong.

            I didn’t even know he replied because I only checked it on the day I posted it and he hadn’t replied to my others so I figured he ignored me again.

            Don’t care if he’s not a clone. Corrin only got into Smash for advertising and he is a one-off lord. He didn’t deserve to get in as he never got in on his own merits, like Roy before him.

            He won’t improve when he denies any wrong-doing. He couldn’t even admit he ignores Kirby games he didn’t make when it comes to stages.

            I have never seen you give “respect” to anybody who doesn’t side with you.

            MagcargoMan on January 6 |
          • You aren’t the one to talk. You always made excuses and tried to act like everything is fact or you’re always in the majority. Which is simply not true.

            He’s a unique character advertising from a recent game. The series hasn’t even moved forward to decide if Fates is going to be Corrin’s only appearance. Corrin brings a new unique experience in Smash. He will stay whether you like it or not.

            Why admit what you didn’t do. There’s no factual evidence behind that and only stupid accusations.

            You rarely see me at all wtf are you talking about. Who made you decide what I did and did not do.

            Peridot Gem on January 6 |
          • They won’t make another game with Corrin. He will be ditched by the next game, like Robin and Chrom before him.

            “Why admit what you didn’t do. There’s no factual evidence behind that and only stupid accusations.”

            LOL. “No factual evidence”? Are you dense?

            You think it’s just a coincidence that Kirby was the only series that didn’t get a stage from a recent game. Thanks for proving me right about how you defend everything.

            MagcargoMan on January 6 |
          • Yet Chrom and Robin were used somewhat in Fates. It will be the same thing with Corrin. Them and Fates will be represented in the next game.

            Simple answer to that. There wasn’t enough room and time for two yarn stages. Only one and Yoshi deserved it than just island knockoffs.

            Peridot Gem on January 6 |
          • Robin only appears through Amiibo usage. Wow. Chrom only appears in DLC, which is what happened with most of the lords in Awakening. Call me they appear on their own merits. If you ever see Corrin in another FE it will never be without using an Amiibo or DLC.

            Bad excuse. Epic Yarn doesn’t even look the same as Woolly World, and Sakurai didn’t care about there being two Pokemon Stadiums in Brawl or two jungle stages in Melee. And that excuse doesn’t explain why there’s no Return to Dream Land stage. And how the 3DS version has yet another Kirby’s Dream Land stage when they could have a Triple Deluxe stage. It would have been easy to cause they could have reused assets.

            You’re delusional. You actually think it’s purely coincidental that everybody got stages from one of their newest games except for Kirby.

            MagcargoMan on January 6 |
          • It still counts so meh not my problem.

            You must’ve never considered the fact that maybe giving new stages were limited and Sakurai decided Kirby didn’t need a fancy new stage. Which is why Kirby’s newest stage is a rehash of the Gameboy.

            Sure, buddy. Whatever you say.

            Peridot Gem on January 7 |
          • Lol, literally trying to pretend Kirby being the ONLY series with playable characters to not get a stage based on a new or previously-unrepresented game is accidental.

            MagcargoMan on January 8 |